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Is it Safe for Cats to Eat Bread? – Pros & Cons

This is an inevitable fact that every pet loves food. Pet parents also love to feed their pets what they want. Giving your pet a good, healthy cat treats is the key to their happiness. In addition to that, pet owners should know what is beneficial for their pets and what is not, especially when it comes to little cats. Bread is the most common food for all pets and is supposedly healthy. But should you feed bread to your sweetheart kitty? That is the question worth thinking about. So let us know all about can cats eat bread.

Can Cats Eat Bread?

Can Cats Eat Bread? Indeed, cats can eat bread! But the real question is how much bread is sufficient and desirable. Bread is one of the most common ingredients of human and cat food. Humans can consume the required and good level of bread as and when they want. Cats, on the other hand, need a small fraction of bread. Moreover, the case is reversed in the case of cats. They should be given a small amount of bread every once in a while, not as a part of their daily meal. 

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The reason for the small quantity being suitable for cats is the nutrients it contains. If we dive deeper into this, there is nothing to be worried about regarding the composition of bread. Still, it contains only some of the nutrients that a cat needs to be fit and healthy. Therefore, cat eating bread is considered to be a source of no calories. If you feed bread to your cat daily, it will consume most of her appetite without giving her a source of energy.  Accordingly, if your cat has a good diet plan and the nutritional needs are being fulfilled, there is no need to feed her bread. In any case, your cat has been refusing to eat her normal diet. You can give her a hand to eat bread. 

How to Feed Bread to Cats?

That being said, now it’s time to know how to feed bread to cats. A responsible pet parent must take into account the following steps to feed bread to your lovely cat easily and safely. 

#1 Consult

The first step is to consult your vet and ensure whether it is safe to feed human food for cats. It is always good to take advice from trusted vets if you plan to change your cats diet plan. 

#2 Measure

The next step for feeding bread to cats is applying some math to derive the conclusion as to how much bread is good for your cat. If you go into it deeply, you’ll find that nutritional needs ask for only 10% bread in the whole diet plan. You can also calculate the calories each slice of bread provides by looking at the packet. 

#3 Be ready 

Now, after measuring everything, one must be ready to feed bread to their cats. The ideal way is to crumble the bread into small pieces which your cat can easily eat. Give the bread to your cat in her favorite bowl, or feed her with your hand. 

#4 Observe

After feeding her some bread, always keep an eye on her behavioral and physical changes, if there are any. Observe in case there are any digestion or urinary problems. If there are, consult your vet. 

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How Does Bread Affect Cat Nutrition?

Bread, low in protein and calories, may be better choices for your cat. Cats being obligate carnivores, get most of their nutrients from meat. Cats need various nutrients from different sources, such as; meat-based protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Therefore, your felines desire cats food with proper and sufficient nutrients balanced with nutritional needs. Thus, it is necessary to contemplate their nutritional intake and values before giving bread to her for health issues. For instance, any cat stomach problems consult your vet about feeding her bread. 


Thus, if you have this question is bread good for cats? it is advisable not to go out of the way to treat your cat. If the bread doesn’t suit your cat, it can become uneasy. Moreover, health always comes first, especially for pets. Monitor your cat carefully and consult your vet for any signs of illness. If you are feeding bread to your cat, follow the instructions mentioned above considerably. As a responsible parent, do not compromise your cat’s health and feed her the healthiest food suitable for her.