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How to Train a Cat like Pro? – Cat Training Beginner’s Guide

The number of pet owners in the past few years has increased exponentially. People tend to keep cats or dogs as their pets more than others. Having a pet is not enough. You have to wash them, feed them and even train them. You might have seen people hiring dog trainers, but what about cats? Is a cat trainer a thing? Want to learn more about how to be a cat trainer, then keep reading. You will get everything you wish to know and tricks to teach cats.

How To Be a Cat Trainer?

There are certain steps that you should follow if you are thinking how to be a cat trainer:

  1. Firstly make sure that you have an interest in cats and their environments.
  2. Next, you must find a suitable certification or a cat trainer course to support your interest. It would be best if you become a certified trainer to look into them more closely and openly. Some institutions offer certifications in this field and sometimes offer you a job. 
  3. If you are considering certification, not from an institution, you will also learn about the cat behavior, responses, breeds, health, care, and many other aspects of their lives. Also, students are taught about first aid and cat CPR techniques for emergencies.
  4. One of the most famous institutions to offer this certification is Animal Behavior College (ABC).
  5. After certification and completing education, you can become a full-fledged trainer or start part-time. If you want to earn a great amount of money, then you have to put in all your focus.
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Tips for a Cat Trainer

Being a cat trainer is all about being a good listener and problem solver and having extraordinary communication and presentation skills. Some of the duties and tips for a cat trainer are: 

  • Working one by one on every feline characteristic
  • Teach how to respond and behave at times.
  • Make owners aware of the upcoming phases or conditions.
  • Feeding and medications
  • Having a positing and eager-to-learn attitude.

Teaching and training cats is not an easy task compared to dogs. Cats are intelligent and yet more likely to refuse some of the training but are smart enough to learn fast. You have to be patient every time you deal with one and learn some cat tricks. Also, do not forget to give regular updates to the owners.

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How Much Can You Make as a Cat Trainer?

How Much Can You Make as a Cat Trainer? Well, this is one of the most asked questions about being a cat trainer. Money is all that we depend on for a living. Since cat trainers are not much around us and thus it may lead us to believe that there is very little money in this field. But frankly speaking, it is not what cat trainers earn by giving service on a per-hour basis. This pay varies from place to place. The certified cat trainer salary salary ranges between 10$ to 15$ per hour and roughly around 17000$ to 20000$ yearly or even more. A few programs also have 4 to 6 weeks of training and behavioral aspects. Factors affecting the salary of a cat trainer are:

  • Location or area and sometimes even the states. New Yorkers earn more than the ones in California.
  • Certifications and experience levels
  • Duration of the program
  • Reviews and your attitude

Cat training is not a bad profession in terms of money. It all depends on your skills and interests. If you have the caliber, you can increase your pay exponentially.

About Cat Trainer Certification

As I said earlier also there are not many abundances of institutions or universities offering cat training programs across the world for cat training tips. Before entering one, you should be clear about your interests and investment time. If you look at it as a full-time profession, you have to put all your efforts into it. You can opt for online coaching or offline mode, depending on you only. Cat training classes duration varies from 2-4 years, along with certifications and practical experience. 

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It would help if you had cat trainer certification to support your studies. You don’t even have to have any graduation for this field. You can run a work-from-home business only if you have relevant skills and experience. It is not always about having theoretical experience; practical knowledge is a must because you’ll be handling a life. There are many short-term and long-term programs that you can learn from. Always remember that patience is the key. Short-term programs range from 8-10 months roughly. The fees of such programs are roughly 1500$ to 3000$, along with the certifications and practicality.


You might have understood what being a cat trainer feels like. Cat training as a profession is a good option if you have an interest in cats and their behaviors. If you want to become one, then have a certification and experience and are ready to become a trainer.