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Find Out Why Your Cat Stopped Eating and How to Get Them to Eat Again?

A very intriguing fact about cats is that they are the most flexible and supple of all animals. Cats can survive approximately two weeks without intaking a single piece of food. This makes them cheaper than other pets, but at the same time, it can be stressful for their parents. But we need to find out that this habit can be due to some serious reasons. Ignoring these reasons can sometimes lead to dire consequences. This article will teach how long can cats go without food and how to make your cat eat.

How Long Can Cats Go Without Food?

When your cat wont eat, you may worry about how long can a cat go without eating. Any person who has not eaten food for three days can seem lean on the fourth. This is the same case with a cat. Although a cat can pass a maximum of two weeks without food, your feline may seem malnourished on the third day. On the other hand, a cat who hasn’t been eating food for quite a long time should have the availability of clean water because a cat cannot survive without water for more than two days. Therefore, pet owners should ensure that their cat drinks water regularly even if it is not following her proper diet.

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Although your cat can survive a great deal of time without food, that does not mean that turning her nose to food habits is a good one. As a pet parent, it becomes your priority not to leave her without food. Even if your cat stopped eating, you should always keep something for her to eat. Like humans, food is the source of a cat’s proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Usually, your cat utilizes the protein stored in her body, but when she hasn’t eaten for a certain period, she starts utilizing the fat in her body. The fat your cat secrets from daily activities can be dangerous for her liver.

We should remember that this is only the case with some cats. Cats also have some traits which differ from one cat to another. So, if your cat eating less or has eating problems, this may be due to various reasons, which you need to find and ensure they are treated well.

Why is My Cat Not Eating?

Different pet parents have various problems concerning their pet’s eating habits, especially when it comes to cats. Some cats eat very fast, and others don’t eat at all. This varies from cat to cat and pet to pet. If you want to know the reason behind your feline’s unexpected fasting, or decreased appetitie you’ve landed at the right place. The following are the reasons why cat stopped eating.

  • Stomach illnesses such as bad digestion, upset stomach, etc.
  • Liver diseases are due to high fat in the body or the secretion of a particular hormone.
  • Tooth-related problems.
  • Kidney issues.
  • High metabolism due to aging.
  • Anxiety or stress.
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  • Weariness or apathy.
  • Lack of physical exercise.
  • New medications or vaccination.
  • They might find something tasty outside and are complete.
  • The food you provide needs to be tastier for her to eat.
  • The box in which the cat eats needs to be more attractive.

How to Make your Cat Eat?

How can I get my cat to eat? Well, here are a few things you can do to get your cat back into her eating routine. Some of them are as follows:

1. Offer Best Cat Food Brands

Maybe your cat isn’t happy with the brand of the food you are using. Maybe your feline friend is fed up with the same kind of food. So you need to try another type from a different brand that your cat will like. You could also change the box in which you serve her food. Make the package more attractive for her.

2. Arrange Warm and Fresh Food

Cats do not like stale and cold food. It makes them feel that you don’t care enough for them and you can’t make food for them. Also, they prefer to eat something other than similar food multiple times. You should always serve them fresh and warm food. They will always eat fresh food with excitement.

3. Feed Cat Treats

Just as humans, cats also like parties and treats. As a responsible pet parent, you should give them a healthy treat every once in a while. They merely eat their favorite meal, such as meat. Occasionally provide healthy, fresh, and tasty meals to them.

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4. Leave the Cat Alone While Eating

Cats do not like noise and traffic. Also, cats don’t like to be disturbed when they are eating. She should be alone and in a peaceful place when it is eating. So you should ensure that when your cat is eating, no one is teasing or playing with her. Give her some me-time while eating.

5. Reward Your Cat

Cats also crave praise and rewards. She likes when you pat her on her back for doing something good. You fur pal also likes when you give a candy for eating well. So when she eats according to your instructions, you should always gift her some cat rewards. Try to provide her with her favorite soft toy or thing your cat likes to play with.

6. Introduce New Cat Dishes

The same old dish can be boring to your feline and thus, can be one of the reasons for why is my cat not eating or drinking. Giving the same food all the time can no more interest your cat. She needs some variety in her food items. So you should serve new cat dishes regularly so your pet will be excited about her meals. She usually likes this or a new dish she may like.

7. Cater Meat for Cats

As you already know, meat is the favorite dish of a cat or any other pet. Outdoor cats can get their meat by hunting, whereas indoor cats cannot. Indoor cats don’t know how to hunt and depend on their owner to serve some tasty meat. So, it is time for you to go shopping for the best raw meat cat food.

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8. Give your Cat Liquid Food

Cats may get bored eating solid food only. Maybe it has a dental problem and cannot chew the food you serve. So giving some cat liquid food will be beneficial for your pet. Therefore, giving juices and milk for cats makes your pet strong and healthy.

9. Changing Cat Food

Sometimes, a cat may not like the shape and size of the cat food you are bringing in for her. Maybe the form of the food is of a cat, which may be disapproving of her. Giving her food with the right shape and size, especially when it comes to meat for cats, which she enjoys, will always help to inculcate the habit of regular and sound eating.

When to Seek Veterinarian Care for Cats that Aren’t Eating?

This question is always tough to answer. Many pet parents get tensed and stressed about when to see vet if cat stops eating. Sometimes the problem is due to a very lame reason that can only be corrected at home. On the other hand, the problem can be as big as cancer. Pet owners may be ignored about big problems and sometimes make a fuss about a tiny problem. At this point, things can become tricky.

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But it is not as tough as it seems. You need to be vigilant about your cat’s regular eating habits and changes in those habits. For example, something is wrong if your cat used to be a foodie and isn’t even eating her favorite meal. At times, this habit comes with two or more related symptoms. When your cat normally skips two or three meals, this could be for some usual reason, such as being complete, bored, or lazy. But when this not eating habit comes with mild fever, respiratory or digestion problems, this could be a severe issue.

In addition to moving, adding a new pet, or having guests, loss of appetite can also result from these factors. Therefore, you should notice and consider the changes in her environment and atmosphere. It is also advisable that you keep an eye on her for the first 24-48 hours, and if she is showing signs of some severe illness, immediately consult for a veterinarian care. If your fur buddy is not eating after two days, you can visit a veterinarian for cats. But if she does every other activity usually, you don’t need to worry about her. She will continue eating after two to three days.


Your cat’s eating habits will always define her emotional happiness and well-being. Therefore, it is necessary to feed cat with a nutritional diet that proves to be the best cat food. Also, stick to a particular cat food brand if you own a picky feline. When she refuses to eat even her favorite cat treats, you should try to find and solve the issue at home. If eating is causing her some problems or having specific other symptoms, you should visit your vet and ensure she is doing okay. Try the above-mentioned tips and tricks first to take extra care for cats to resolve the fasting issue in them. If none of these work, this is a case that only vets can cure.