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Do Cats Have Dreams? Here is What the Experts Say

Dreaming is a universal phenomenon, and all mammals are capable of it. So the question, “Do cats dream?” has a simple and short answer. Yes. But it does make one curious about what they dream. People dream because they say they can and talk about their weird visions, but what about the permanently snoring kitty? If we were to ask them, we would first have to cross the language barrier (which, let’s be honest, we would love to). But there are other ways to tell that.

Can Cats Dream?

Dreaming occurs during two sleep stages, the REM (rapid eye movement) and the NREM or Non-REM stages. During the REM stage, the eyes rush, breathing becomes faster, and the feline’s body relaxes. The dreams in this cats sleeping are long, detailed, and arbitrary. While the NREM dreams are short, uncohesive, and some replay of past events.

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Like people, our primary focus is on cats REM sleep. It is also to be noted that during REM sleep, cats show body movements like moving paws in the air, meowing, or twitching their whiskers, cat noises, which are good indicators that they are dreaming.

Why do cats sleep so much is the fact that they experience REM sleep three times more than an average human being. It entails that they can dream even during their kitten dreams.

What Do Cats Dream About?

You know what do cats dream about? It is where the language barrier comes in, and we can’t ask our cats what they dreamt while cat twitching in sleep. But we can make a pretty good guess based on our own experiences. And no, it’s not far-fetched or picking the straws. Psychologists have long said that humans and mammals carry the same collective unconscious, making it easier to connect the dots.

Most of our dreams are recurring in some past event in our sleep. So for the cats, it could be a dream about them playing with their toy, being petted by you, or going to the airport for the first time. But just as there are excellent and uncanny dreams, there are also nightmares.

Do Cats Have Nightmares?

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wondered Do cats have nightmares? Ever They do, and it’s easy to tell when they are going through an unpleasant experience. They make high-pitched noises and erratic gestures and then wake up abruptly and alert. Naturally, you would be concerned for them, but it’s good if you stay away from them while they exhibit the signs of a nightmare. You comforting them during their will lead them to attack you by biting or scratching. They don’t mean it, and this is following their instinct.


Should you wake up your cat if it is having a nightmare?

Nightmares are terrifying; they can leave us with a sense of terror and fear, so it’s natural that we don’t want our kitty to go through the same experience. But hold on! Never wake a cat in its sleep, whether they are having a pleasant dream of playing or experiencing unspeakable horror. Sleep is essential. It must never hinder cats.

How do I know my cat is dreaming?

It’s very easy to tell when your cat is dreaming; their whiskers twitch, and they make some purr or move their paws in the air as if playing with an invisible toy.

What do I do if my cat is having a nightmare?

The best action is to stay away from your cat when it’s showing signs of experiencing a nightmare, like a cat making weird noises. Just wait till it wakes up and snuggle them in your or stroke it. It lowers their stress and helps you get closer to them, too.


So the takeaway is, let your cat dream as they do. They will have pleasant dreams, and they will have nightmares. It’s a delightful sight to watch them make clumsy motions or purr in their sleep, which makes the sight of them experiencing a nightmare all the more terrifying, but that is just a part of being alive. In the event of a nightmare, you can soothe your cat by rubbing its back or holding them in your arms after it has woken up. As for when they wake up from a cat’s dream, you would do the same.