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Adopting a Dog: Everything you Need to Know

Becoming a dog parent is one of the life-changing experiences for you and your canine friend. After you have decided to be a dog parent, the next question is – adopt or buy? You can buy a new dog easily of your favourite breed from a pet shop or a breeder. Though it’s a costly option, some people have concerns regarding getting a canine from dog shelters, like behavioural issues, trauma, lack or absence of complete history, etc. But things are clear only once you see the whole picture. And we are going to shine a light on facts about why adopting your furry baby is one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life:

Why Should You Adopt A Dog?

1. Rescuing a Dog is Humane

If you are a dog lover, you already feel the pain of millions of dogs who spend most of their lives in dog homes and, in worst-case scenarios, if not adopted, are put down. Most dogs end up there because of human issues like someone moving houses, a housing society that does not allow pets, death of the owner, etc. So, small dogs for adoption will get a chance at a forever home with you. Adopting or rescuing not only save a dog’s life, but it also makes room for dogs needing homes at pet shelters. So, it is always good to adopt a dog.

2. Saves Money

Do you want to know how much does it cost to adopt a dog? There is nothing to fear. It might cost a small fee or you may get dogs for free(on some days in order to accommodate other abandoned dogs). It comes very low compared to buying a new dog. Due to the fact that rescue dogs are already microchipped, spayed or neutered, dewormed, and vaccinated, it becomes negligent. So you save on upfront costs you would otherwise have spent while buying a dog from a pet shop or a breeder.

3. Rescue Dogs are Always More Loving

Due to their previous abandonment, shelter dogs know and value the love of a person who provides them with a forever home to make them part of their family. Nevertheless, rescue dogs may take some time to develop a relationship with you, due to trauma and a desire to give their trust gradually in the beginning. But, once they form that bond with you, their love and loyalty know no bounds.

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4. Save Time on Home Training

It’s likely that most dogs have lived in a house before they were abandoned so they are already housetrained, including potty and pee training, and are adaptable to your home environment. With consistent efforts from your side, they will easily adapt to the new environment and new learnings.

How to Adopt a Dog? | Things to Consider

How to choose a rescue dog? Most people have some idea regarding what breed they want to go for when they decide to be a pet parent. You can find purebred as well as mixed dog breeds for adoption in shelter houses. Sometimes rescue homes take the dogs by breeds or categories like lap dogs or small dogs. But, before looking for places to adopt dogs, you need to consider some things you need to know about dog adoption:

1. What is your Lifestyle and Priorities?

Getting a dog who matches your lifestyle and energy level is something you should keep on top priority as it will help fulfill your and your canine friend’s needs. If you adopt a young, high-energy breed, but do not have enough time to take them outside for play and exercise, they may become depressed and aggressive. So, adopt high-energy dog breeds only if you have enough time to spend with them. And, if you are a laidback person who values his couch comfort more than going for hikes or running, you can go for older dogs who don’t need much running and rest most of the time.

2. Understand your Financial Backup

Getting a dog comes with financial liability whether you adopt or buy them. There’s nothing like adopting a pet because it’s way cheaper, and in most cases, the adoption fee pays for the upfront costs. However, it is important to plan ahead for regular expenses, like food. No matter the medical history, almost all dogs have medical issues in their lifetime and require regular vaccinations. You must be able to provide for these expenses, which should not come as a surprise factor after dog adoptions. Many dogs end up in rescue homes due to lack of financial support from their owners.

3. Can you Spend Time With the Dog?

You can’t choose a dog just by looking at its picture. Go to dog rescue near me store and narrow your choices to 3-4 dogs matching your criteria. You can spend time with them per the shelter policies and see how they behave with other dogs, human beings, females, and male counterparts. You can bring along your family next time, including children and pets, if any, to get them familiar and see how they interact with the dog you wish to adopt. If things go awry, you can move to the next choice or some other shelter home. There are a lot of shelter homes that needs to rehome a dog and they will be looking for people like you to provide their shelter dogs with a loving family and home. This is not less than adopting a baby and should be done with utmost consideration and intent.

Formal Process to Adopt a Dog

After you are clear about your priorities and know what role and responsibilities you are signing up for as a dog parent, the next step is to find a dog adoption center to get your future paw buddy. Pet finder: is one of the largest online pet adoption websites in the USA. You can find dogs for adoption near your local area by putting your location on their website. They also put videos, breed names, characteristics and other information about the dog up for adoption on the website.

After choosing the dog rescue shelter home, you must fill out the application form. And if your application is approved, the interview will be conducted to further up the adoption process. The interview questions might seem a little personal and intrusive. As they might ask for your:

1. Housing Situation

Whether you have your own house or rent a house. Your apartment housing society rules regarding keeping a pet.

2. Financial Situation

How much you earn and how you expect to provide for your adopted dog’s needs in future.

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3. Family and Relationship Status

Are you single, married, or have children? If living with a family, it is important to consider whether all family members agree to adopt a puppy. If single or childless, whether you are planning to get married or thinking of having kids.

4. Current Pet Status and Previous History

They would like to know how many pets you have(if any) and your previous pet history and check if your dog’s personality would fit with your current pets at home.

Again, these questions are necessary for due diligence on the part of the rescue shelter. And instead of taking them as an annoyance, you should be ready to have an honest conversation to avoid any future issues, handling or meeting the needs of the dog and family. Based on the interview questions, the shelter home staff try to match you with a dog who complements your household and other needs. They also assess dogs on their behaviour, keep a record of the same, and know how to handle unexpected behaviour. So, don’t hesitate to contact them over a call if you face issues or unexpected behaviour for your new family member at home.


All in all, you are in for a great ride if you make the adoption decisions with deliberate intentions. And if all goes well, it’s time to enjoy the company of human’s best friend ever in the history of time. Adopting or rescuing a dog surely makes your time and efforts worth it. From training your dog with dog training whistle to taking him on those morining or evening walks surely works like stress busters for your busy schedule.