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How Long Do Dogs Sleep? | Here’s What To Consider About Dogs Sleeping Pattern

Dogs are lovable animals who enjoy good play with their owners or best friends. They are active 80% of the day and demand great energy. You might notice your dog having a sound sleep for an extended period. Should that be healthy or unhealthy? And if you are thinking how much do dogs sleep? In most cases, it is not a matter of concern. But at times, you might need to consult a vet as sleep disorders are a thing among dogs.

How Many Hours Do Dogs Sleep a Day?

A dog performs multiple tasks during the day. So, how many hours do dogs sleep a day? Adult dogs sleep with a schedule ranging from 8-13 hours a day. It is very different from humans as we only sleep 7-8 hours daily. The reason for their excessive amount of sleep is because of their playfulness. Generally, dogs spend about 80% of their time playing with their owner or outdoors. So, therefore, they need extra sleep.

Can Dogs Have Sleeping Disorders?

Although sleep disorders are not a very active problem, it still is a problem that few dog owners go through. Dogs, similar to humans, can catch sleep disorders. Sleeping problems are generally caused by psychological distress and other health issues. Flea bites, for instance, can disrupt your dog’s sleeping pattern. and some cases of sleep disorders among dogs and how to cure them

#1 Narcolepsy

Young puppies are usually the victim of this disorder. In this condition, the levels of hypocretin become extensively low. (hypocretin is a hormone that maintains the sleep schedule). This disorder is generally a genetic disorder.

Unfortunately, narcolepsy in dogs is an incurable disorder. There is no cure available at the moment. However, there are specific ways to reduce the intensity of the disorder, such as pampering your dog while they sleep can reduce the impact of Narcolepsy to a great extent.

#2 Insomnia

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Insomnia is not common, but a few cases of insomnia are still available. The underlying cause of insomnia can be the presence of other health problems. So if your dog is showing signs of insomnia, it is advised to take them to the vet as soon as possible.

They can see other reasons for the disorder, from psychological problems such as dogs with anxiety, mental illness in dogs, depression, etc. You can consult this with a vet, who will provide you with the best remedy. Medication is also, at times, provided.

#3 Sleep Apnea

Can dog have sleep apnea?: Yes, Sleep apnea is prevalent among dogs that are obese. An excessive amount of fat can trigger sleep apnea among dogs. If your dog is showing sleep apnea symptoms, They should provide immediate treatment for it because if not treated immediately, it could result in severe consequences later. Common ways to prevent sleep apnea can be

  • Regular Exercise: Taking out your dog for a run is one of the best ways to ensure that body fats remain neutral and your dog’s health stays good.
  • Healthy Diet: Taking the best healthy dog food and avoiding junk food can significantly boost your dog’s health. Also, providing them with the right amount of food and not overfeeding dogs will ensure better health for your dog.

How Much Do Dogs Sleep?

Are you wondering how much do dogs sleep? Just as a human’s sleeping pattern varies from child to adult, the same way a dog’s sleeping pattern also varies from puppies to adult dogs. An adult dog will have a sleep pattern of 11-12 hours a day, whereas a puppy will sleep for a whole day. After the puppy attains a certain age, like one month, it becomes more active and playful. Generally, a puppy can sleep for 18 hours a day. With the best sleep aid for dogs, your pet will get rest for longer than usual.

#1 Puppies

The sleep schedule of a puppy will range from 18-20 hours a day. Despite having so much energy, a puppies sleep schedule is very vast as they are still growing and cannot perform any significant activity. Sleep is essential for the formation of the central nervous system, brain, immune system, and muscles of a puppy. Puppies usually use a lot of energy when awake, growing physically.

#2 Adult dogs

Adult dogs sleep more because of their regular physical activity and playfulness. The general sleep schedule of an adult dog ranges from 8-13 hours a day. A midday sleep schedule is critical to them, so they usually take a nap until their next activity after a meal. It can differ from dog to dog as their timetable varies with owners.

#3 Senior dogs

Dog’s age grows much faster than a human. Therefore the process of getting old will be much faster than you. And as your dog ages, it will sleep more, just like older adults who need a lot of rest to maintain their energy and health. Senior dogs sleep for roughly 16 to 18 hours each day on average.

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#4 Based on the Breed

how much sleep do dogs need? Your dog’s sleeping pattern will also vary from breed to breed. Small breed dogs, such as a poodle, pomeranian, or beagles, require a lot of sleep, ranging from 11 – 14 hours. On the other hand, medium dogs such as husky, labradors, and whippets require a little less sleep. A medium dog’s sleeping and healthiest dog breeds sleeping schedule ranges from 10 to 11 hours a day.

But dogs with a vast and majestic appearance, such as the Bernese mountain dog, will surely need the highest amount of sleep. A large dog generally needs a sleep schedule ranging from 11-18 hours a day. Because of their physique, they consume extra energy and therefore require a lot of sleep and rest to recharge themselves.

How to Make a Dog Sleep Instantly?

Dogs are very obedient animals and can adjust to their owner very well. However, if they start demanding attention at night, it could be more pleasing for your sleep schedule. It can be very uncomfortable if your dog constantly whines and cries at night.

#1 Fixed Routine

If you are worrying about how to make a dog sleep instantly? Having a fixed routine will make an excellent habit for your dog. Doing the same activities at a fixed time creates a sense of discipline and psychologically changes your dog’s functioning. Such fixed activities include

  • If you take your dog at a fixed time daily, suppose from 5 a.m. Till 6 a.m. Then your dog will pick up the habit of waking up at five and going for a walk.
  • Providing your dog with their meal at a fixed time creates a punctual habit. If you give your dog its meal at the same time every day, he will understand that at this particular time of the day, he will receive his meal.
  • Going to bed immediately after dinner every day will condition your dog’s schedule so that they will feel sleepy immediately once you give them dinner.

#2 Regular and Plenty Exercise

Regular exercise is essential to maintain a good sleeping schedule. If your dog is not active physically, then it might lead to the emergence of other physical problems, such as obesity which can attract sleep apnea. One perfect dog training exercises activity is taking your dog walking before sleeping. This way, he will get tired and sleep better throughout the night.

#3 Not Sharing Beds

The dog needs to develop the habit of sleeping in one bed daily. Because if your dog changes puppies bed every other night, it will hamper his sleeping schedule. It might be tempting and alluring to sleep with your pet dog, but if you can resist those feelings, it will benefit your dog and its health.
Performing these activities is the best way of conditioning your dog to have a healthy and disciplined life. These activities will be practical for other aspects and for forming a disciplined sleep schedule.


Dogs are very playful pet animals and will need their fair share of sleep. To take care of your dog, you should indulge them in a lot of physical activity. Engaging in physical activity will boost their sleeping pattern. From time to time, they might oversleep, which is completely fine as they are not playful all the time. Take your dog to the vet regularly and consult a vet immediately if you feel something is wrong with your pet dog.