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How Long Can Guinea Pigs Live? | Help Your Pet Have A Long Happy Life

Pets become an inevitable part of their owner’s life, and they cannot afford to lose their sweethearts. Everyone who owns a pet always learns how long their pet will live. Usually, pet parents want to give their pets a prosperous and safe life. Thus, pet parents must find out how much time they can spend with their pets on an average basis. This knowledge is vital to give them a comfortable life when it comes to uncommon pets, like guinea pigs. So let us know about how long do guinea pigs live and how to keep them happy and healthy.

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live?

Guinea pigs are cute and lonely animals to be kept as a pet. They are found to be the most amiable, cuddly, and friendly animals in the world. In contrast to other animals, except cats or dogs, hairless guinea pigs live quite a long life. But How long do guinea pigs live for? The average life span of guinea pigs is between 4-8 years. Therefore, getting a guinea pig as a pet is a long-term commitment to yourself and the pet. They are usually very tough and reluctant to diseases. 

Guinea Pigs Lifespan

How many years do guinea pigs live? Many factors add years to a guinea pig’s lifespan. These factors include; breed, diet, accommodation, social life, affection, care, genetics, and healthcare routine. In addition, it also depends on the environment in which the guinea pig is living.There are several things that you can indulge in to increase the guinea pigs lifespan of your beloved guinea pig.

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#1 Fostering

It is the most important part of ensuring your guinea pig’s longevity. Health should always be your priority when deciding to buy a guinea pig. Ideally, choose a reliable fosterer who will provide the best-nurtured pet. It may cost you a little more initially, but it will save you money in the long turn.

#2 Breed

The breed of a guinea pig plays an important role in determining its lifespan. Peruvians and Shelties are supposed to live the longest. On the other hand, the Baldwin and Skinny pigs are supposed to live for the shortest period. Therefore, choose one of the best breeds if you are willing to spend a great time with guinea pigs.

#3 Nourishment

Guinea pigs need a fresh, decent, balanced Guinea pig diet with pellets, hay, fruits, and vegetables. Vitamin C is a requirement for guinea pigs in addition to fiber. A guinea pig is a herbivore. Therefore, you ought to remove meat from meals. Provide the best fresh food for guinea pigs in slices to the pig. The fruits should be seedless and fresh.

#4 Workout

Having regular exercise sessions for the pig is a necessity. You can provide properly built guinea pig cages to run in and around. Having some playtime with your pet may increase its lifespan as it helps strengthen your pet’s physical and mental well-being. 

#5 Veterinary Attention

Consult your vet and ensure the well-being of your pet regularly. Having a routine checkup is always favorable to monitoring the health status of the pig. If you notice acute illness in guinea pigs symptoms, you must contact your vet immediately. In addition, you should keep an eye on the usual housing care of the guinea pig.

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How to Keep Your Guinea Pig Healthy?

You can improve the Guinea pigs’ health status and comfort level if you domesticate one in the following ways.

  • Always feed fresh and sufficiently best guinea pig food. Moreover, remove the uneaten food from the cage before 24 hours.
  • Buy a pleasing and spacious cage for your guinea pig. The more space your guinea pig gets, the merrier he will be. 
  • Provide a comfortable guinea pig bedding setup. You can choose from paper, fleece, and pine bedding. Also, keep changing it regularly as the old bed may start smelling due to ammonia.
  • Provide something soft to the guinea pig so it can keep chewing it. To stay healthy, they need to keep their teeth working. It is ideal for giving a soft toy or rubber band.


Can it accommodate guinea pigs in any environment?

Indeed! It is a well-known fact that guinea pigs are very sociable creatures. They like good company and with little care, affection and attention, they can be accommodated with you easily. They make good beginners pets. As they are sociable, it is easy to make them happy.

Are guinea pigs harmful?

Not! Guinea pigs are the sweetest living creature in the entire world. They do not cause you any harm, and they don’t even bite. Sometimes, they may nibble to tell you that they need to pee. You only need a little time with your pet to understand his behavior.

Can guinea pigs eat apple?

The answer is yes, and guinea pigs can eat apples, but at a limit.


Accordingly, having a guinea pig as a pet can be cute, cuddly, and long-term. If you take good care of your pet, guinea pigs can live even more than their usual time. Before getting the pet, you must ask yourself whether you are willing to devote yourself to affectionately caring about the pig. One must keep in mind all the tips to maintain their pet’s healthy and happy conduct. By referring to this guide, you can easily know all the effective ways of keeping your guinea pig active and comfortable.