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Dog Drinking Excessive Water | All About Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Dogs require a lot of water to stay healthy and hydrated. If your dog drinking a lot of water, it could be due to several factors. For example, if your dog is panting heavily, it may be trying to cool down and is losing water through evaporation. If it’s hot outside, ensure your dog has access to shade and fresh water. Other possible causes of excessive thirst include exercise, illness, or medications. Talk to your veterinarian if you’re concerned about your dog’s high water consumption.

Why is your Dog Thirsty?

Water is essential to life, even for your dog, but it wouldn’t be harmful. So, is your dog feeling too thirsty these days? There could be innumerable reasons for why is my dog so thirsty suddenly. Dogs are anyways the active kind and indulge in physical endeavors, which make them more dehydrated in comparison to other animals.

Every living being requires a particular amount of water in their body as per their body weight. Similarly, to understand if your dog drinks too much, you must be aware of its body weight. And, if you find out that dog drinking more water, why not understand its causes?

Causes of Dog Drinking a Lot of Water

There can be numerous reasons if you see your dog drinks a lot of water, and the issue could be harmful as it might result in severe health issues of your little puppy. Find out the common reasons behind puppy drinking a lot of water.

#1 Dry Diet

If you have given your dog a diet with less water than the requirement, they might experience extreme thirst right after taking the salt. Also, a high amount of salt in the food might cause hunger as it contains a high amount of sodium which is harmful to dogs. Moreover, use dog fresh food for the better health condition.

#2 Illness

Illness is yet another cause that might increase the water requirement in your dog’s body. Though the illness is not directly associated with thirst, it might come as a side effect of the medication given to the little mongrel.

#3 The Side Effect of any Medication

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As mentioned above, certain medications and tablets can reduce saliva formation, causing extreme thirst in the pet. Several anti-inflammatory drugs or seizure medications could do them harm resulting in why is my dog drinking so much water issue.

#4 Dehydration

Dehydration is the most common reason why your dog is highly thirsty all of a sudden. The issue can be life-threatening for the dog if it slips out of your hand, so you must seek a veteran immediately. The most common signs of dehydration in dogs can be illness or excessive physical activity.

Symptoms of Cushing’s Syndrome

Also known as hyperadrenocorticism, Cushing’s disease is a severe condition in the dog where excessive cortisone is produced in the animal’s body. Have you ever heard someone mention adrenaline rush? The adrenaline in humans is released by the adrenal gland, an animal’s or your dog’s body that produces cortisone. When the gland overproduces cortisone, it becomes harmful to your mongrel.

Since the hormone is located near your kidneys, the organs are more prone to infection. The condition, therefore, can result in kidney disease or disorders. The situation would require instant attention, and you would know better if you were aware of the symptoms of this severe syndrome.

#1 Hair Loss

If your dog has been losing too much hair recently, you can see its inner skin. In addition, you also notice thinner skin which notifies you of the disease.

#2 Increased Appetite

The dog might feel a random urge to feed again and again. They can add it compared to a dog diet, which is unhealthy. An increase in appetite will also result in the excessive thirst in dogs.

#3 Lethargy Or Panting

Dogs are enthusiastic beings, and being lethargic would not be very natural. Your dog might turn lazy or pant after running a few miles, explaining less stamina which might be a reason to worry.

#4 Increased Urination

It is the easiest symptom to notice if you take your dog for a walk and do not leave them be. Too much urination indicates an effect on the kidney, which should not be ignored.

#5 Sudden Increase in Belly Size

If your dog is suddenly growing in size but only from the belly, you might need to worry about the cause.

In case you notice any one or more symptoms in your dog, rush it to the vet to find out if your dog is suffering from some serious health condition. The vet will conduct several tests, allowing you to know if it is the same condition or some other issues. Since the state is related to the adrenal gland, internal tests will also be conducted to ensure the exact situation. Nevertheless, regular checks are not harmful to your dog. It will also help diagnose other issues in the internal body. Do not avoid the problem, as it may worsen with time.

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Maintaining Healthy Water Consumption

Healthy water consumption is the way to a healthy body and is essential to avoid illness in a living body. A residing body requires sufficient water to fight off infection and stay fit. Since dogs interact with their environment quite a lot, they need a tremendous immune system making it necessary for you to consume healthy and hygienic water.

  • Change their water every while. Don’t keep dog water bowls filled with the same water for a long time. The water might not be as hygienic after some time. Also, for this purpose one can use the dog water fountain.
  • Encourage your dog to drink water at regular hours. Encouraging your pet to drink more water throughout the day will be great if you can make it a better habit. You might treat them every time they take a sip to do the trick.
  • Keep them away from unclean sources of water. To ensure healthy consumption, you must keep them away from toilets and kitchen basins as they might take a very unhygienic sip and can leave them infected.
  • Bring the water to their notice. Your pet may be rolling around the house all day and forget to drink if it is not easily accessible to them. Additionally, you can also use portable dog water bottle when you are travelling with your dog.
  • Ensure their consumption is adequate according to their weight, not less or more. Less or excessive water can harm your pet, so you must keep an eye.

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink! Well, supposedly, there is nothing to drink because your dog drank too much, and as much dehydration would be an issue, excessive thirst is nothing less than that. It is good to regularly check your dog about their water consumption to ensure it is at least required.

What Should I Do If my Dog is Drinking Too Much?

Are you wondering how to stop dog from drinking too much water? Then, It is not often that your dog drinks water excessively, but if you notice such a thing happening, it may be the time to visit your vet. Your vet will help you get an idea as to why your dog must be drinking too much. Usually, the reasons are related to the dog’s illness or diet issues which result in excessive drinking. Typical diseases related to your dog drinking too much water include Cushing’s disease, diabetes, kidney diseases, infection, or cancer at worst.

If you cannot figure out the issue at home, it is a bet to consult a vet and get expert advice. You could also wait a while and see if the effect of the medicine wears out.


Excessive thirst could result in many problems and painful experiences for your mongrel, which is why you must know the causes of excessive thirst and how to deal with it. The best way to reduce the chances of severe diseases and infections is to get a regular check-up for your pet and discuss every minor issue with the veteran so you can solve them early. After all, they deserve care.