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When To Change Cat Litter? – Tips & Tricks

Parenting a cat involves a lot of care and responsibility. Especially in regards to their health and hygiene, it is very important to consider the bathroom habits of cats. As they can be very fussy about their cleanliness, it also becomes crucial to maintain a hygienic and standard litter box. A self cleaning litter box is a must-have for all those households having cats. And to avoid any mess, it is also recommended to keep the litter box clean. So now lets learn how often to change cat litter and tip to clean it.

How Often Should You Change the Cat Litter?

When it comes to cleaning a litter box, you can do it in two ways- either daily or weekly.

On Daily Basis

You can clean the cat litter box daily by scooping out the solid waste. Doing this at least once a day keeps the litter tray clean and initiates cats to use it more often. One can also clean and disinfect the edges and surface of a litter box regularly to keep it hygienic for regular usage.

On Weekly Basis

A weekly cleaning schedule might require rigorous cleaning. The litter box must be emptied and washed with a soap and water mixture and sanitized using sensitive substances to avoid foul odor. Changing the litter from the litter tray is also a significant part of cleaning. However, it would help to consider a few significant cleaning frequency factors.

Number of Cats

How often should clean litter box depends on the number of cats in a household. For the number of cats, cleaning should be done. Though a few types of litter boxes can be used for multiple cats, cleaning would also be required recurrently.


Generally, cats go to bathrooms 2 to 4 times a day depending upon their age, fluid intake, climate, etc. the more regularly cats use the litter box, the more frequently it will need to be cleaned.


Some cats tend to be more specific about their places and need cleaner litter boxes or find another spot for littering. In such cases, the correct type of litter helps avoid cat mess.

Type of litter

Using the best litter box for cats is crucial as it fulfils their preferences and helps in better litter management. A few types of litter are as follows:

  • Clumping Clay: These litters are designed to absorb cat urine. This type of litter is quickly absorbent and forms clumps easily removed from litter boxes.
  • Silica Gel Crystals: These are non-toxic and free from any dust. These are available in moisture-absorbent crystals and are effective in odor control.
  • Grass: These kinds of biodegradable litters are made of grass fiber. These are great for the use of cats as they provide good surface area. These litters are also decent in controlling odor and possess absorption ability.

How to Clean A Litter Box?

Litter box cleaning can be done in two ways- by scooping and by changing the litter. These methods are most useful for those using clumping clay as litter.

How to Scoop a Litter Box?

  • For those using clumping clay, scooping is one of the best methods of cleaning a litter box. Scooping out a litter box is similar to using a shovel on sand beaches.
  • It can be done to remove cat urine and feces clumps by following some simple steps. Use a scooper to scoop out solid waste. Scoopers available in pet shops are suitable for this work.
  • Such scoopers are designed to dig deep and collect all the solid waste from the litter. Just as you dig in, lift the scooper and shake it gently.
  • This will cause the litter to fall back into the litter box, and the leftover waste will remain in the scoop.
  • Dump the waste clumps in a bag and continue the process until all the litter comes clean. This is a convenient way of cleaning a litter box and can be performed easily.
  • It is even recommended to scoop a litter box twice a day for better hygiene.

How to change a litter box?

  • To keep a good and unpolluted environment, one might need to change a cat litter box frequently depending upon circumstances.
  • According to a cat’s behaviour and bathroom activity, one can start by changing a litter box every couple of weeks.
  • Based on the number of cats one has and the type of litter used, one can monitor their cat’s activity and adjust the litter box’s schedule accordingly.
  • Changing a litter box can be done in a series of basic steps. First of all, place a garbage bag or a plastic bag at either end of the litter box and tilt the box to pour out the litter.
  • One can also use a scoop to wipe out the bottom of the litter tray properly. Once the litter tray is emptied, wash it with soap and water.
  • A scrub can be used better to clean the edges and corners of the tray. One can also disinfect the litter tray if required, but avoid smelly chemical compounds as this may cause cats to retreat. Wipe and dry the tray or box soon after washing it. Now fill it with the desired litter.


Now that one gets to know all the about how often should you clean a litter box, manage their cat’s mess. It becomes essential to initiate your cat to use a litter box for the sake of cleanliness and hygiene. Though one gets to carry out some great work schedules for their cat, it also helps keep the house from getting dirty.