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Easy Way for Hanging a Wheelbarrow on Garage Wall – 5 DIY Storage Ideas

A wheelbarrow is great at helping with field and garden work. The chances are that you might own one too if you are a gardening lover. However, the more of a handy tool a wheelbarrow is, the more perplexing it is storing it. It has a different shape and is quite large to fit in any space easily. Though it is of great use and can be handled easily, locating a spot to place it safely in your house or outdoor can prove to be a hefty task. However, a smart way of organizing it can be hanging the wheelbarrow on the wall of your garage or backyard to keep it from coming in your way and consuming too much space. Now the question is how to hang a wheelbarrow in a garage? Let’s see the step-by-step procedure to hang it on wall along with some storage ideas.

How to Hang Wheelbarrow on Wall?

To stay away from the struggle of getting an ideal place for the storage of your wheelbarrow, choose a place that is easily accessible to avoid any inconvenience. A dry and clean place will be good to hang the wheelbarrow against the wall. Consider following these steps:

Step 1: Get Wall Storage Brackets

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Wall storage brackets or simply brackets are used to provide architectural support. These brackets can be used as a support against walls, beams, roofs or ceilings, etc. As these brackets can be easily found in any hardware store, you can look for a spring loaded variety of multi-purpose wall brackets. You can also opt for plumbing hooks as an alternative for upper brackets and screw hooks for lower brackets.

While choosing brackets and hooks, make sure that they can support the net weight of the wheelbarrow. As they are made of different materials, the ones made out of metal will be comparatively heavier and can also bend and even break the fixtures attached to the wall. Therefore, look for the manufacturing details on the packaging since the weight limits of brackets are usually mentioned there.

Step 2: Locate a Stud in the Wall

You can take the help of an electric stud finder to locate a stud on the wall. You can also knock on or tap the wall to check for the perfect spot. As soon as you find one, mark the point and start drilling in a hole. Without a stud to anchor, the fixtures might not hold on to the wall, and the wheelbarrow can fall off. Make sure to confirm your findings before proceeding to drill.

Step 3: Make Markings on the Wall

Draw your wheelbarrow against the wall to align along the stud and make the necessary marking on the wall. Then, with the help of a marker, mark the outline of the lower and upper portions of the wheelbarrow tub.

Step 4: Install the Upper and Lower Brackets

Wheelbarrow Storage Brackets Image

To install the lower brackets, measure 1 inch below the marked point. Now drill the screws to secure the lower brackets on the wall. Once the lower brackets are installed, let the wheelbarrow rest on the lower bracket against the wall. This allows you to install the upper brackets on the wall at a perfect spot according to the tub of the wheelbarrow. When you locate a point for the upper bracket, mark the point with a marker or a pencil and install a bracket facing toward the lower bracket.

Step 5: Position the Wheelbarrow

As for hanging the wheelbarrow, place it against the wall so that the bottom of its front lip rests on the lower bracket. Now lift the wheelbarrow from its arms to touch the wall.

Step 6: Secure the Top of the Wheelbarrow

Now secure the wheelbarrow with the upper bracket. If you are using a spring-loaded bracket, you will have to press the clip open, place the upper lip of the wheelbarrow tub, and release the bracket clip to secure the wheelbarrow’s position.

If you wish to use the wheelbarrow anytime, you must release it from the brackets. First, press the upper bracket’s clip to open the clip and release the upper portion of the wheelbarrow tub. Then, while handling it with the arms, lift the wheelbarrow from the lower bracket to completely remove it from the wall.

Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas

If you are wondering how to store a wheelbarrow, here are 5 different ideas to choose from.

1. Wall Hanger

Wheelbarrow Wall Hanger image

Similar to wall brackets, wall hangers have a resemblance in the design. Therefore, they are an ideal type of tool for placing your wheelbarrow at a certain height. In addition, these hangers are comparatively larger and can easily hold up to almost all kinds of wheelbarrows. Typically, wall hangers are made of wood and allow you to store wheelbarrows against the wall. However, these hangers might not be efficient enough to hold heavy wheel barrows, so it is suggested to consider the weight of your wheelbarrow before installing wall hangers.

2. Ceiling Storage

Wheelbarrow Ceiling Storage image

Another best way to store a wheelbarrow is Ceiling storage. This is a common method of storing used in backyard shed or garage. Ceiling mounted pulley system is used to place the wheelbarrow on the ceiling. You can install a pre-made pulley system or DIY it by yourself with the help of a good quality rope and a pulley system.

3. Fenceline Storage

Wheelbarrow Fence line Storage image

Just in case you are left with no space in your garage or shed, fence lining can be used. You can simply lay your wheelbarrow against the fence lining of your backyard or garden. Then, even while working outdoors, you can simply hang in the wheel barrow on the fence and leave it overnight. It is a very effortless and convenient method of storing the wheelbarrow without adequate storage space.

4. Hook and Rail Design for Storage

Hook and Rail Design for Wheelbarrow Storage Image

Hook and rail design for wheelbarrow storage can be easily installed at your place or garage. First, you will need a railing system and hooks or a carabiner attached to it. Please pick up a railing of the size of your choice and, with the help of nails, fix it to stay on the wall. Now, place hooks on it to hold the wheelbarrow. This setup is good to go to hold up to 20 kg of weight.

5. Wooden Wheelbarrow Hanger

Wooden Wheelbarrow Hanger Image

A wooden wheelbarrow holder is a conventional style of storage. First, get hold of a thick wooden plank of the desired length. Using screws, fix this plank on the wall. This would be the base of the holder. Now install hooks at the height measured from the wheelbarrow. The hooks will hold the wheelbarrow while it rests on the wooden plank.


There are numerous options available to store a wheelbarrow while taking up very little space. One can consider the methods mentioned above to store their tool without damaging it. This would not only consume less of the space but will also make room for extra storage. These methods mentioned above are reliable and easy to carry out even single-handedly, making them extremely suitable for all.