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Dog Age Chart: Know How to Count Dog Years?

Have you ever wondered how old your dog is? Not all dogs breed age alike. There are different approaches to finding your dog’s age. The process of aging only happens at a steady pace. There is a traditional saying that one dog year equals seven human years. This was the only way to calculate a dog’s age in ancient times. But today, scientists have developed several other and more precise methods for the same. Let us know how to calculate your dog’s age at home with ease and effectiveness. So let’s get started. 

Dog Age in Human Years

As we know, scientists need to authorize the one year equals seven years assumption. It is also believed that not all dogs grow and age simultaneously. Therefore, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of a dog age in human years. There are many ways to calculate human to dog years. But the most accurate and reliable method of dog age calculator is the one given below.

  • The human 15 years in dog years make the first year in pets life(medium size). 
  • 9 years of a human makes the second year of a dog’s life. 
  • Human age of 5 years in dog years makes the consecutive years. 

It is the easiest method and less complex than other ones. Using this method, you can calculate the age of any dog irrespective of its breed. 

How Old is My Dog in Human Years? – Dog Age Chart

The dog age chart shows the entire relationship between dog and human years. It is based on the size group of a dog and its breed. Let us look into the dog years chart below.

Age of Dog (in Year)
Age in Human Years
(20 lbs)
(21-50 lbs)
(51-100 lbs)
( 100+ lbs)
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This is for your aid if you want to know how old is my dog and get a more accurate sense of your dog’s state. You can easily calculate age in dog years based on its size and breed. This chart also gives you a sense of your dog’s mental and progressive state. You can learn where the canine lies in its overall development. 

Signs of Aging in Dogs

Age cheats humans as well as pets. No one can escape being old. As humans have some dog aging, so do their dogs. Sometimes, pet owners need to find out that their dog has already reached the age of seniority as early as 7 years old. As an ethical owner, you must take care of the different developmental requirements of your dog. Many of them show up at a certain age. 

But how would you consider senior dog age? Here are some signs of aging in dogs. Take a look. 

#1 Eye Problems

If suddenly your dog starts bumping into tables, doors, or walls and starts walking differently, tumbling uncomfortably, these are the signs of vision loss. There may be an eye infection or vision disorder. Like humans, failing eye conditions are a sign of aging in dogs. You can consult your vet regarding this situation and follow their instructions. 

#2 Extra Urination

Excessive or smudged urination is another example of old age in dogs. It may be a sign of kidney failure, urinary tract infections, or gallbladder disorder. Fortunately, it can be cured with proper medication if discovered earlier. If you suspect this problem consult your veterinarian and ensure your dog’s well-being. 

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#3 Incontinence 

Urinary issues can be increased in old age. This is a sign of aging. If medications don’t cure your pet, it is due to aging. You need to remember that these accidents are morally unintentional, and your dog may sometimes not even realize the mishaps. You can prevent these accidents using dog diapers, belly bands, and urinary sheets. But most importantly, you must consult your vet and do as they suggest. 

#4 Erratic Sleep Cycle

The most significant sign of aging in old dogs is the inability to have a sound sleep. This can also be seen differently. Such as, your canine will start wandering at night and sleep throughout the day. Also, your dog may get confused with its sleeping and waking hours. It can also take the form of joint pain in your doggy. In such a situation, try to change your dog’s bedding to a more comfortable one. 

#5 Discomfort

An erratic sleep schedule, low energy level, and dullness may cause irritation and discomfort to your dog. In this situation, get your dog consulted by your vet and know the underlying cause of this annoyance. This dog sleep cycle may be a sign of aging combined with joint pain. 

#6 Fewer Relations

Another sign of aging in your dog is less interaction and playfulness. Your dog will prefer being alone rather than having company. It doesn’t imply that your pup doesn’t love you anymore; it is just the changes done by aging. 

#7 Others

In addition to the signs mentioned above, there can be some different signs too. These include; sensitivity to sounds, Whining, aggressive barking, a decline in overall hygiene, Excessive wandering, not responding to commands, stress, confusion, Disorientation, etc. 

How to Make your Dog Live Longer?

There are many ways by which you can assist your aging dog and add some more years to its life. Let us look at the ways of how to make your dog live longer in detail.

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#1 Feed them Properly

You must take care of your dog’s food in old age. The organic dog food you provide to the pet should be full of the nutritional value they require. Whether your dog feels like eating, you must at least feed them minimum calories to energize them. But keep in mind, you must not overfeed them. Pet parents are inclined to overfeed their dogs out of love and concern. But that may cause problems. This will help them fight all the signs of aging and dullness.¬†

#2 Keep them Active

Don’t let your dog sit in a corner and sulk all the time. Encourage them to play with you, take them on a walk to the park, and play their favorite game with them. By having enough physical activity, your dog will become mentally well and will be able to fight the mental aging symptoms. An active brain resides in a busy body. So try and make your dog’s day full of energy, fun, and frenzy. 

#3 Love More

Playing, cuddling, and snuggling with your dog shows how much you care for it. They want to be with you more and spend some time lying in your lap. Let them have their personal space with you whenever they want. Love your pet more and unconditionally in their old age so that they start becoming cheerful and happy. 

Why Do Smaller Dogs Live Longer than Larger Dogs?

It is assumed that a large body lives longer might be true in some cases, but the situation gets reversed when it comes to the dog’s world. It is seen that the smaller the dog, the larger its lifespan. The reason behind this is still being determined. Researchers and scientists are trying to get a better understanding of the theory. Though, many theories prove to clarify it.

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One reason for this can be metabolism. Larger animals tend to have a slower metabolism as compared to small animals. Another theory may be put to justify it, which states that faster growth leads to cancer. The exact reason behind this has yet to be contemplated. 


Thus, you know dogs live their entire lifespan in less time than humans. The method of calculating a dog’s age depends on its breed entirely. By referring to the dog age chart, you can calculate their age in terms of human years. One can always tell whether their pooch is aging by looking at the behavioral and physical changes. Also, it is easy to make your furry friend active in his last years so that you can add some years to his life. Refer to this guide when you want to know your dog’s age.