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All About The Most Accurate Dog DNA Test Kit Costs

Want to know about your dog’s ancestral breed or check if there are any health issues? Well, that is what dog DNA test kits tell. If you are a real pet lover, then you must want to check on your pets from time to time. DNA ancestry testing are really helpful, some of them do truly a good job when it comes to telling the traits of your pet. It can also tell your dog’s health and genetic risks, and the kit results can predict your dog’s adult weight and provide nutritional references based on your dog’s size. For you to not get confused about how much is a dna test for a dog is worth it. A dog breed DNA test kit is roughly priced from $60 to $300. It is also available online and also at pet retail stores.

How Much is A Dog DNA Test?

The price of the DNA tests is usually steered by the kind of detail you want to know about your dog. Like whether you want to test your dog’s DNA because you are curious about knowing about their breed history or want to find out if your dog is in danger of any health problems. Here are some of the major things a dog DNA breed test can tell you about the pet:

  • Breed and Traits: DNA test results can identify your dog’s breed by comparing them with the other 300 types of breed. You will also get information about the personality, appearance, narrative, interesting facts, and similar breed information.
  • Health: If you want to check on your dog’s health, a DNA test may help you with this. It will identify any health issues or any disease that may occur in the future. By checking on that, you can take major precautions early to save the dog from any serious disease.
  • Weight and Nutritional Needs: DNA results can tell more detailed information about the dog’s weight. Suppose the dog’s weight is normal for an adult dog or not. Some of the DNA tests can also tell the Nutritional needs, like if there is any deficiency in the dog and make it easier for you, with the assistance of your vet too.

How do Dog DNA test Works?

After you register your kit online, the simplest way to collect your dog’s DNA is by swabbing their cheek for a saliva sample. You’ll mail the sample back to them. Then they will compare the dog’s sample to various other breed databases. You can also make thousands of copies of the DNA taken from other parts of the dog’s cell if you want to get a more detailed look at your dog’s genetics. Once they are done testing the samples, they will compile all the necessary information that you need to know. After a few weeks, you will get results through mail or attached pdf or online. Your dog’s ancestry, health, traits, and relatives are discovered in this way.

The Best Dog DNA Test Kit in Market 2022

DNA test kits are getting more and more popular. As it turns out, there are plenty of services DNA tests provide. Here are some of the best at-home dog breed test kits.

1. Embark breed and health kit

Embark breed and health kit are some of the best kits available on the market and online, with a price range of $135 on Amazon. With Embark Breed and Health Kit, you’ll get detailed data about your pet’s breed breakdown and information on ancestors to great-grandparents.

2. DNA My Dog

DNA my dog breed identification test kit is cheaper than other kits. It is around the price range of $69 on amazon. Its results also get available after a week, unlike other testing kits. It will help you understand the ancestry of the family members of your dog’s. So, it might be the perfect option for you. This cheapest dog DNA test is completely accurate, and they provide some extra information related to the dog-like traits, genetic backgrounds like the past of his breed and many things.

3. Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel is available on Amazon with a price of $100. Like another DNA test kit, it also tells about the dog’s breed after comparing it with around 300 types, breeds and varieties of dogs. What makes it different is it is very handy, and the process of taking samples is very easy and simple, and also it tells the most accurate results.

4. Orivet

Orivet Mixed-Breed Identification & Life Plan Dog DNA Test Kit is one of the most affordable DNA test kits available in the market, with a price range of around $75 on Amazon.
With the Orivet DNA test kit, you’ll also get a life plan. The plan tells about the layout by your dog’s age, it recommends routine care and gives out tests based on the dog’s health.

Embarks Vs Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit -Which is Better?

Embarks or wisdom panel, which one of these is better? Embark DNA kits cost around $129. It is available on Amazon. Embark dog DNA test kit will give you around 300 breeds composition and test it with dog DNA sample. They will also get detailed information about your dog’s family tree and other options to Obtain information about your dog’s relatives and access research surveys. The results are delivered in a couple of weeks, and you can pay a little more for information about your dog’s health and characteristics later on.

Wisdom Panel Essential Dog DNA test kit will test your dog’s DNA composition with 350 breeds, types, varieties and states . it will also identify any health problem or serious disease while undergoing medical procedures, or the dog is allergic to any medications. Also, it will tell you the ideal weight range for your dog. Although the kit cost around $99, they provide results within 3 weeks. The Wisdom Panel also has a Premium Dog DNA Test Kit that will provide all the requirements of the Essential Kit plus a genetic variety score. Also, get to have a veterinarian meeting for notable health results for a cost of around $150.

Final Words

No matter which tests you choose, in our opinion embark can be the best overall with all its services and all it is worth the prices. But yes, if you want to go for affordable and get all the essential details, you can go with the Wisdom Panel and DNA my dog. Hope you find this how much is a dog dna test costs guide helpful to know your pet breed at affordable cost.