Top 12 Tap and Die Sets – Perfect for both New & Worn Threads!

Premium Choice

Efficere 40-Piece Premium Tap and Die Set

EFFICERE Best Choice 40-Piece Essential Threading Tool SAE Inch Sizes Tap and Die Set image
  • Ensures best cutting performance with its precisely CNC machined teeth
  • Great for most of the metals like cast iron, stainless steel, copper, etc
  • Made with Industrial grade GCr15 bearing steel

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Easy to Use

Gearwrench 75 Piece Ratcheting Tap and Die Set

GEARWRENCH 3887 SAE Metric 75Pc Ratcheting Tap and Die Set image
  • Has both taper and plug taps for easy access at the right time
  • 5° ratcheting arc of T wrench eliminates hand over hand turning
  • Twist lock guide system helps in reducing the chance for die guard’s ‘walk back’

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Orion Motor Tech SAE & Metric Tap and Die Set

Orion Motor Tech 80pcs SAE _ Metric Tap and Die Set image
  • Strong and durable to tackle any tough job with ease
  • This set includes all types; Tap, T-Handle and Adjustable die wrenches
  • Highly versatile, convenient and easy to store kit

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If you deal with nuts and bolts and feel the need to tighten or loosen the screws very often, the tap and die set will surely impress you. You cannot ignore the beauty of the set as it provides several tools for accessing it at any time and any place. The process of repairing or forming the thread has been made very simple because of the number of tools offered at your reach. The market is flooded with various tap and dies set for the customers, and choosing the best out of them is surely a difficult task.

However, for your convenience, we are here with a list of the top 12 tap and die sets. This review will give you a ride to these top products. The buying guide at the end will make you more attracted to these sets as we have brought up telling you more about them and their uses. From looking up to the features to consider while buying the kit, you will be much more knowledgeable about selecting the best piece for you.

1. EFFICERE 40-Piece Tap and Die Set for Stainless Steel, Brass & More

EFFICERE Best Choice 40-Piece Essential Threading Tool SAE Inch Sizes Tap and Die Set image

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Starting from the top in providing you detailed information about the best-rated die and tap sets, Efficere Tap and Die Set ranked at number one position beating all the others in every way. Efficere is one of the most renowned brands with its most lavishing tools. It comes with a storage case and has about 40 pieces of threading tools included to ease the user. This kit is designed with GCr15 bearing steel, which increases the durability of all included essentials.

The most important factor that brings it to this top is that most buyers will find it very budget-friendly. In other words, we can say that you cannot keep yourself disappointed with this Taps and Dies Set as the money you give would be worth it. Serving you as a helping hand in doing the threading jobs is very efficient in its performance. You can cut various metal pipes and rods containing cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, carbon steel, and many more. The cutting teeth are computer numerically controlled and then heated to 60 HRC to receive the best output through this set. The versatility of this tool set will leave you impressed.


  • The benefit of a large number of tools such as tap and dies for internal and external threads respectively can be taken
  • The cutting teeth are machined with CNC and then heated to 60 HRC to get the smooth finished result
  • It can mend the damaged threads of metals like carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, cast iron
  • Set is prepared from GCr15 bearing steel, which adds life to the entire 40 pieces included

2. GEARWRENCH 3887 75 Piece Tap and Die Set for Wood and Metal

GEARWRENCH 3887 SAE Metric 75Pc Ratcheting Tap and Die Set image

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Securing second place among the others, the Gearwrench tap and die set marked its efficiency. A total of 75 pieces of various tools are provided to give you the right one at the right time. Gearwrench is the most popular brand of these kits because of its high demand. Most of the products of this brand are of large sizes. The confined and limited areas proved the best to be used by this large tap and die set. It has an adapted ratcheting design which allows the easiest movement during cutting of the threads. It has various features to attract your attention.

A patented twist-lock guide system helps keep the die at the center during the cutting process, and this will give you a perfect lock to avoid any mishaps. Consisting of another feature of auto-locking makes the easy removal of the tap adapters. Around and hex structured dies are performed through a die adapter, and they also work with a socket system. Tap and die ratcheting “T” wrenches have medium and large sizes, which give an arc for 5-degree ratcheting, and its unstable lever allows sudden movements. The front and back motion restricts hand-over-hand turning. The storage case comes with tilted tap holders, which will give you comfort in using and keeping the tools.


  • Tools are made from carbon steel which makes them durable and can withstand a large amount of force
  • Gearwrench serves you a great deal in giving you a large set of 75 essential pieces of durable tools
  • Gives you easy movement by keeping the dies at a place which in turn offers safety while cutting
  • It provides a spring loaded cap which gives the quick release of a large tap adapter

3. Orion Motor Tech SAE & Metric 80 Pieces Tap and Die Set

Orion Motor Tech 80pcs SAE _ Metric Tap and Die Set image

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Providing you with another best Tap and Die Set, Orion Motor Tech SAE & Metric taps and dies set came all the way up to attain the third position. This kit offers 80 pieces of tools for threading purposes, and you can easily fix the damaged thread. Also, this set ensures durability as the tools are from high quality and strong materials. It can be the most convenient set to justify the need for threading. The most awe-struck feature grabbed by this set is that it can fit in any toolbox, which eventually frees you from the trouble of storage. You are provided with two cases for keeping and carrying the tools with comfort.

This tap and die kit has both metric and SAE systems for measurement, confirming its versatility. A wide combination of 34 sizes of threads, 17 metrics, and 17 SAE tap and dies are found in this kit. Included thread types are NC, NPT, AND NF, which again made this kit an all-rounder. You can make a perfect hole by cutting through the tap, and then the formation of a threaded bolt can take place using the die. So you cannot be unsure of getting that perfect threading done. The tap wrench is adjustable and goes well with the outer threads up to a diameter of 25 mm. You are also given a thread pitch size gauge, which can measure the pitch of the thread and many other accessories.


  • The tools are designed with fine carbon steel which makes them strong enough to resist the pressure and increases its durability
  • Tap and Die are used to form the threaded hole and a threaded bolt. You can either form any thread with precision
  • The red case can be used for SAE size measurement while the blue case can measure the Metric size with ease
  • All the included tools of 80 pieces are very much essential and convenient to use

4. GEARWRENCH 82812 Ratcheting Large Metric Tap and Die Set

GEARWRENCH 82812 SAE Metric 114 Pc Ratcheting Tap and Die Set image

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Moving further up the ranks, the following product is the Gearwrench Ratcheting Tap and Die Set. It consists of 114 pieces of tap and dies, 48 each with both metric and SAE measurement systems. A wide range of tools offers correct sizes while threading work to the master mechanic or machine shop. Gearwrench has always been the most popular brand for tap and dies, and it indeed uses innovations to justify the works of the hard-working workers. They have designed the tools of the kit from strong and durable carbon steel.

The ratcheting design on handles and adapters allowed easy and safe movements while cutting threads. To prevent hand overturning, a reversing lever has been attached to the 5-degree ratcheting arc. There is also a twist-lock system that keeps the die centered while cutting to eliminate any injury. Round and hex-shaped dies can be cut by die adapters very effortlessly. Die adapters also hold the capability to work with a 3/8’’ Drive pass-thru ratchet along with socket accessories and a socket system. A fantastic feature of locking automatically helps in removing the tap adapters without any trouble.


  • The most eye-catching feature of this die and tape set is surely the lifetime warranty period it provides
  • The twist-lock system allows a fixed position to the die to avoid any other unnecessary movement
  • A case with a total of 114 pieces of die and taps is included, which ensures effective operation
  • A box with all the tools kept is provided for easy usage, carrying, and storage

5. Tekton 7559 39-Piece Metric Taps and Dies

TEKTON 7558 Inch 39-Piece Tap and Die Set image

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As we move further, we would like to introduce our fifth researched set for you: Tekton Tap and Die Set. There is nothing in this kit that will ever leave you disappointed. Tekton is a well-produced brand that manufactures tools and always meets the expectations of its buyers. You no longer have to be under stress to manage the light-damaged threads when this quality tap and die set comes to rescue.

The tools have a tapered design, and these tapered plugs, taps, and dies use the common style and can be operated calmly for hand threading applications. By being aware of the correct technique and using the lubricant, you can easily perform the mild cutting operations on cast iron, aluminum, carbon and steel alloy, brass, and bronze. They have a range of fine and coarse sizes up to ½ inches. A long-handled tap wrench, a T-handle tap wrench, 1/8 inches of a flat screwdriver, thread pitch gauge, and die stock. These are of one unit. There are 17 pieces of 3 and 4 flute plug type tap and dies along with others. A case for storing the tools gives you another benefit of easy storage.


  • These can be used to cut various metals such as iron, aluminium, brass, bronze and carbon and alloy steel
  • Storage case given for keeping the tools makes it easily accessible and neat organization of them
  • The tap and dies included are coarse and fine, which eliminates the chances of over threading
  • Tools in the kit are made from milled alloy steel which is of high and premium quality

6. Segomo Tools TD60MMSAE 60-Piece Tap & Die Set

Segomo Tools 60 Piece Metric & SAE Threading Tap & Die Tool Set image

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While reviewing various tap & die sets for you, we couldn’t resist talking about Segomo Tap and Die Set and ranked it in sixth place. Segomo has always excelled in keeping the promise of offering a whole variety of tool boxes. This set consists of 60 comprehensive pieces for easy external and internal threading jobs. There are various metrics and UNF tap sizes available in the kit. The tools are made and have been given a finishing look from HSS steel.

It proves very efficient in cutting steel, aluminum, cast iron, and copper without any problem. There is a flat screwdriver and a small tap chuck included in the package. You are provided with two thread gauges for measuring the pitch or lead of a screw thread. The tapered teeth initiate the threading process effortlessly by being careful not to do the over-threading. The largest sizes of tap and dies are ¾-10 UND and ¾-16 UNF. The tools have been made sharp and sturdy to perform the work efficiently. You can always find this kit at your service for commonly used sizes of tap and dies. For ensuring easy management and transportation of the tools, these come in a storage case.


  • The working tools have been made from very strong and sturdy HSS steel, giving you a surety of a long lifespan
  • Not disappointing, this tap and die set is very suitable for cutting and mending the external and internal threads
  • Feature of wide selection for metric tap sizes has proven this kit very versatile and useful
  • A point that confirms the longevity of these tools is the lifetime warranty period

7. Lang Tools 2581 Thread Restorer Die and Tap Set

Lang Tools 2581 black 26-Piece Thread Restorer Tap and Die Set image

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Still managing to be the best, Lang Tools Tap and Die Set have come across many others in achieving this position. It is a thread restorer set with 26 useful tools included and produced in the USA. We were impressed by the two sizes offered by this set. There are 7 SAE coarse die sizes, 6 SAE fine taps sizes, and 6 SAE coarse taps sizes. To tell you more, the SAE fine taps sizes are 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 27, 28 and 32. It can be used both at the industrial and personal levels without any difficulty.

You can never really be in trouble repairing the damaged threads when you have these taps by your side. You can fix threads from bolts, studs, and nuts very pleasingly. This kit will surely add a charm by being both metric and imperial. The product comes in a remarkable tray made from styrene, and it has a clean and clear cover to make the tools visible for display. With all these, it manages to be worth the price you pay to have these tools.


  • This product has a wide range of 7 SAE coarse die sizes and 6 SAE fine and coarse taps to make selections from
  • The tools are packed in a highly efficient tray made from styrene, which gives them an easy display and storage
  • Included tools can rebuild the damaged internal and external threading very efficiently and smoothly
  • Sizes of various tap and dies provided can easily be used for common bolts and nuts

8. Neiko 00908A Standard Professional Tap and Die Set

Neiko 00908A Alloy Steel 76-Piece SAE and Metric Tap and Hexagon Die Set image

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Neiko manufacturers have always survived to produce better innovative tools for their customers for personal and professional use. With so much demand, we tested their product and couldn’t stop ourselves from talking about it. Neiko Tap and Die Set have reached seventh place in our ongoing list. They have constructed the tools with premium quality of professional-grade steel which will surely enhance the lifetime of the quality tap & die set. The edges are made with titanium which confirms the sharpness during the precise cutting process. You will also be amazed to know that the sharpness of titanium lasts up to twenty times longer than steel.

You can get the screws done in a minute or two without actually placing your foot outdoors in the shop. Giving you a wide range of applications, they are designed with commonly used metric sizes. There are 76 pieces, 34 each of die and taps are included in the case. Along with this, a screwdriver pitch gauge and two T-type wrenches are also provided. The wrenches are of ¼ inches and ½ inches capacity, respectively. A carrying case is also there in the package to keep you more organized.


  • All the pieces are designed with different sizes to give you comfort while making a selection from a large variety
  • The tools are made from alloy steel, while the edges are of titanium which increases their longevity
  • With all the essentials, a toolbox for easy transportation of them is also given in the package
  • With this set, you are offered a dual measurement system of SAE and Metric

9. Gunpla 32 Pieces Tungsten Tap and Die Set

Gunpla 32 Pieces Tungsten Heavy Duty Alloy Steel Metric Screw Threads Cutting Tap and Dies Set image

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Gunpla Tap and Die Set attracted us from its very interesting features during our testing. It surely deserves to be in this position because of its versatility. There are 32 pieces included in the set, which gives you an easy operation for cutting and restoring the threads. You can find it useful at a personal as well as a professional level. The set is made up of Tungsten Alloy Steel which offers extreme durability to the product. Thread trimmers at the internals are made in three-speed versions. The tap and dies provided reduces the chances of tearing on your tooling, which on the other hand means, gives you an easy function and has a wide range of applications.

There are about 7 types of thread taps with tapers, plugs, and bottoms included too. If you ever want the cutting of the thread to the bottom, this metric tap set will always stay at your side. The die holder or stock in the package fastens the nuts in conjunction on plain rods, while the tap wrench is suitable for fastening the screws and bolts in blocks or metal sheets. A round shape has been given to the hand threading dies, which serves the excellent quality of work. Their round design perfectly fits into the T handle. To fasten or loosen the bolts, a screwdriver can play its role, and for determining the measurement of the pitch of a screw thread, a screw pitch gauge comes to the scene.


  • Tools come in a storage case made of iron which ensures managing them correctly without being disorganized
  • Tap and dies are made from Tungsten alloy steel which has high strength and is very durable
  • The given tap wrench, being adjustable, can fit into various taps and holds them in place
  • The set contains 21 taps of various sizes and structures to give you more easy operation

10. Muzerdo 86 Piece Small Tap and Die Set

Muzerdo Bearing Steel Sae and Metric 86 Piece Tap and Die Set image

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Identifying you more with our best researched products, Muzerdo Tap And Die Set has taken place at the tenth. There are 86 pieces made up of carbon chromium that tolerates steel. This high quality of carbon chromium steams more life to the tools. The amazing thing is that it is resistant to rust. A professional craftsman can use these tools without any issues. The fasteners can be rethreaded for auto and machinery repair, and you can easily perform the hand threading operations. There are two colors of the toolbox – red and blue. While the outer color is different, the inside tools are the same with even efficiency.

The measurements are of SAE Tap and Die Sizes and Metric Tap. You will receive a removable Tap Wrench and a Tap wrench with a long handle in the package. Along with this, a die handle, T Handle Tap wrench, screwdriver, screw pitch gauge with Metric and SAE have also been accommodated. All these come in a stiff plastic case. The internal thread can be processed through tapping while the external thread is done by dyeing. Muzerdo has been known to provide an easy start to the threading process. The tap and dies are of the sizes which are used very commonly for hand threading jobs.


  • The tools have been prepared from high carbon chromium bearing steel for extreme lasting performance
  • All the 86 pieces have both metric and SAE measurement systems which give so much ease to the users
  • The tools are made keeping in mind the comfort of the users. They can be used peacefully
  • A random blue or red storage case has been provided to keep the tools organized neatly

11. ABN 60-Piece Tap and Die Set Metric and SAE Standard

ABN 8766 Metric and SAE Standard Tap and Die 60-Piece Rethread Set Rethreading Kit image

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This Tap and Die Set has made its place at this number because of being very budget-friendly. ABN stands for Auto Body Now which is a company in South Dakota. They supply the highest quality products to their buyers, with over 50,000 online sales per month. The set of Tap and Die from this manufacturer is designed from alloy steel, which gives stiffness to the tools, eventually increasing their lifespan. The cutting process on several metals like aluminum, brass, stainless steel, steel, cast iron, and copper can be done without any trouble. It is designed in a way that it can fulfill all your demands of threading and cutting.

Coming with both metric and SAE systems of measurement, it confirms its convenience. The total of 60 pieces is ideal for cutting and reforming the internal and external threads to correct standards. The package will have fine and coarse threads with numbered tap and dies, and fractional taps are also included. There are NPT tap and die, thread gauge for measurement, tap and die handle, a small tap chuck, and other tools. For easy storage of these tools, you are offered a box to keep them organized and available at any time.


  • Tools are constructed from hardened alloy steel, which expands the set’s life by providing maximum strength
  • There are various contents offered in the package. Thread gauge and die handle, to name a few
  • By using this set, you can easily process the cutting and threading options up to the standard
  • It has wide applications that can efficiently cut aluminum, copper, brass, cast iron, and steel

12. Irwin 80213 High Speed Steel Tap and Die Set

Irwin 80213 High Speed Steel 6x32 NC Tap Drill Set image

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Irwin has again come up with its Tap and Drill Set. The manufacturers have mastered the art of producing the tremendous quality of taps and drills. You can count on them if you are looking for an excellent standard of a set made in the USA. Weighing about 0.64 ounces, this vintage tap and die set acts as the best helper to its users by offering the best drilling action. You can rely on this for the general purpose of threading. For the trouble-free process of tapping, the appropriate sizes of taps are concerned about offering the correct sizes for the hole.

The drill has been assembled from steel, which intervenes in quick and accurate drilling without much breakage or any complications. The taps are of plug tap types which are required at the final stage of tapping. Plug taps help to polish and furnish the thread to get it ready for the bolts. They are prepared from high-carbon steel, which is extremely durable. The materials they are produced from are very strong and easy to handle. You will receive 6-32 NC taps in this combo pack and a drill bit of 7/64 inches. They surely give you a wonderful and quality experience at a reasonable price.


  • Jobber Drill Bits, Drill Bits and Power Tools Accessories have been included as the components of this set
  • You will receive the dual combination of plug taps and 7/34 inches of drill for the best use
  • Using this Tap and Drill combo, you will get a quick and accurate drill very conveniently
  • The plug taps have been made from high carbon steel giving them high durability

Buying Guide

With the multiple available toolsets in the market, it will be challenging to choose a single one. This buying guide will help you to eliminate your stress to choose the best tap and die set. A perfect tap and die set is a better option for your workshop as it will serve multi-purpose uses.

What is a Tap and Die Set?

Tap and die set is a collection of various tools that can perform threading without any difficulty. It can be used to cut or repair any damaged threads at a personal and professional level. This set maintains all the necessary tools at a place for our convenience.

What is a Tap and Die Set Used For?

A Tap and Die Set works when you need to fix the loosened screws or remove and repair the old screws. Also, you can do the hand threading. With all the tools included in the set, you are appropriately available with all the required and common sizes.

How to Use a Tap and Die Set?

  1. Measuring the number of threads per inch of a bolt
  2. Choose an appropriate die, and create new threads
  3. Dies can also change a normal steel rod into a bolt and the rod should be beveled at the ends. 
  4. The taps are used for forming or cutting the female threads to make a place for the screw.

Tap and Die Set Uses

Tap and die sets are used for threading or the chasing process. Chasing is the procedure of cleaning the threads using the tools included in the set. Die is used to form or cut the male portion (bolt), while the tapping is required to cut or form the female portion (nuts).

How Does a Tap and Die Set Work?

When you make cuts and reform the threads into a hole or nut, tapping while you perform the same operation on bolts becomes a dying process. By determining the number of threads per inch using the gauge, the right die size is selected. The cutting through the die is performed, after which the tapping comes to the stage.

Tap and Dies Sizes

Tap and Dies come in various sizes, and there are metric tap and die sets available for common use. For multiple operations, you have got several sizes of dies and taps to use. For instance, a tap or die with ¼-20 NC cuts threads for a ¼-inch diameter screw with 20 coarse threads per inch.

Who Makes the Best Tap and Die Set?

Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight manufacturers work with a motto of producing high-quality tools at the lowest price. They make tap and die kit with SAE and Metric measurement systems of various sizes and types. Flooding the market with their premium products, they have excelled in offering their best to satisfied customers across the USA.


Gearwrench is one of the most famous brands and adapts the ratcheting design in their products to give their customers the right tool at the appropriate time. They also make use of SAE and the metric system of measurement. The products they produce are mainly used at a professional level. Using durable coatings makes their tap and die set very interesting.


Tap and die sets manufactured by Irwin last longer as they are made from HSS carbon steel. They produce the tools in various sizes, which are generally used to keep their buyers satisfied, and once can remain satisfied with the performance offered by the Irwin tap and die set. Various types of taps, such as plugged and bottom taps, are also made by them.


Craftsman is yet another brand that gives you a complete range of tap and die sets. Their various productions of tap and die kits are available in different sizes with several tools included. The tools are used to fix damaged nuts or bolts at one go, and one can also eliminate the imperfections from the threads.


This tap and die set proves to be the most versatile. The set consists of nearly every type of tap, hex dies, and drill. Also, it gives you the merit of easy maintenance. They are generally a build-up of the steel alloy, which increases the life of the tools. The fractional and metric styles offered in the products make them more unique than others.


Greenfield also makes the best tap and die set in the market with a variety of sizes. They are mostly for general purpose usage. The dies are made from carbon steel, round and adjustable, while the cut hand is made right. The taps are of HSS steel which adds life to them.

What to Look for in a Tap and Die Set?

To make your shortlisting of tap and die kit easier, here are some main considerations of the product. Make sure to check these features in the tap and die set before buying one.


First of all, you should be very crystal clear about the material the tap and die set would be made of. The tools should be strong enough to hold the excess pressure and also resist corrosion. However, you can easily find the durable quality of the tools at a handsome price as most brands have passed this criterion.

Tap Variety

After becoming clear with the material concept, you should be aware of the three types of taps that have their own use, making them unique. These are the tapper tap for the initial threading, the second tap for forming the thread, and the plug tap for furnishing the thread. Be aware that you receive all three in the set.


Yet another feature to look for during the buying of a tap and die set, make sure to know the measurements used. Generally, the set offered only the SAE system for measurement since it is common in the USA, and the other metric system is used in Europe. Make sure to buy the set containing both this system for your convenience.

Storage Case

This is the most common yet the ignored feature which is necessary to be taken care of. Most of the tap and die set has a storage case that ensures that the tools are placed neatly without any disturbance. However, always make sure that the case given is of good quality to stay longer and does it work properly.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How to use tap and die set?

To use a tap and die set, know the measurements of a number of threads per inch and then use die and tap for their respective use.

Q. Where to buy tap and die set?

The tap and die set is available at various online platforms like amazon with all their features mentioned.

Q. What is the best tap and die set?

As per our research and enormou reviews all over, the Efficere tap and die set has overwhelmed us with its features and topped our record.


So in this review, we have managed to give you in-depth detail of the Top-rated tap and die set. We have also told you about the set, its uses and named some of its brands that serve you the best products and tools. We tried to mentor you through the buying guide in choosing the best piece to match all your needs. Keeping the budget in mind, you need to focus on the correct sizes and the desired durable materials used to make these several tools. Additionally, the warranty period of the kit convinces you more that they are the best. Ease the threading process by selecting the right threading die set we have mentioned here for you.

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