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How Often Do You Walk Your Dog? | Daily Exercise Calculator

Forming a training schedule or exercise routine for your pet dog is necessary and can not be negotiated. This routine should be a mixture of vigorous exercises and commanding or brain training exercises. Do you know how long should i walk my dog? It takes time from 35 minutes to 45 minutes, every day. A high-intensity workout helps to cut down on an extra layer of fat. Training a dog is not just about exercises but also about forming a healthy routine. Now lets get into how often should you walk your dog, and tips to improve your pet exercise schedule.

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need?

Exercise for dogs and puppies is based on the strain their bodies can take and their diet. Therefore, you need to follow different schedules as puppies need interactive games to socialize with other puppies and form a bond with humans. As a pet owner may think how to tell if your dog is happy with exercise

Restrained Recall

Take a dog leash and loop it around a stationary object. Get a hold of one end and let the other one hang around dog’s neck. Now take any bait and floss it around the dog to catch attention. Now suddenly, let go of one end, simultaneously throw away the bait and let your dog run after bait. This is the best exercise as more energy is generated quickly.

Call Out Name

In this exercise, a dog learns physical agility and mental alertness. First, go at a distance, and call out the dog’s name loudly. Then, hold a favorite toy and let it pull away from you. This burns off a lot of energy and teaches a dog how to control its emotions by not getting dangerous around human beings.

Throw and Fetch

Take a toy out, throw it away and ask the dog to fetch it by giving a command. This lets your dog respond to the command, exhilarate senses and generate obedience. These exercises should not take longer than an hour.

How Much Exercise Does A Senior Dog Need?

Have any idea about how much exercise is too much for a senior dog? Senior dogs are old, with a slowed-down metabolism and do not consume too much food, their appetite is more diminutive. Moreover their exercise level is also stunted due to their lazy routine. Therefore, it is essential to exercise your dog with light walks and moderate exercises which are easy to perform.

Regular walks

Regular walk in a park or around the neighbourhood is a best light physical exercise as it does not demand too much energy input. The owner should put a loose leash around the dog’s neck as they are less prone to display aggressive behavior. In addition, regular walks fend off dogs from obesity and heart disease.

Stair Climbing

As a pet owner should ask the dog to climb stairs on simple commands. Climbing up and down the stairs has hazardous health benefits. However, it can be done in a home if there are stairs. The dog should also be encouraged to jump on the bench and off the bench as it allows muscle exercise.

Dog Exercise Recommendations & Tips

how often should you take your dog out to do exercises depends upon the following factors:-


Dogs of some breeds are more active than others. It is just how their genetics are. Some highly active giant dog breeds include Doberman, Siberian huskies, Border Collies, German Shepherd, Dalmatians, Great Danes, Standard Poodle, Australian cattle dog, Jack Russell terrier, Belgian Malinois, Cocker spaniel, Jack Russell Terrier, Retrievers, Pointers, etc. These dogs require a daily dosage of high-intensity workouts for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. The dogs that don’t need a lot of exercise that how often should i take my dog out require very little training include Shih Tzu, Pug, English bulldog, Greyhound, French Bulldog, etc. These dogs require daily light exercise for about 15 minutes to 30 minutes.


Senior dogs can not play games they once did when they were younger. It will be fruitless to expect them to be of the same stamina in the senescent stage. Older or senior dogs should be involved in light exercises like walking a light climb on a tree. On the other hand, a puppy is just at the beginning stage of life and should not be subjected to heavy workouts either. The puppies’ bones are very brittle, and a long walk can scar them for a lifetime. Puppies should be allowed to play among other puppies in a playgroup arrangement. Walking a pup should always be on the soft grass and not more than 15 minutes. Toys should be given to puppies to play with them in sessions.

Rescue Dog

Regardless of age, breed, and gender, the rescued dogs need more empathy and demand more patience from owners. Some days their energies will skyrocket, and other days they will be down in the dumps. Therefore, you should not force a routine on rescue dogs; instead, you must maintain a flexible routine according to its present mental state.

Energy Level

If a dog is showing a high energy level, it calls for more time outdoors. If a dog’s energy is not scrutinized, emotional energy may lead to problematic behavior. For example, destroying furniture, biting people, jumping over fences, and running away. Playing the “Fetch” game with your pet will be better as it is part of physical training. Make sure to look for the signs over exercising puppy, if you observe restrain your training schedule, till it feels happy.

Health Issues

Overweight dogs are prone to diabetes, heart disease and liver disease, arthritis, extra pressure on joints leads to bone fracture, difficulty in breathing, digestive issues, etc. An obese dog needs more time outside than an average metabolism dog. If a dog has climbed up on the ladder of the weight, then bringing weight down is the owner’s responsibility. That is because a dog can not sign into the gym and pay a visit daily. The owner needs to be in charge. The first and foremost step would be to cut down on unhealthy life habits and excessive treats. The second will be to practice Go and Fetch with your dog. And another high-intensity workout helps to cut down on an extra layer of fat.


Anxious dogs have a few symptoms, including persistent barking, chewing on items, being aggressive to strangers, avoiding company, and preferring to be alone. By getting adequate exercise, they will be more relaxed and better adapted to their surroundings. A veterinary doctor needs to be consulted in the case of a rescue dog. Along with proper diet and medication, dog calming treats, how often should you walk your dog and what duration will be addressed.

Indoor Dog Exercises & Game Ideas

  • Walking and Running: Dogs enjoy running around in a house and chasing after the owner and other objects.
  • Toys: Spirally moving toys are the most played toys of the dog.
  • Obedience Training: Calling out the dog’s name and then throwing objects is among the top plays of the dogs.
  • Fetch Game: Throwing a rubber toy, a squeaky ball, or a plate is an indoor game that dogs enjoy in the house’s backyard.
  • Climbing Stairs: Climbing stairs and then running down a couple of times is an excellent indoor activity that keeps the dog in good shape.
  • Nose Work Games: Put a scent on the object, then hide it and let your dog use his sniffing powers to find it. This can be done on the premises of the home. The owner can hide it anywhere, into a closet, shoe rack, kitchen, and even bury it in the ground. This enables your dog to use his smelling power, and overall, it is a good exercise of both brain muscles and nasal capacity.
  • Hide and Seek: Children love to play hide and seek with the dog. Hide and seek is the number one favourite activity to get involved in with the dog.
  • Swimming: If there is a small pool in the house, children and dogs can go in it for a swim in the summer season. Even adults can join in if they want and enjoy spending some quality time with the dog.


You should practice dog workouts regularly. Some breeds of dogs have more energy than the other dogs. So they naturally are inclined to participate in more physical activities. The owner should ensure that the diet and exercise are in good proportion. Indoor exercises are beneficial for the dog as well as pet owner.