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Everything you Need to Know About the Smartest Cat Breeds

Cats are much like humans, sometimes even smarter. Although these cute little cuddly creatures might seem difficult to train and tough to read, they are exceptionally independent and self-sufficient. And needless to say, very adorable too! So, we can see here how smart are cats.

The internet loves cats. We love them when they are grumpy or sweet. We even have a bizarrely high tolerance for cats performing in musical numbers! Most cat owners know that their cats are perceptive and affectionate. Felines are famous for their complex communication techniques. Even though they are mostly incapable of holding a proper conversation, it is clear to them what their cats want. And it is indeed very clear to cats what they want from their humans.

How Intelligent are Cats?

It is a fact that cats are extremely intelligent animals, domestic or wild. But, exactly how intelligent are cats? Domestic felines always seems to know exactly what they are up to when their mealtime ought to be and what it means when their owner brings out the best cat carrier. However, it is impossible to know exactly what is happening inside that tiny head of your kitty. Kudos to their enigmatic and taciturn nature. Cats are barely willing to cooperate in scientific research studies, making it a rather tough job to study a cat’s brain and cognitive abilities.

However, little cat research that has been done states that a cat excels in procedural memory. They learn by monitoring a subject closely and then performing that task. It often includes opening the door of a cabinet, switching on or off devices, etc., the fact that they remember things and hold on to them. Cats recollect events from the past by relating to them on a psychological aspect–buoyancy, joy, pain, stress or trauma.

Are Cats Smarter Than Dogs?

This age old debate never seems to settle. How smart are cats? Are cats smarter? Are cats trainable? Or is it the pooch to win the race? The answers to all these questions depend on the person being asked. While dogs are innate learners capable of responding to human commands, cats are crafty hunters with boundless curiosity. Thus, when people ask, ‘are cats smarter than dogs?’, we must say that the answer depends on various factors.

Intelligence is difficult to measure because, to begin with, you have to define what intelligence is. Neurons are the basic units that process information. Scientists have discovered that there is no universal relationship between how large a cortex is and how many neurons it has.

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The following experiment might seem interesting to some people, or grotesque, for that matter. Scientists counted the number of neurons in brains by converting them into soup. No, not your basic tomato puree! To make things seem a little less intricate, it is like taking the cerebral cortex as a whole and physically grinding that tissue into what should look like a broth. In that way, one ends up with nothing but the nuclei of the cells. Meanwhile, our soup has only the nuclei floating freely in the solution. Henceforth, it is a very straightforward way to count cells and neurons.

When one of the scientists counted the brain cells in these two animals, they found that the dog’s cerebral cortex has twice as many neurons as the cat’s. Thus, when it comes to performing tasks, learning commands and carrying out orders, to learning to put two and two together and do something about that, it is generally and quite reasonably expected that dogs are much more capable than cats. However, please love your pet smart cats and dogs as much as you want, regardless of how many neurons they have.

Which are the Smartest Cat Breeds?

It’s not too difficult to identify how smart are cats. They usually possess plenty of zeal and zest, along with a naughty treat. Most of them are Snoopy, highly in tune with their household activities and enjoy the challenge of mustering hoodwinks and interactive gaming skills. If you are looking for a clever kitty, or best cat breeds for first time owners, here’s a deeper look at some of the smartest cat breeds ever.

#1 Siamese

One of the world’s most renowned and recognisable cat breeds, a Siamese cat, is celebrated for its beautiful coat, curious nature and loquacious tendencies. wondering how smart are cats? These cats are immensely smart, affectionate and verve. They love playing and will entertain themselves by turning on faucets or opening cabinets if their human friends give them enough environmental enrichment.

#2 Abyssinian Cat

This sleek-looking cat is athletic, acrobatic and warm-hearted towards humans. Abyssinians are tremendously the most intelligent cat breeds and greatly conform to their families’ activities. Generally not lap cats, they thrive on human attention, especially in petting or cat nail grooming. Despite being independent cats, they even enjoy the company of other pets in the house.

#3 Savannah Cat

It is a rare and exotic breed with immense intelligence developed by crossing African Servals with domestic cats. This colossal breed of Savannah cats gets bored easily, requiring significant attention and environmental enhancement. Strong hunting instincts also characterise these excellent jumpers.

#4 Singapura

As the name suggests, the Singapura cat breed originated in Singapore streets. The breed came to the United States in the 1970s and is still considered thin. Small breed cats are generally exuberant, outgoing, curious, and rather attractive, as well as large breed cats, which are more outgoing and engaging.They are fond of what their human companions are up to. They love to climb, so make sure to provide plenty of vertical space if you’re planning on getting one of these!

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#5 Bengal

The Bengal is perhaps best known for its exotic printed coat resembling a jaguar, ocelot or leopard. This beautiful breed originated from crossing a domestic cat with an Asian leopard. They are quick-witted, strapping, amusing and still a bit wild, sometimes leading to uncontrolled actions. Cat hobbies include running, jumping, clambering up and playing, requiring ample space for exercise and mental challenges, such as puzzles.

#6 Burmese

The Burmese are an energetic and amiable breed that wishes to engage with its people. These cats are intelligent, adaptable, playful and trainable. They thrive on socialisation and prefer company, including that of the other animals. Our little companion can prevent loneliness and boredom with its frequent dose of entertainment that can often lead to mischievous activities.


No wonder cats have this reputation of being aloof, anti-social, and even dumb when it comes to things like they are capable of tricking and much more. However, research shows that whatever tricks the dogs can pick up throughout evolution, cats picked up a lot of those tricks too. It is just that we have not yet spent enough time looking for them. There is not much of a grand study into the behavioural aspects of felines. And once it is done, we will probably see considerable complexities in a cat’s brain and even more intricacies in the relationship they share with people. Therefore, proper studies are needed to find that out.