10+ Top Rated Wood Lathe for Beautiful Wood Piece Making (Review 2022)

Best Heavy-Duty

WEN 3421 3.2-Amp 8″ Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe

WEN 3421 3.2-Amp 8 x 12 inches Variable Speed Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe image
  • Ideal for pens, cups, bowls, and other small workpieces
  • Compared to other 8″ lathes, it provides 50% more power with 3.2 amp motor
  • Perfect for workpieces up to 8-inch wide and 12-inch long

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Easy to Use

NOVA 46300 Comet II Variable Speed Mini Lathe

NOVA 46300 Comet II Variable Speed Mini Lathe 12-Inch x 16 and half -Inch image
  • 3-step Pulley System; it provides maximum flexibility with different speed ranges
  • Comes with Forward & Reverse Switch
  • Features easy-to-read Digital Readout screen to show the speed

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BACHIN Woodworking Wood DIY Tool Lathe

BACHIN Mini Lathe Beads Polisher Machine Diy CNC Machining for Table Woodworking Wood DIY Tool Lathe Standard Set image
  • Great for beginners to work on small projects
  • It is not only quiet but also stable and has high-precision
  • Comes with Large torque ball bearing motor and Thick aluminum base

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Having a small workshop at home? We have seen people building their wooden furniture with their hands without external help. This shows the interest a person has in designing and building wooden furniture or artifacts. A major tool required in working with wood is a wood lathe. We may have to build a centerpiece or carve out a sculpture with wood materials. To have successful wood turning, we have to use a wood lathe machine. This machine can cut, drill, face, turn and deform wooden workpieces. A rotating wooden workpiece with a stationary cutting tool is the main process involved in the lathe.

When we have to work at manipulating wooden pieces, a wood lathe works best. For home or workshop use, the best benchtop wood lathe is the one. We can use a metal lathe for workpieces turning too, but the wood lathe is the most preferred for accurate turning. Consumers who want to kick start their business or have a passion for working with lathes should consider buying the best wood lathe for beginners. We were careful in using lathes since they can cause injury if not handled properly. Safety precautions are a must. We carefully go through all top rated small wood lathes for sale in the market right now. We will also layout each feature to get a better grasp.

1. WEN 3421 3.2 Amp 8″ x 12″ Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe

WEN 3421 3.2-Amp 8 x 12 inches Variable Speed Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe image

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WEN 3421 3.2 Amps mini wood lathe is one of the best lathes since it can fit comfortably on a benchtop. This best mini lathe is preferred mostly by beginners as you can use it without much external help. Beginners will love to work with small pieces when they start. This one from WEN is undoubtedly designed to support small workpiece modification. It is perfectly suitable for pens, cups, bowls, chess pieces etc. The basic dimensions of workpieces that could fit in the lathe were 12” long and 8” wide. We were happy with the use of a powerful motor that took in 3.2 amps. This might sound minimal, but you will get more power than regular 8 inch lathes.

Larger projects can also be dealt with in this lathe once you are comfortable with its use. You can gradually move on to larger DIY projects once you are confident. This bowl turning lathe gave a sturdy frame to hold our workpieces with caution. The faceplate is made from cast iron which is 2.3 inches. Use the lever clamping system to make easier adjustments between the tool rest and tailstock spindle. With 44.7 pounds, you can place it on the bench in a customized workshop at home.


  • 2-year warranty provided from manufacturer, customer helpline with skilled service technicians always at your service during troubles
  • Powerful motor with 3.2 amps usage. 50% more power is given by the motor when compared to regular 8” wooden lathes
  • Two tool rests for chisels and tools during working; no more running around the workshop to bring out tools each time
  • Adjustable speed limit between 750 to 3200 rpm. Helped in turning and creating beautiful wooden pieces to perfection
  • 12 inches wide by 8 inches long is the maximum limit. Smaller pieces like pens, bowls, cups etc., can be turned easily
  • Tailstock taper to grasp workpieces tightly, hand-free usage was maximized. Injuries were also reduced

2. Nova 46300 Comet II Mini Wood Lathe

NOVA 46300 Comet II Variable Speed Mini Lathe 12-Inch x 16 and half -Inch image

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Nova 46300 Comet II DR is a midi lathe used for its ease of use and excellent design. This wood turning machine has a digital readout display for information on the speed selected for carving. The speed is variable between 250 – 4000 RPM. A powerful electronic motor enabled attaining variable rates with perfection. Since there is a digital readout, It is easy to set up the speed of the machine. The confidence level while using the machine increased due to this feature. This variable speed wood lathe also had a forward and reverse switch to achieve superior turning. Flexibility was the impressive factor with this feature.

There is a 3” faceplate to work with and also a tools holder. Nova wood lathe tool holder was comfortable to use around the workshop with dedicated slots to hold chisels and other important tools. You can just grab tools and finish off the job rather quickly. This is one of the best lathe for bowl turning with dimensions up to 12” in bowls that can be turned successfully. A 3-step pulley system works for this lathe to get desired results.


  • 3 step pulley system, middle step for easier wood turning, other two steps can be used for harder DIY projects which might require more speed and power
  • Digital readout to give a speed of operation, no need to understand speed only after using lathe anymore, safe and secure use was ensured 
  • Forward and reverse switch is present. Alter between switches to achieve the perfect finish, pens and bowls can be turned easily
  • Solid cast iron material throughout lathe body, strong and durable, long-life, sturdy during use, no vibration observed 
  • Precision machining was taken care of with smart accessories provided with an entire package
  • Small and compact design, fits on most workbenches, easy to handle and safe to use

3. BACHIN Mini Beads Polisher Woodworking Lathe

BACHIN Mini Lathe Beads Polisher Machine Diy CNC Machining for Table Woodworking Wood DIY Tool Lathe Standard Set image

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BACHIN mini-lathe beads polisher machine takes place in our list since it is for DIY lovers. People with versatile interests in DIY wood lathe works around the house in case of wooden workpieces can grab this tool. This is, however, not suitable for mass production and commercial use. We used it at home since it was compact and small. Wood lathe tools are numerous, bringing this to light to understand its small but important use. You can make wooden rings with ease using this lathe tool.

You can turn in different items for decorative or gifting purposes as well. It takes in power of 100 W. Since it involves high precision working, you can use it easily to create accurate small workpieces. It is made of aluminium, and its motor is resistant to dust due to its acrylic cover. We noticed that there are cooling holes on the lathe’s body to prevent heating during operation. Therefore, you can use speed between varying limits. The maximum speed achieved was 8000 RPM. A wood carving set was given with the main unit to chisel small wooden workpieces. The DIY wood lathe was just 3.54 pounds.


  • Low noise during operation, quiet and calm environment was maintained, ideal for basement workshops at home can be used within house rooms also
  • Compact and easy to handle, Dimensions made it easier to store after use, can be moved within the house due to its weight and design
  • Cooling holes on body on a lathe to maintain less heat during working, hazards of burning from touching external body is mitigated
  • Speed variation between 4000-8000 RPM, ensures in the precision turning of mini workpieces, 7-grade speed could be achieved
  • Wood carving sets with the package can be used to turn small and mini workpieces to desired shape and style
  • Designed for home, DIY small projects like wooden rings can be made with perfection and quickly

4. JET JWL-1221VS 719200 Variable Speed Wood Lathe

JET JWL-1221VS 719200 12 x 21 inches Variable-Speed Wood Lathe image

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JET JWL-1221VS 12” X 21” wood lathe works like a charm when handling wooden centerpieces. Speed control achieved during the operation was phenomenal. You can choose between 60 – 3000 RPM speeds limits. The chosen speed will be displayed on a digital screen to ascertain our selection. Controls on this device were conveniently located and well within our reach. No need to move around to find out where the lever or button was to start running the lathe with preferred settings. It can hold wooden workpieces up to 12 X 21 inches.

Bigger projects of wood turning can be effortless and accurately created with this lathe from JET. Controls to select the speed was a simple knob turning mechanism only. An indexing head to lock in 24 different positions is available with this wood lathe. Ratchet-style belt tension design is an innovative addition to this lathe. We used the spring-loaded spindle dock to carry out turning operations safely. The motor’s forward and reverse spinning should be smooth in most lathes to get a perfect finish on every workpiece.


  • Motor powerful enough with speed changing the design. Speed can be changed between 60 to 3000 RPM. Small and large workpieces can be carved with precision
  • Tools holders at the end of the body enabled holding important tools like pliers, screwdrivers etc., no more moving around the workshop to pick up required tools
  • The best option for beginners, all controls are self-explanatory, lowest speed can be chosen to begin with the smallest workpieces
  • Digital readout for giving detail of speed of operation, no more mistakes and confidence is increased while using a lathe
  • Controls located at hand’s reach, easy to move around the control panel. It is user-friendly with easy-to-use options

5. SHOP FOX W1704 1/3 HP Bench Top Lathe

SHOP FOX W1704 1 by 3rd Horsepower Benchtop Lathe image

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SHOP FOX W1704 1/3 HP benchtop lathe is a perfect tool for your workshop since it can accommodate your workbench easily. This bench lathe includes two tool rests for easy and safe tool holding during operation. Our important tools were not misplaced or fell off our bench, thus wasting our time gathering them up. A powerful 1/3 HP motor works for bending and turning each wooden centerpiece. The entire body of the lathe is made from cast iron to give a long life and durability. Sturdy nature prevented the machine from moving around the workplace due to vibrations. Speed is variable between 700 and 3200 RPM.

Using this best benchtop wood lathe, we used the safety paddle switch to prevent any untoward mishaps or accidents. The large 12-inch distance between centers ensures we could use large wooden artifacts for perfect and quick turning. A big faceplate of 5 ¾ inches coupled with tailstock for non-spindle operations. We made bowls with this big faceplate accurately. Pens and other turning DIY projects can be made sufficiently with this SHOP FOX wood lathe. You can firmly secure it to your benchtop upon installation.


  • Benchtop type lathe securely holds onto the bench with its screws beneath, ideal for basement or garage workshop tables. No need to find a separate spot
  • Variable speed motor, speed can be changed between 700 to 3200 RPM. Variety of pen and bowls turning can be achieved with this speed
  • 12 inches long wooden pieces can be comfortably held between center points, large projects can be carved or made with ease
  • A big faceplate is included for bowl turning, which cannot be done via spindles. Large or small bowls can be turned perfectly
  • Cast iron body, firm, durable and long-life. Lathe didn’t give out vibrations or move around the table due to firm build
  • Tool rests for holding important tools; two rests are available on body design itself

6. Mophorn 14″ x 40″ Biggest Wood Lathe

Mophorn 14 x 40 inches Power Wood Turning Lathe image

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Many users will prefer Mophorn 14” X 40” wooden lathe due to its powerful motor. A fixed four-speed turning lathe with a ½ HP motor served all purposes of turning wooden workpieces into magical artifacts. The motor is very powerful, works with less noise only. Belts for turning work under 4 different preset speeds. 1100, 1600, 2300 and 3400 RPM are the different speeds with which this lathe works. A whopping 40” distance between centers could hold a wooden piece of nearly the same length easily. Thus, large and extra-large DIY wood lathe projects can be accurately carried out. Move the tailstock to adjust the correct distances for each workpiece.

The entire device is steel constructed for high durability. You can use this safely since it eliminates vibrations. Various accessories are given as an entire package to help in turning and polishing off finished work. Wood lathe accessories like chisels and wrenches were provided. In addition, there is a skew chisel, shear scraper and a spindle gouge. An LED work light also enabled working with ease when we needed light for making intricate turnings and carvings. We used this for a wide range of applications like turning, knurling or even deformation of finished products.


  • Powerful motor aides in speed changing environment for working, ½ HP motor can change speeds between 4 modes, 3400 RPM is the highest speed available
  • 7W work light attached with a device, safe and easy to use even in dim light, perfect and intricate corners can be done to perfection
  • A large capacity workplace with 40” inches maximum distance between center, big wooden pieces can be carved with excellence
  • Free wrenches and chisels provided with package, different chisels for varied uses, carving work can be done with perfection
  • Wide application, not just turning, even deformation can be done with this lathe, sanding, knurling etc., is possible
  • Solid steel construction for no vibrations and durable life. Holds firm to benches or tabletops for easy handling

7. WEN 34027 12″ X 16″ Bowl Turning Lathe

WEN 34027 12 x 16 Inches Variable Speed Multi-Directional Cast Iron Wood Lathe with 16-Inch Capacity Bowl-Turning Back Plate image

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WEN 34027 12” X 16” variable speed wood lathe is a multi-directional lathe with a backplate to turn bowls in both directions. Between 500 to 2500 RPM. We could turn workpieces with a maximum length of 16 inches long. The basic unique feature, as noticed by us, was the width this lathe could support. A separate backplate is there to turn bowls up to 15.75 inches in diameter. You can see information on speed operating through a digital display. We even purchased a table extension to increase the sizes of wooden workpieces. The motor used 4.5 amps while operating. It was a slow start motor to give more safety and also prevent damage to workpieces.

A switch was given to alternate between directions. Speeds are variable with the help of a user-friendly knob on this desktop lathe. The Control panel, on the whole, had easy-to-use options with self-explanatory functions. The biggest advantage was the presence of a control panel at usable height and perfect location. It was well within the hand reach for us. A tools rest for 7 7/8 inches was used as a support system for a wood turning machine. We used this rest to give needed support for wood lathe chisels. Cups, bowls, pans and table legs could be shaped with accuracy.


  • Digital display to give out the speed at which lathe operates enabled accurate and timely selection based on wood workpieces and user’s experience
  • 16 inches long wooden blocks will be supported between centerpieces, extension available to support more long objects
  • Good tools rest to support chisels during carving, 7 7/8 inches rest provided for vertical and horizontal support to lathe
  • Speeds can be varied between 500 and 2500 RPM. Variable speeds easy for novices to begin their lathe experience
  • Two plates for turning, front and back. Direction can be switched between using a button on the control panel
  • Easy control panel, all options at hands reach and perfect height for easy selection

8. Mophorn 10″ X 18″ Heavy Duty Wood Lathe

Mophorn 10 x 18 Inches 5 Speed Mini 370W Power Motor Bench Top Heavy Duty Wood Lathe image

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Mophorn 10 X 18 inches wood lathe serves as one of the perfect wood turning lathes. All gears and shafts used in this wooden lathe have been calibrated to handle wooden workpieces’ delicate handling. No harsh handling and resulting in disfigured pieces. Since it was one of the best benchtop wood lathes in the market, you can use it in various places like homes, labs, workshops, etc. The entire body was made with cast iron to hold on to its place on the bench firmly. Durable for long usage and smooth operation. We observed rubber feet on the wood lathe and, the device was stable during the process and did not move around the table due to vibrations.

The benchtop lathe uses 550W power and can support a length of wooden pieces up to 18 inches. The width supported is 10 inches. Since the width was huge, bigger wooden pieces in diameter could be turned effectively. A digital display giving out information on speed selection for this lathe is available. So we could go ahead with turning operations with surety of speed selected. Speed is variable between 500 and 3800 RPM. Suitable for low noise operation due to slow start design.


  • Control panel with sufficient knobs at accessible height and location is easy to use; options are self-explanatory and user-friendly, like speed changing knob
  • Variable speed from 500 and 3800 RPM. Suitable for beginners who want lathe experience. Smooth operation throughout speeds is maintained
  • Long wooden pieces up to 18 inches can be supported for wood turning practices. Width up to 12 inches can be carved using this lathe
  • Cast iron built to enable sturdy operation, no vibration noticed, sticks firmly to benchtop with rubber feet
  • Wide range of uses like labs, workshops, education etc., Variety of users can benefit from its applications

9. YWY 200W Mini DIY Wood Lathe

YWY Tool DIY Woodworking 200W CNC Mini Lathe image

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YWY 200W CNC mini lathe is perfect for hobbies among users. For example, we might have interests in wood turning pieces to make small beads, pens, rings etc. This hobby wood lathe will serve as a perfect tool for DIY enthusiasts. Maximum rotating speeds up to 4000 RPM can be achieved with this small yet powerful tool. We used this super large torque ball bearing motor with cutting power to make intricate designs on rings and beads. Though the motor was powerful enough, cooling holes have been provided on sides to dissipate heat during operation.

Cool sides made it safe to touch the device. Moreover, 7 levels of cutting speed could be adjusted to cater to different needs. Aluminum alloy base for sturdy operation. We could also use it for small square or cylindrical timbers. Various accessories provided with the main unit made it one of the best wood lathe for the money spent. Stable enough to not make any noisy vibrations or move around the location, it has been kept firmly. As a result, accurate turning or finishing was obtained at higher speeds by us.


  • Mini lathe for processing beads, rings, pens and even holders for various items. Useful in many DIY projects that can be hobbies as well
  • Tools are provided for shaping items to perfect textures; even discs are provided for getting rugged effects on wood pieces
  • Large torque ball bearing motor with 7 levels of speeds perfect for all wood turning purposes in small scale
  • Mobility can be achieved with compact and light-weight design; storage is also easy if not used for long
  • An organic dustproof glass cover is used to prevent dust and dirt from damaging parts inside our lathe
  • Sanding wooden items like beads can be effortless, with perfectly smooth surfaces ready to use

10. JET JWL–1015 10 X 15 Inches Wood Turning Machine

JET JWL-1015 719100 10 x 15 inches Wood Working Lathe image

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JET JWL – 1015 10 X 15 inches wood lathe can be easily used in our garage or basement workshops. We used it as a tabletop lathe due to its design and usability. A large 15 ½” inches between centers made sure large wooden pieces could be placed, and wood turned to perfection. Spindle speeds are customized with 6 different speeds. You can choose between 500, 840, 1240, 1800, 2630 and 3975. A safety switch was provided to safeguard us from accidents. You can use that switch in cases of emergency.

This mini-lathe was an excellent addition to the workshop due to its advanced features though small in size. Extension tables can be added to widen the length of wooden pieces compatibility. The product comes with a 5 years warranty from the manufacturer. We could use this lathe with good assistance from skilled technicians from JET. Resetting the speed can be tricky since manually setting the speed by turning belts on the lathe body.


  • 15 inches long wooden workpieces can be turned easily, and additional length can be obtained by extension arms bought separately
  • 6 different speeds for accurate finishing, it ranges from 500 to 3975 RPM maximum, reset belt to the desired speed
  • Great value for money spent, and it is a tabletop lathe to suit our workshops at home or other places
  • Safety switch to turn the lathe on/off in case of emergencies, increased safety and ease of use

11. PSI Woodworking KWL-1218VS Commander Midi Lathe

PSI Woodworking KWL-1218VS Turn Crafter Commander 12 inches Variable Speed Midi Lathe image

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PSI Woodworking KWL – 1218VS Turn crafter Midi Lathe with a powerful 1 HP high-performance motor is a good choice. Wood lathe tool rest has been provided in this PSI lathe. A small control panel to suit sufficient needs is provided at hands reach and comfortable location. A display that gives speed selected is good for use since it can give needed detail. Rubber feet provided under the lathe body holds its stand on the table or benchtop. Handles are there for easy mobility and movement around the garage and basement workshop.

This lathe has given two belt positions with 500-1800 RPM and 1950 – 3800 RPM. Cast iron was used in the design for this lathe to get a firm and stable position on the benchtop. We didn’t observe any vibrations in the mower while operating. The precision with reliability in wood turning pieces was achieved. Safety goggles were given to us during woodturning pieces.


  • Convenient built-in handles help move the lathe machine around the workshop, rubber feet under to facilitate firm and sturdy standing of the lathe machine
  • A light has been added to make way for easy viewing during low-light situations. Intricate turning could be achieved with good viewing
  • Different speed positions with two belts for precision wood turning of workpieces can vary between 500-1800 RPM and 1950-3800 RPM
  • A High-speed and high-performance induction motor has been added with a microprocessor. The motor uses 120V and 60Hz
  • Accessories with safety goggles have been given to protect our eyes from dust during turning and carving

12. Roeam 6 in 1 Versatile Metal Lathe

Roeam 6 in 1 Versatile 100-240V 48W 20000RPM Metal Lathe image

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Roeam versatile 6 in 1 metal lathe bags are one of the best benchtop metal lathes. You can transform this wood lathe into sawing, grinder, driller, wood and metal lathe and miller. It is best used for DIY projects, which are perfect for hobbies. Even wooden crafts for students’ projects can be done with ease. For example, we could use it for small ring making or jewelry making. Advanced aluminum alloy has been used in its design, making it durable and sturdy for use. You can even give gifts for DIY enthusiasts.

A long package list with the main unit has been given. The main components that we liked are a 3-jaw chuck, abrasive disk, small slider, plain vice etc., for different purposes. You can even create new design toys for our kids, much to their delight. Moreover, finishing workpieces can be done perfectly with this lathe.


  • Aluminum alloy has been used for its design, and this increases durability and long life. Compact and easy for mobility, good to store as well
  • Accessories given with the lathe are self-sufficient, need not get extra tools for tuning or carving or finishing work pieces
  • Handicraft kit for DIY purposes for kids and schools’ projects. Hobbies with wooden pieces can be further developed
  • Installation can be done easily, can be gifted to DIY enthusiasts as it is an entire package

Buying Guide

Wood lathe and its uses from different brands were listed out extensively in the previous sections. We have given the required information about different types of wood lathe available for sale on Amazon. Midi lathe reviews were specific about their different features helpful in creating fantastic wooden rings, bowls, cups etc. However, we are not going to stop with just features. Basic questions about wood lathes are not answered extensively, which leads to many doubts. We are here to solve all doubts regarding the types of wood lathe, tools used, features to be looked at while selecting the best lathe brand. Let’s begin with an exhaustive buying guide to answer these questions and much more in detail.

What is Wood Lathe?

A wood lathe is a device or machine used for woodturning applications. We can hold the lathe machine over a tabletop or benchtop in our workshop to carve or turn any wooden piece into beautiful pens, bowls, beads etc. You can use a woodworking lathe to cut, drill, carve, turn, and deform wooden pieces. The basic lathe has a rotating workpiece with a stationary tool.

How to Use a Wood Lathe?

The wooden lathe can be used in DIY projects or personal workshops maintained in your house itself. The basic steps used in operating a wooden lathe is:

  • If you are a beginner, it is best to use a small lathe at first.
  • The basic wood lathe parts are
    1. Headstock – motor, chain, pulleys, belts and spindle
    2. Tailstock – spinning end of lathe
    3. Tool Rest – Supports chisel for turning wood piece
    4. Bed – Horizontal beam
  • Take a fine piece of wood.
  • Place the wood piece between Lathe.
  • Bring the tailstock till it touches the end of the wooden piece.
  • We have to then keep the tool rest parallel to the length of the wooden piece chosen.
  • Start the machine and set the lowest speed.
  • Bring the cutting edge of the chisel and push it towards the wood piece slowly.
  • Stop the lathe and check progress in between to see the cut pieces of wood.
  • Increase speed on a lathe to get smooth and rounded edges.
  • Sanding the piece after finishing if required.

What Does a Wood Lathe Do?

The best wood lathe can be used with wooden workpieces to make beautiful carved shapes or artifacts. For example, we can use the different chisels available to carve out beads or bowls from wood. As the chisel on the tool rest moves towards the piece of wood, it starts cutting off pieces from wood to carve or turn it into the desired shape. Even toys, jewelry, furniture legs etc., can be made, and the same process is followed in all woodturning machines.

Types of Wood Lathe

Mini-Wood Lathe

Mini wood lathe for sale in markets is used mainly for DIY purposes. Most mini lathe reviews give basic features used like used for hobbies, DIY enthusiasts etc. We can make small beads, pens, cups, bowls, toys, other wooden accessories from this mini-lathe. Though small in size, it is available with a powerful motor to carve out items quickly.

Midi Lathe

A middle lathe is between mini-lathe and full-size types. The bed swings are between 12 inches to 14 inches in length. They include characteristics of both mini and full-size lathes. If we can establish a midi lathe correctly, we can even drill holes with perfection. Unfortunately, midi-lathe reviews suggest that it is just a marketing gimmick, but there is much more.

Full-size Lathe

A decent 16-inch swing will determine the full-size lathe quality. Most full-size lathes are constructed with cast iron to include durability and long life. Since it will be heavy, we require the lathe to be non-movable during operation to have unfinished and incomplete wood pieces. The biggest wood lathe will come under this full-size lathe category.

Who Makes Best Wood Lathes in Market?


JPW industries own JET tools, and they have been producing manufacturing tools for more than 50 years. JET woodworking lathe has been in use for a long time in workshops, labs, machine shops etc. Although JET tools made its inception in 1958, they have long since carried the quality in their products and wood lathes from them are no exception.


As early as 1927, Craftsman made its mark in the tools manufacturing industry. The pricing structure followed for its tools is always a “good, better and best” pricing structure. As a result, they have produced some of the best variable speed wood lathe in the market. Lathes accommodating varied lengths of a wooden piece with sufficient features has been their specialty.


Founded in 1919 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it made small tools for home workshops. There was no looking back after they stepped into industrial machinery. The Delta wood turning machine is important in the market since it produces midi-lathes with variable speeds and appreciable length in its center.


A simple hobby of refurbishing metal lathes took off in the spring of 1983. The demand for quality machinery has been huge, and the founder of Grizzly capitalized on it and became successful. Grizzly has produced the big wood lathe with no compromise in quality and durability. Heavy-duty wood lathes have been mostly preferred in industries from Grizzly.


Nick Anton 1951 founded WEN mainly for power tools. The company has its headquarters in Illinois. Their main goal right now is to help woodworkers make their wildest imaginations come true! A wild goal but plausible indeed with the best benchtop wood lathe from WEN.

How to Set Up a Wood Lathe?

After unboxing a lathe:

  • Fasten the lathe to your bench or tabletop. Make sure to bolt down all screws.
  • Prepare your wood lathe by placing the spindle and wood piece ready.
  • Make sure to apply lubricants to places where you would require easy sliding.
  • If speed is set using belts, check if they are in the right position corresponding to speed.

How to Turn a Burn on Wood Lathe?

The basic method of creating bowls using a bowl turning lathe is to attach the piece of wood directly to the headstock and motor. Once rotating, it will create enough turns to create a bowl. The deeper we rotate, the bigger the diameter of the bowl becomes. Both inside and outside of the wooden bowl can be turned without removing it from the headstock.

Comparing Benchtop Wood Lathes

The best benchtop wood lathe available in the market has been produced by SHOP FOX, WEN, JET, Delta etc. Benchtop lathe can be fastened to tables or desktops with screws or bolts. This gave us firm placement of the machine. It didn’t move around while it was working, and no mishaps took place. Compared to other wood lathes, a benchtop is the most preferred since it gives sturdy and firm use.

Wood Lathe vs Metal Lathe

Wood lathes are used mainly as woodturning machines. They are smaller and easier to use than metal ones. Also, they are mainly used for wooden pieces turning or carving. They do not support metal workpieces. They cost less than metal lathes. Metal lathes support both wooden and metal workpieces. They are very much powerful, and due to this, even iron, steel, aluminum metals can be deformed to form items. However, this will require more power than a wood lathe and thus are heavy and costly.

Other Accessories You May Need/ Wood Lathe Accessories

Accessories other than basic parts are listed below for wood lathe machine.

  • Chucks
  • Angle plate
  • Mandrels
  • Tool Holders
  • Carriers
  • Drive plate
  • Steady, follower and other rests
  • Lathe light
  • Adapters
  • Tailstock extension
  • Callipers
  • Measurements
  • Safety Goggles


Chisels are mainly for cutting wood on table top lathes. A long hand tool with a cutting edge can be hammered at a wood piece at different angles to scrape off. Chisels can be used to ground 40 to 60 degrees off the wood. Basic types of chisel for woodturning:

  • Skew chisel
  • Square-nosed chisel


Gouges are other forms of chisels with cutting edge in a curve shape. They can be used when we have to remove excess wood from flat surfaces without corners digging into the wood. Types of gauges:

  • Roughing gouge
  • Spindle gouge
  • Bowl gouge

Spring Calipers

Calipers can be used for measurement purposes. When we have to measure and cut, calipers of different types play a huge role. A spring caliper is built using a spring and pivot for accurate measurements. An adjusting nut on the side can be used to open and close jaws on the spring caliper.


Hones used in honing tools transfer power from machines like wood lathes to wooden workpieces. You can use hones to correct or taper size, finish, and straightness in the wooden piece we are working with. However, axial alignment cannot be corrected by hones in the case of wooden lathes.

What features must I consider before buying Wood Lathes?

Buying a perfect product within these abundant options in the market is a tough job. As we have already provided the product information, you may have a clear idea of what to get for your workshop. Make sure to check these features before buying a wood lathe.

Type of wood lathe

It is best to consider types of wood lathe before buying to suit our personal workspaces. We can focus on buying the exact one that will be correct for the workbench or tabletop. Bench lathe is one of the easiest types since it can be fastened tightly, and no worries about tools or wooden pieces slipping out of the lathe during operation due to vibrations. We can also opt for mini-lathes when purposes of woodturning are small in size and number.

Accessories provided

Basic accessories provided with a wood lathe can be got from the market. We can also buy lathes with additional accessories like gouges, chisels, calipers etc. These tools will certainly help work with lathes without having to run around stores to buy extra tools. Also, few lathes come with tool holders to place basic tools while operating to prevent loss of them. Tool rest is important for holding chisels while turning wood.

Variable speed

We have to get a wood lathe with variable speeds since it will be very helpful for beginners. We can start by operating at a low speed to begin turning wood pieces. Most lathes come with a knob on the control panel to change lathe operation speeds. This is very simple for all and is preferred by all. The best wood lathe for starters should have variable speed as a mandatory option for safe woodturning.

Capacity of Lathe

Wood lathe will have distance between centers to hold wooden pieces for turning or carving purposes. We can buy lathes with high length accommodation since we can use a full-size lathe for large home purposes like furniture legs, big bowls etc. Similarly, we can create small toys, pens, polish beads, etc. The width of the lathe supported is also important to turn thick objects with ease.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How to sharpen wood lathe tools?

Wood lathe tools can be sharpened using a bench grinder. Gently push the edge of wood lathe against the wheel to sharpen them well.

Q. How to turn on a wood lathe?

The wood lathe can be turned on using a power outlet or a specialized safety switch on a few lathe control panels.

Q. How much does a wood lathe cost?

The wood lathe can cost approximately $35 for mini-lathes to 1200 for heavy-duty lathes in Amazon.

Q. Where can I buy a wood lathe?

Wood lathes of various types can be bought from Amazon with extra shipping charges to different locations.


We hope the wood lathe reviews in this write-up gave sufficient information on how we have to be cautious before buying the best wood lathe for money from the market. It is best to look at all features coupled with requirements for our households. This can range from small DIY to heavy-duty uses in our garage or basement workshop at home. We also gave information about different types of lathes, tools used, accessories required etc., in detail to get complete information about wood lathes. After this review, we hope all your doubts have been cleared.

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