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Developing an appropriate feeding plan for your cat does not have to be challenging. By understanding a few key concepts and attributes of cats, we can construct a very reasonable feeding plan. First, it is essential to determine how often to feed your kitten based on her nutritional needs as she grows. There are two main factors to consider: size and activity level. Specifically, what kind of nutrition your cat needs given the stage she is in, as well as what approach you choose when providing food. That’s why a consistent cat feeding schedule is essential for your pet.

How Often Should I Feed My Cat?

Your cat’s health, preference, and age determine how often and what can cats eat and all.

At Different Ages

  • Kittens need to be fed throughout the day since their growth requires more food per pound of body weight.
  • Once the kitten reaches 6 months and 1 year, providing once or twice a day will be fine for her.
  • When a kitten becomes an adult, feeding it once or twice a day will be good.

The bottom line is you need to consider your cat’s age when determining the timing of your cat’s feeding schedule. Each stage of a cat’s life requires a different feeding schedule to ensure enough nutrients.

How Much to feed a Cat chart Based on Heath Conditions

#1 Diabetes

For cats with health problems, such as diabetes, food may have to be measured according to when they are administered insulin, depending on the type of insulin.

#2 Gum Problems

It’s possible that aging cats get bad teeth or develop gum disease and consume dry food that is difficult to chew. If that happens, go with canned food or dry food cut into smaller nuggets. For easier chewing, you can break up the dry food and mix it with water.

#3 Hyperthyroidism

This condition causes your cat to eat constantly because an overactive thyroid gland stimulates hunger. Pet owners should try to get this disease treated as soon as possible. If your cat is sick, you can keep him comfortable and well-fed by giving him small meals.

Cat Feeding Guide Wet and Dry – What to Feed a Kitten?

As a pet parent you should know when can kittens eat dry food? and how much wet food to feed a kitten? Veterinary experts say dry food given for convenience will meet the feline’s nutritional needs as long as it is balanced and complete. As a pet parent, you need to observe what your pet likes the best. If you leave wet food out too long because your cat didn’t finish his meal, you must throw it away. Canned cat foods are good for your pet. Some cats may prefer canned food over dry cat food. However, if they are allowed free access to food, they may consume excessive amounts of it. Of course, this can occur with both canned food and dry food.

Combination of Feeding Your Cat

If you prefer, you can combine the two methods of feeding your cat. This is a great way to give him canned food twice per day at set times, along with dry food, which he can eat at any time throughout the day. Having your cat eat wet and dry food can benefit her overall health. In addition, it allows your cat to have some control over how much she eats.


How much should a cat eat a day?

It is recommended for cats to have meals at least two times each day, about 12 hours apart. However, breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner, and right before bed, whatever your cat’s meal schedule, is equally excellent.

Can cats eat homemade food?

Unlike dogs and humans, cats require specific vitamins, minerals, and proteins only available in meat. You might think that a vegetarian or vegan diet is healthy, but it’s not.

Is free-feeding your cat a good idea?

When you free feed your cat, it is also more difficult to notice changes in her eating habits, indicating that she is in distress. Measure out how much food your cat gives every day, even if you decide to free feed.


Some cats are quite adept at regulating their food intake. However, it is still a good idea to establish the expectation of mealtimes. This will make your life easier if another pet joins the family sometime in the future. In addition, you can Feed your cat multiple portions of food throughout the day by measuring out the entire portion in the morning.