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How Much Food Should I Feed My Cat? | Vet Recommended Cat Food

Feeding your cat is a complicated process, especially if you are a first-time cat owner. You are constantly curious with questions like, “How much should I feed my cat?”; “Is my cat eating enough?”; “Is my cat eating too much?”; “Is my cat overweight or just fluffy?” and so on. In this guide, we will try to answer all your queries. Let us start by reviewing the factors determining your cat’s diet.

How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

Wondering how much should i feed my cat? There are several variables that determine the amount of food required by a cat. Some of them are:

#1 Size/Weight

The weight and size of your cat are major factors in your cat’s diet. The more she weighs, the more calories she will need to maintain her health and proper functioning. Checkout for the best cat food for weight loss

#2 Age

As your kitten ages, she requires more calories but reduces the frequency of meals. A newborn kitten requires food every 1 to 2 hours, while a fully grown cat only requires 2 to 3 meals daily.

#3 Metabolic Rate

It refers to the quantity of energy an animal expends per unit of time. Moreover, metabolic rate depends upon how much should adult cat eat, If your cat has a high metabolic rate, It will need a high calorie cat food, So increase the frequency of the meals.

#4 Amount of Exercise

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Although cats are active animals, some cat exercises is still necessary. The amount of activity they get is a major factor in determining diet and daily calorie requirements for cats.

#5 Environmental Factors

According to a study by the University of Liverpool, cats eat approximately 15% less food during summer than in winter. So, where you live is important when determining your cat’s diet.

#6 Whats the Best Cat Food?

Last but very important is the type of food you feed your cat. Various options are available, like canned, dry, moist food and chewy cat food. Canned food is also called cat wet food. It is the most expensive option, but it has good nutritional value and is easy to use. you can also try homemade cat food.

Explaining Cat Behavior When Feeding a Cat

Cats work alone! and explaining cat behavior is easy. Felines are lone predators and eaters. Cats in the wild catch and consume 10 or more tiny meals daily. Cats like to eat on their own. It suggests that it feeds separately if a cat is in the family from the others; she is more likely to be content.

However, healthy cats don’t usually dislike the presence of other cats when it comes to mealtime. However, at times of discomfort, this tolerance may be diminished.

One way to imitate this innate hunting behaviour is to use a food puzzle in which your cat interacts with the dispenser to retrieve little pieces of food as rewards. You may even hide little bits of dry food about the house so your cat can locate and eat.

An important point to note is that the actions displayed by your cat when you arrive home (e.g., meowing, rubbing on your legs, seeking attention) are a welcome behaviour and not a feeding request. It will help if you reward this behaviour with attention, like caressing or playing, but not food.

Daily Calorie Requirements for your Cat

To maintain weight, the average indoor cat needs to consume 20 calories per pound. The average outdoor cat must consume 35 calories per pound to maintain weight. Indoor/outdoor cats fall somewhere in the middle.

If your indoor cat weighs 12 pounds, it should consume about 240 calories daily. If they weigh 16 pounds, they should consume around 320 calories daily to maintain their weight.

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If your cat is overweight, feed her 2 pounds less per day, or 40 fewer calories per day, then adjust when it sheds a pound till you achieve a suitable weight that They can maintain.

How to Calculate Daily Calories?

An excellent technique to determine your cat’s current weight is to observe what they eat daily for several days in a row, providing your cat’s weight is stable. Break it down to calories per pound consumed, and you’ll get a general indication of their metabolic rate.

  • Put a specific amount of food daily at a fixed hour, and also note any wet food or treats you give during the day.
  • They left measure how much food the next day, and repeat this for several days to estimate how many calories your cats consume in 24 hours on average.
  • Divide it by your cat’s overall weight to indicate how many calories they consume per pound.

What is the Best Way To Feed Cat?

  • Separate your cat’s feeding and sleeping/resting places.
  • Every cat should have her separate feeding and drinking station in a calm, low-traffic place where she can enjoy her meal.
  • The pet water dispenser for cat should be shallow and broad, and People should change the water daily.
  • To avoid getting their whiskers dirty, many cats prefer to eat from shallow dishes or plates.
  • Keep feeding and drinking stations apart from one another.
  • Make sure to keep dishes for food and water clean.
  • Calculate the food allowance for each cat based on the quantity prescribed by your veterinarian. Keep track of your cat’s daily food consumption and appetite. this is the best way to feed cat.

How to Feed a Kitten?

can kitten eat adult cat food? The answer is no. Kittens have higher dietary needs than adult cats since they develop so quickly. Weaning kittens may normally begin at 3-4 weeks of age when modest amounts of high-quality best food for kittens can be introduced. So, how much should i feed my kitten? It is normally recommended to start with wet kitten food or soak some dry kitten kibbles in water to moisten them properly. You can move kittens to dry food as they grow and mature. and if you are thinking about how much dry food should i feed my cat is totally depends upon the age of the cat. Moreover, you can also use an automatic cat feeder.


Pets are like children, and taking care of their needs, especially giving them a proper diet, can prove daunting. However, if you put your love and affection into it, not only will it become much easier with time, but it will also prove extremely beneficial for your pet.