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The Pet Insurance for Dogs – Complete Facts and Figures

Just like humans, your pets may also have health insurance. No one can anticipate what will happen in the future. We cannot know predictions about health problems or their cost beforehand. Pet insurance protects your dog against all unexpected veterinary bills. Keeping a canine in your home is full of uncertainties, and we, as pet owners, bear the responsibility of mending them back to good health. Are you worrying about availing of pet insurance? Insurance will enable you to take care of your furry buddy without any financial burden and explore more to know about how much is dog insurance policies.

Why Do I Need Dog Health Insurance?

Pet medicines in the present time are advanced, due to which the cost of taking care of your pets has also increased simultaneously. The equipment, facilities, and training associated with the medical line are given to offer high-quality services. Availing insurance can help in reducing most of the cost of treatment and managing a pet’s illness or injury. There is no particular way to find out the right insurance for your pet. It is recommended to talk with the veterinarian and research all the available options. There are primary considerations that are essential for insurance policies.

  • Other than the insurance provider, check your pet’s health with a veterinarian to establish a mutual relationship.
  • The hired insurance provider should tell out all the details, including limitations of coverage and emergency treatments. Certain conditions require extensive care.
  • The cost for treatment varies depending on the treatment and the location. The requirement of pet insurance depends on the following matters
  • If your pet is older, the cost increases, but they need more medical attention.
  • Most insurance policies are taken for cats and dogs, and it is easy to find all the insurance coverage.
  • Animals with a short lifespan are not worth getting insurance.
  • Exotic pets such as snakes and lizards are hard to insure because the number of companies that offer insurance for these animals is limited.
  • You should keep money ready in hand if you are covering expensive ongoing care services.
  • Pedigree dogs are more prone to contagious diseases and inherit hereditary conditions.

Average Pet Insurance for Dogs – Coverage and Pricing

#1 Lifetime

This is the most common type of cover that pet owners get where premiums need to be paid every year during the pet’s life. The insurer will have to go on covering you irrespective of age or any existing conditions. The cost of the premium will increase with old age.

#2 Annual

Premiums are needed to be paid for 12 months here and offer a choice to switch to a cheaper policy every year. This policy generally covers less cost but offers less comprehensive cover. It will not cover pre-existing conditions of your pet.

#3 Accident only

This is the most basic and cheap insurances for dogs that is available and covers accidents like being hit by a car. It does not include any illnesses.

#4 Maximum benefit

This insurance policy is available based on a condition. They will provide you with a fixed sum to treat each type of illness or injury for the whole duration of insurance.
The insurance policies and coverage vary for pets, just like any other insurance.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover for Dogs?

  • Vet bills: It can be expensive at certain times due to the following reasons-
  • General Cost: It includes a range of treatments related to accidents, injuries, and illnesses.
  • Congenital diseases: These conditions are not ongoing. However the cover should be made unrestricted and not under any specific circumstances.
  • Long-term conditions: This is covered only if you avail lifetime policy.
  • Dental care: This pet dental insurance covers only some policies but not all. Usually, dental covers are required for accidents, illness, or injury.
  • Alternative treatments: Homeopathy physiotherapy is a specific treatment covered under pet insurance if your veterinarian suggests it.
  • Breeding Risks: If you decide to use your pet dog for breeding purposes, then make sure to include it under insurance cover. Neutering your dog will result in insurance premium reduction.
  • Loss or theft of your pet: You should make sure that this policy covers the purchase price of your pet. Otherwise, the insurer may pay the market value. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to bear the cost of advertising your lost pet.
  • Death: An experienced veterinarian must be there to certify the cause of death, and there is an age limit, which applies to cover the death by illness. A good insurance policy also covers euthanasia if your pet has to be put down of severe issues.

How Much is Dog Insurance?

Ever wonder how much is pet insurance cost, the monthly average is around $48.78 for dogs, including both accidents and illnesses. It varies greatly depending on the conditions of your dog and the insurance company. Generally, insurance prices range from $10 to $50 per month with decent coverage. Factors like the pet’s age, type of species, and breed determine insurance rates. It is higher for dogs. As older dogs have more health issues, their costs become high. It increases day by day, depending on your policy type. More premiums are paid for more coverage or if deductibles are decreased, and reimbursement levels are increased.

Average Pet Insurance Costs

BreedMonthly Premium
Labrador Retriever$37.44
German Shepherd$34.32
Golden Retriever$40.56


It becomes a nightmare for pet owners to think about their pets on their deathbed. However, it costs thousands of dollars if you do not have pet insurance. To end the suffering of your beloved pet, you may put it down due to a lack of finance. It is similar to health insurance for humans but has many restrictions compared to other policies. If you love your pet, this insurance cover can protect your dog from endless suffering.