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The Correct Way to Safely Break Up a Dog Fight – Tips from Pet Experts

Have you ever witnessed a dog fight? If yes, you might have noticed how intense, dangerous, and scary it is. Dogs tend to harm each other during battles, so it’s the owners’ responsibility to immediately and safely terminate the fight among the dogs.

Why Do Dogs Fight?

Dogs get into fights for many reasons, and most of them are generally regarding resource guarding of territory, toys, or food. It also can be due to fear or their instincts. The urge to safeguard the people, its food, or some prized territory may stimulate your dog to attack another dog. Since dogs are the vastest attention seekers, if one of them feels neglected, it may lead them to fight among each other. Sometimes dogs don’t get along. There may be something about the other dog that your dog may not like, such as invasion of other dogs can lead to a fight among them.

There can be a case with a sensitive dog who is bewildered by specific triggers or a dog who is in pain and lacks patience. Dogs are generally uncomfortable with another dog(say street dog) or any other breed of dog. They are usually not social and not easily compatible with other dogs, and confronting them may lead your pet to behave aggressively and be ready to attack. There might be some circumstances that prompt your dog to act aggressively that eventually lead them to fight. In such cases, avoid doing or triggering such subjects.

How Can You Tell if Dogs are Playing or Fighting? -Warning Signs

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Have any idea about how to tell if a dog fight is serious? A close look at the dog’s body language and tone can help you decide. Here are some warning signs of a dog fight you should look for.

  • They might seem tense and stiff rather than relaxed or loosened around other dogs
  • They might seem to be snarling rather than floppy
  • If they are aggressively trailing, pushing, and biting, then it can be a sign of some building of aggression and fight among them.
  • Dogs showing fast movements and exaggerated actions are seamlessly ready to fight.
  • Your canines might be showing their teeth frequently and barking.
  • Flattening the ears back against the head shows that your dog is either stressed or unhappy. In this mood, any triggering subject or action by you or any other animal can make them aggressive and start a fight.

How to Break Up a Dog Fight?

This complete guide will address issues that arose during dog disputes and suggest keeping dogs from fighting each other. Find out what are some safe ways to break up a dog fight?

  • Spraying water at the heads of the dogs can distract the dogs. Aim for the eyes and nose of the more aggressive dog.
  • Use a loud, sharp voice or grunt directly at them so that it can grab their attention and allow your dog to escape, or you can pull up from the back.
  • Never get physically involved in the middle of two dogs fighting because if you put your hand anywhere near the dog’s head or collar, you can get severely injured.
  • Use some objects to separate the fighting dogs. Try placing some articles like chairs between them or on the dogs to help part them.
  • If the fight between dogs goes on, you might have to get physical. To stop them, slowly approach the dog from behind, firmly grab the dog’s back legs, and drag him backward carefully. The same goes for the other dog. They should walk backward at the same time. Take help of any other person around or the owner of the second dog, if any.
  • Professional trainers can be a great help if you are petting multiple dogs. They can help you take control and refer to various plans to overcome difficult situations with your dog.

Note: Always remember the best way to break up a dog fight is to never get stringent with the dogs. Kicking or punching them will not support them in certain circumstances.

What are Some Safe Ways to Break Up a Dog Fight?

To prevent dogs from fight, don’t let it start in the first place. Even if your pet enjoys company, maybe that other dog is offensive, ascetic, and dubious, which leads to an ultimate fight between one another. Try to avoid outings if your dog repeatedly gets into serious fights. Whichever method you are using to stop the conflict among them, remain calm as much as possible. Avoid yelling at the dogs and handle the situation calmly and peacefully.

How to Make Up After a Dog Fight?

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  • You now what to do after a dog fight? Keep the canines separated and do not release them to interact again even if they calmed down.
  • Walk them away from the fighting scene and proffer them loads of soothing talks and pets on their heads to help them recover from the past traumatic event.
  • Keep a short dog leash to control your aggressive pet. Do not pull their leash with too much force, as the uncomfortableness can trigger more anger in your dog.
  • To calm down your dog, take them to recover to their familiar area.
  • Let your pup rest and get comfortable there and give loads of their favorite dog calming treats, which can be an indirect way to help them recuperate.
  • Examine your dog for injuries. Fighting can be very perilous and can lead your dogs to various injuries like bite wounds, cuts, and abrasions.
  • If your dog gets severely injured, take him to a veterinarian immediately. And if you are far away from the hospital, use a car to get there.
  • Do not carry them as it can cause further pain or bone breakage, which could cause them to lash out and bite on you.

Final Thoughts

Pet owners rarely know how to stop dogs from fighting in the same household. You should know your physical limitations and take steps during a dog’s fight accordingly so that you do not do anything that puts you at risk. Considering the mentioned factors and precautions to be taken, they help you to stop, or let alone, start a riot among the dogs.