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How to Become a Certified Dog Breeder? – Step by Step Guide

Breeding is a technique of mating dogs of two different breeds to introduce an improved breed with distinct characteristics and qualities. Anyone who is passionate and loves dogs can become a successful dog breeder. However, it needs a lot of dedication, patience, and hard work to carry out this process. Being an owner, you must provide the dog with the best of love and care. Transitioning from passion to profession can be rewarding as a dog breeder if you take it up seriously. Following are some tips about how to become a dog breeder in order to provide healthy puppies.

How to Become A Dog Breeder?

#1 Estimate the Total Cost

The first step in how to get into dog breeding guide starts with cost of estimation. Dog breeding should be considered a business to succeed. With mating costs, dog breeding comes with a price of kennels, food, regular vet visits, playthings, training, daily care, etc. You need to figure out how much it will cost you to take care of the mating canines and their pups.

#2 Explore the Various Dog Breeds

Everything must be clear about the breed of dog you will choose for breeding. This is because different dog breeds vary in their grooming standards. Make selection only after considering their needs, housing space, temperaments, etc. In-depth research needs to be conducted to know in detail about the dog, its strengths, and weaknesses. Search for a breeder nearby who can provide you with the dog of your choice. It will reduce the extra cost of transportation.

#3 Analyze your State Breeding Laws for Dogs

Ever wonder how to check if a dog breeder is registered? The main purpose of state breeding laws is to ensure that the dogs are safe and are not subjected to any cruelty. They should be treated suitably and breeding laws are easy to follow. Gather all the necessary information regarding the laws from the local government authority.

Sometimes, you may require registering your company and getting a license and permit once you reach the breeding threshold. However, these laws are not In compliance with the hunting breed of dogs. If you own a hunting breed of dog and breed it, you need not adhere to any law.

#4 Prepare a Business Plan

To prepare a pet business plan, you need to estimate the breeding process’s overall cost, including licensing and insurance. People generally make a profit by raising and selling puppies. To keep the breeding cost low, one can breed one female dog. This is because a single dog does not require any special housing amenities but can also be sheltered in one’s own home. Later on, the number of breeding female dogs can be increased as per one’s convenience.

#5 Purchase a Female Dog and Get a Quality Sire

Once you have decided on the breed, it’s time to purchase the first female canine. Always choose a registered dog. If you are from the US, getting a registered pet from American Kennel Breeder (AKC) is recommended. It is very important to choose a robust and purebred dog. Check if the dog is medically clear or not. Get all the copies of medical and enrollment paperwork from the breeder.

A male dog chosen for mating purposes is known as a stud. Choose such partner dogs which will flatter each other. Select a stud who has a strong pedigree and whose bloodline Will bolster the weaknesses of your female dog. Keep in mind to look for the two important factors, i.e. temperament and health of the dog, while proceeding with the selection process.

#6 Search for a Trusted Veterinarian

It is one of the important step in how to become a licensed dog breeder guide? A trusted veterinarian will help you groom and raise your puppies well. Search for all the available veterinarians in your area and select the best one for your dog. Ensure the vets’ qualifications and previous experiences regarding your preferred breed of dog.

#7 Pre Breeding Health Check Ups

Before beginning the mating process, both the dogs need special care. Timely vet visits, regular exercises, healthy food, and adequate nutrition have to be provided to both the parent dogs. Conducting pre-breeding tests and examining the dogs for genetic problems is also essential. A healthy mother will give birth to a healthy puppy. Therefore the female should not be overweight and must be in a good mental condition.

The age of sexual maturity varies from dog to dog. Male dogs mature sexually by the age of 12 to 15 months. A healthy adult stud can last fertile and sexually active for a longer duration and can mate at any time. In the case of females, they become fertile and sexually active between 6 to 18 months or up to 2 years of age. This period is known as the estrus period (also known as heat or season). It is recommended not to breed a female during her first heat.

#8 Mating

The most suitable time for breeding the dogs is considered after the beginning of the proestrus period in between the 10th and 14th day. The major reason behind not breeding the female canine during the first and consecutive seasons is to avert the burden of pregnancy and lactation and provide sufficient time for convalescence.

To conduct the breeding process, you must be well acquainted with the best practices of dog mating. Wait for the bitch to heat and ovulate and after that, provide them with a suitable and private place to mate. Heat is the only period when a bitch can get pregnant. Supervise the whole process of breeding to avoid any mis happening.

#9 Monitor Dame’s Pregnancy

keep the pregnant dog under vigilance. Sometimes the signs of pregnancy may even be shown by a female dog with false pregnancy. The veterinarian usually does an X-ray and ultrasound to check and confirm whether the bitch is pregnant or not. The major signs of pregnancy in a bitch include increased weight, appetite, and nipple size. With the increase in weight, the diet and calorie intake of the bitch should be gradually increased after consulting with the vet.

If the dog is healthy and is provided regularly with a high-quality, balanced diet, there is no need to add anything extra to her diet. When the pregnancy is around the corner, you need to provide your dog with a different place where she can give birth. The space should be highly peaceful and comfortable. Special kinds of birthing boxes known as whelping boxes are available in the market specifically for this purpose.

#10 Care for New Puppies

Most mother dogs usually deliver puppies independently without the necessity of human help. Once she has given birth to puppies, you must give extra care and maintenance to both the mother and the pups. In the initial days of pregnancy, the puppies and the mother need plenty of time to relax. Slowly and gradually, you need to treat the puppies to start socializing. Let them confront new and foreign objects, new people, loud sounds and other stimuli. For this puppy toys will help you to tame them in this period. It will help them to be prepared for their future residences.

#11 Build Network (Homes for Your Puppies)

It is suggested to attend as many dog events as possible, such as dog shows and dog sports. This will help you meet a lot of clients as well as breeders. Also, expand your network by doing online research on other breeders and clients of your and surrounding areas. Besides, building a website can help you grow your business and gain more buyers.

Utilize social media for promoting your business. Create new pages on social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram specifically for your breeding business. Upload all the pertinent details with pictures, such as your residence, the type of dogs you breed, and the area where you keep your puppies. Also, joining other groups will help you build a strong network.

#12 Repeat the Process

once you are done with the breeding process, wait for a year to repeat the whole process of breeding. Ensure to breed a single female dog at a time so that she gets enough time to recover. You can either keep a male puppy and sell it to other breeders as a stud or keep the female puppy to breed. Eventually, your business is going to grow.


No doubt dog breeding can be a profitable business. A few losses may come up here and there in the whole process. The profession is good as well as challenging. It requires the careful handling of both the parents and puppies. Irresponsible handling of the mating process can lead to overpopulation of the dogs. Thus, a breeder should keep reading books and join organizations related to the various dog breeds. This will allow them to become more familiar with the species and specialize in the most suitable breeding techniques. Hope you find this guide on how to become a dog breeder helpful to start your business.