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6 Easy and Quick Solutions for Breaking a Padlock without Key

Padlocks are a mandate for the security of our belongings, house, property; anything that holds value to us, they are great at sealing intruders off. But what if you lost the key or forgot the pin of your padlock? You will be stuck outside. And given how effective these locks are, it is not easy to barge them open. And with no way to open it, you would have to break it and get through. It may sound like an arduous task, but luckily it is not complicated or inconvenient if you follow the methods on how to break a padlock and tips mentioned below:

How to Break a Padlock?

There is no one type of padlock, and there are many categories. So if we went over every single one, it would take a whole day, and you want the padlock open as soon as possible. Fortunately, padlocks can be classified into three categories: Keylock, combination, and digital. Not one method will work on all of them. For example, a method that works on key-type padlocks will not work on combination locks and digital. Below are the different methods for breaking a lock which cover all three types of padlocks.

1. Bolt Cutter

There are many ways you can go for breaking a master lock. The easiest way, of course, is to use a bolt cutter. They are easy to use to get the job done in a jiffy, and most importantly, they were made to break the padlocks. But, a bolt cutter is a tool not everyone has lying around, which is why it becomes a hassle to break the padlock. But alternatives exist.

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2. Hammering it Open

The simple brute force alternative is to break a lock with a hammer; But how? Given the structure of padlocks, you need to apply a bit of a technique to force them open with hammers. For starters, do not put your finger anywhere near the padlock when using the hammer. A little slip in angle and the hammer might fall on your fingers and leave you with swollen fingers for days or even weeks. Put the pointed edges of your hammer on the padlock’s shackle and pull it open. Make sure you have goggles on you to avoid getting debris in your eyes.

There are times when the padlock can come unharmed in this method, so feel free to reuse the padlock.

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3. Lock Picking

You know this one based on the name alone. It got popularized by movies and fiction, but the method is not limited to a hairpin; small screwdrivers also work for breaking a padlock.

In this method, you put your hairpin or small screwdriver (or any thin and long sturdy metal you have at your disposal), spin it three times inside the keyhole, push the dial inside, and then at the third, twist it in the opposite direction. Afterward, rotate the dial to the right (two times) again and squeeze the padlock down from its shackle; this will open the door.

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4. Dual Wrenches

This method straight up breaks the shackle of your padlock. You will need two wrenches (same size and grip); with them, you pull the U-shaped shackle from the opposite direction by inserting the wrenches in the middle of the shackle. Apply slight pressure initially, then amp up the pressure slowly until it breaks.

Open Padlock with Dual Wrenches Image

5. Hit and Trial

This method can work to a low degree on digital padlocks unless they require your fingerprint. But it is a sure-fire way to open a three or four-digit padlock with a few tries. We won’t be strictly trying every combination one by one. Instead, we figure out every key combination one by one.

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In the digit pin padlocks, certain sturdiness makes it hard to chisel it down with the hammer. But the answer to opening them is in the problem. Rotate the dial, it can be any side, in a direction, and with every rotation, you pull the U-shaped shackle. If the shackle offers too much resistance, then that is not the pin to the lock; the right will offer little to no resistance when you pull the shackle. Keep doing it with every position of the pin until the end. The shackle will come out at the last position, and the lock will open.

6. High Tech Padlocks

High tech or digital padlocks don’t require a key or combination (some do). Instead, they will use a biometric scan as a key, wifi/Bluetooth authentication, or pin code. In case the digital lock is not open, contact customer service to let them have a look at it.


Padlocks are the guardians of our homes, properties, everything that we hold dear, but that doesn’t exempt us from making mistakes and having our keys lost or forgetting the lock code. We hope that these methods will help you get through the lock. And lastly, when you are trying to break open a key-type padlock, make sure you wear goggles and gloves.