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8 Ways to Build a Trust and Bond with Your Dog

What could be more wonderful than the friendship of a dog? A dog is the only thing on earth that could love you more than it loves itself. Dogs are the definition of faithfulness. One’s life cannot be complete without the love of a dog. Unlike human relationships, a human relationship with a dog is without any expectation or commitment. Dogs love and accept a person as he is. Let us see how to bond with the dog in the steps below.

How to Bond with your Dog?

Planning to get a new furry friend for life, you must be aware of some bonding tips from a certified pet trainer. If you are looking for tips on how to bond with your puppy? We got you covered. Let’s explore the simple ways to strengthen your pet-parent bond.

#1 Making eye Contact with the Dog

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Ever think how to show your dog you love them? This step sounds easy and simple, but it is one of the most effective way to develop an unbreakable bond with the dog. “Eyes are the reflection of the character” when you make eye contact with the dog, the heart to heart connection is built, the relationship becomes thicker. When you make eye contact with the dog, the oxytocin increases in you and the dog. Oxytocin is also known as the “bonding hormone.” This increases the bond between man and dog.

#2 Touch your dog

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How to show your dog you love them? A sweet touch will let your pet know how much you care for them. Touching your pet is so important in developing an unbreakable bond. Yes, making eye contact with a dog and then touching the dog can increase the bond to the highest levels. Touching the dog releases serotonin. This hormone reduces anxiety and stress, and our touch enhances mental and physical health. Cuddling the dog develops a beautiful physical and mental connection between you and the dog. Cuddling is nothing but touching a bit longer. Long hugs can create an unbreakable bond.

#3 Training with your dog

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Training with your dog is one of the very important aspects. A famous theory of Ivan Pavlov called the “Conditional theory.” This theory refers to the behavioural process of frequent reactions due to reinforcement. If the dog is trained with the owner every day, it practices and becomes close to him. The owner can correct the dog, and he can also learn with the dog, play with the dog. When the dog undergoes the training for a while, it becomes effortless.

According to the conditional theory, the dog is now ready to do everything the owner wants. Training the dog each day increases the bond and helps to develop the understanding between the owner and the dog. The owner can teach both basic behaviours like sitting, standing, where to poop, how to do some basic help, and he can also teach the complex behaviours to the dog. This process may be complicated initially, but eventually, it will work out.

#4 Creating a routine

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Creating a routine and making the dog follow it will help the owner and the environment avoid unnecessary problems. The dog will stick to the routine, causing less tension to the owner without disturbing the environment. The dog is an animal defined based on its habits such as when to sleep, when to eat, what to eat, when to go on intervals, when to walk, etc. These habits develop a perfect routine. It is in the hands of the owner to make the dog learn these habits. This will prevent unnecessary problems in the surroundings.

#5 Engaging in playtime

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Being a partner in your dog’s playtime can be so exciting, the dog is known for increasing the spirits from within. But sometimes, the dog prefers to play by itself, and the owner should understand that. Dogs enjoy games like frisbee football, you can opt for best puppy toys to engage your playtime with them. It will develops a beautiful friendship and an enduring relationship between you and the dog.

Not only playing but also doing some warm-up exercises like walking and jogging can help the dog smell the fresh air and be free for a while. Walking is one of the fundamental aspects of a dog’s life because it then learns the limits of its territory around its house only by walking around the house. And most importantly, going for a walk is a fulfilled experience.

#6 Let the Dog know its importance

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If you are thinking about how to get a dog to like you? Giving your full attention is one of the best rewards you can give to it. Rubbing without care and not making eye contact won’t work out. Let the dog know its importance in the family. Let it know its purpose. Brush your dog frequently; cuddle it. Make it realize it is one among your family. One of the other important aspects to increase the bond with your dog is hand feeding it. Hand feeding the dog creates beauty in the relationship.

#7 Positive communication

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Communication is the primary aspect of developing a bond with the dog. The dog must understand what you say and must relate with you, or else it will lead to futility. Therefore, be consistent and have positive communication to develop a strong bond with the dog. Encourage the dog’s good behaviour with positive words. Maintain a low tone of your voice without commanding the dog. You can easily earn the dog’s trust by cheering the dog for good behaviour with positive words.

#8 Give the Dog its Space and Time

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Finally, how to tell if dogs are bonded to each other? Understanding the dog is an animal and giving it its own space to be ready and time to prepare itself for everything is very important. Animals have their habits, behaviours, and they can’t lose themselves to be perfect. So its space and time are its rights. Make a den for the dog, make a bed in it, let the dog be free, let it take rest.

Don’t force the dog to play with you all the time. Understand it is an animal and not a toy. When the dog is not interested, leaving it alone would be the best choice. Take time and give the dog its freedom. This will make the dog understand how important it is to the family and build an unbreakable bond between you and the dog.


It is not so tough to develop a bond with a genuine love for a dog. By following the steps about how to bond with your puppy mentioned cautiously will strengthen your bond with your little friend. Yes, you can quickly develop an unbreakable bond with the dog, which would last forever.