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How Much Does It Cost to Fly a Dog? – Pet Shipping Services & Prices

Moving across the country is an enormous change. It can be pretty scary when you are a pet parent. Not only do you need to find the best feasible option, but you also need to work with a budget. If you are a pet parent moving overseas, you must consider the option to flying with a dog. Shipping a dog might seem a hefty job, but you can get it done like a pro if you follow the pointers mentioned below. Readout to know better about how much does it cost to ship a dog and what are the essential check lists.

What Effects Dog Transportation Service Cost?

Before you head out to connect with a consultant in order to get a proper quotation, you need to understand what aspects are covered in the total cost quoted. Explore the following points to get an idea about the dog travelling cost and all.

Getting A Travel Crate

You would want your fury partner to travel well and in all comfort. Irrespective of a cargo hold or in-cabin traveling option, you would need a good travel crate for your pet. Make sure to get a sturdy one. You must also consider the size of your dog while buying a travel crate.

Air Ticket

A great part of your budget for shipping the dog would be dedicated to buying the air ticket. Before you make a choice check for how much does it cost to fly a dog in different options. It would help if you were prepared for some hefty expenses as airlines usually charge more for transporting live animals as much more attention is required than regular human flyers. You can choose between cargo and in-cabin, whatever suits your budget.

Visit A Veterinarian

The health of your doggo should be a top priority. Hence, you would surely need to confirm that your dog is in its prime health when traveling. This brings a vet into the picture. A full-body workup, including blood tests and health checks, is necessary. You should reach out to an accredited vet to give you thumbs up for shipping your pet.

Ground Transportation

When you are not traveling overseas but moving with your pet within the continent, it is defined as ground transportation. It is much more convenient to get ground transportation than an airline. This is in consideration with the air ticket prices and your dog’s comfort. Different organizations can offer you some handsome quotations for the said job.

Pet Taxis

If it is not feasible for you to travel with your pet, there is no need for you to create a hassle; you can opt for pet taxis. These are completely safe and offer great comfort for your pet. If you are planning to get a climate-controlled vehicle for your pet, then this is just the perfect option for you.


If you are low on budget, there is another option for you. You can get hold of transportation services for your pet through cargos. Even though these services are safe and secure.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Dog?

If you are planning on getting ground transportation, it purely depends on the length of your journey. You can consult with different pet transportation company to get the right price quotation.

  • If you need pet ground transportation for a 10-hour drive, the average cost would be around $2000 to $2400.
  • If you plan to transport your pet through a cargo service, you can expect the expenses to be around USD 275 to USD 300.
  • An air ticket would cost you around USD 1000 for domestic transportation.

What are the essential permits that you need to get your hands on?

Different countries have different rules and regulations for importing a pet. Therefore, you must go out on a limb and research all the necessary permits and documentation you would need to smoothen pet delivery service process. Make sure to go through the list mentioned down below to guide you in a better way.

Vet Approval

Some countries might need the true value of a veterinary doctor to let your pet in their country. Instead of getting this done when you have landed, it is advocated that you get this approval from a government accredited veterinary doctor from your country only. This documentation would prove to be greatly helpful in your journey.

Import Permit

If you are traveling to a country that would need an import permit for your pet, you must enquire about the fees involved for the process on the official website discussing all the norms for your pet, rather than getting conned by a conman out of ignorance.

Custom Clearance

All you need to do is take care of brokers, taxes, and tariffs. Once you are through these hoops, you will receive a green flag from the customs, and you are good to go.

Dog Transport Service Options

As discussed, you could opt for ground transportation or an air ticket. The two options completely depend on the length of your journey and your budget. You can even get one of the pet taxis that are booming these days.

Essential Dog Shipping Checklist

It can be pretty difficult and confusing when gathering pet travel supplies. Instead of running from one point to another confusingly, it is strongly advocated that you should go through this dog shipping checklist so that you do not miss out on anything.

  • A Comfortable Kennel
  • Bedding
  • Medications
  • Chew Toys
  • Vet Approval
  • Tag, Collar, a Leash


Traveling with your pet might seem relaxing, but you need to jump through many hoops to get it done right. Moreover, how much does it cost to ship a dog depends on the length of the journey and the mode of transportation, but there are multiple factors involved to make this happen.