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Find the Right Crate for Your Dog – Measurement, Sizes & Types

Different dog crate sizes are available, making your domestic dog feel safe at home. It is a natural place where no one can disturb them. Dogs love to live in their own space, so crates can facilitate their demand by giving them some privacy. Crates make the training of the dogs easier and give less trouble to the owners. They need to avoid running after their dogs to provide them with training.

Numerous sizes of crates are available for different sizes of dogs. Make sure to pick up the right crate to impart a positive experience. If your dog stays inside the crate for too long, it will make them feel uncomfortable and lonely. Accurate crate size for dog helps them to lie down and enjoy private time fruitfully. Read more to know about the different crate sizes available. How can you measure your dog?

How to Measure Dog for Crate?

Note Down the Measurements

As a pet owner, you should know about the measurement aspect for the sake of crate. The best way to write down the measurement is to make them stand against a wall. After standing, mark that part of the wall using a pencil or marker. The measurement needs to be more accurate because it is taken in approximately. You can use a measuring tape for the computation. Sometimes your dog does not listen to you and roams around the house. Bribe them using a treat, food or their favorite rubber dog toys. This works well in most cases. 

Estimate the Measurements

You can estimate their length in a normal position to get accurate measurements. When your dog stands on 4 paws, use tape to measure from the tip of its nose to the end of the tail. Make sure to include the starting point of the tail; otherwise, the crate will become too big. Dogs usually wag their tails or keep them folded most of the time. If your dog has a wide and thick tail, then go for a size big crate. Make sure to purchase a crate that is compatible with your dog. 

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Take Measurements of the Sitting Position

Measure starting from the head to the paws when your dog sits down. If your dog has thick ears, then estimate that also. Measuring tapes are available that will help in measuring the height. 

Measure the Dog’s Weight

The last step of measuring for dog crate sizes is to check its weight. The crates are useful in carrying your dog, so they must be strong and durable. There are labels of the maximum weight for every crate. Always purchase a crate where your dog’s weight is below the maximum range. Separate crates are available for home and travelling purposes. A wrong size crate can damage your dog’s body, or the crate can break down from the middle.

What Size Crate For My Dog? | Dog Crate Sizes

Buy Crates One Size Bigger

  • Add an extra 2 to 4 inches to your dog’s measurement and height. This will enable you to purchase the perfect size crate where your dog can easily sit, lie, or play. Make sure to buy one size big and a little. Too many spacious crates will make the uncomfortable dog sitting alone. 
  • After knowing how to measure dog for crate it is time to choose the type of crate for your pet. If your dog is small in size, then add extra 2 inches and buy a medium size dog crate.
  • If your dog is large, then add extra 4 inches.
  • Make sure to remove your dog’s collar before putting them inside crates.
  • Breakaway-style collars are suitable for crates.

Determine Dog’s Behavior with Plastic Crates

  • Purchase a plastic crate at first to notice your dog’s behavior. The visibility rate of these crates is poor as wires surround them. However, your dog will feel secure when taken outside. Plastic crates are corrosion-free and easier to clean. It is suitable for any climate or weather. Due to their high durability and compatibility, plastic crates are becoming popular every day. 
  • Dogs who love to experience nature will feel lonely and anxious inside plastic crates.
  • If you are looking for small dog crates this particular time is perfect for small canines.
  • Big dog crates are often provided with blankets on all sides.

Metal Crates for Larger Dogs

  • Metal crates are suitable for larger dogs who love to enjoy natural surroundings. There is an extra panel, which helps in adjusting the dog crate sizes. Waterproof liners protect the crate and dog from heavy rain or water splashes. Small puppies are also excited in these crates. 
  • Provide your dog with a blanket for comfort.
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Crates Depending Upon Dog’s Chewing Habit

  • There are crates available with the soft side and ideal for travelling.  
  • These crates are easily foldable and suitable for small-sized dogs. 
  • They are not durable due to the usage of cheap materials, but it helps in keeping the environment clean. 
  • Some of the dogs chew on the material of the crate, manufacturing soft-sided crates.

Adjustable Crates

  • Purchase crates that are resizable to fit the dog after growing up. 
  • These adjustable dog crate types are available in the market with the divider panel to keep the main areas smaller
  • Resizable crates are suitable for large breeds of dogs who grow up very quickly every month.

Crates Suitable for Dog’s Height

  • Make sure to purchase dog crate sizes one inch bigger to prevent your dog face problem while lowering their head.
  •  It gives them the freedom to stretch and lie down without any irritation.
  •  Adjustable crates are simple to use by measuring the dog’s length and height.

Types of Dog Crates

#1 Metal Wire Crate

These crates are one of the best options for keeping your dog because of their durability, visibility, and airflow. However, as they are heavy, it isn’t easy to carry them. Metal wire dog crates are the perfect large dog crates for big canines. Crates available in the market are designed from numerous metal wires for dogs. It can be easily folded for transportation. The tray installed in the bottom can be taken out for cleaning purposes. These crates remain free of smell, perfect for the dogs to travel to different places. 

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#2 Plastic Crate

These plastic crates for dogs are more durable than any other, allowing the dogs to retain privacy. Sometimes owners need help cleaning them properly, depending on the material. The thick plastic of the crates cannot be broken easily. You can stack them in one place when not used. Plastic crates are not suitable for large dogs because it is enclosed and covered up. However, if your dog is reactive, it helps them gain training. Aviation companies approve these crates for travelling purposes. 

#3 Metal Heavy Duty Crate

These crates are suitable for larger dogs that need space to spend time. Dogs that suffer from anxiety and stay reactive can stay inside these crates. These metal cage for dogs cannot be broken from repeated chewing, so it serves as additional security for your dog. Negative behaviors subsided with time. It is large enough and offers 360-degree visibility.

#4 Stylish Crate (Wooden, Rattan)

These crates are highly fashionable and made of wood. However, you cannot clean them when required easily. It looks lovely inside your house, but it is not portable. This crate only serves the purpose of effective training if your dog is adaptive. They function as a table and offer a cozy place for your dog. 

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#5 Collapsible Crate

Collapsible dog crates are made with a sleek folding design without occupying a large space. The crate is lightweight, providing the best comfort in a cozy space making them the best dog crates for large dogs. It has enough ventilation for airflow along with durable aluminium structures. The crate is perfect for families who have a large number of dogs and little space.

#6 High Anxiety Crate

This crate is manufactured with laser-cut blended with plastic and wire. The crate is lightweight for daily travelling with a strong structure. It has great mobility for taking your dog anywhere. It is budget-friendly and provides a comfortable home for your little animal.

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#7 Stationary Crate

Stationery crates Are available with precise materials blended to provide additional features to your dog. It keeps them safe and secure at home or outside. It is constructed with aluminium, which is lightweight and durable for a longer period. 

#8 Side-Door Crate

Side door crates are designed with customized aluminium cases to provide your dog with a safe and secure home. Each is made with perfect materials suitable for multiple dogs and small spaces. The quality of artisanship is blended to keep your dog quiet.


Different types of dog crates are available to keep your dog safe and secure. These structures are widely available in the market for their budget-friendly materials and variety of sizes. Each of the crates is designed for different sizes of dogs meeting the requirement separately. Dog crates make a great accessory for any home, but they can also be a great way to ensure your furry friend is safe when you are away.