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Is It Normal for Cats to Snore? | All About Kitten Snoring

What’s cuter than a cat sleeping in weird positions or on your lap? A cat’s snoring! Or maybe a cat is acting crazy on catnip, but that is a topic for another time. So is your cat snoring through its sleep hours a perfectly normal situation, or do you have to be concerned? We will answer all your questions regarding why does my cat snore, possible treatments, and prevention.

Why Do Cats Snore?

Yes, cats do snore; your ears are not fooling you. Our feline buddies normally sleep between 12 to 16 hours a day and are usually in uncomfortable positions. Snoring occurs during sleep when loose tissue present in the upper airways and the back of the mouth vibrates. This vibration again results; due to various reasons, which we will further explore. Some veterinary experts suggest that snoring is a normal occurrence in some cat breeds and not always a symptom of concern. Here are some of possible reasons for cat snoring and coughing.

#1 Cat’s Breed

Is it normal for my cat to snore? Your cat’s breed not only affects its behavior, as we know, but the varying physical features may also enforce certain changes in its sleeping pattern. Brachycephalic breeds tend to snore in sleep, also known as cats with short heads. These are breeds like the Persian, Burmese, and Himalayan cats. Their short nasal cavity leads their soft tissue to vibrate during sleep which is why you hear them snoring like a tired adult.

#2 Sleeping Position

Yes, a cat’s sleeping position can influence snoring occurrences. We bet you have seen a cat sleeping in a weird position at least once. These fur babies love to roll around and flaunt their flexible bodies by sleeping anywhere and in any posture. However, this can trigger snoring and stops when your kitten changes its position.

#3 Being Overweight

Cats can easily become overweight when not provided with a proper diet or exercise. Nowadays, it is fairly common to see obese felines which display abnormal sleeping behaviors and snoring. This snoring is influenced due to excess fat deposited around the tissues that sheath the upper airways.

$4 Inhaling a Foreign Object

The foreign object can be a blade of grass or dust that can be allergic to your cat. Usually, when a cat inhales a foreign object, it will get agitated and cough or sneeze to expel it. Your cat may also snore if it inhales a foreign object.

How to Prevent Cats from Snoring?

#Tip1 Run Kitty Run!

Your cat can easily become overweight or retain fatty tissue if not provided with a healthy diet. To prevent your cats from being overweight and potential snoring, cat parents should ensure that their feline pals exercise regularly. Even a simple walk or a ‘chasing game’ will do. Obesity is harmful to kittens and can lead to various other disorders or impairment in movement.

#Tip2 Preventive Care

Veterinary visits twice or thrice a year are necessary to ensure the well-being of your cat. Your cat’s vet will do thorough health checks and detect any underlying issues your cat might hide. If you notice unusual snoring from your cat, take it to a vet for a medical check.

When to Be Concerned About Cats Snoring?

Pet experts suggest a veterinary clinic visit when snoring appears suddenly or there are other unusual behaviours on the cards. Is it bad if my cat snores, here some of the other concerning symptoms, let’s get into it.

  • Distressed breathing when your cat is awake.
  • Panting or wheezing.
  • Working harder to breathe or open-mouth breathing.
  • Discharge from the nostrils.
  • Coughing is accompanied by snoring.
  • Swollen areas on the face.
  • Even subtle signs like change in their ‘meows’ or vocal tones.

How to Stop Cat Snoring?

Is it a problem if my cat snores?? If you have already taken your cat to the vet and everything is okay with its health, please follow the guidelines to stop your cat from snoring.

1. Interactive Play

Interactive play is the best form of exercise your cat can get. It won’t be time-consuming for you and is an affordable expense for a cat owner. Interactive cat toys like wand toy, feather toy, or toy mouse is ideal for getting your cat moving. They love chasing it, and this will also prevent boredom. Some other toys cats love are ping pong balls, bunny kicker toys, and even your shoe socks.

2. Climbing Perches

Cats love climbing on stuff, don’t they? Not only does it help them improve their balance, but also it makes them move and become more active. Installing cat trees, climbing perches or cat-friendly shelving in your house is a great way of keeping your pet on its feet. Moreover kittens also prefer to nap at such places. It prevents unusual sleeping positions and snoring.

3. Food Puzzles

Want to trigger your cat’s jungle instincts and watch them work for their food? Prepare food puzzles. Cats are natural hunters, and food puzzles mimic their wild habitats. Cat parents can purchase commercial food puzzles, keeping their cats from boredom and encouraging healthy meals.

What Are The Treatments for Cats Snore?

#1 Responsible Diet

If your cat is overweight or almost obese, it is time to think about what you’re feeding them. Don’t feed your cat processed cheese, fat trimmings, raw meat, and high-calorie foods like bread or potato. A combination of such foods and little to no exercise can contribute to obesity in cats. Instead, feed your pet healthy and essential foods like fish, cooked meat, cooked beef, bananas, and carrots. These are good for your cat’s joints, eyesight, muscles, and liver.

#2 Medical Treatment for Snoring

If your cat has allergies to dust or pollen and snores or coughs, then prevent your cat from exposure to such allergens. On the other hand, your vet can even prescribe low strength medications for allergies. A vet or a surgery expert can remove any foreign objects, polyps, or tumors in your cat’s nasal or oral cavity.

#3 Humidifier

A well-known Non-medical treatment for snoring includes placing a humidifier near your cat’s sleeping location. The moist air will enable your cat to breathe better and potentially stop snoring.


Cats are a whole drama act, and unusual events like snoring are not always a concern. Maybe it’s just your kitty telling you that it is getting a sound and carefree sleep. As long as you have eliminated potentially concerning scenarios and ensure your cat is healthy, snoring is just one of the perks of a cute cat.