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Do Cats Get Lonely | All you Need to Know about Cats

Kittens are those animals who do not need to get taken out for a walk. Unlike dogs, kittens who need to be taken out for a walk once in a while, cats can stay longer alone. But leaving your feline for a much longer time can get them bored and frustrated. Ever wondered how long can you leave a cat alone without food, let know about cat survival guide.

How Long Can You Leave a Cat Alone?

If your cat is healthy and in a safe environment, leaving a cat alone sometimes should not cause huge problems. Can leaving cat alone for a week is better idea. Definitely not according to veterinarians, it’s ok to leave your cat alone for a day. As long as they are provided with a clean litter box, available with fresh water, and a dry cat meal before you go, they should be fine for a day. Any more prolonged than that, then you are, though just expediting it. Now explore how long can cats be left alone in home here.

Cat Age Makes a Difference

Your kitten should not be left alone for more than a couple of hours. Young kittens are still frail and need to get monitored regularly. At this early age of your cat, your presence is remarkably propitious to provide lots of confident, enjoyable interactions with you. It will help you grow your bond with your feline eventually. If you have some urgency and do have to go out, make sure its environment is cat-loving and leave loads of innocuous kitten toys, puzzles for your cat when she is alone, and food dispensers to keep her busy.

Kittens at age 3-6 months usually intake three meals per day, every 4-6 hours. Kittens are at an age where they feel curious about anything, and during exploring, they might hurt or eat something they should not have while you were away.

Older cats can be susceptible due to sudden changes in routine when you are away, which make them stressed. Stress can turn into disorder in a mature kitty. Big cats may also need some extra meals or remedies during the day. Pet parents must aware that how long can cats go without food? If your kitten is a picky eater or your supposed to plan for a sudden trip, it can survive for a 2 weeks not more than that.

Things to Consider When You Leave Your Cat Alone

#1 Never Neglect Them

Do not neglect your lovely kitty while going out. Hire a professional cat sitter who seems trustworthy and can provide testimonials if you might take longer than you should in returning. You can also take help from your neighborhood family to care for your feline when you are away. Just make sure they are trustworthy and know how to handle a pet.

#2 Maintain a Clean Cat Litter Box

Ensure that your kitty’s litter box is clean and hygienic before you leave, and also instruct your cat sitter to scoop the waste out of the box daily. If it is not feasible, or you are often gone for some elongated period, you can set up an extra litter box or two around the house for your kitten’s comfort.

#3 Maintain Ideal Temperature

Do not turn your AC or heat down while going out without your cat, as they may be sensitive to heat stroke or other dilemmas if they have pre-existing health situations. It is better to leave the house a few degrees warmer (in winter) or cooler (in summers) so that the temperature of your residence is in a comfortable range for your cat.

#4 Healthy Diet

Make sure to keep a sufficient amount of food in your kitten’s food bowl before leaving. But if you pile a large amount of food into your cat’s bowl, it may overheat and become unhealthy for your liking.

Note: Make sure that there is enough natural light in her living areas.

Best Cat Breeds Suited to be Left Alone

#1 Ocicat

This particular breed of cat does not need plenty of attention and can keep itself occupied for hours.

#2 Persian

Persians who are somewhat like Ocicats are very good at keeping themselves entertained. And when they are not feeling energetic, they are napping or just lazing around. Being one of the independent breeds known, a Persian would not know more likely do not care if you were home or not for some hours.

#3 Maine Coon

It is also known as the gentle giant of the cat world. The Maine Coon is best to be left alone on its own without causing a take around your house. This breed is well-behaved, sovereign, and blissful to have as a pet.

#4 Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest cat is independent and satisfies itself on its own. Just provide it with some food, drinkable water, and a clean litter tray, which will be enough for your cat to be alone.

#5 American Wirehair

The American Wirehair does very well on its own. They do not need assistance 24/7 and can live happily alone for some time.

#6 Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold is a very energetic breed that likes playing, and it can keep itself occupied without demanding much attention from its owners.

#7 Russian Blue

Russian Blue is not only one of the most beautiful but also the most excellent and relaxed cat breed around. It requires very scarce care or surveillance and is happy in its own company.


Can I Leave My Cat Alone While At Work?

If you are going to work early and generally late to arrive back home, then, in this case, it is better to appoint a cat sitter, or you can also leave your cat to your neighbors if your cat sitter is not available. Make sure your cat has enough food, freshwater, and a clean litter tray for the day.

Should I Leave My Cat Alone Overnight?

Leaving your cat overnight is not a big problem if you ensure their safety and well-being before leaving. Your cat should be fit and healthy and should be well fed before. If your cat has some medical concerns, it is better to leave it under the supervision of someone, or you can hire a pet sitter to ensure your pet is safe and cared for, as well as your house remains clean and tidy while you are away.


How your cat will do once you leave them alone depends on its nature, health, and atmosphere. Kittens, older cats, and feeble cats are generally fragile and should not be left alone on their own for elongated periods. Hiring some pet sitters or leaving your kitty to some known people is a better and more reliable thing to do.