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How Much To Microchip A Dog? – How They Work?

What is a microchip dog? Microchip is half an inch tiny piece of metal roughly the same size as a small rice grain. Whenever an owner of a pet purchases the microchip, he registers his information, including home address and contact details to microchip issuing company. Then a unique number is granted to your dog. Every microchip consists of a unique I.D. number integrated with details of the owner by a microchip company. If, in the future, someone stole the dog and tries to ship it off to a distant location, one scan on the dog will reveal owner’s details. Now lets get into side effects and how much does it cost to microchip a dog and how to track a lost pet and all.

Why Should I Microchip My Dog?


The Safety of a dog is very important for owner. Collars with tags are used universally by dog owner to ensure security and safe return in case of theft. When a guest arrives at the house, dogs try to run away if the gate is kept open. Or When an owner takes their dog out for a walk and loosens up the pet leashes, the dog tries to run away. When placed in an open environment, dogs get excited and enjoy running around and chasing moving objects.

More often than not, when dog runs far away from home. In such a situation, shelter care often steps in and takes in lost pet. But as we’re well aware, a dog can neither speak nor drop any hint about the owner. This is the most common problem dog owners face and the authorities who look after dog’s well-being. Microchipping the dog and extracting information right when the authority first comes in contact with the dog is a lifesaver. It saves time and effort, often wasted in a search lookout for dogs. Then, reuniting a microchipped dog with owner becomes easy.

Data Base

Information regarding diseases, medical conditions, and dog allergies is stored in the microchip, which is further stored in Database of the company. Each microchip is granted a unique number that a company registers before shipping the product. Once the microchip, is sold, owner who purchased it fills in the details. Microchip company laid down the complete dog microchip registration manual and how everything works there. The pet dog owner fills up his details, telephone number, home address, P.I.N. code, etc. Different companies have adopted different criteria, and the information asked is not universal.

Lost Pet

Losing a pet in mall or a busy street is not uncommon. Generally, the rule of thumb was to report the incident to the local authority, contact an animal authority, and ask the bystanders. But with microchip nanotechnology, the owner has to signal administration and expect a call within a day or two. The whole process has become comprehensible, lucid, and direct.


Information stored in Database is same throughout the world. Any scanner that scans dog’s microchip will reads same information as added by the owner during microchip registration for dog. If the owner updates address or contact number, the owner can contact company’s customer care service from whom the owner purchased the microchip and edit details. Almost all companies allow customer to edit their details at any time.

Cost Effective

Getting a microchip for your pet dog is not a costly affair. It takes little money in comparison to the service it offers. Almost all animals of particular breeds look the same to people. The dog’s identity can not be just limited to the knowledge of owner and neighborhood or a dog tag. Incorporate shows and pet shows have high chances of mixing up dogs. Although entry fees of most of these shows are pretty high, compared to that, getting your dog microchipped does not seem to be a bad deal at all.

Swift and painless procedure

Many owners are worried about the safety of the dog during and post-vaccination. This procedure takes a few minutes, and pain is next to nil. Most dogs do not even blink while the needle pierces them. If an experienced veterinary doctor or nurse is in charge, the whole procedure is a cakewalk. There can be just a little bit of swelling in rare cases.

How Do Microchips Work?

Dog chip tracker does not have an in-built power system or mechanism. When a scanner scans, it emits a radioactive frequency that interacts with a microchip. The frequency or simply energy goes into microchip, supplies it with power, and chip sends back the radio signal. That is the reason why they are called passive. These microchips do not actively send the information via signals. The radio signal comprises an Identification number and other information. This information is detected by microchip scanner and visible on it. The microchip company allots the identification number, and it contains the data of dog as well as the owner. Microchip for dogs works on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Microchip acts as a tracker, but it does not (Global Positioning System) G.P.S. tracking system.

Inserting a microchip in the dog

It is an easy and simple way that owner itself can do. But it is advised to be done by a professional veterinary doctor only. A dog needs to be at ease and not stressed. The owner needs to ensure that the dog is well hydrated before the procedure. If dog is prone to outbursts or a physical reaction to stressful situations, owner should put the protective gear on dog.

How Do They Microchip a Dog?

  • STEP 1: It involves taking out a sterile microchip from packet. The needle is thicker than usual. It is thicker because it has to penetrate into fur and skin of your pet.
  • STEP 2: It confirms the microchip has same identification code as on package in which it was delivered. Also, before injecting, the scanner should scans dog to make sure that a microchip has not been installed.
  • STEP 3: Involves taking out the cap on needle embedded in syringe.
  • STEP 4: To take your dog and position him comfortably. Either make him stand or gently push his back down on ground against the floor. Ensure that the dog is stagnant and do not let it move even slightly. The needle can break inside dog’s skin. So it is advisable to make sure your pet is in a comfortable and firm position so that mishaps can be avoided. The best site to inject needle is between the shoulder blades on the back. It is suggested to inject on dorsal side of the neck, following the middle line of the spinal cord.
  • STEP 5: It involves holding a dog tightly, pressing his skin, and pinching subcutaneous layer on its neck in your fingers. Hold it for a few seconds, bring the needle closer. Locate position where do they put microchips in dogs, and with an unshakeable hand, insert and press syringe.

How Much Does It Cost To Microchip A Dog?

Ever wonder how much is a dog chip? The price of a microchip for a dog varies from country to country. In the U.S.A., MICRO chip costs somewhere around $40-$100. Installation of microchip at a professional veterinary doctor in the U.S.A. costs about $30-$80.


Can you feel a microchip in a dog?

No, in it is inserted properly between pets shoulder blades, you can’t feel a microchip in dogs. In any case if the GPS for dogs moves around, then pet owner can feel it specially in small breeds with in fur.

Can you track your dog with a microchip?

There is a misconception among pet owners that a microchip is everything you need to find your lost pet. however, in reality, there are other dog tracking products available in market which fulfil that need


Microchip technology is top in the line. It is a boon for all the owners and dog shelter authorities, who register case of stolen and lost dogs daily. Inserting a microchip in a dog is as easy and as beneficial as a vaccine itself. A veterinary doctor should be consulted to install the microchip.