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Do Cats See Color? | The Science Behind Cats Vision Might Surprise You

We can see various colors ranging from colorful rainbows to black and white televisions. But have you ever wondered if cats can also see the same set of colors that we see? Their vision has always been a subject of research. Cat’s visions are neither entirely black and white nor do they see the colors as we see. Explore to know more about Can cats see color.

Can Cats See Color?

Can cats see colors but not as similar as we humans see? They need to distinguish between the colors accurately. Cones and rods are the two receptors in the eyes that help us see colors. Cones help in daytime vision and differentiating between colors. Rods help in night vision and side-to-side view. Cats have only two cones that restrict the spectrum of lights they can see. Well, you may think do cats see color? Yes, they might have particular difficulties viewing the colors, but they can see.

As they have restricted vision and cannot distinguish between several colors, cats also have other heightened senses. Cats see the trajectory, bouncing movements, and how fast an object is moving to predict its next move.

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Cat Vision Vs Human Vision

Cats belong to the feline family. The most dominant reason a cat’s vision differs from a human’s vision is the photoreceptors in their retinas, which convert the light into electric signals and translate the images we see. So, in cat vision vs human vision, the Cats have a different set of cones and rods compared to humans, who set apart their visions. Cats have just two cones, whereas humans have three cones, which ensures a better understanding of distinct wavelengths of light. Also, cats have a higher concentration of rods than humans, which helps them to see in dim light. Cat’s eyes are placed more to the side, which enables a broader range of peripheral views than humans.

Cats are also found to be nearsighted, which enables them to be good predators and capture prey. A cat has to be at 20 feet to see an object that a human can see from 100 to 200 feet, which causes blurry vision of far things.

Also, cats have elliptical pupils, which enables them to capture more light. They also have reflective cells under their retinas, which gives their eyes a shiny appearance and improves visibility during the night.

Whereas cats cannot see colors as well as humans, they may lack color perception and makeup in other areas. They can see much better at night because their eyes are made up to capture more light.

Can Cats See in Total Darkness?

how well can cats see in the dark? Can cats see in total darkness as much as we can see? But they can adapt quickly to see in darkness due to heightened senses. They have a higher concentration of rods than humans so they can see much better than us in dim light. So to see, cats need light, even a tiny amount, but they need light to see an object. So, can kittens see in the dark? Yes, they can see in the dark using roughly one-sixth of the present light. Also, cat eyes can capture several times more light.

Cats have reflecting cells called the tapetum, which improves cat night vision. Cells in the tapetum reflect light that passes between cones and rods back to the photoreceptors. It allows them to capture extra light available at night. Hence, improving their visibility in dark conditions.

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Colors that Cats Can See

Even though a cat cannot see all the colors available in nature, its world is not entirely black and white. It is a common misconception that cats can’t see any color. But, can cats see colors like humans? Yes, a cat’s vision is the same as a human who is colorblind. Colors that cats can see shades of blue and green but confuse red and pink. Red and pink may appear greener, whereas purple can look like a darker shade of blue. Cat’s vision may also differ regarding saturation, hue, and other color factors.

A cat’s vision may lack in color conception, but they atone in other areas. They may not be able to see colors as better as we humans do, but they are natural-born predators. Their eyes are elliptical, which enables them to cover a wide range and cover side-to-side vision.


Wondering what colors can cats see? Most people believe that cats see the world in black and white, but this is not true. Cats can see color, but their vision is not as sharp as ours. They are also only able to distinguish between some colors as we can. However, research has shown that cats prefer specific colors over others. So if you’re wondering what color your cat sees when they look at you, it’s likely a mix of different hues that appear muted compared to what we see.