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How Hot do Heat Guns Get? – Temperature Range for DIY Jobs

Needed by almost all mechanics and electricians, a heat gun is a must when bending plastics, drying damp wood, or shrinking and welding tubes. During personal tasks or projects, you will come in contact with a heat gun once in your life. For a heat gun to function accurately, its temperature needs to be managed and well checked before use. You may be curious, how hot does a heat gun get? and what will happen if it isn’t properly heated? Well, if the temperature isn’t set high enough, then your heat gun might not respond well, and eventually, it won’t work.

Factors Regulating the Temperature of Heat

Before coming to, how hot is a heat gun, you need to come across the most important factors that regulate the temperature inside a heat gun and decide the right amount of heat a heat gun must possess. Though there are a lot of factors, the most dominant ones are:

Quality: The quality of a heat gun is a deciding factor. If you want a heat gun with a higher temperature, then go for a quality check first. As they generally differ quality-wise, normally with superior quality comes a fitter and stronger product. This means good news for the customers!! Now purchase a better quality product to get higher quality results. This happens because the professionalism of a heat gun depends on its quality.

Wattage: The degree of heat in a heat gun is greatly affected by its wattage. Professional grade heat guns generally derive and find optimal heat through the wattage. Usually, the temperature and heat can vary between 100° to 1000° Fahrenheit depending on its wattage.

How Hot Does a Heat Gun Get?

A heat gun has different temperatures depending on various factors such as product quality, durability and wattage. These factors undoubtedly do regulate the heat, but the basic temperature range is quite the same for each heat gun. If you are curious about the lowest temperature range, then my friend, every heat gun follows the same temperature guidelines and maintains the same level of a certain temperature. 

The lower temperature range of any heat gun can range between 32°celsius to 50°celsius, but this might vary for the quality assured ones. Here the temperature differs again. Usually, hotter heat guns come with a temperature of 400°celsius. But are you wondering, ‘what is the highest possible temperature a heat gun can achieve? Then your wait is over, as coming on to the hottest ones (with best possible quality), the temperature range rises and remains between 590°celsius to 600°celsius. But the perfect temperature adjustment depends on you and your current work. 

Heat Gun Temperature Chart

ApplicationHeat Gun Temp Setting
Activating Adhesives250-325°F
Paint Stripping400-600° F
Plastic Welding450-725° F
Shaping Plastics325-425° F
Shrink Wrapping825-925° F
Solder Sleeves350-500° F
Soldering & Desoldering750-850° F
Thaw Frozen Pipes750-1000°F
Vinyl/Leather Repair450-750° F
Warm Vinyl Siding325-425° F


Can you leave a heat gun unsupervised?

You cannot! A heat gun is delicate and should only be used under professional care. You need to work with extra care as it can quickly start a fire if left unattended. So when the heat gun is warm enough, you better not leave it on its own.

How many watts does a heat gun use?

The wattage of heat gun for DIY works varies from 400 watts to 1800 watts. Some models goes up to 3000 watts as well.

What are the limitations of purchasing a low on quality heat gun?

One might go for a cheaper heat gun as it is cost-friendly. But with the cheaper ones, you can expect a low-quality product. With a lower quality heat gun comes big problems such as overheating and an increased chance of burning objects near you. Research has proved that low quality (cheaper heat guns) are at a higher risk of catching fire.

How to know what temperature is Suitable For Your Project?

For every different project, one would need different temperatures and heat settings. But knowing which is the suitable temperature for your project is not as tricky as you think, but it would surely require some experience. Above, we mentioned the temperature chart for your ease. However, to find out the ideal temperature, one needs to work with the heat gun for quite some time. Usually, people working with heat guns for long hours find it easier to operate and work with.

Can a hair dryer be used as a heat gun?

A heat gun is in no way similar to that of a hairdryer. They work differently. Whereas a hairdryer is used to dry out damp hair, a heat gun is not at all prescribed or advised to use on the scalp. A hairdryer comes with even heat distribution. It simply emits the required amount of heat. But it is highly unlikely in the case of a heat gun. It can destroy your hair and can only be used where a high temperature is needed.


So now that you know everything about a heat gun, you have learned the trick to using it like a pro. Though they comes with many challenges and potential safety hazards, one can get used to it after regular use. So take the help of this guide for temperature settings if your daily work involves using a heat gun.