Save your Time and Energy with theses Unbreakable Trimmer Lines (2022)

Best Overall

A ANLEOLIFE 1-Pound Commercial 370-ft String Trimmer Line

A ANLEOLIFE 1-Pound Commercial Square 0.065-Inch-by-370-ft Bonus Line Cutter Orange String Trimmer Line image
  • Multi-side cords slices quickly in less time through heavier weeds
  • Bonus cutting tools makes it convenient to use
  • Has a great compatibility and is the best replacement for all electric and gas replacements

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Runner Up

Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimming Line

Arnold WLM-H65 Maxi-Edge 0.065-Inch X 220 Feet Commercial Trimmer Line image
  • Ideal for bigger works and regular use
  • Durable and can cut 3 times more area compared to the economy lines
  • Fits most of the gas and electric trimmers

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Value for Money

DEWALT DWO1DT801 50 Ft String Trimmer Line

DEWALT DWO1DT801 50-Feet by 0.080-Inch String Trimmer Line image
  • Built with Flexible and impact resistant materials
  • Aerodynamic design for cordless cutting efficiency
  • This 50 ft trimmer line comes with 0.080 inch diameter used for both trimming and edging

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A pretty garden or lawn is like an ornament to the house. It makes your home look lively and gives you a soothing relaxation with a nice view of it. But, a good lawn requires a lot of hard work. First, you need to maintain and look after it properly. As everyone knows, lawns require frequent trimming and maintenance. One of the main reasons for trimming gardens is the growth of weeds. Weeds are unwanted plants that compete for nutrients with the essential plants in your garden and harm them. To control their growth, you must trim your garden with a the best trimmer line.

A trimming line is a tool for cutting weeds or grasses in your lawn. Unlike traditional trimming tools, they do not have blades to do the job but fibre lines or strings. These lines should be made of good quality materials so that they can cut grass and weed effectively. Trimmers with line work in a cleaner and safer way than blade trimmers. Today, there are many options available in the market for a trimming line. To help you decide the best one for you, we have curated a list of the best trimming lines available on Amazon.

1. A ANLEOLIFE .065-Inch 370-ft Commercial Trimmer Line

A ANLEOLIFE 1-Pound Commercial Square 0.065-Inch-by-370-ft Bonus Line Cutter Orange String Trimmer Line image

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With the first position on our list, A ANLEOLIFE 1-Pound .065-Inch-by-370-ft String Trimmer Line Donut has succeeded in impressing us. A ANLEOLIFE’s efficiency is its best point. It is a multi-sided cord which means cutting weeds and grasses would be an easy and fast job. And from our experience, the process was indeed very fast. It has a diameter of 0.065 inches which is ideal for cutting thick weeds. The total length of the string is a good 960 feet. In our opinion, this length is enough to last a long time.

The A ANLEOLIFE .065″ Weed Whip String is compatible with many trimming line devices like Black+Decker, Ryobi, Craftsman, Husqvarna and many more. Trimming lines are required to be strong enough to be able to cut plants and last long. The A ANLEOLIFE weed trimmer line is made of nylon 66 copolymer, which is very tough and powerful for cutting weeds. We noticed that no amount of rocks or obstacles were able to damage this string. So, we would say you don’t have to worry about the lifetime of this product. You get this great product at an affordable price of fewer than twenty dollars.


  • Made from nylon 66 copolymer for heavy impact and withstand any damage
  • Compatible with many all popular string trimmers in the market
  • The cord is multi-sided to cut through the heavier weeds easily
  • There are included bonus cutting tools for easy installation

2. Arnold Maxi-Edge 0.65″ Strongest Weed Eater String

Arnold WLM-H65 Maxi-Edge 0.065-Inch X 220 Feet Commercial Trimmer Line image

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The second position is bagged by the Arnold Maxi-Edge .065-Inch Trimmer Line. Using this weed whacker string, you can get rid of any unwanted grasses or weeds easily. It features a six-point star line string which works better than other shapes of string. It can efficiently cut thick weeds and slash them. Its two hundred twenty feet long length can last through multiple seasons of trimming. We were happy to see that this Arnold commercial trimmer cut three times more area than other trimmer lines that we have tested.

The Arnold Maxi Edge Trimmer Line is a heavy-duty weed eater that can handle big jobs effortlessly. It has a universal fit which means that it can work with most gas and an electric trimmer. So, you would not have to worry about compatibility with this weed string. Other than this, this Arnold Maxi-Edge line contains 11 refills so that you can use this product for as long as you want. Arnold has also included cutting tools to make your job much easier. We believe that Arnold Max-Edge is the perfect option for a trimmer line.


  • 0.065 inches diameter trimmer line to handle any professional jobs efficiently
  • The trimming line is a universal fit and compatible with almost all whackers
  • Six-point star line shape for efficient cutting of even the thicker grass
  • As it contains 11 refills, it is very money worthy purchase

3. DEWALT DWO1DT801 50 Ft Unbreakable Weed Eater String

DEWALT DWO1DT801 50-Feet by 0.080-Inch String Trimmer Line image

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The third product on our list is a must-have for every gardener worried about weed growth in their garden. It is the DEWALT DWO1DT801 String Trimmer Line. This weed cutting line caught our attention with its great performance. Made of impact-resistant materials, the DEWALT weed eater line cut the thickest of weeds without any difficulty. Thanks to its flexible nature, the string could tackle hard obstacles without breaking. In this product, you get 50 feet of string to use with your trimmer. We believe this length of string could easily last a while.

The DEWALT DWO1DT801 is compatible with the Dewalt Single and Dual Line weed eaters. You can use them for trimming and edging weeds and grasses in your lawn. To increase efficiency, the DEWALT string trimmer line has an aerodynamic line. Its 0.080 inches of diameter is helpful for the fast cutting of weeds. Installing this weed eater string was not a difficult job at all. You just have to wrap the refill around the spool of the trimmer, and you are good to go. The bright yellow and black colour combination provides high visibility.


  • The trimmer line is fifty feet in length and comes in handy for multiple uses
  • Made from flexible and impact-resistant materials for more longevity
  • 0.080-inch diameter line is manufactured with more durability
  • The aerodynamic line for professional range grass cutting

4. Weed Warrior 17066 Pulverizer Twist Heavy Duty Trimmer Line

Weed Warrior 17066 .065-inches Diameter x 100 feet Bi-Component Twist Trimmer Line image

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Weed Warrior is a well-known brand when it comes to gardening tools. Their products are tested for quality in labs and are then supplied. This time too, they have managed to impress us with the Weed Warrior 17066 .065″ Heavy Duty Weed Eater String. Their trimmer line is made from tough nylon, which makes it last longer. Its aerodynamic shape reduces vibration felt. Due to this, the cut you get is more even and clean. The string has a diameter of 0.065 inches which is sufficient for cutting average to thick weeds.

The Weed Warrior 17066 has a twisted design that helps it easily cut the most difficult grasses and weeds. The Weed Warrior product can be used with any trimmer of any brand like Cub Cadet, Black+Decker, Ryobi, Echo and many more. This twisted weed trimmer is available in three different diameters for you to choose from. It has a good length of 100 feet which can last quite long. If you wish, you can also choose the 40 feet length. This Weed Warrior trimmer line is one of the most affordable yet efficient strings that we have tested.


  • Made from nylon resins for more durability and even useful for commercial use
  • The aerodynamic shaped design will prevent any vibrations during the operation
  • 0.065 inches diameter trimmer line compatible with most of the trimmers
  • Twisted design for most efficient cutting even through thicker grass

5. Husqvarna .095-Inch Titanium Force Grass Trimmer Line

Husqvarna Titanium 0.095 inches By 0.5 inches Orange and Gray Force String Trimmer Lines image

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The Husqvarna Titanium Force 0.095″ is a commercial grade trimmer line that works wonders when it comes to cutting weeds. A trimmer string of a diameter 0.095 inches is considered perfect for cutting thick and difficult weeds. And Husqvarna seems to be well aware of this fact. That is why their Titanium Force String Trimmer has a diameter of 0.095 inches. Based on cutting edge technology, it is designed to have faster acceleration. A faster acceleration ensures better and smooth performance. This way, your trimmer consumes less fuel. In addition, it is long enough to be used for multiple trimming seasons.

The most impressive thing about the Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line was its low noise. We noticed that the reason for its fifty per cent less noise is its patented design. This makes the Husqvarna trimmer line a perfect choice for those who like a quiet working environment. It is compatible with all standard trimmers for cutting weeds. The orange and grey colour provides great visibility even in low light. In our opinion, this Husqvarna Titanium Force String Trimmer Line is an excellent product.


  • All the included features will reduce the power consumption  of string trimmer 
  • High cutting efficiency ensures it cuts through even the thickest grass
  • The trimmer line reaches fast acceleration for better performance
  • These weed wacker strings will reduce the noise by 50%

6. Greenworks .065″ Single Line Cordless Line Trimmer Replacement Spool

Greenworks 29252 0.065-Inch Single Line 3-Pack String Trimmer Replacement Spool image

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The next product on our list is the Greenworks .065-Inch 29252 Replacement Spool 3-Pack. This product is very deserving of a promising position on our list because of its great performance. Made especially for Greenworks Single Line trimmers, it is compatible with the model numbers 21342, 2100302, 2102902, 2103202. So, if you have any Greenworks Single Line trimmer of these model numbers, then this product is the right choice for you. Additionally, it can work with 24V as well as a 40V string trimmer. The 0.065 inches of diameter is ideal for cutting all kinds of weed.

The Greenworks .065-Inch Single Line String Trimmer contains three good quality replacement spools for use with single line trimmers. Each spoon contains a twenty feet long string line, which can last long enough for multiple cuttings. What we loved most about this product is its tool-less installation. The string pops in and out of the trimmer, making usage of Greenworks 29252 a very easy task. Other than that, the cutting process was very smooth and clean. We think this product is a must-have for all the Greenworks Single Line trimmer users.


  • Very easy installation process that can be done without any professional help 
  • Contains three spools so no need to repurchase frequently
  • 0.065 inches diameter for better and efficient cutting
  • Compatible with Greenworks single line trimmers

7. X Home AF-100 6 Spool Weed Eater Cord with Cap

X Home AF-100 Weed Eater Spools and Cap Combo Set (6 x Spool + 1 x Cap) image

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Next, we have the X Home AF-100 Spool. If you are looking for an ideal string line for your Black+Decker trimmer, then this product might be the one for you. Made of polyamide, this Weedeater line can pass through hard obstacles and remain intact. Its round shape is safe for use and prevents any scratches. In this set, you get six spools along with a cap at a very affordable price. Each spool contains 30 feet of durable line with a diameter of 0.065 inches. From our experience, the string performed well and was able to cut grasses and small weeds smoothly.

The spools of X Home AF-100 Weed Eater Spools and Cap Combo Set are pre-loaded, which means you don’t have to hand wind the string. This saves a lot of valuable time and energy. The cap which comes in this pack is very helpful in protecting the lines. It also keeps the spool intact and in place. Made from good quality plastic, it is strong enough to last long. However, we would recommend having some protective measures to prevent damage from lines that are spilled. Overall, we think that the X Home AF-100 Weed Eater Spool set is an excellent and affordable choice.


  • 0.065 inches diameter preloaded spool prevents any hand winding
  • Compatible with all the Black+Decker auto-feed trimmers
  • Each spool contains a 30 feet long nylon trimmer line
  • Contains six preloaded spools for easy installation

8. Ryobi One PLUS+ .080″ Twisted Trimmer Line and Spool Replacement

Ryobi One PLUS+ AC80RL3 OEM 0.080 Inch 3 Pack Twisted Line and Spool Replacement image

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Securing a deserving position on our list, we have the Ryobi One PLUS+ AC80RL3 Twisted Line and Spool Replacement. Ryobi has been making good quality trimming lines for years. This time, they have impressed us with their twisted lines. This weed whacker line has a diameter of 0.80 inches. With this diameter, you can use this trimmer line to cut light grasses and weeds. That is why we would recommend this product for residential use only. It can be used with only electric trimmers of the Ryobi brand. If you have a Ryobi electric line trimmer of 18V,24V or 40V, then this product might be the right option for you.

The Ryobi One PLUS+ OEM .080 Inch Twisted Line for Ryobi 18v, 24v, and 40v Cordless Trimmers (3 Pack) features a twisted shape. Unlike the traditional round shape, a twisted trimmer line has more edges and can work better. It can easily slice through light weeds and bright out a clean cut. In addition, they will not break easily and can last for a long time because of their shape. In this pack, you get three spools of this Ryobi product at a price below fifteen dollars. This is a great deal which should not be missed.


  • Twisted shape line shows high durability even on the toughest grass
  • Can cut any weeds and grasses and meets all your trimming needs
  • Contains 3 pre-wound spools for easy and quick installation
  • Suitable for 18v. 24v and 40v Ryobi cordless trimmers 

9. Oregon 69-190 Magnum Gatorline Weed Wacker Wire

Oregon 69-190 0.095-Inch by 50-Foot Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line image

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The Oregon 69-190 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line .095-Inch by 50-Foot has secured a promising position in our list. It features a twisted design which not only helps to improve cutting efficiency but also reduces engine drag. Due to this, the Oregon trimmer line is much quieter than other trimmer lines. Other than this, the lines have a high strength inner core, due to which they do not break easily. Furthermore, the outer layer has a thick transparent skin that resists breaking. The outer shell also prevents welding, which means the lines won’t melt and join again. By incorporating such features in their trimmer lines, Oregon has done a good job of providing durability.

The Oregon Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line has a diameter of 0.095 inches. Due to this, the Oregon trimmer lines effectively cut thick and overgrown grasses and weeds in our garden. The lines feature a square shape which increases its efficiency and makes a clean and even pass. It is made to be compatible with most of the trimmer models of every brand. We were quite impressed with the doughnut packaging of the Oregon trimmer strings. We did not have to go through tangled lines. The lines are fifty feet long which can last for quite some time.


  • Make sure to remove any excess moisture on the trimmer line to avoid any breakage
  • Square shaped twisted design for efficient cutting even through the thickest grass
  • High strength inner core avoids any sudden breakage and prolongs its longevity
  • 0.095-inch diameter trimmer line cuts through the vegetation effortlessly

10. Oregon 21-380 Gatorline 1 lb Round String Trimmer Line

Oregon 21-380 Gatorline 1-Pound Coil of .080-Inch by 413-Foot Round String Trimmer Line image

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Oregon has made another appearance on our list, but this time it is the Oregon 21-380 Gatorline Round .080″ String Trimming Line. This Oregon product is made from high-quality nylon polymer, considered the best material for making trimmer lines. The 0.080 diameter lines are ideal for cutting lighter weeds around your house. However, we would not recommend this Oregon string trimmer line model for cutting heavy and thick weeds. This product can be used with any trimmer- gas, battery or electric of all the brands. So, you do not have to worry about compatibility.

The Oregon 21-380 is resistant to impacts and can pass hard rocks and other obstacles without breaking. Its strong black inner core adds to its durability and, at the same time, increases its cutting efficiency. Its flexible body resists breakage too. The outer shell prevents welding and makes it long-lasting. Due to its durable nature, the Oregon Gatorline 21-380 saves a lot of time and money. It features a round shape which is the most popular shape among trimmer lines. It helps for a smooth and clean cutting of grasses and weeds.


  • Most commonly used round shape trimmer line with breakage resistance 
  • Strong inner core makes it efficient for lighter to medium applications
  • 0.080-inch diameter perfect for small applications
  • Compatible with almost all popular trimmers

11. BLACK+DECKER AF100 30 Feet Wire Trimmer Line

BLACK+DECKER AF100 30-Foot 0.065-Inch Trimmer Line image

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The next product on our list is made especially for all the Black+Decker trimmer users. It is the BLACK+DECKER AF100 Trimmer Line. You can use this line with most of the models of Black+Decker trimmers, including CST1200, CST2000, GH400, GH500, GH600, GH610 and many more. It features a diameter of 0.065 inches which can effectively cut weeds and grasses. The length of the product is a good 30 feet. From our experience, this line worked for a long time and covered multiple cutting seasons. Also, you get three spools of the Black+Decker trimmer line in this package at an affordable rate of fewer than fifteen dollars.

The BLACK+DECKER 30 Foot AF100 auto feeds itself. Meaning you would not have to wind the lines by hand. This saves a lot of time and energy. It is also designed to make proper use of centrifugal force and avoid bumps and hitches. Performance-wise, the BLACK+DECKER Weed Eater Wire did not fail to impress us. It could easily slash through thick weeds and bring out a clean cut. Black+Decker is a well-known brand for trimmers, and this time too, they have seemed to maintain their standards with this product.


  • 0.65-inch diameter line is very durable and is efficient for any low level to medium level applications
  • Auto feed system saves your time by avoiding the hand-winding system
  • 30 feet long trimmer line uses centrifugal force for better performance
  • Compatible with Black+Decker trimmers

12. Weed Warrior WW Pulverizer 200 Ft .095″ Weed Trimmer Cord

Weed Warrior 16501B 0.095 inches Diameter 200ft WW Pulverizer image

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Making a second appearance, we have another Weed Warrior product on our list. This time, it is the Weed Warrior .095″ Pulverizer. This trimmer string for cutting weed is scientifically engineered to last for a long time. It is made from tough nylon resins, which provide great cutting efficiency. No matter what trimmer brand you have, this Weed Warrior product can work with it and give great results. Other than this, we were very impressed with the performance of the trimmer line as it cut weeds effectively in the first pass itself. The cutting was very smooth and even.

You can use the Weed Warrior 095 200′ WW Pulverizer not only for cutting weeds but also for various other tasks like trimming, edging and outdoor maintenance. This product can do each task efficiently and give the desired results. The line has a diameter of 0.095 inches which can be used to do heavy-duty cutting of difficult weeds. It also saves valuable gas from the trimmer. Additionally, you get a free line cutter with this pack. It has a length of two hundred feet which can last for a long period of time.


  • 0.095-inch diameter professional-grade line trimmer for all level needs
  • Made from nylon resins for long-lasting and durable performance
  • It can be used for different tasks and meets all your needs 
  • Compatible with all the famous weed whacker brands

13. Maxpower 333695 Residential Grade String for Weed Wacker

Maxpower 333695 Orange Residential Grade Round .095-Inch 855-Foot Length Trimmer Line image

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The next product on our list is the perfect solution for overgrown weeds or grasses in the garden of your home. It is the Maxpower 333695 Residential Grade Round Trimmer Line. It has a diameter of 0.095 inches which is the ideal diameter of string to cut weeds around your house. You can use this product with any trimmer of any brand that can support a 0.095-inch trimmer line. Maxpower is a trusted name when it comes to trimmer lines and other gardening tools. Their products go through thorough testing before supplying to customers.

The best thing about the Maxpower 333695 is its long length. Maxpower is giving you a trimmer line of 855 feet in length. Honestly, this is the longest line that we have tested. It can be used to have around forty-two refills. We think that this product could last a good seven to ten years. Its good quality tough material also adds up to its durability. Other than this, it is orange coloured, which helps to provide good visibility even during nighttime. All in all, this Maxpower 333695 0.095″ trimmer line is a smart choice for all garden owners.


  • 855 feet long trimmer line is worthy for your every penny as it comes for  multiple installations
  • 0.095-inch diameter spool meets all your garden needs
  • This long-lasting spool is ideal for residential use
  • Compatible with any brand weed whacker

14. GreenWorks Dual Line String Trimmer Replacement Spool

Greenworks 2900719 Dual Line 3-Pack 0.065-Inch String Trimmer Replacement Spool image

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Ending our list, we have another Greenworks product that has impressed us with its exceptional performance. The product we are talking about here is the Greenworks .065-Inch Dual Line String Trimmer Replacement Spool. Made with high-quality material, this Greenworks dual-line string trimmer can cut grasses or weeds in your garden without any difficulty. If you have Greenworks 2101602 or 2101602A dual-line string trimmers, then this string might be the right choice for you. It is made to work with these two models specifically and gives good results in both of them.

The Greenworks .065-Inch 2900719 comes in a pack of 3 replacement spools. Each spool contains lines long enough to last for multiple cuttings. It is very easy to use and handle. Even anyone who is not very handy with tools can easily use this product. We tried to use this line with trimmers other than Greenworks, but it did not fit. So, before buying this product, make sure you have the Greenworks trimmer with which this is compatible. Otherwise, it is a great string line for a trimmer with good cutting efficiency.


  • 0.065-inch diameter dual line spools are durable enough to cut through the grass efficiently
  • Good cutting efficiency and meets all the low-level needs of a garden
  • Compatible with all the Greenworks string trimmer models
  • Includes three spools, so it is a money worthy purchase

Buying Guide

After going through the best trimmer lines in the market, you may now narrow down your wish list. However, before going any further, know more about your needs in the lawn and what type of trimmer line to choose for effective working. This buying guide will help you to choose the perfect trimmer line for your garden within your budget.

What is the Trimmer Line?

A Trimmer line is a string used in line trimmers to maintain the garden. Line trimmers are tools used to cut or trim grasses and weeds. Instead of blades, they use a trimmer line to cut grass. This string  is spun at high speed, which generates a centrifugal force. This force helps to cut through grasses and weeds and make a clean trim.

How to Install a Weed Eater Line/How to String a Weed Eater?

  1. Select an ideal line
  2. Cut the required length of the line.
  3. Insert the line into your spool by passing it through the holes.
  4. According to the direction of arrows on the spool, wrap the line around it in concentric circles.
  5. After wrapping the line firmly, leave around six inches of line unwrapped at the end.
  6. Insert the spring into the shaft of the spool.
  7. Cover the shaft with the reel.
  8. Pull out the lines from the holding slots

How to Refill /Change Trimmer Line?

  1. Choose a line
  2. Untwist the knot to remove the cap of the head. 
  3. Remove the spring and other parts from the reel. 
  4. Discard the old line
  5. Using a brush, clean the area. 
  6. Put in a new line. 

Different Types of Weed Eater String


Round shaped strings generally used for residential purposes and for cutting small lawns. Usually, they are for light trimmings. Therefore, it is recommended to use around the string to trim the grass after it is mowed. Due to the absence of edges, they tear the grass instead of cutting them.


Twisted weed eater strings are an upgraded version of round strings. Their design looks like two strings twisted together to make one string. They are usually resistant to line breakage and make a clean cut. They have a more cutting edge than round strings and you can use them to cut tougher weeds.


Edged trimmer lines have multiple edges, which increase cutting efficiency. Square, five-point and six-point weed eater strings are some examples of edged trimmer lines. They are very effective in cutting dense grass and weeds. Due to their edges, they can slash the grass and make a clean and even cut.


Serrated trimmer lines mostly used by commercial landscapers. They have cutting teeth that create a saw-like motion. This helps to cut thicker grass and make a clean trim. With this weed eater trimmer line, your grass can grow healthy after every trim and be free of diseases.

Different Trimmer Line Sizes & Uses

.065 In

When it comes to light-duty use, 065-inch trimmer lines are the most common choice. They are perfect for small lawns and gardens. Trimmer lines with 0.065 diameters can be used for cutting small grass and light weeds. They are generally used for residential garden use.

.095 In

The 0.095-inch trimmer lines made to perform heavier duty than the 0.065-inch lines. While the 0.065 strings used for light use, 0.095 are for medium-duty tasks. They are ideal for trimming weeds and edging grass. They are more durable than 065-Inch. weed eater lines.

.155 In

The. 155 trimmer lines have a wide diameter of 0.155 inches. This size is considered as one of the best sizes for heavy-duty cutting of weeds. They can easily slash through dense grasses and weeds and provide an even trimming. That is why they are mostly used in commercial yards. Other than this they are resistant to breaking.

.080 In

If the 0.65-inch trimmer lines do not get your job done, then you can try the 0.080-inch trimmer lines. These weed wacker lines have a diameter of 0.080 inches which is suitable for trimming and cutting purposes of light grass. They are a better option than 0.65-inch lines.

Who Made the Best Trimmer Line?


Worx is a leading company when it comes to gardening tools. They make products intending to help their customers to take care of their home and garden. They combine innovation with functionality and deliver quality products. As a result, their trimmer lines are one of the most popular ones in the market.


Stihl is known for making high-performance trimmer lines. Their products made with a blend of polymers that ensure durability as well as functionality. In addition, they make their string line so that they can withstand high temperatures and resistance. As a result, many users trust and buy their trimmer lines.


Ego first emerged as a business in 1993 and has been growing since then. Over the years, they have become one of the largest manufacturers of tools. They produce almost ten million units each year which are sold to over sixty-five countries. Their trimmer lines are one of the strongest in the market and produce very little noise.


Echo Trimmer Line, a brand dedicated to make the best quality trimmer lines for your trimmer. They have four different kinds of trimmer strings for residential as well as commercial use. Their four designs are Black Diamond, Crossfire, Silent twist and Round. Each one of them has its own advantages along with great efficiency.


Ryobi tools is one of the top brands in the market making trimmer strings. They make products to provide convenience to its users. Not only gardening, but they also manufacture tools for plumbing, drilling, driving, cooling and many more. Their products combine versatility and quality to deliver a good performance.

What to Look for in a Trimmer Line While Buying?

Before buying a trimmer line, it is important to consider the main features of your lawn. Here we mentioned some main considerations to check before getting a brand new trimmer line for your garden. These considerations can meet any type of lawn needs.


The first thing that you should check before buying a trimmer line is whether it is compatible with your trimmer or not. Some trimmer lines are compatible with specific models. Some work with specific brands, while some have a universal fit. So, it would help if you were sure that the trimmer line you are buying could work with your trimmer model. Otherwise, you may face problems while fitting the line in the trimmer.


Trimmer lines are available in different shapes, mainly round, twisted, square, five-point and six-point. These shapes determine its cutting efficiency and its cutting process. The most standard shape for a trimmer line is round. Due to its lack of edges, round shape lines tear the grass rather than cut it. The twisted shape is a better version of a round shape but with more edges. The square, five-point and six-point can slice through the grass and give a clean cut. So, before buying a trimmer line, you should take a look at its shape.


Different trimmer lines come in different diameters. Generally, the wider the diameter, the heavier work the trimmer line can do. A thicker diameter increases its cutting efficiency as well as durability. For light to medium work, you can go for a string diameter of 0.065-0.085 inches. For medium to heavy work, the diameter should be 0.085-0.110 inches. And for very heavy work, you should buy a string with more than 0.110 inches diameter.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. Where to buy Rotary Vortex Trimmer Line?

You can buy Rotary Vortex Trimmer Line from Amazon or any other online shopping platform.

Q. How often should I replace my Weed Eater Line?

You should replace your weed eater line when it runs out and stops cutting effectively.

Q. Which Trimmer Line is best for you?

A ANLEOLIFE Commercial Square String Trimmer Line Donut is the best for every use.

Q. Is the thicker Trimmer Line better?

Yes, the thicker the trimmer line, the better it cuts.

Q. What is the Trimmer Line made of?

The Trimmer line is usually made of monofilament nylon.


We hope the review of weed eater strings gave you a better idea about all the best brands providing the trimmer lines. Every product mentioned above is suitable for all the popular weed eaters. Buying guide mentioned above will surely help you to choose the best type for your lawn. So, make sure to select a perfect weed eater line to meet all your garden needs.

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