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Wanna Know Your Dog’s Love On You? | Discover your Pet’s Fondnesss Over You

Love is perhaps the strongest emotion that every living being craves. It comes in a variety of forms and from numerous sources. It can be experienced through a partner, family member, friend, and, often, even your dog. Yes, you read it right. Dogs love humans with equal intensity as a fellow human would do. Many dog owners even tend to wonder does my dog love me and gauge through signs if their furry partner loves them or not. The language barrier makes it a little complicated to understand their emotions. But it’s not impossible to comprehend subtle and sometimes even obvious signs of affection. Dogs are considered to be the most understanding, faithful and affectionate pet animals. A correct representation of loving, faithful dogs can be found in movies like Hachi, 101 Dalmatians, etc.

Does My Dog Love Me?

All the signs that show your dog loves you have a scientific basis behind them. For a long time, a few scientists tried to test the hypothesis that dog loves their food rather than their owners, and it’s because of the treats that they tend to display pleasing behavior. But soon it was proved that dogs love their owners more than food thus making them the best companions who are selfless in their pursuit of love.

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Signs My Dog Loves Me

We saw several reasons about dogs behavior and how they display their love, But a question arises about how do I know my dog loves me? To understand the answer how to tell if your dog loves you, you must look out for signs your dog loves you:

Wagging Tails

Ever wondered why your furry friend wags its tail when you speak to them, give them signs for taking on a walk, or offer treats? Sometimes wagging dog tail meaning that they are happy on seeing you. This behavior is out of their excitement and enthusiasm about just being around their loved being. Also, the similar behavior is observed when you take your dog for a walk or groom it with their favorite dog hair brush.

Licking You

Dogs tend to lick their pups and mothers as a sign of grooming and caring. But wonder why does my dog loves to lick me. This is because, when a dog gets excited to lick you, it shows that they care for you. So when the next time you see your dog running towards you with the intention of licking, hug them back and show that you care for them too.

Snuggling in Bed Together

Ever wondered why my dog loves to sleep with me or adamantly tries to sit on the sofa? Animals also huddle up together to keep each other warm and secure. Similar behavior is thus expected from dogs who would like to be with their pack partner, which in this case is a human being.

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Physical Contact

Physical contact is perhaps the clearest sign of affection. Humans tend to hold hands, sit together, and hug each other to show intimacy. Pets also try to come in proximity to show their love. When a dog tends to sit next to you, lean on your feet or come close to get a pat, it’s one of the best signs my dog loves me.

Waiting For You

The biggest imagery of a dog close to its owner is that of a dog waiting for its owner to return home. Most pet owners have experienced this. Your dog is waiting for you at the doorstep, jumping upon you, licking you, and making noises signals that it missed you and loved you.

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Eye Contact

Holding eye contact is a psychological proof of belongingness and a sense of association. Dogs also tend to hold eye contact with their owners, which is a reflex action to show understanding.

Overexcited Behavior

Dogs are known to be adventurous and active pets. But dogs that love to cuddle is a sign of their love. They also show enthusiasm exclusively in front of the owners they love. One can differentiate between a playtime excitement and the one they show randomly, only to show they are happy being around their owner.

Checking Up on You

Dogs can sense ailments and discomfort. In many cases, dog cuddles you, seem to sniff you, sit next to you, lay down near you, or observe you when you are sick, gloomy, or lonely. Affectionate dogs always ensure that you are ok.

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Well, these are some of the signs your dog loves you. All these signs are ways to understand your dog’s behavior when they try to express their feelings towards their owners. Dogs are one of the most sensible, intelligent, and caring pets. The owners must be kind and equally affectionate when dogs show these signs. All they want is attention, care, and maybe a few cuddles. Make sure that you take upon these cues and understand their behavior. A loving understanding of the relationship between the pet and the owner can make the journey easier and more comfortable.