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A Guide to Estimate your Kitty’s Age

Does a cat have nine lives? We do not have the answer to this question either, but we could tell you how old is my cat and how many years a cat has lived in human years. Any animal has a very short span of life in comparison to humans, and therefore, people are often scared to get a pet because they end up getting attached to the pet, which is normal.

How to Calculate a Cat’s Age in Human Years?

Nevertheless, in addition to the short life span, it is also often hard to determine a cat years to human years because they don’t live as long. So, how exactly would you figure out human age in cat years? The calculation is quite simple. It can differ from person to person, but the approximate numbers are good and help you determine your cat’s age.

The first two years of a cat as a kitten are measured in around 14 years of human life. That is, your cat is already 12 years of age the minute it is born, but that is not its real age. The rest of a kitten’s life is measured in the human years to be around 8 to 9 years. That is, the cat’s one year after it grows into a prime cat is equal to 4 human years. These calculations of cat age in human years are nothing real, but they help you get a convenient age for your cat. Thank you later!  

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How to Estimate or Determine the Cats Age?

A cat’s life matures from kitten and ends at senior or super senior level, usually super senior cat age is 17 or less. Below listed are the cat age stages:

  • Kitten (0-6) months 
  • Junior (6 months- 2 years)
  • Prime (3-6) years
  • Mature (7-10) years
  • Senior (11-14) years
  • Super senior (15 years) or above

The above division of cats signifies how they grow and age with time. If you want to know how old is my cat or how to calculate cat’s age, it could help if you find their age according to your age with a little determination and calculation.

Life Expectancy of a Cat

The average lifespan of a cat ranges between 12-17 years of age. Though it is possible that some cats might not live even up to the mark, while some can cross the mark of normal life expectancy. It can depend on the kind of care your pet gets from you. Several factors that contribute to the determining of a feline age are:


if your cat has been living a healthy life, some chances will live even longer. But if it has suffered a lot of infections and illnesses. She might die sooner than expected.

Love and Affection

living beings survive on love, other than food and water (obviously). If they receive affection and love from you rather than ignorance, they might live longer because affection is very important to animals, just like humans.

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you need more than just affection to create a happy and happening environment in your house. Too much stressful ambiance can distress your cat, as it might distress your child.


While you keep an eye on everything else, you should also ensure to provide them with a balanced diet. Ensure your cat gets all the required vitamins for a long, happy life. Moreover, most felines which reach their matured age are prone to develop renal issues. Hence, it is better to provide them with the best food for kidneys.

Do you know one cat exceeded its life expectancy by a major difference? The cream puff was a pet who lived in Austin, Texas and lived to the great age of 38, which is not ordinary. It also has a Guinness book world record in its name.

Signs of an Aging Cat

Now that you know the life expectancy of a cat it is time to understand the seniority of your kitty. A cat will grow old with time, and multiple factors would affect this period of maturation, but how exactly would you know? Here are some signs of a senior cat which might help you determine if your furry friend is also growing old with time.

  • Cats are already lazy animals, but when they grow old, their mobility reduces greatly. If your cat has stopped moving, it is a sign that they are getting some promotion in age.
  • Cats are not very reactive animals, but if you figure out they suddenly have changed that attitude, they are growing old. Old cats have a high temperament in comparison to younger kittens.
  • Loss of vision is a very common phenomenon that occurs while cats grow old, just like humans.
  • Bad breath in cats is yet another indication. We often kiss our pets out of love, and it is easy to find out if they have bad breath. A cat’s mouth tells a lot about its age and health.
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Tips to Make your Cat Live Longer?

Who would not want their cat to live a longer life? Everybody does, but animals have a very short life span compared to humans, which is quite a sad fact therefore we have some tips you could use to keep your tiny pet healthy and make them live longer. Since cats can only live up to an average age of about 15 to 17 years, it might extend if you are lucky, but it is not a common cause. So, here are some tips on how to make your cat live longer.

  • Prepare a balanced and nutritious diet for your cat.
  • Schedule regular checkups or visit a vet.
  • Keep them from roaming about outside for too long.
  • Take care of their vitamin ingestion and give extra if required.
  • Main hygiene in the surrounding because cats or any animal have a habit of putting things into their mouth, just like a little kid.
  • Keep away poisonous substances from their reach to avoid creating illness or infection.
  • If you fear there is something wrong with your cat. Check their teeth properly. If you find bacteria growing, you must rush to a vet.
  • Take care of your cat’s nails. If they grow too big, they might scratch themselves and cause infection.
  • Check for the vaccinations needed for various diseases and infections.


In the acute shell, we want to remind you that your feline might not have as long as you do. They have less life expectancy, but these pets are no less than family members. So, you must make sure to stay by them and keep a check on them from time to time. A cat’s life expectancy cannot be hampered, but you can surely help them live a happy life as long as they get to live. There are several tips to follow and keep in mind for yourself and your little walking furry soft toy.