Weed Barrier Reviews (2022) – 14 Long Lasting Fabrics for your Garden

Best Heavy-Duty

ECOgardener 5oz Premium Ultimate Pro Weed Barrier

ECOgardener 3ft x 50ft Premium 5oz Pro Garden Landscape Fabric Durable _ Heavy-Duty Weed Barrier image
  • It can withstand any weather condition as it is two layered-needle punch fabric
  • Heavy duty and landscape fabric suits for all gardens and gardeners
  • Light weight; Without any professionals help, you can carry it easily

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Most Durable

HOOPLE Ultra Thick Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric

HOOPLE 3ft X 50ft Premium Pro Ultra Thick Landscape Fabric Black Garden Weed Barrier image
  • Premium fabric which is 2 to 3 times thicker than standard one
  • Thick and durable which can be used for long period of time
  • Chemical-free which makes it environmentally friendly

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Premium Quality

Mutual WF200 Polyethylene Woven Geotextile Fabric

Mutual WF200 Polyethylene Woven 300 feet Length x 6 feet Width Black Geotextile Fabric image
  • Perfect to use as a stabilization and separation fabric
  • Resists rotting, UV and biological deterioration, natural acids
  • It stabilizes foundations and prevents shifting below surface

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Gardening is a common hobby that most people do harbor, more or less. As pleasant as planting saplings and watching them grow feels, it is equally important to know how to keep your plants safe in your garden. Weeds are one of the major reasons that you need to address in this case. A weed barrier is a kind of fabric that prevents any kind of weeds from growing around your plants by keeping soil preoccupied. So that you do not have to clean the area, again and again, to save it from weeds, we suggest you try these weed barriers to do the job.

So weed barriers are an example of geotextile, which is often made with polyester or polypropylene and a meshed texture. You have to put this weed barrier on your ground where you want your plants to grow. Then the rest of the job is done easily by this weed barrier fabric itself. Usually, plucking weeds does need a lot of energy and even more bucks if you want to get it done with the help of a professional. So investing in the best weed barrier will ultimately prove itself as a one-time investment as this will serve you for as many as 5 to 7 long years.

1. ECOgardener Premium 5 Oz Pro Landscape Weed Barrier Fabric

ECOgardener 3ft x 50ft Premium 5oz Pro Garden Landscape Fabric Durable _ Heavy-Duty Weed Barrier image

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You can make your gardening life way more worry-free and hassle-free with this ECOgardener premium weed barrier very easily. with its specially designed fabric, you can have unparalleled control over the headstrong and constant growth of weeds around your plants and shrubs. Also, this weed barrier fabric is surely going to give a boost to your gardening efficiency while skyrocketing its productivity. We did not feel that we wanted to call professionals every time our garden was full of weeds, so we chose this ECOgardener 3 ft. × 50 ft. weed mat to better control weeds. This shield is extremely easy to install for even those who do not have any experience.

The premium quality fabric of this ECOgardener weed protector is so deftly prepared that it does not ever block the path of much-needed air and water. Therefore, your plants get their needed nutrients from the soil as they remain very fertile and healthy thanks to this fabric. It is indeed a good way of preventing weeds by spreading a weed barrier fabric on your garden. Especially if the barrier is as durable and heavy-duty as this ECOgardener premium weed barrier is, you can rest assured you would not need to take recourse to any kind of chemicals after installing. As a result, it would make your soil naturally healthier. We were very happy with the performance of this fabric, and therefore, we do not mind recommending this mat to your readers.


  • The lightweight fabric is easy to carry and makes your job easy without any need for professional help
  • Double layered needle punch fabric can withstand any weather situation
  • Enhances water and air circulation, which helps in efficient plant growth
  • The heavy-duty and sturdy fabric will last longer than its competitors

2. HOOPLE Ultra Thick Garden Heavy Duty Weed Barrier

HOOPLE 3ft X 50ft Premium Pro Ultra Thick Landscape Fabric Black Garden Weed Barrier image

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HOOPLE ultra-thick garden weed barrier was the next best product we got to see in this category. This sheet is allegedly 2 to 3 times thicker than most of the other renowned brands you could get your hands on. The dimensions for this weed barrier are 32 inches × 180 feet. Also, it is unbelievably durable and long-lasting, as we got to understand from our analysis of the same product. Once you purchase this HOOPLE garden protector, you would be able to keep all your flower beds free and healthy as weeds would stay away from them for a long period.

This weed barrier is also very simple to install in your gardens. All you have to do is lay this fabric out in your garden bed and add some mulch and other necessary things above it. Then you are free to plant your saplings in the soil freely. It does not create any fuss while rolling it out and allows sunlight to enter it, which helps your plants to flourish and forces the weeds to stay away. So despite opting for chemicals and other things that can harm your garden’s ecosystem, you can rather choose this high-quality eco-friendly weed barrier. In fact, we noticed that this weed barrier did not get damaged even when it was enduring the scorching heat of the sun every day. So you can trust this fabric barrier to bring colors to your garden. In fact, this barrier comes with a 5 years guarantee.


  • Easy to install and chemical-free weed cloth suits well for amateurs and professionals as well
  • Heavy-duty fabric can last longer without any need for frequent reinstallation
  • 2 – 3 times thicker than standard weed barriers, which minimizes the intensity of sunlight
  • High permeability allows water and other nutrients to soak in

3. Mutual Geotextile WF200 Weed Mat

Mutual WF200 Polyethylene Woven 300 feet Length x 6 feet Width Black Geotextile Fabric image

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When it comes to weed barriers, Mutual has a separate place in the list for sure. This Mutual Geotextile weed barrier is a very high-quality one that is made up of polypropylene fabric. This kind of highly woven fabric protects your saplings from weeds and rotting, biological decomposition, ultraviolet rays, and natural acids dwelling inside the soil. We even tested this fabric under pavers and stones to stabilize and separate the soil around it. This way, you also can stabilize the loose soil around your saplings and give them a far more firm foundation for standing tall and growing reliably.

Mutual Geotextile WF200 is a very budget-efficient choice you can opt for while saving money from the expensive and traditional methods of keeping weeds away, such as graded aggregate and sand filters, etc. Also, this weed blocker fabric is simply very convenient to install and easy to use weed fabric. You just have to clean the area where you want to put this weed barrier in your garden and fill in the holes with soil if there is any. After this, you have to flatten the surface and put this barrier in the right places tightly. The permittivity for this Mutual Geotextile is 0.07 seconds. The width and length for the same are 6” and 300”. So in the ultimate analysis, we can put only a good word for this weed barrier to you.


  • Woven fabric for stabilizing the foundation and separate aggregate and subgrade
  • It prevents shifting below the surface and provides a robust separation layer
  • It can be used under gabion, rip rap and precast blocks 
  • High-performance barrier holds soil

4. Amagabeli Landscape Fabric Polypropylene Weed Barrier

Amagabeli 5.8oz 3ft x 100ft Heavy Duty Ground Cover Weed Cloth Geotextile Landscape Fabric Weed Barrier image

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Amagabeli Landscape fabric weed barrier shines bright when it comes to a high density and heavy-duty weed carpet, which can protect your garden bed from external factors. The dimensions of this fabric are solid 3 feet in width and 100 feet in length. Also, this Amagabeli weed barrier boasts a 5.8 oz dense grade polyester fabric and woven needle punch layer, which is extremely useful in saving your soil from weeds. Industry-level Polypropylene material has been used to make this highly durable weed barrier. So you can enhance the efficiency of your gardening to a considerable extent by using this Amagabeli 5.8oz sheet.

Preserving the soil moisture while stopping weeds from growing there at the same time is pretty difficult to work. But as long as you have this Amagabeli weed barrier, the ball is in your court, and you can easily maintain the quality of your soil for the better growth of your plants. This barrier allows the proper amount of air, sunlight, mineral nutrients, and water to flow into the stems of your plant. So the premium design of this fabric weed barrier is favorable for the healthy growth of your saplings. This Amagabeli fabric can be easily installed in not only the garden but also in your patio, driveway, playground, walkway, etc. What we liked most about this weed barrier because it is an eco-friendly solution to your gardening problems and UV ray resistant.


  • Can be used under soil mulch, bark coverings, decorative tiles etc
  • High permeability fabric preserves soil moisture
  • Woven polyester fabric of standard level
  • Weather proof and high strength fabric

5. · Petgrow · 3×100 ft Weed Block Fabric for Outdoor Gardens

· Petgrow · Heavy Duty 3FTx100FT Landscape Fabric Weed Barrier image

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Petgrow weed barrier landscape fabric is one of the best-rated weed barriers we could lay our hands on, and therefore we listed the product to guide you towards a high-quality weed barrier for your garden. This sheet is made out of professional-grade polypropylene material, which assists your plants to grow and keeps the unwanted weeds from germinating without you having to take recourse to any sort of chemicals. This Petgrow landscape fabric was non-toxic, and also, it was heat resistant, so we knew that the quality of this fabric would not deteriorate even during the hottest days of summer.

If you want to prevent erosion in your garden, then this Petgrow 3×100 ft mat can be the right thing for you to install in your garden. The fabric has long lines marked on its surface so that you can place this fabric in your garden in a straight line while maintaining a uniform distance from each strip. We saw that its fabric was woven so tightly that there was no way this fabric could allow weeds to grow by penetrating cloth. The dimensions for this fabric were 3 feet in width and 100 feet in length. So we can say that this Petgrow landscape fabric did stand up to our expectations quite well, and we suggest this product to you without a second thought.


  • The fabric controls soil erosion preventing any loss of nutrients from the soil
  • Non-toxic and heat resistant 100 feet fabric gives more coverage
  • Highly durable and Densely woven polypropylene fabric
  • High permeability of air and water for plant growth

6. Dewitt Sunbelt SBLT4300 Commercial Grade Weed Barrier

DeWitt SBLT4300 4-Feet Width by 300-Feet Length Sunbelt Ground Cover Weed Barrier image

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DeWitt Sunbelt ground cover has all the needed features one might look for in the case of a weed barrier fabric. This shield can be used comfortably in nurseries, gardens, and greenhouses for an organized and protected row of saplings. As this DeWitt Sunbelt was completely ultraviolet rays proof, we could rest assured knowing the plants and soil would not be affected by any harmful external factors. You can finally stop using chemicals to stop weeds as herbicides and start using this eco-friendly solution.

This Sunbelt weed barrier is a one-time investment that you can rely upon and save a great amount of money by only avoiding chemicals and monthly investments. The Dewitt weed barrier is guaranteed to last for 5 to 6 years before needing a replacement. Also, we tested that this product is so strongly woven that it can not even be torn or tampered with without applying a lot of force. This weed barrier has yellow-colored stripes painted on it with a gap of 12 inches to indicate where you should plant your saplings, maintaining a healthy distance. The Dewitt sunbelt measures 4 feet in width and 300 feet in length.


  • An eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to control weeds with its long-lasting performance
  • The weed barrier minimizes the sunlight and provides Ultraviolet rays stability
  • Permeable to water and air and a low-cost substitute for costly measures
  • Yellow strips for a 12-inch design with a 5-year guarantee

7. Scotts 4 x 100 Feet Weed Prevention Fabric

SCOTTS 204256 Pro 4 x 100 Feet Landscape Fabric Weed Barrier image

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet permanent solution to weed problems in gardening, Scotts weed barrier fabric may come in handy. That is how we came by this landscape fabric that did not impress us with its performance. Our objective was to look for a weed barrier that is not only effective but also budget-friendly. You can cut this Scotts Weed Blocker Fabric up into small pieces and then use it in your gardens where you need to control weed growth.

This landscape pro fabric is a top-quality lawn barrier capable of stopping even untimely erosion of the soil, so the quality of soil is also eventually increased, all thanks to this weed barrier. Scotts 4×100 ft fabric boasts a high permeability for water and air. So you can rest assured knowing your plants would be getting enough nutrients supply, but no weed would be able to penetrate the thick fabric of this weed barrier. The width for this weed fabric was 4 feet, and the length was 100 feet. We were utterly pleased with the performance of this particular low-cost weed mat. Hence we strongly suggest this Scott’s barrier for your gardens.


  • The Durable polyester material cut back the sun rays and was UV ray resistant
  • Resists erosion of soil and prevents any loss of efficient and fertile soil
  • High permeability allows the air and water flow for plant growth
  • This Heavy-duty weed barrier protects the roots of saplings

8. AGTEK 3×50 ft Landscape Fabric Garden Organic Weed Barrier

AGTEK 3.8oz 3x50 FT Heavy-Duty Garden Ground Cover Eco-Friendly Landscape Fabric Weed Barrier image

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Keeping your garden healthy in an organic way is always preferable over doing the same with the help of chemicals. To serve your purpose, here we have brought this AGTEK landscape fabric garden weed barrier to you. This product is an innovative way to control weed growth in your nursery or garden without chemicals in a far more natural process. This weed fabric has been produced so that the pores of the cloth are just sufficient to let the water molecules penetrate it and reach the plant directly, barring the entrance of weeds. Also, we noticed that the evaporation process of soil water also gets slower due to fabric being present around the plant, so our plants were growing pretty fast.

Generally, the nutrients that stay deep down in soil tend to get split between the growth of both plants and weeds. Using this AGTEK landscape fabric, you can stop weeds from sucking up nutrients from the soil and rather direct it solely towards the growth of your plants. So after testing this AGTEK fabric, we saw a visibly positive change in the growth of our saplings. This sheet also comes quite useful if you have pets in your house. If you are using this weed barrier around your plants, your dogs would also not be able to dig up and tear up plants from their roots. This is definitely another reason for you to get this sheet in your garden.


  • The product is so robust, so no need to worry about your pets digging up the soil and spoiling the barrier
  • Provides erosion control and can hold heavy rocks and rip rap for pathways
  • Heavy-duty pp woven fabric helps to conserve the moisture of the soil
  • Propels growth of plants by providing air and water flow

9. GardenMate Woven 6 x 33 Ft Weed Guard Fabric

GardenMate 6 x 33 feet UV stabilized Black Heavy Duty 3 oz Sheet Woven Landscape Ground Cover Weed Barrier image

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You might want to know why we included this Garden Mate weed control fabric in this top 14 best weed barrier list. We found out that high-quality pp or polypropylene fabric had been used to make this ultra-durable weed barrier. In that case, we must tell you that garden mates have a very comprehensive and elaborate range of garden supplies. This Garden Mate weed carpet is also one of their best gardening products which you should have in your house for an enhanced gardening experience. This weed sheeting is of 3 oz density which promises to be suitable for heavy-duty performance.

When looking for a tool that can save your backyard greenery from the harmful impact of weeds, you have to make sure that the product is reliable, like this Garden Mate weed barrier. This 6 feet × 33 feet weed fabric can be used for multiple purposes, like laying it underneath your flower beds, decking, drives, etc., to keep them protected and safe. Customers have reported that they have had fulfilling experiences with this weed fabric, and our observation of the same has been quite similar. Also, we found out that this weed control fabric is an utterly stabilized one. So it can prevent your plants from being degraded due to intense sunlight present all day long in hot and humid areas. Overall, our own experience has been positive enough to encourage you to go for this Garden Mate weed control fabric.


  • The versatility of usage and reduces plant degradation from sunlight
  • Permeable to water, air and nutrients and prevents any soil erosion
  • Breathable fabric promotes the growth of plants
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene fabric of 3 oz density

10. Burlapper Burlap Heavy Weight Natural Weed Barrier

Burlapper BRLP-GF12-40X15 Burlap 12 oz Heavy Weight 40 Inch x 15 Feet Garden Fabric Weed Barrier image

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Your quest for the perfect heavy burlap ends here with Burlapper Garden Fabric heavyweight. We have listed this Burlapper fabric because we could not find anything better of a heavy-duty burlap than this one even after searching for so long. This Burlapper is a true companion to your gardens if you live in a cold and chilly region where the temperature never crosses the line of 0° Celsius. This Burlapper weed control fabric is mostly used in regions where it tends to snow heavily. So you know right away that this Burlapper is a truly heavy woven one. The density for this fabric is a solid 12 oz which is thicker than almost any fabric you would get to find in stores.

If you are looking for a burlap, you surely put the safety of your trees and plants above anything else. This Burlapper garden fabric is so thick that it covers areas around your trees and shrubs very deftly. Once covered, they can not be affected easily by any sort of harsh element. In fact, the fabric is so intensely woven that it is almost 25% tighter than a Burlapper with a 10 oz density. This means that no matter how harsh the outer weather gets, the roots of your plants would stay firmly rooted into the soil. We did not regret our decision to give this Burlapper a chance in our garden. And this garden fabric served as a windscreen, sunscreen, weed barrier, erosion controller and served every other purpose wonderfully.


  • An eco-friendly addition to your garden which promotes the plant growth
  • 12 oz heavyweight burlapper fabric, which is natural and eco friendly
  • Works in a versatile manner and offers high permeability
  • Burlapper fabric is a very thick and tightly woven fabric

11. Flarmor Premium Heavy Duty Landscape Black Plastic Weed Barrier

FLARMOR Heavy Duty 4.1 oz - 3 x 300 ft Premium Landscape Fabric Woven Weed Barrier image

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Flarmor produces excellent products for powerful and durable protection of your trees from weeds. The premium quality cloth has a vast range of benefits which include excessive elasticity and top durability. The tightly woven texture lets in air, water, and nutrients to the tree. This Flarmor landscape fabric suits any kind of lawn, thanks to a handy length of 300 ft and thickness of 4.1oz. It can also be used as an enhancer of the panoramic beauty of your garden or nurseries, as we did in our garden. Also, while bringing out the beauty of your garden, this fabric does fight against erosion and protects your plants and soil from abrupt weather deterioration. This weed barrier material is completely immune to adverse environments and nature.

This product has been made of high-quality materials which do not fall weak against bases, acids, and different aggressive components that may be generally observed in the soil. Flarmor fabric material can cope with adverse weather situations, and therefore, it is genuinely an eco-friendly solution to your garden. Again, this whole installation process of this Flarmor landscape fabric gets done within only a few hours. But you have to make sure that you are acquainted with the dons and don’ts of weed barrier setting. We can assure you that when we tried to install this fabric in our gardens, we did not need any additional gadgets or help from the specialists to put this fabric in its right place. You can reduce the size of roll fabric by cutting it into small pieces with scissors for convenient installation.


  • Long life span of fabric by preventing soil erosion and high permeability
  • High quality woven fabric provides a long time protection from weeds
  • Quick installation process without the need of any professionals
  • Various purposes can be served like landscapes etc.,

12. Happybuy 3×300 ft Geotextile Under Fence Weed Barrier

Goasis Lawn 3FT x 100FT 125gsm Black Heavy Duty Garden Landscape Fabric Weed Barrier image

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We came across this top 14 list next to this Happybuy Geotextile Heavy-duty Fabric. This weed barrier is also made of high-quality pp fabric, which is also known as polypropylene. This material has excellent heat-resisting power, and it is completely non-toxic for your plants. Also, this fabric is renowned for being odorless and tasteless, which would discourage your pets from digging it and chewing fabric. Happybuy weed mat is an environmentally secure, chemically solid, and efficient corrosion solution. Happy buy fabric permitted penetration of water and oxygen that was useful for the healthy growth of our plants, while the tight shape also prevented penetration of unwanted weeds.

This Happybuy Geotextile fabric allows water to enter the plant from the soil to save the roots of your plants from being rotten. Also, it helps plants tightly hold on to the ground to save soil from erosion. You are guaranteed that this weed barrier would protect your delicate plants by deftly inhibiting UV rays from penetrating the soil with happy buy. It would prevent plants from being torn by any external and natural force. We were, in fact, able to lower usage of herbicides with the help of this 3” × 250” weed barrier fabric, thereby lowering expenses behind gardening as a whole. This happy buy landscape fabric is the best product for outdoor tasks and can be used even in your patios and walkways.


  • Very good permeability and allows air and water flow for healthy plant growth
  • Durable fabric material will last long by reducing the reinstallations
  • Very large, and the fabric material is safe and non-toxic
  • Professional standard quality for high productivity

13. Dewitt Pro P3 Weed Lawn Barrier Fabric

Dewitt P3 3 by 250 Foot 5-Ounce Pro 5 Weed Barrier Fabric image

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DeWitt P3 weed barrier is one of the most trusted fabrics available in the market with high-quality five-ounce woven, needle-punched polyester or polypropylene fabric. This best weed prevention fabric is designed mainly for industrial use and professional use. Dewitt Pro P3 has been ruling the kingdom of landscape architects and garden care since the moment of its establishment. So we were not surprised to see that this weed barrier fabric did its job perfectly well back in our garden. This Dewitt P3 conserves soil’s natural moisture, increases the growth of plants, and forestalls unwanted weeds from kicking in.

We were impressed that this Dewitt pro-5 landscape fabric is the only fabric that is completely hydrophilic treated. Therefore, it does let air, water, and other essential nutrients in plants. This way, the steady growth of your plants becomes quite obvious, and noticeably, your garden gets itself freed from the grasp of weeds. We noted that this DeWitt p3 fabric is colored black on the upper surface for maximum heat absorption and reduces heat intensity to a great extent. This keeps your plants from getting overheated. In the final say, we can ultimately affirm that this weed barrier is worth your choice.


  • Multiple layer technology is incorporated with high permeability
  • The fabric Preserves soil moisture and needs less watering
  • It is a Needle-punched woven robust polypropylene fabric 
  • Heavy-duty 3 × 250 feet weed control landscape fabric

14. AGTEK 4×12 ft Heavy Duty Ground Cover Weed Shield Fabric

AGTEK 4x12 FT Heavy Duty Ground Cover Pack of 2 Landscape Fabric Weed Barrier image

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The weed barrier fabrics from AGTEK are made from heavy-duty woven fabric. Although AGTEK ground cover is of high-density materials, water and air can easily penetrate the fabric. So you do not have to worry about no water supply being provided through heavy fabric material. The main aim of AGTEK is to offer gardeners and farmers a top-notch product and impenetrable weed cover of unequaled quality. We were indeed satisfied with the fabric quality of the product, as we felt that it was just perfect for stopping weeds from growing.

This AGTEK ground cover fabric is of absolutely superior quality as it can even resist harms done by ultraviolet rays of the sun. So you know that this fabric barrier would not give up on protecting your plants from external forces of nature. The barrier needs to prevent any damage to the roots of your plants, and AGTEK does it perfectly. You can make use of this best weed barrier fabric in not only your gardens but also in driveways, firms, and lawns to protect them from weeds and beautify the appearance of your property. We can guarantee from our own experience that you would be satisfied with this 4” × 12” long-lasting and efficient performance of this AGTEK landscaping fabric.


  • Chemical-free weed control preserves the fertility and nutrients of the soil
  • Lets oxygen and nutrients in by offering high permeability for the fabric
  • Holds soil moisture intact and decreases evaporation 
  • Highly woven robust fabric at a budget-friendly rate

Buying Guide

So as you can comprehend by now, the main motive of owning a weed barrier in your house is to offer a better growing experience to your plants. While a chemical herbicide is not really very healthy of an option to stop the growth of weeds in your garden, a weed barrier does the job very well without inflicting any sort of damage to the plants. Now there are some matters that you need to know before buying a weed barrier for your garden. Let us discuss those factors in the following points.

How to Install Weed Barrier?

  1. First, you would have to prepare the ground. For that, start with cleaning the whole area and plucking any pre-existing weeds from their roots so that they can not grow back.
  2. Now you have to flatten the surface by clearing away any kind of objects that may lead to the tearing of weed fabric. Remove twigs, sticks, or rocks from the area.
  3. Once you have removed all sharp objects, it is time for you to make use of a rake to loosen up the soil of that area and, if needed, fill in holes evenly with soil.
  4. If you want to amend anything in soil, now is the time to do that. Alter soil type if you wish, because, after that, you would not be able to change soil even if it is needed.
  5. Now lay fabric flat on the surface tightly. Make sure to stretch the edges and corners of the fabric so that they cover the area fully.
  6. Cut the excess cloth, which is not needed. And always maintain a 6 inch overlapping in joints of weed barrier patches to prevent weeds from flourishing there.
  7. Once your installation done, it is your time to cover the fabric with mulch, pavers, and gravel from above. This way, the fabric would remain intact in its place.

How to Use Weed Barrier?

  • To use the weed barrier is as easy as a breeze. You just have to roll it out and then use a galvanized lawn stapler to keep the roll patches tightly fixed on the soil. 
  • We know that staples are the easiest to use and the handiest device to conserve weed barrier fabric in the region. 
  • This way, you can save your weed barrier fabric from blowing up on a notably windy day, even though you can rest assured such things do not usually happen. 
  • You can find that sandbags and rocks are simply as effective, but they do not offer much uniformity.
  •  To apply staples, you can use a hammer and place a staple on each facet of the fabric barrier approximately every 4 to 5 toes.

Fabric vs Plastic Weed Barrier


As far as permeability is concerned, it is kind of quite predictable that plastic weed barriers are a bit ahead of fabric weed barriers. It is hard for weed roots to permeate hard plastic covers than to permeate a fabric barrier. So if the permeability is being talked about, plastic barriers are better.


Plastic weed barriers are impermeable, so it is nothing but natural that they are unbreathable as well. If you have installed a plastic barrier around your plants, that barrier will prevent weed from entering the region and stop water, air, and other nutrients from entering plants. So fabric barriers, being the exact opposite of this, are far more reasonable.


Plastics come first on the list when we name non-biodegradable and harmful materials that affect nature. If you have installed a plastic weed barrier in your garden, it would eventually pile up to be only a load of plastic when its usability gets over. But when your fabric weed barriers stop working, you can dispose of them anywhere as they are biodegradable weed barrier fabrics.


Plastic landscape barriers are prone to be damaged if and when they stay exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. So even if your plastic barriers are designed to serve you long, they would eventually start getting damaged due to the high sun heat. But fabric weed barriers are not sensitive to sunlight, and therefore, they have better durability.

Benefits of Using Weed Barriers

  • To a certain level, using weed barriers stops the growth of unwanted weeds as it stops sunlight from reaching the weeds, and as a result, those weeds do not grow fast.
  • Long-lasting fabric weed barriers known for being cost-effective as you can cut down the expenses behind chemical herbicides that you need to buy every month.
  • These weed barriers take care of nature and the environment perfectly well as they are often made out of recycled products. They also do not contain any kind of chemicals.
  • Plastic weed barriers are impermeable to water and oxygen, but fabric barriers are owners of small pores which let water pass through the fabric.
  • No more frequent watering needed if you have a fabric weed barrier. These barriers tend to lock up moisture in the soil and prevent fast evaporation.

How do Weed Barriers Work?

Weed barriers specially brought into existence due to the fact that chemicals do harm your trees to a great extent while keeping weeds away. So weed barriers the physical format of herbicide but in a non-toxic way. These barriers do lie around plants and protect them from an invasion of weeds. As soil remains covered up, sunlight or oxygen do have to go through the fabric in order to reach the soil, which naturally results in a delay of growth in weeds. Also, as you pit some mulch or bark above the weed fabric surface, it remains glued to soil and serves the aesthetic purpose of making your garden look pleasant.

DIY Weed Barrier

  1. Try to make use of things that you can easily get your hands on. Find some old newspapers and soak them in water until they are completely dunked.
  2. Now mark the area that you want to cover in your lawn. After that, start covering those areas with damp newspapers.
  3. After you have done laying down papers in proper places, make a selection of mulch that you would like to add on top of the paper.
  4. Always consider removing weeds from that area first. If not, then wait for some days until the newspaper is completely settled over the area.
  5. Now the bigger your area is, the more you have to work. Just keep repeating the above process until the whole of your area is covered.
  6. Within a few days, you would start seeing positive changes in your garden, as the paper you have used would also nourish the soil.
  7. Repeat this whole process regularly, say once in a month, is the right choice here.

Who Makes the Best Weed Barrier for Garden?


This company was established by Larry DeWitt in 1977 when there was no other way to control weeds other than black plastics. After the establishment, DeWitt never had to look back as they became one of the towering figures in the field of landscaping. In more than 70% of industrial landscaping jobs, Dewitt is now used as the first choice. So you trust DeWitt with making your garden a safe place for your plants.

Sta Green Ultimate

Sta Green ultimate weed barrier is a brand to trust if you are looking for a weed fabric that is hard as anything. They make the most reliable weed barriers for your garden, which is guaranteed to last really long. Their products do have a long 30 years of weed protection guarantee, which can outwit the toughest of weeds. You can completely rely on this Lowes original Sta Green weed barrier in case of saving your plants.


This company first set its foot in the industry of lawn and garden care in the year 1868. Since then, this company has been manufacturing and selling lawn products and has become one of the most favorites among its customers. The company has been working closely with the most pioneering industrial business conglomerates to improve their product manufacturing. You will not be regretting your decision if you give this Scotts chance with your lawns and gardens.

What to Look for While Buying a Weed Barrier?

There are certain things you have to keep in mind while buying a roll of weed barrier fabric because not all the products have the potential to stand up to your level of expectations. So here we have pointed out these factors, which you need to check whether they are present in your weed fabric or not.

Non-woven Barrier

Yes, though it might be a bit paradoxical, non-woven weed barriers do really perform a great job protecting your trees from weeds. As these barriers lay around your plants and the fact that they have no holes in them, the water supply and air supply are cut. This stops the weeds from growing in the garden.

Woven Material

Non-woven weed barrier fabrics are great to control weed growth, but you have to ensure that your plants are also getting enough nutrition from the soil. Therefore, this woven fabric is a considerable factor in the case of weed barriers. Choose a rightly thick barrier that is porous yet non- penetrable for the weeds. This would supply water to the plant but would not allow weeds to grow.

Thickness of Fabric

Now, this is a really important aspect of choosing the right weed barrier fabric for your garden. As the thickness of the fabric increases, the effectiveness of the weed barrier increases as well. Tough weeds do not get to bloom through the thicker fabric, and therefore, you know that you have to go for a fabric with a higher density.

Color of the Fabric

Now, the color of a weed control fabric has its own psychology. Most brands do prepare weed fabrics with color shades of a darker tone, like, black, pitch black, and dark grey. But a weed fabric with dark brown color is way more suitable as it completely resembles the natural color of earth and stays all camouflaged in-ground, providing you with a natural vibe.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the best weed barrier?

We have provided the best 14 weed barrier fabric in the list given above. All of those products are capable of keeping your garden safe and free from weeds.

Q. Does weed barrier fabric work?

With proper care on a regular basis, yes, they do work. But you would have to make sure to take care of the weed roots plucking every once in a month.

Q. What to put under rocks to prevent weeds?

First, you would have to clean the area and cover it with the fabric. After that, you can put mulch, bark, and other substances above it and then put rocks over it.

Q. How long does weed barrier last?

Naturally, a good quality weed barrier would last for about 5 to 6 years before needing a replacement.

Q. When to use weed barrier?

If your garden is always growing weeds, no matter how hard you try to prevent it with chemicals, it is time to stop using chemicals and shift to a weed barrier.

Q. What is weed barrier made of?

Weed barrier fabrics are generally made of biodegradable products, most commonly polyester or polypropylene fabric, known as pp fabric.


Now that you have completed this whole review on best weed barriers, you should have most probably come to know by now that weed barriers are of different types. And which fabric you choose for your garden solely depends on the frequency of your lawn growing weeds. If your house is in a hilly and chilly region, it’s better to shop for a thick fabric with 12 oz density, as we have already mentioned in the list. Other factors are equally important in deciding the fate of your plants. Therefore, we wish that this review has played its part in guiding you through the process of best weed control matting selection.

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