The 12 Best Invisible Dog Fences – To Keep Pets Secure in Your Yard

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Dogs are human beings’ best buddies for centuries. Everyone loves whelps, especially pet parents who care about their fur mates more than anything. But what if their pupper gets outside the house or garden and gets into an accident? We know how heartbreaking and worrisome those situations can be. Controlling fuzzies is not that easy task. Yet fret not, as we actually have a solution up our sleeves to minimize such mishaps. Underground dog fence installation is the smartest solution here that you must take recourse to if you want to eliminate the fear of losing pups to roads.

Basically, invisible dog fence are a brilliant way to prevent curious and naughty doggos from going out of their playing grounds. These fences are installed around a lawn or garden area, and then they stay glued to the ground. Therefore, it is not very likely that a pet would notice this fence. If at all pets notice and approach this fence, a collar around their neck would give them a harmless electric shock to stop them from going out. Thus, no more running out and harming themselves. Now, in this review, we picked the 12 best underground dog fences that are exclusive in preventing whelps from wandering outside any set premises.

Top Rated Underground Dog Fence Reviews -According to Experts

There are many underground fences for dogs that are pretty good at doing their job. However, some of them are not very effective in producing the required amount of electricity to scare pets and stop them. Again, some other fences produce power in such an amount that canines can even get hurt! So it brings in the need to carefully assess and pick the best dog fence system, and we are gladly stating that we have done this specific job for you.

12 Best Underground Dog Fence for the Money 2023


PetSafe PWF00-14040 Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range image

PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers

  • Static Stimulation
  • Add Unlimited Barrier
  • Effective Training Tool
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


PetSafe PIG00-14582 Basic In-Ground Electric Dog and Cat Fence with Waterproof and Battery-Operated Training Collar image

PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence

  • Suitable to Secure 1/3 Acre
  • Rechargeable collar
  • Extra UltraLight Collar
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


SportDOG Brand SDF-CT 100 Acre Capability In-Ground Wire Electric Fence image

SportDOG Brand Contain + Train System

  • Easy-to-install
  • Waterproof Technology
  • Expandable to Contain 100 Acres
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


PetSafe PIF00-13672 Stay and Play Wireless Above Ground Electric Stubborn Dogs Fence with Waterproof and Rechargeable Training Collar image

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence

  • Waterproof & Rechargeable Training Collar
  • Long Battery Life
  • Cross Compatible
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


PetSafe Stay _ Play PIF00-13210 Waterproof _ Rechargeable Above Ground Electric Compact Wireless Fence image

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless Fence

  • Adjustable circular range
  • Portable yet Powerful
  • Multiple Transmitters
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


PetSafe Ultimate 16 Gauge Wire Kit Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence image

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence

  • Durable
  • 16-gauge solid copper wire
  • 1 acre of safe play area
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Petsafe PIF-275-19 Bonus 2 Batteries 5 Adjustable Levels Wireless Fence Collar image

Petsafe Wireless Fence Collar

  • Waterproof Receiver
  • 5 Adjustable Levels of correction
  • Low battery indicator
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


JUSTPET C-100 Wireless Dog Fence Adjustable Control Range 10 to 900 Feet Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Collar image

JUSTPET C-100 Wireless Dog Fence

  • Intelligent wireless fence system
  • Vibration mode
  • Electric Pet Containment System
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Extreme Dog Fence 1D500FT Second Generation 500_ Standard Grade Fence image

eXtreme Digital In Ground Dog Fence

  • Covers Up to 6 Acres
  • Water Resistant
  • 20 Gauge Boundary Wire
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


PetSafe PIG00-11116 YardMax 20 Gauge Wire Kit Rechargeable In-Ground Fence image

PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable Fence

  • Fits 5 lbs+ dogs with 6-28 inch neck size
  • 5 levels of adjustable static correction
  • 1/3 acre boundary
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


Sit Boo-Boo IPV7 Waterproof Collar In Ground _ Above Ground Installation Advanced Electric Fence image

Sit Boo Boo Flextrainer Hidden Fence

  • Suitable for Pets Over 10lbs
  • Lightening Resistant
  • Run Through Prevention
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


PetSafe PIF-300-RFA Wireless Fence with Extra Battery Pack image

PetSafe Wireless Fence Kit

  • Can adjust to a circular area of ½ acre
  • Completely wireless and portable
  • 2 extra RFA-67D batteries
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1

1. PetSafe Pawz Away Mini Add A Barrier System

What We Like?

  • Requires 3 AAA cells for better performance
  • Less trouble with a wireless pet gate
  • Sets barriers by marking range
  • Can create barriers anywhere
  • Goes well with many collars
  • Long lasting product life

It can be a problem if doggies have a tendency to always sneak into loos or out of houses. For facing such issues, PetSafe Pawz comes to our rescue, which easily sets virtual barriers preventing pets from going to places that they aren’t supposed to. All you need to do is simply fix this device on any wall, floor or keep it on any furniture where you do not want doggos to enter. That’s it! Every time a pet gets near any restricted area, it knows immediately that it is off-limits. We promise that its functioning will make your purchase a worthy one.

Pawz’s pet barrier is the best wireless underground dog fence, which implies that it won’t ask for much effort to install. It needs 3 AAA batteries to keep working seamlessly and ensures a very enduring and long-lasting battery life. Thus, these durable cells eliminate frequent buying and replacing of them. Anyone can literally create a virtual barrier wherever they want, be it a bedroom, lawn, kitchen, or pool. Moreover, its range setting panel allows setting scope within which a whelp is least expected to be. This PetSafe pet barrier is compatible with a large number of doggo collars.

2. PetSafe Basic Underground Electric Pet Fence System

What We Like?

  • Fits any animal with 8+ lbs and neck size 6-26 inches
  • 4 levels of static operation and one tone settings
  • Long lasting battery life of 2 months
  • Works well to cover up to 5 acres
  • Indicates when cells run low
  • Tough solid core wear

PetSafe basic in-ground dog and cat fence is a complete kit that works best in lawns and residences to give expected results. This kit package includes a good number of accessories, as we came across while unboxing it. There was a fence with an adjustable collar, a transmitter with an adaptor, batteries, 50 training flags, and many more tools. And all these components stop pups from exceeding boundaries and assist us in training them not to go to places we don’t want to when the barrier is not in action. Its 500 feet underground dog fence wire lets doggies wander a ⅓ acre yard. If one wants to extend this range, they can purchase extra wires for up to 5 acres scope.

What is more praiseworthy is that PetSafe’s fence and collar do not only help in tutoring pooches but also contribute to training kitties as well. So it is needless to say, this collar is adjustable according to any pet’s neck, as long as its neck size falls between 6-26 inches. We tried out this collar and fence both on both our pet cat and dog, and we were totally satisfied with its working ability. Besides, its cells are very durable, so one can work with them for a long time without worrying about replacing them frequently. Another highlight is when these batteries run low, the device gives out a battery alert so that one can take measures beforehand. Make sure you have used the best wire for underground dog fences to get better results.

3. SportDOG Contain + Train In-Ground Fence Kit

What We Like?

  • Static stim with 7 power levels(tone, vibration, static etc)
  • Comes along with a 2-years manufacturer warranty
  • 3 working modes for best experience
  • Easy programme with OLED display
  • Perfect for pets of 10 lbs or bigger
  • Works in up to 100 acres of land

The name of SportDog in-ground artificial fencing comes first when someone speaks of a wholesome underground electric fence for dogs. This boundary system is a total package of multiple money-worthy features that grabs an individual’s attention. But, first, allow us to introduce you to its functionality that lets it work very well even if your land is 100 acres. The device’s main goal is to control pets from crossing perimeters of any huge area. This top rated underground dog fence can work as a training system, containing system, or both.

If your doggo is a large and fluffy one with a big neck width, then this sport dog invisible fence boundary practice might end up being an apt one. Because we can assure you that it can perfectly fit any canine with a weight of 10 lbs or more. One can effectively mark out the area to be restrained and could mark a smaller area within a large area as a restrained place. Moreover, this underground dog fence for large dogs has a rechargeable, remote controllable collar that can resist water. Awesome, isn’t it?!

4. PetSafe Stubborn Dog Stay & Play Wireless Fence Receiver Collar

What We Like?

  • Dome shaped roaming area up to ¾ acres
  • Collar is rechargeable and lasts 3 weeks
  • 5 levels of static and 1 level of tone
  • Correction free home returning
  • Warn when the battery is low
  • Waterproof collar design

This PetSafe stay and play underground boarding for small doggies has managed to secure a position in this best underground fence for dogs list. Delivering an upgraded service, it becomes worthy of every penny invested in its purchase. In addition, this collar is totally waterproof, so no need to look out for pooches getting into a swimming pool or mud. Moreover, one can recharge the collar when its low battery indicator warns. It offers 5 levels of static and 1 level of tone which we can set as per our pet’s endurance.

The cell that we fitted into PetSafe’s stubborn dog fences collar worked well for about 3 weeks, which was pretty impressive compared to other standard underground dog fences. Being an underground invisible dog fence, it also evokes wonder how it works towards creating a safe playground for hounds in a circular shape. To be precise, it creates a dome-shaped boundary around residencies for felines and pooches to wander safely. It also has a correction-free home return feature making pets feel at home while playing around. The ability to fit animals’ necks of sizes 6-28 inches makes it suit for all breeds. All in all we highly recommend this product.

5. PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Ground Electric Fence

What We Like?

  • Expandable play area with the help of multiple transmitters
  • In ground 25 acres and wireless ¾ acre cover area
  • Compact transmitter with wireless receiver collar
  • Waterproof collars and rechargeable batteries
  • Correction free return home system
  • Dome shaped play area

Moving further into this best underground dog fence list, we have yet another PetSafe device for controlling naughty little fur buddies. PetSafe’s stay and play compact wireless boarding system is the complete safety for pets. All you have to do is put it in either wireless or in-ground position to mark a guarded territory for your dog. So having tried out this wireless compact fence in both ways, let us inform you about the same. We installed this barrier outside our house in the lawn area, in the in-ground position. And also, we have used it as a wireless one inside the house to stop our pets from going to the kitchen or washroom area. Surprisingly it worked outstandingly in both aspects.

One major attractive feature of this very Petsafe wireless fence that makes everyone impressed is that one can alter the play area of a pooch. It means you can add more ground to the upper limits of operation. For this specific purpose, anyone can buy one or two additional compact transmitters to add more play areas for their fluffy friends. This electric fence stops a dog from going out of its play area unless allowed by its owner to exceed fences. Moreover, inbuilt correction-free return home feature automatically allows canines to come back home freely, without restricting them from entering residential spaces.

6. PetSafe Stubborn Dog Ultimate In-Ground Fence Kit

What We Like?

  • Run through prevention and auto shut-off after 30 seconds
  • Tone and vibration mode with 5 level static correction
  • Suitable for 8 lbs dogs with 6-26 inch neck size
  • Additional yard coverage up to 25 acres
  • Waterproof collar for long lasting use
  • Heavily protected copper wire

Having headstrong and stubborn hounds that do not listen to commands no matter how hard we try may cause serious problems. That’s why this in ground pet fences from PetSafe comes into the picture, known to train tough dogs by making sure they do not leave their set perimeters. These stubborn dog fences effectively create an invisible border around lawns, gardens, houses, etc., to prevent pets from wandering off. By giving a slight, harmless shock, the device scares whelps from going places where they are not supposed to.

PetSafe’s in-ground fence, when installed in a lawn or garden, there will be a barrier created instantly to restrain the path of movement for pups. If a pet approaches any borderline, owners will know it at that very moment by strong beeping sounds and vibration from the device and their pet’s collar. 16-gauge heavy duty Copper wires used in fencing are very securely protected with a 45 mm layer jacket to sustain any harsh weather conditions. If a doggo manages to run through a fence, this electric fencing for dog will produce a strong yet harmless electric barrier that shuts itself off automatically after a few seconds ensuring a pet’s safety.

7. Petsafe 5 Adjustable Levels Wireless Fence Collar

What We Like?

  • Perfect for big dogs above 8 lbs with neck size 6-28 inches
  • True fit for PetSafe wireless containment system
  • Waterproof receiver for better user experience
  • RFA-67D batteries with extra units
  • Goes with more than one pets
  • Low battery indicator light

This wireless fence collar is, in a true sense, a no-hassle underground dog fence with multiple awe-worthy features to grab one’s attention. Petsafe waterproof wireless barrier collar can be your new favorite if you plan to buy this one while reading various underground electric dog fence reviews. As with most other PetSafe fences, this collar too is a good fit for hounds above 8 lbs of mass and with a neck width of 6 – 28 inches. So you can know for sure that no matter which breed of pup you have in your house, this collar would fit almost aptly.

For people who own more than one pet in their residencies and are in a desperate need to find a collar that restricts all pets, this is a perfectly wise pick. Well, PetSafe’s waterproof wireless fence collar proves very effective and money-worthy, as this virtual fencing device will be compatible with more than one dog. All it demands is just receivers. RFA-67D batteries are needed to get this boarding start working, and also, the package includes extra batteries. In addition, there are 5 levels of adjustments in it for correction where tone only mode alerts pooches with a warning beep.

8. JUSTPET C-100 Waterproof Rechargeable Dog Collar

What We Like?

  • Rechargeable collar for long service life
  • Waterproof collar receiver
  • Adjustable control range
  • Wireless dog fence
  • Static shock mode
  • Vibration mode

Justpet doggy fence is another great example of a transmitted pet containment system that keeps whelps from running away onto streets. First few months of training pups may be a bit tough for owners as they continuously try to slip away from houses being curious little ones that they are. But while you have this Justpet fido barrier, you no more need to worry about pooches’ and their escapades. It has a signal indicator which indicates low battery.

This wireless best invisible fence for dogs does never fail to do its duty of keeping a watch on them. Before sending shocks, this collar sends small waves of vibration as a sign of warning. Its collar receiver comes made up of very high quality. Thus, it won’t get damaged that easily, even when it gets exposed to rain or snow. Also, there are 2 plus/minus signs on its transmitter with which anyone can change the control range of this device. The ability to extend its scope of workability from 10-900 feet area is like a cherry on top.

9. Extreme EAF100 Active Pet Fencing System

What We Like?

  • Resistant to water and submersible up to 10 inches
  • 1-year limited warranty can be extended up to 5 years
  • Compatible with more than one collar
  • 7 correction levels and 1 beep tone
  • Wire size chart given
  • 6 acres of play area

When we received the package delivery of Extreme, we got a transmitter, collar receiver, 20 gauge boundary wire, batteries, flags, and waterproof splice kits. Hence, we can say that this Extreme dog fence 2nd generation standard grade kit is a whole package of essential tools needed while training pups. This dog restrictor can smoothly cover a very large area as the playing ground for canines. Although renowned for being a compact whelp barrier, it can effectively monitor as many as 6 acres or 6000 square feet of land.

A receiver collar that you get with Extreme’s below ground fence for animals is completely waterproof. In fact, it can be submerged in the water for up to 10 inches of depth without getting damaged. So your doggo can now seamlessly swim and play in swimming pools, and you would not even have to think about batteries or the collar being hampered. In addition, we are excited to tell you that it is suitable for controlling multiple dogs via this one device. Amazing right?! One can choose from 7 correction levels along with one beep sound to train whelps properly.

10. PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence

What We Like?

  • 5 levels of static correction and 1 level of tone
  • PerfectFit design makes sure of a proper fit
  • Long lasting 3 weeks battery performance
  • Fits 5 lbs+ dogs with 6-28 inch neck size
  • Larger play area than traditional fence
  • Static free reentry of dogs

Next is this PetSafe Yardmax in-ground fence for hounds, a superior quality boarding system you should not miss the chance to check out. We liked this PetSafe barrier, among other in-ground fences, very dearly because it passed our tests with good grades. If your dog weighs more than 5 lbs and has a neck width of minimum 6 inches to a maximum 28 inches, then you can unhesitatingly go for this particular model of PetSafe Yardmax underground fence. Batteries which are used in its transmitter and receiver collar are replaceable.

This Yardmax in-ground fence has incorporated a special PerfectFit design in which this collar sits just right around your furry best friend’s neck without causing the slightest irritation. After long, uninterrupted use of almost 3 weeks, you have to change these cells. Included 500 ft wire covers up to 1/3 acres, and this coverage can get extended up to 10 acres by buying additional wires. One more thing that should add to your relief is that even if your pooch manages to get out of any boundary, it will not stop him from coming home. This is a wonderful feature making it the best underground fence for small dogs.

11. Sit Boo-Boo Flextrainer Electric Advanced In Ground & Above

What We Like?

  • Robust IPV7 collar repellent to water and cold temperatures
  • 20 gauge durable copper wire of 500 meters
  • Brilliant sensors for agile runaway pets
  • Built-in surge protection technology
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Triple layered correction

In search of an advanced electric range dog fencing that comes at a budget-friendly price, we stumbled upon Sit Boo-Boo’s dog fence. It comes with a 500 meter 20 gauge copper wire that works extraordinarily for a long-lasting period. You can, in fact, increase your doggy’s play area boundary by purchasing an additional length of copper wire. Besides, it comes equipped with high-quality and robust batteries which are rechargeable before they go off permanently after a steady usage of approximately 3 months. There are 7 correction settings including tone, vibration and static for warning animals.

Ability to expand the range of its working area for up to 20 acres with proper additional tools makes its whole purchase a satisfactory one. It has intelligent sensors which stop not only hounds from running out but also put a leash to cats’ movement out of houses. We were greatly impressed to find out that this electric fence never hurt pets while they entered their play area from outside. Auto shut-off function keeps this best electric dog fence from being too harsh on pooches and kitties.

12. Petsafe Pif-300 Wireless Fence For Dogs

What We Like?

  • Correction mode levels with one tone settings
  • Can adjust to a circular area of ½ acre
  • Wireless and portable fence system
  • 2 extra RFA-67D batteries

The main factor which draws customers to this PetSafe PIF-300 wireless fence is its extra RFA-67D batteries included in its whole package. Cells for electric pet barriers can be pretty expensive, so no one should miss the chance of grabbing this PetSafe wireless fence which includes additional batteries for future uses. This easy-to-use underground dog barrier can suit perfectly with large lawns of ½ an acre watch guarding both pups and kittens efficiently.

There are options for further customizing a certain play area. For example, anyone can expand the perimeter of a dog’s playground by simply opting for additional transmitters. Thus, it would allow creating a larger borderline area. Being a wireless fence system, it is extremely convenient and lightweight, thus becoming portable. So, if you live on rent and often need to move out or shift to other places or like to be on a roll, the device comes in handy. There are multiple static correction modes to choose from, among which none hurts pets seriously. All you gotta do is choose the right amount of correction.

Buying Guide For Best Underground Dog Fence

An electric underground dog fence may be a great solution to restrict pets from getting lost. But, it is hard to know which whelp boarding system would be good as there are many dog fences currently available. Thanks to the above best underground dog fence list, we hope readers can come to a conclusion upon which one suits their needs precisely. But knowing a mere list containing top-rated products isn’t enough. One must acquire enough knowledge regarding a canine fencing system’s types, best brands producing it, features to consider before buying, etc. Thus, here comes this detailed buying guide.

Why Should I Buy A Underground Fence?

There is never a reason good enough to stand in the path of an individual having some relaxation, especially if he/she is a proud owner of a big doggy. However, it can be a great concern if a whelp never gets tired of going outside its house and returning late. As much as having dogs as a pet is a very good idea, it may be tiresome to dedicate costly hours behind training them not to leave houses without supervision. So to face these problems, one must buy the right underground fencing that aids in the task of looking after doggos that love to go on escape trips.

Again, pups often tend to cross their play areas and face accidents on streets due to their tiny size and inexperience. In such situations, installing these underground barriers would only make it easier to track down those little fuzzies before they get run into streets. Whether your house is situated in urban areas, hilly regions, or forests, canine fences work perfectly well, protecting pets.

How Do Underground And Wireless Dog Fences Work?

In case of underground hound fences, the device stays buried slightly under ground, and there are copper wires which stay connected to a transmitter of remote control. There is also a collar usually worn by canines, and all these three stay connected. Once and when a pet approaches an underground wire, its transmitter starts sending signals to the collar worn by dogs and keeps emitting a warning beep sound. If doggies ignore these beeping sounds and try to cross boundaries, then their collars send a slight electronic correction to them, startling them from crossing perimeters.

An underground wireless dog fence works pretty much in the same way as underground electric fencing does. But a wireless fence has no physical fencing system, and it has no wires to mark boundaries, of course. So a wireless fence needs to be installed in a central position of your property, and around that, a circular area would come under vigilance. Then, whenever your dog tries to cross borders, its collar would send a slight electric shock for correction.

How To Install Underground Dog Fence

  • You have to start with charting out how much area you need to allot as a play area for pooches. Try to keep it as large as possible within the permitted limit of any dog fence.
  • Usually, 500 feet of wire is sufficient to cover an area of up to 1/3 acre in size. If a large area is to be covered, consider buying additional wires.
  • Make use of graph paper and mark out an area with a dog barrier. Note that its wires must make an uninterrupted loop back to the transmitter.
  • While setting up wires in a lawn’s corners, try to avoid making straight away right angles and keep them a bit rounded for better performance.
  • Keep the transmitter safe in a sheltered place like a garage or workshop. Try to avoid keeping it near any other electronic appliances such ACs or room heaters etc.
  • Ensure to keep wires hidden under the ground for at least 1 – 3 inches deep in soil. Otherwise, it can be damaged by mowers, or your pupper may trip over them.

Types Of Dog Fences

Wireless Electric Fences

Wireless underground electric dog fence is the best option for persons who do not want to block their garden’s aesthetic view but still want to contain their pets anyway. These fences are free from wires, so anyone can keep their transmitters in houses. By giving mild electric shocks, these types correct pets.

Wireless wifi Fence

Wireless wifi boarding works very similar to that of a wireless electric one. It does not require any kind of wires or marker to mark play areas; rather, one can set boundaries in digital numbers into its supported wifi transmitter. This type of fence is comfortably compatible with large lawns.

Picket Fences

Installing a picket fence in yards may be a good idea if you own a dog that does not bother to leave your side much until and unless it is too necessary. Dogs like Maltese and Lhasa apso are the ones a picket fence can contain, but any medium-sized mutt would be able to jump over these rails otherwise.

Chain link barriers are perfect for those doggo owners who want to get the containment work done within a small budget. These fences are generally way cheaper than those solid barriers, and therefore, more preferred. They work pretty well in medium-sized yards.

Wired Underground Fence

These types of restrictions do usually come with a wired device in which you have to place the wire around your lawn. And with the help of a trencher, you have to bury wires in the soil. It gives you signals when your dog is about to cross wires and sends beep sounds to it. If it does not work, then it issues a harmless shock as a correction.

Traditional Fences

If you have a whelp that sneaks out often, you can try using the most common and traditional wired dog fences. These boardings are high enough in height to be able to stop canines from jumping over them. But these fences also block the view for pets, so it cannot be said as a great option to contain them.

How To Find A Break In An Underground Dog Fence?

Determine The Break

To find out whether you have a break or not, first, attach a paper clip after disconnecting wires from their transmitter. If the alarm remains silenced, but the transmitter works properly, then there is a break.


You have to round up a handheld AM radio and RF choke in order to start working on finding the break.

Connecting Choke

Next, you have to connect those disconnected wires with leads of that RF choke. Then slowly put leads of that RF choke in jacks of the transmitter.

Tuning In

After this choke connecting is done, the fence would emit a radio signal which would cause an alarm signal, and you would record a low AM signal.

Finding The Break

Now, as you walk past any perimeter, keep an ear attentive towards where the beeping signal sound is tuning weakly. Spot that place and dig up the ground until you find the break.

How To Bury Underground Dog Fence?

Knowing exactly how to bury an underground fence is an important step in installing the best dog boarding system. Let us tell you that burying wires under the ground is not a very hard task as it seems to be if only you manage to get a trencher with you.

So what you can do is to ask for a wire trencher in any home improvement store and tool shop near you. Once you have gotten a trencher, make a trench in the soil for burying an underground pet fence. If there is an acre of land to be fenced, one can be able to finish the whole work within 3-4 hours with a proper trencher.

Wireless Dog Fence Vs Underground Dog Fence


A wireless pup fence is far more convenient to install on lawns than an underground pet fence. Wireless fences do not take hours to get installed, unlike underground fences.


It is nothing but very obvious that carrying a wireless device is much easier than carrying an underground one along with all its messy wires.


Wherever you lay the wires down, it becomes the perimeter of a dog’s play area, unlike wireless fences, which are hard to set perimeters.


Wireless barriers may, at certain times, fail to contain pets. But underground restrictors hardly miss the chance to contain them.

Who Makes Best Underground Dog Fence?


Sportdog is just like us, passionate about pooches and their well-being, making it one of the humblest brands offering safe fences. Their wide variety of products include different types of dog fences at affordable prices. With Sportdog’s invisible barrier, puppers would be free to run and live their lives without being lost. If you are looking for affordable dog fencing SportDog is a go to brand.


Extreme dog fence system is called the king of the DIY dog fence market. It also boasts an awesome team of staff who are ever so eager to help their customers out on any topic and any matter related to pet care and pet safety. In their experience of over 20 years, they are sure of being helpful in training and safeguarding animals.


PetSafe is loyally committed to serving you with only the best. It has combined innovative research along with advanced designs to bring premium-quality pet training equipment to our doorsteps. This glorious brand has been able to spread love in 52 countries, and therefore, one can say that their trust is in good hands.

Underground Dog Fence Safety

  1. Just because you are installing the perfect boarding system in residencies, it does not imply that you should not take extra measures to keep your dog safe from its hazards.
  2. Give fitting microchips a serious thought as that can keep us aware of when and where exactly our beloved pet is heading.
  3. Try to cover up wires with soil very well so that mutts do not get a hold of them by digging up.
  4. Always opt for a fence system that gives low electricity shocks enough to correct dogs, not to terrorize or injure them.
  5. Auto shut-off electric barrier is a very good choice to go for, as it stops correcting dogs as soon as it sends a slight shock. Here, a fast response is like a blessing.
  6. Look for reviews before buying an electric fence. If there is any single review regarding any serious harm on pets caused by it, quit the thought of buying it.

Factors To Consider When Looking For Best Underground Dog Fence


Fences can be mainly of 2 types, i.e., traditional or invisible. An invisible boarding might sound super smart of a solution for furry friends. But it may not be as good an option as you think when it would come to protect pets from other canines. If other hounds tend to invade your pet’s play area, then opt for a traditional fence rather than an invisible one.

Pet Size

It is also very important to consider a pet’s body size before jumping into buying a dog fence. If your fur baby is a smaller one, go for a traditional fence with small gaps so that it does not get past through it. For families with big mutts, large or invisible fences are also not a bad option.

Skill Of Pet

Dogs are generally open to adapting new tricks and methods to escape their boundaries while growing up. It might be a pleasure for them but may turn out to be a grave problem for their owners. Depending on how whelps escape their perimeters, one must choose the type of barrier system. If a pup jumps over fences, go for a taller one and if it squeezes itself through, go for an invisible one or a traditional one with smaller gaps.

Area Size

It is necessary to determine a pet’s play area first. If individuals intend to keep their fuzz companion’s play area more, they can go for larger boarding. In case they own a lawn area with many turns and tight corners and is of irregular shape, then choosing an invisible in-ground wired fence might be a good thing to do.

Auto Shut-Off

There are many in ground fence available currently, and some of them come with an auto shut-off feature. If you are sure to purchase one invisible dog fence, go for one with an auto shut-off feature that may prove to be helpful. Because if at all a pooch ignores corrections and goes out, the auto shut-off feature automatically stops electrifying them.

Correction Levels

Correction levels are another feature for paying attention to while buying an underground dog restrictor. Almost any pet barrier found online and offline comes with different correction levels or electricity to stop mutts from crossing perimeters. Opt for those boardings which are limited to giving only mild and harmless corrections to furry friends.

Frequently Ask Question

How Much Is Underground Dog Fence?

Most top-rated underground dog fences normally start from $95. However, their price can vary with features, area coverage, correction levels, etc.

How Much Is An Invisible Dog Fence?

An invisible fence for pets usually ranges between $100 to $250, depending on its specialties.

What Type Of Wire To Use For Underground Dog Fence?

You should use 12, 14, 16, and 20 gauge coated copper wires with underground dog fences. Mostly, 16 gauge copper wire is preferable.

How Deep Should An Underground Dog Fence Be?

An underground dog fence should be buried in the ground about 1 – 3 inches deep to keep it from getting damaged and puppies from tripping over it.


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