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How Much is a Sphynx Cat? Is it Costly?

Since we are talking about hairless cats, we cannot forget about the famous scene from the series ‘Friends’. Everyone remembers the reactions of Ross and Joey when Rachel bought a sphynx cat!

But do you remember how Rachel had seated the cat on a soft cushion that looked filthy rich? Well, you surely do remember. These egyptian hairless cat are so expensive you want to treat them like queens and kings. Now the questions arise like ‘are sphynx cats hypoallergenic and it worth price?’, ‘What makes them this exorbitant?’, ‘Why should you pet some of these cats?’. Well, let’s discuss How much are hairless cats? and all your doubts one by one.

What is a Sphynx Cat and Why it is Unique?

Cats are usually associated with being soft and fluffy pet animals. But, there’s an exception to this stereotype. Sphynx kittens are known to be hairless cats. They first reported them around the 1960s in Canada. Soon, developed many hybrid cats as they grew popular. The reason why these cats are born hairless is because of a genetic mutation in their genes. Although they are hairless, that doesn’t mean they lack hair completely.

They possess hair but with a minimal amount of keratin in them. This is why their hair is more prone to damage and breaking. Also, as genetic mutations and breeding technologies develop, these cats are more susceptible to developing illnesses. However, Sphynx cats have more advantages than disadvantages. These kitties are amiable and can quickly get along with your other pet animals, including dogs! As they have delicate skin since they are born, it becomes crucial to keep them clean.

This is why they are often given baths several times a week. Therefore, they love playing with water, unlike other cats who don’t. So, you don’t need to worry about having a hard time giving a bath to your pet. These adorable kittens are the ones who’d love to cuddle with you and show loads of affection towards you. They are faithful pets and love to be affectionate towards their owner. Sphynx cats fall in the top 10 friendly. Their loving attitude makes them desirable.

The lovable attitude and beautiful skin make Sphynx cats one of the most adored pets. Suppose you are wondering about some other breeds of cats that are hairless as well. Then keep reading to find out. But before that, let’s know more about the Sphynx breed.

Why are sphynx cats so overpriced?

Sphynx cats fall under the category of costliest cats. Some reasons why cat without hair is over the budget are listed below:

  • A genetic combination of two different breeds: Since recombinant technologies develop these kitties, they are evident to be costly.
  • Their maintenance is high: Yes, it’s disheartening but true. Sphynx cats, as mentioned earlier, are produced due to genetic mutation in their DNA sequence. This mutation gives them a classic appearance but makes them physically vulnerable to various diseases. Therefore, you need to spend extra pennies on their medical visits. Plus, the type of food they consume is different as well. These gentle babies need to be pampered a little extra than others.
  • They are rare: One of the reason why sphynx cat price is bit costly due to its high maintenance and breeding, it is evident why they are rare. They can be found in almost every nation, but their availability is difficult due to high demand.

How Much are Hairless Cats?

The Price Range for Male Sphynx Cat

You may wonder how much is a hairless cat? A male sphynx cat cost typically ranges from $1500 to $3000. The price of a sphynx cat slightly depends on the gender of the cat. Since we are talking about male cats, the price is lower.

However, if you are looking for a specific color in a male cat, the price may rise. If you look for a fertile cat instead of an infertile one, be ready to pay extra dollars!

The cost of adopting a kitten in this breed ranges from $75 to $175, and it may hike up to $3000 and more if you buy the same.

The Price Range for A Female Sphynx Cat

A female sphynx cat is unexceptionally more extravagant. Even more, if you get a fertile one! However, a sterile female sphynx ranges nearly similar to a male sphynx.

Similar to a male sphynx, this cat is filthy expensive as well. If you look for precise features, the price may rise to $10k. As these cats have extraordinary features, it is evident that they are this outrageous.

Best Breed Hairless Cat for Sale

Bald is bold and beautiful! Not everyone likes to deal with the mess created by furry pets. These Hypoallergenic cats are perfect substitutes for having pets without worrying about cleaning. If sphynx is too expensive for you, other options are worth trying.

#1 Dwelf

This cat is a breed of Munchkin and Elf cats. They’re incredibly adorable and playful. Their price ranges from $2k-$3k.
Bambino: A bambino cat is made by crossing a sphynx cat with a munchkin. These cats are highly energetic and friendly. Their cost ranges from $2250 to $3000 on average.

#2 Peterbald

A cat who is extremely loyal and has a Russian touch in its origin is a Peterbald cat. This unique cat with no fur breed made from crossing sphynx with oriental short hair costs $1700 to $3000.

#3 Donskoy

Don’t have enough time to train your pet? Get a highly intellectual Donskoy cat right away! These cats range from 100$ to around 2.5k4$.

#4 Elf

The Elf cats are pricier and need more affection as well. You may wonder how much do hairless cats cost? It price starts around 2250$ to more than 3000$. These kitties crave the attention of their owner and are attention-seekers as well.

Is it worth spending a heavy amount on sphynx cats?

Honestly, this is an individual opinion. To some, it might be feasible, but to others, it might be a nightmare to rare these costly breeds. Sphynx cats indeed come with impeccable traits that are rare to see in pets. These pale-colored felines are friendly, loving, loyal, energetic, and clean. They are far easier to be trained in comparison to other pets. However, owning a pet with unexceptionally high adoption charges and buying rates could be hefty to some.

Also, unfortunately, these naked cats need extra love and care for their survival. You can’t afford to mess with their diet or medical check-up routine. It becomes difficult to tackle the high-end medical bills that pile up once a sphynx falls sick. Therefore, you should be aware of the expenses you’ll need to do if you purchase a hairless siamese cat. Randomly purchasing a costly cat would do you no good. Thus, it is advisable to have a brief knowledge about the maintenance costs of these cats before making a purchase.

On the contrary, if you are okay with buying and looking after a cat as expensive as sphynx, then no one can stop you from doing so. Get yourself a cat from a well-trusted breeder and enjoy cuddling with your kitty.


Purchasing and rearing a pet isn’t a joke. One needs to be willing and eager to do so. Therefore, if you want to get a pet that will love you unconditionally. Be sure to check your budget and then get your hands on one.