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Let’s Uncover 14 Ways On How To Attract Hummingbird To Your Yard?

With more than 360 species, hummingbirds are the smallest birds on the planet. Moreover, they are famous for their ability to fly in all directions. With their vibrant appearance, these migrating birds are ‘born stars’. Recognized worldwide for their humming noise, swift stunts, and fast flying, these creatures are also very smart and sharp. So considering all such, everyone would love to see their garden full of these creatures. But how to attract hummingbird to a yard?! Well, in this guide, you can find some famous tricks and tips to attract hummingbirds.

How to Attract Hummingbird Flocks To Your Garden?

Here are some useful basics of attracting hummingbirds to your beautiful garden. So without any delay read further to lure these little birdies.

1. Hanging Colorful Feeders

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Hummingbirds are small in size, but they have excellent vision. With sharp eyesight, they can locate feeders from far away. But they love colors a lot!!! These feathered friends get attracted to bright colors and especially ‘RED’. So with brighter feeders, your chances of attracting these hummers increase potentially. This generally happens because bright and vibrant colors tend to pick their interest easily. Furthermore, these creatures believe that the brighter a feeder is, the more sugar content is present in it. 

2. Filling Gardens With Sugar-Rich Plants

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Nectar is a delicious drink for hummingbirds. That is their primary food source. Additionally, it is the chief ingredient for making honey and is also one of the tastiest sources of food available to these feathered friends. So, you can get a fair chance to lure a hummingbird by planting a good number of nectar plants (Sunflowers and Lobelia Cardinalis). Along with attracting them with a sweet scent, these plants also provide them with the protection and protein they require. So trying this tip might really help you win the bid next time when it comes to how to attract hummingbirds.

3. Maintaining Consistency

For your garden to become a hummingbird’s favorite spot, you need patience and consistency. One cannot expect their feathery friend to recognize a feeder spot quickly. It requires an ample amount of time for a birdie to visit your garden, identify a place and be sure that the place is ideal for reliable food. So you need to keep providing these creatures with a constant supply of food sources for them to believe in your credibility. Furthermore, it may take months, but once they acknowledge a yard, the job’s done. So don’t lose hope, and keep on hanging the feeder throughout the year.  

4. Choosing Ideal Weather Conditions

Hummingbirds go weak in winter. Thus, they prefer warmer weather under humid conditions. So, planning to hang a feeder to attract the bird also depends on suitable climatic conditions. The selection of warmer months and putting feeders out on those specific months really matter more than one can imagine. Nonetheless, a preferable month to hang feeders in your garden ranges between June to August for you to figure out how to attract hummingbird. This is the time hummingbirds are out in search of perfect food locations. So grab such a perfect time and you will be successful in attracting hummingbirds.

5. Putting Attractive Distractions

A distraction of a kind might compel the hummingbird to come and have a look at your feeder spot. But the question is, what can become an effective distraction for these migrating birds? A simple ribbon can answer this question! Wait, what? You might just be thinking about how a ribbon can help your case, right? Well, as told earlier, bright colors entice hummingbirds. So tying or attaching a bright-colored rope or ribbon to your plants or trees next to the feeder spot will help these little things locate your garden from anywhere. It will make them want to visit your garden, and this will help you figure out how to attract hummingbird to your garden.

6. More Feeders Means More Privacy

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Most of us often wonder how do I attract hummingbirds?! Well, it’s not rocket science. Just a bit of love, care, and privacy. These hummers are not social in nature. They do not believe in the virtue of sharing. Hence, these tiny beings protect their privacy and strongly believe in their personal territory. So by hanging more and more number feeders, you successfully create more territories for each hummer visiting your garden. Once a hummingbird feels the presence of his/her own personal space around your feeders, it will return, and this way, you get a greater chance of inviting other species of hummers as well.

7. Better Taste, Better Chances

Wanna know how to attract hummingbirds to feeder?! Well, before anything let’s know a few things first. As nectar is the most required source and an urgent need for hummingbirds, one must focus on making the hummingbird nectars. Researchers believe that a good and natural juice is healthy as well as more attractive to a hummer. Talking about commercial nectars available at cheap costs, they will not only harm these tiny migrating things but will also prevent them from coming back to your spot again next year. So always prefer natural food sources and also hummingbird nectar homemade, which will give you greater chances of retaining these things.

8. Maintaining a Separate Water Body

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Water is a necessity for almost all living creatures on Earth. Well, that means even hummingbirds would require some water to quench their thirst. Why should you provide them with water when you are providing them with nectar? Is it what you’re thinking? Then know the fact that these birds rely on water as well. To satiate themselves and quench their thirst, they visit spots and return to the same place if they find water around the area. So providing them with a separate water source will help you attain your goal of drawing hundreds of hummers.

9. Preferring Hand-Held Feeder

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It might be a little bothersome, but it’s worth it, deciding to go with a hand-held feeder. Our tiny little birdies are friendly in nature and won’t harm any other being. So you can try this trick on them. Wear any red-colored outfit and try to sit very patiently, holding the feeder in one hand. This might as well take up some time, but eventually, these things will get attracted to a larger body wearing a bright red color shirt! And soon, you’ll find them feeding from the nectar you provide. For an even better result, you can add edible and natural red food color to the nectar.

10. Providing a Second Substitute

Here’s the answer for how to attract more hummingbirds to your lawn? Ensure to provide an alternative when you want to know how to attract hummingbird. That’s because doing so will lure them to your yard. What can become a side alternative, though? Well, a source of protein feeders and insect feeders are some great alternatives. Adding up an extra protein besides the nectar will become a bonus. Besides, hummers rely on insect feeders as their source of protein. So provide them with a second substitute and stay ahead of your neighbor’s garden. Remember it’s a competition, and you need to win.

11. Changing The Nectar Quite Often

How do you attract hummingbirds when you do not know their preferences a lot? Thus, you need to know that hummingbirds normally get attracted to a fresh available food source. Try not to present them with something old and stale. So keep on replacing the nectar and refill the feeder with something new and freshly prepared food source. You can also opt for a nectar defender to prolong your nectar’s lifespan. And do not forget to change the sugar solution quite often if you are dedicated to converting your backyard into a  hummer’s favorite spot.

12. Taking Care of the Placement

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A feeder’s placement is equally important compared to the other different ways. Would you prefer if your food is out in the open for too long? Furthermore, what if it’s too sunny and hot outside? The answer will be a big NO as nobody would really want to eat in such conditions. The same goes for these swift flyers. A hummingbird would prefer if its feeder is hung under shade or near cooler places. So, try to avoid placing your feeder under direct sunlight and prefer to place it near a safer spot for any birdies to come. So to know about how to attract hummingbrid choose shady spots.

13. Selecting Bee-proof Feeders

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Your balcony or garden may unintentionally invite other pollinating creatures as well, and this will prevent a hummingbird from visiting your yard. Bees and other birds might as well get lured by the sweet scent your garden emits. So what can be done to avoid bees? Hanging feeders with smaller openings will help you keep bees away. Furthermore, select your feeders very precisely. Hang only those that have a solid plastic or glass body with a narrower opening. Also, choose those which will have an opening fit only for a hummingbird’s beak.

14. Showcasing Rotten Fruits & Veggies

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Have you got some rotten fruits and vegetables at your home? Then why not showcase them to invite more hummers to your backyard? Rotten fruits like stale bananas and veggies like onion and garlic attract insects and bugs as they feed on them. And these bugs are a favorite food for the little hummers. So leave the insect-loaded rotten food near a feeder, and hummingbirds will eventually visit your yard with some interest. Thus, some veggies and fruits can resolve the issue of how to attract hummingbird.


Though it is not an easy task, once you achieve your target and wait patiently, you will find dozens of hummingbirds gathering around your spot. Staying dedicated and passionate until the very end is the most important advice for lovers of hummers. We hope that these tips and different ways of attracting a hummingbird have inspired you. Also, we hope you have got a basic idea of what you need to do next. So no more wondering on how to attract hummingbirds.