10+ Finest Staple Guns of 2022 that are Super Easy to Use

Best Overall

YEAHOME 4-in-1 Upholstery Stapler Gun

YEAHOME Upholstery Heavy Duty 4-in-1 Staple Gun with 4000 Staples image
  • Strong and durable because of its chromed-steel construction
  • Comes with Bottom load design for quick loading
  • As per requirement, you can change the pressure with the screw lever

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Light Weight

WETOLS 2400 Staples 3 in 1 Manual Nail Gun

WETOLS DIY - DY808 3 in 1 Manual Nail Heavy Duty Staple Gun with 2400 Staples image
  • 3-in-1 multi-functional heavy duty staple; T-staple, U-staple & D-staple
  • Made of thick carbon steel and works on the principle of spring-back impact
  • Applicable for carpentry, upholstery, decoration, DIY, etc.

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Value for Money

Topec 3 in 1 Manual 600 Staples Nail Gun

Topec Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Manual Nail Staple Gun with 600 Staples image
  • More simple to operate than the traditional pneumatic nail gun
  • It is free to adjust the strength and can be used by any individual
  • Easy to install, use and even to clear when the staple got stuck

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Does the process of settling the staples on hard and rigid surfaces make you very troubled? If these things happen with you and you are looking for the best option that does this job within a fraction of a second. The time to let yourself be bothered by such small stuff is gone forever because now you will consider the stapling machine. These convenient devices are nothing but will significantly help you to staple or fix things powerfully on challenging surfaces like plywood, plastics, foam, leather, fabric, bakelite, masonry, etc., which are very tough to let anything penetrate inside them.

Staple guns, also known as trigger tackers, have numerous applications at various locations. They are immensely used to affix a variety of materials. This includes wrapping, wiring, carpeting, upholstery parts, craft materials, and insulating materials where staple guns are beneficial for stable fixing. They deftly allow you to fix fabrics onto your tough furniture as well with no crumples at all. Many people hesitate to purchase tracker guns because they are afraid of their safety or have less information about handling them. However, there exist some finest hand staple guns for wood that we will tell you about in our further review, which will surely save you from the trouble and revise you thoroughly about all the things about staple guns.

1. YEAHOME Upholstery 4-in-1 Heavy-Duty Staple Gun

YEAHOME Upholstery Heavy Duty 4-in-1 Staple Gun with 4000 Staples image

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The YEAHOME upholstery heavy-duty 4-in-1 Stapler Gun with 4000 staples is our most budgeted choice and ranks number 1 in our list. The upholstery staple gun features an easy squeeze and slip-resistant handle that ensures the best grip on hands. This GS-certified staple gun kit has complete accessories, including different nails and staples such as door-type staples, U-type staples, Brad nails, and Pin nails, each thousand in number. We saw that the interior magazine comprises chrome steel and a quick jam cleaning system to ensure quick and fast penetration that automatically saves your time. This rigid steel hardware provides tremendous strength, durability and shields the gun from rusting.

We observed that its dimensions are 8.1×6.9×1.65 inches and weigh only 2.44 pounds, making it extremely compact. The window option also allows you to monitor the type and number of nails/staples. We observed that this smart wiring staple gun features a handle lock to store the gun safely to prevent accidental firing. 4-in-1 here means that it accepts D-shaped, U-shaped, T-shaped, and pin staples in one load. YEAHOME staple guns are so rigid that they can easily bear heavy loads and last as long as desired. With this tool’s help, we could easily do general DIY repairs, crafting, decorating, upholstery projects, and much more. It offers 180 days money-back & replacement guarantee warranty and a full money-back & replacement guarantee.


  • Easy & relaxing to use through a slip-resistant handle for the best grip 
  • Adjustable power with the screw lever as per the requirement
  • 180 Days Money Back and Replacement Guarantee warranty
  • Bottom load design and steel magazine for quick loading
  • Chrome steel constructed a durable body/hardware

2. WETOLS 3-in-1 Manual Staple Gun with 2400 Staples

WETOLS DIY - DY808 3 in 1 Manual Nail Heavy Duty Staple Gun with 2400 Staples image

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The WETOLS heavy-duty staple gun well known for its convenience and comfort, and low price. This three-in-one multi-functional staple gun fastens its duty and works excellently with D-staple, U-staple, and T-staples. These staples are 800 each in number, which is sufficient and has a wide range of applications. The compact design and finishings are carved such that they can be used for upholstery, material repair, carpentry, decoration, and furniture. Its smart safety feature makes it suitable to be used by teenagers, women, and the elderly too.

This WETOLS DY808 is made up of thick carbon steel, which enhances its durability. Works on the principle of spring-back impact, it needs very few steps to install and operate it. We looked at its exterior outlook and found that it is dimensionally 10.67×6.54×1.85 inches and weighs only 2.94 pounds making it extremely compact and portable. It required no batteries to start its functioning and had full strip capacity. The most amazing thing that surprised us was that we could easily pull down the metal drive channel and remove the stuck nails if the nail was stuck.


  • Quickly apparent features allow removing the stuck nails for proper working 
  • Satisfactory smart accessories include three different types of staples
  • The compact and small design can be deployed for multiple uses
  • Efficient performance because of strong spring-back impact
  • Convenient to operate and install

3. Topec 3 in 1 Staple Gun for Upholstering, Carpentry & More

Topec Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Manual Nail Staple Gun with 600 Staples image

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This Topec 3 in 1 heavy-duty staple gun with 600 staples is a very convenient manual nail gun that we tested for various applications like upholstery, fixing materials, decoration, carpentry, and furniture works. This manual staple gun’s body or hardware is made from thick carbon steel to ensure rust-free hardware. We saw that its powerful performance of fixing the materials was possible because of the spring-back impact principle. It is designed to adjust the strength automatically and interestingly received GS certification too. The accessories that complete the kit and the gun are 200 Door type staples, 200 U-type staples, 200 T-type Staples, and a box.

We saw an excellent power adjustment option by using the knob of the power staple gun to adjust the pressure according to the thickness of the using surface. This made our task quicker and easier. When the nail stuck inside, the quick jam clear feature allowed us to pull down the binding switch and remove the stuck nails smoothly with zero hurdles. This option offers a high level of safety and ensures that the staple gun’s working does not stop. This product’s dimensions are 8.6 x 2.4 x 8.6 inches, and it is moderate in size and weighs only 1.4 pounds. The manufacturer offered premium service to let the professional Topec team solve our problems if we faced difficulties while using the product. We just emailed them to avail of this quick service.


  • Manual power adjustment to adjust the pressure as per material thickness
  • Premium service through email for resolving the product-related problems
  • Quick Jam cleaning option to ensure no stuck nail/staple remains inside
  • Thick carbon stainless steel hardware shields the gun from rusting
  • Easy to assemble and use because of simplified handling

4. REXBETI Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Staple Gun for Wood

REXBETI REX064 Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Staple Gun with 2600-Piece Staples image

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The REXBETI heavy duty 3 in 1 staple gun is an excellent product and ranks 4 in our list of leading tacker guns. Being light and moderate in size makes it handy and extraordinarily portable & compact. Dimensionally it is 6.5 × 4.8 × 1.9 inches and weighs 1.92 pounds. This best staple gun for wood has received GS quality certification and is much more straightforward in its functioning than traditional pneumatic nail guns. It is 3 in 1 because the kit contains 1000pc D-type staples, 800pc U-type staples, and 800pc T-type Brad nails/staples, and the gun works effectively with all three of them. This upholstery staple gun has full strip capacity and an impressive outlook with sharp finishing.

The best thing we found is that it has a rubber grip and a convenient handle lock for comfort and high-level safety. So there is no way left for hands to slip and lose grip while using this stapling machine. The body of this best upholstery stapler is made up of thick Carbon steel such that it is constructed for best durability and unbreakable rigid hardware. When the tacker gun is stuck, we have to pull down the metal drive channel and remove the stuck nails, thus making it a reliable product. Before using this gun, one thing to keep in mind is that one must make sure that the bolt fixed tight enough, otherwise, the loose bolt may come out.


  • Quick jam clean feature allows smooth removal of stuck nails staples
  • The kit has three different types of staples for multi-purposes
  • GS quality certified and thick carbon steel construction
  • Comprises comfortable rubber grip for best handling
  • A tough handle lock ensures a high level of safety

5. WORKPRO Heavy-Duty 4-in-1 Staple Gun

WORKPRO Heavy-Duty 4-in-1 Staple Gun Kit Manual Brad Nailer with 3000 Staples and 1000 Brad Nails image

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This WORKPRO heavy duty 4 in 1 staple gun is extremely durable and powerful by testing. It has a rubberized comfort grip that prevents slipping and an ergonomic handle slot to minimize hand pain. These features make this staple gun durable, and it can be used for a longer run. Dimensions are 11.42 × 5.31 × 1.57 inches, and it weighs about 2.54 pounds. We were mainly surprised by the fact that it offers 3000 staples and 1000 Brad nails, which expanded its use in outdoor and indoor stuff. The kit includes 1000pc heavy-duty D-type staples(T50), 1000pc light-duty D-type staples(JT21), 1000pc U-type staples and 1000pc Brad nails(18GA).

This WORKPRO staple gun comprises a handle lock, a reload window, and a pocket clip coming to its safety and convenience features. We could easily lock the handle when not in use to ensure adults’ and children’s safety. An aluminum-constructed body also ensures better durability and reliability. Through the reload window, we were quickly able to observe the staple supply. The excellent pocket clip allowed us to carry it everywhere with great grip. A power adjustment lever feature also allows setting the force for both hard and soft surfaces. It works well for upholstery, weather stripping, insulation, etc. This gun is also equipped with a quick-release loading magazine on the bottom for quick staple install.


  • The power adjustment feature allows modification of the force as per need
  • Rubberized comfort grip with a non-slip pattern brings comfort to hands
  • Aluminum heavy-duty body with 4000 pieces of different sized staples
  • Handle locking system to ensure your best safety from children
  • Ergonomic handle slot to minimize hand fatigue
  • Reload window for a clear view of staple supply

6. KeLDE Light Stapler Gun Kit for JT21 Staples

KeLDE Hand Light Staple Tacker fit JT21 Staple Gun Kit image

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We observed that this full strip capacity staple gun for wood, upholstery, DIY, and material repair comes with various staples that open many options for its applications. The kit includes an instruction manual, 500 pieces of each 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm JT21 staples. These tacker gun staple sizes are 1/ 4, 5/16, and 3/ 8 inches, respectively. KeLDE light JT21 hand staple gun comes with an agreeable grooved grip handle and handles lock mechanism. By this, it is sure that the staples are shot accurately. The grip ensures better handling, and the handle lock helps to store the stapler safely. The handle lock also prevents accidental firing of staples.

Observing the outlook, we saw that it had lost a staple warning window that reminds of sufficient staple supply. There is a latch with the magazine that makes the staple change more quickly and swiftly. The rubber handle is sufficient to increase the friction and reduce the slip during use. The exciting thing we saw was that this device comes with a worry-free 12-month warranty. Its dimensions are 6.65 × 6.42 × 1.65 inches and weigh only 1.23 pounds. These design characters make it compact, comfortable, and extremely portable. The design also features an integrated staple pusher so that you can reload staples deftly and fastly. Additionally, we didn’t have to carry this pusher separately because the design ensures that the staple pusher is never lost.


  • Smoothly works with three sizes of staples enabling comprehensive application
  • Grooved grip rubber handle for comfortable and robust handling
  • Lowest staple/nail warning window to monitor the staple amount
  • Inbuilt integrated staple pusher for quick reloading of staples
  • Handle lock mechanism for high safety

7. STANLEY SharpShooter Plus TR250 Electric Staple Gun

STANLEY TR250 Gray Black Heavy Duty SharpShooter Plus Nail Gun image

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STANLEY SharpShooter Plus Heavy-duty TR250 ranks seventh in our best staple gun staplers list. We found it very easy to use and has a comfortable squeeze property that allows the STANLEY nailer gun to work as a staple gun and a brad nailer, cable tracker, and wire tacker. Its rigid and robust hardware comprises heavy-duty aircraft aluminum metal, making it a durable product. Available in grey / black color, it has magnificent finishings that bring an attractive outlook; dimensionally, it is 12.3×11.5×10.3 inches. It is incredibly lightweight and weighs only 1.5 pounds making it easy to carry and portable.

STANLEY heavy-duty tacker gun has an all-metal drive channel, which results in better penetration of staples. This industrial tacker gun has more driving power with less force to squeeze and works comfortably with 1/ 2, 9/ 16, and 5/ 8 inches brands. In case we tried to staple in tight spots, we observed that its flush nose design does the job. We were also able to monitor the staple count and type through the quick view window. We observed a high/low power lever for hard and soft materials and worked on the easy-slide full-stick staple load mechanism. The best thing we noted about this insulated tacker gun is that it offers a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Heavy-duty aircraft aluminum body for long-lasting performance
  • Easy squeeze feature for better penetration with less force
  • Flush nose design for stapling on tight spots
  • Quick view window to monitor staple count
  • A limited lifetime warranty is offered

8. Dicfeos 3 in 1 Staple Gun with Remover, 2600 Staples

Dicfeos Heavy Duty 3 in 1 Manual Nail Gun with 2600 Staples image

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We say that Dicfeos heavy-duty nail and a staple gun is a great durable and powerful product to have from our testing. It is ideal for upholstery, material repair, carpentry, decoration, furniture, and other applications. The kit includes a one-piece staple remover and 2600 piece staples all in one box. Various different sized staples which came to us are 1000pc D-type staples, 800pc U-type staples, 800pc T-type staples. Being moderately sized 7.38×4.92×1.81 inches, it weighs only 2.09 pounds. The body constructed with steel, which shields it from rust and enhances durability. The handle is a long and firm grip for better handling.

Whenever we used it, initially, we tightened or loosened the strength adjustment bolt that determines the depth of the penetration. It is compulsory for full fixing to tighten it fully, but little manipulations can be made as per the requirement. Loosening it too much is cumbersome and causes it to pop out. This multi-purpose staple gun also featured a quick jam removal mechanism to remove the stuck nails by pulling down the metal drive channel. We found that this carpet stapler has full strip capacity, and using the gun with both hands prevents rebounding and reduces the chances of stuck staples. In case if the bolt thread is damaged, its replacement can be done quickly.


  • Comes with 2600 three differently sized 1000D, 800T, and 800U staples
  • Steel constructed body for better durability and rust-proof operations
  • Quick jam removal system to take out stuck nails and staples
  • A powerful grip and long handle make it safe and pleasant
  • New replacement when the bolt thread is damaged

9. THINKWORK 3 in 1 Nail and Staple Gun

THINKWORK 3-in-1 Staple Gun Nailer Gun with 2100 Staples and Stapler Remover image

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This THINKWORK 3 in 1 nailer gun is one of the best manual staple guns. The whole kit has various applications such as upholstery, fixing material, DIY decoration, carpentry, and furniture. The best thing that amazed us is that this cable stapler remover is provided with a gun that removes staples uncomplicatedly. Through this, our DIY job became easier and more efficient. The kit includes D-shaped, U-shaped, T-shaped, three types of manual staples ideal for various purposes. This gun has an ergonomic hand slot to bring comfort and relief to the hands.

There is also a handle lock option in this staple gun that ensures the safety of children and adults when not in use. It was straightforward to notice through the reload window when staples are getting low to reload the staples. We could also adjust the pressure by the screw button as per the operating surface’s thickness. It worked on the spring-back impact principle and had a quick jam clear option that quickly took out the jammed staples. Before doing this, make sure that the binding switch is pulled down. Otherwise, the staples will not fix perfectly and may result in malfunctioning.


  • Premium service to get in touch with the expert enabled just through an email in case of any problems
  • It works ideally with D, T, and U type staples and has a handle locking option
  • Power adjustment for changing the pressure as per the thickness of the surface
  • Thick carbon steel constructed body for long-lasting durability
  • Ergonomic handle slot to provide comfort to the hands
  • Quick Jam clear feature to remove stuck nails/staples

10. Stanley Heavy Duty Staple Gun / Cable Tacker CT10X

Stanley CT10X Heavy Duty Staple Gun Cable Tacker image

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This Stanley’s moderately sized wire staple gun dimensionally measures 1.9×8.2×9.5 inches and weighs only 1.8 pounds; thus, it becomes an extremely portable product. The entire body is heavy-duty steel constructed fastens low voltage wires up to ¼ inch diameter. This cable staple gun has a cushioned grip to ensure slip-free and robust handling. We also saw a handle lock option such that we can lock the gun when not in use to prevent accidental fires. The wires are also insulated very well for shock-proof functioning. So there is nothing to worry about the dangers to children when using this Stanley staple gun.

We observed that it has a wire guide that ensures fast and confirmed replacement of staples when using it. The product is available in black color that provides a grand and splendid outlook to it. Protection from breaking and damaging of wire is administered by the curved driver and heavy-duty steel body. It uses 3/ 8 and 9/ 16 inch Stanley CT100 series or Arrow T-25 cable staples. The most impressive thing about this carpet staple gun is that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. So, forever, you need not worry about replacing this staple gun if it is defective.


  • Curved driver protects the wire from harm, and wire guide ensures the staple replacements
  • Limited lifetime warranty along with the replacement of defective products
  • Steel constructed material of the body provides better durability
  • Cushioned grip and handle lock deliver safety and consolation
  • Lightweight and compact design ensure better portability

11. HAUSHOF 800 Staples Light Duty Staple Gun Kit

HAUSHOF Light Duty Staple Gun Kit Fits JT21 Staples image

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By testing this product, we found that the light-duty staple gun is suitable for JT21 staples and completes 800 staples of 8mm, which can be used in various locations. These locations can be window screens, shades, shelf papers, closet lining, light upholstery, insulation, weather stripping, wire mesh, carpet pads, canvas, etc. But we can use it on such materials of moderate strength where the maximum material thickness is up to 3/16 inches. Dimensionally it is 7.09×1.06×3.54 inches and weighs 8.8 ounces. The white color and fabulous finishings give a splendid outlook to it.

Three staples available with it are 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm in dimensions equivalent to arrow JT21. We found that this gun has a linear power curve that will comfort users. With this power curve and a magazine release latch, loading staples of different sizes becomes easier and swifter. It also features a handle locking option to prevent misuse and accidents, occupying very little space. Along with the gun and staples, the kit also includes one stapler remover and one instruction manual. The manufacturer can be contacted easily if any problem comes while using this gun.


  • The lock icon provided for confidence and convenience while locking it
  • Comfortable ergonomic design for best relaxation to hands during use
  • Magazine release latch makes loading of staples easy and quick
  • A pre-attached fixed clip for easy storage and carrying
  • Works efficiently with three different types of staples
  • Extremely lightweight for better portability

12. KeLDE 120V Power Electric Fencing Staple Gun

KeLDE Electric 120V Corded Power Stapler Set Includes 900pc T50 Staples and 300pc 15mm Brad Nails image

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The KeLDE 120V corded power electric staple gun is a compelling and efficient product. This best electric staple gun for upholstery comes with a trigger-safety lock, ensuring that the trigger is released before stapling or nailing. We found that it offers a high safety level by comprising a locking system to avoid accidental firing. The two-handed operation will assist in better penetration strength. This gun is extremely lightweight at just 2.01 pounds, ideal for women to handle it for their DIY crafts. We observed that this electric carpet stapler has an ergonomic handle that delivers a comfortable grip and a better user experience.

This electric upholstery staple gun comes with 900 T50 staples and 300 pieces of Brad’s nails. The powerful performance can be seen by its firing rate, 30 pieces/min, thus molding is perfect for stapling cardboard, insulating material, fabrics, foils, leather, corkwood, etc. The thing which attracted us the most during the testing was its triple lock mechanism. Other parts include an on/off switch, a striker pin, and a power trigger lock. So this electric hand tool could be deployed at homes safely even if children are present. Also, we were surprised by its worry-free 12-month warranty and UL certification.


  • Suitable staples(6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and T50 14mm) and 15mm suitable nails also come with it
  • Trigger safety lock with triple lock mechanism for extra security
  • Super lightweight and compact design for better portability
  • Worry-free twelve month warranty and UL certification

13. DEWALT DWHT80276 Carbon Fiber Hand Staple Gun

DEWALT DWHT80276 Carbon Fiber Body 2-in-1 Tacke Stapler Gun image

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The DEWALT DWHT80276 carbon fibered body 2 in 1 staple gun is constructed by a carbon fiber composite housing that weighs 50 percent less and reduces muscle fatigue by 25 percent compared to other staple guns. This stapler dimensionally measures 7.75×1.68×9.37 inches and has an extraordinarily low weight of 3.2 ounces. DEWALT DWHT80276 has a corded-electric power source along with full strip capacity. It is not only safe but also delivers the best and efficient performance. Bottom load design allows quick and comfortable loading of staples.

Moreover, we saw that no batteries required for the operation. You have to need an electric supply for its functioning. This 2 in 1 manual staple gun works well with heavy-duty staples and 18 gauge brads as well. We were very comforted by a low fastener indicator that provides high convenience. This indicator ensures that staple supply is sufficient for repetitive jobs like insulation and roofing or carpet underpayment. The foremost thing we observed in this product is its reversible belt hook that allows access to left and right-handers. So, if you are looking for a very lightweight and rigid staple gun, consider this Dewalt DWTHT80276.


  • Reversible belt hook for making it accessible to both right and left-handers
  • Low fastener indicator for ample staple supply in various situations
  • Carbon fiber assembly for exceptional lightweight and portability
  • Bottom load design for quick and facile loading

14. BOSTITCH Heavy-Duty T6-8 Upholstery Tacker

BOSTITCH T6-8 Upholstery Stapler Tacker Heavy Duty image

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We found that this air-compressed staple gun features a distinctive patented convenient, easy-squeeze mechanism that does the stapling job effectively with significantly less force by testing this product. Dimensionally it measures 8.9×6.9×1.5 inches; thus, it is small-sized, which is enough to carry it to many places effortlessly. Portability also administered by its exceptional lightweight of only 1 pound. In addition, it has an eight heavy-duty power crown tacker breathable anti jam magazine. The kit includes hand tools, staplers, tackers & staples, Hand Staplers, and tackers.

We observed that its design comprises die-cast aluminum, which is mainly responsible for such a low weight. Despite having low weight, the durability remains unaltered as the aluminum body is very rigid and robust. This heavy-duty staple gun has a proficient bottom loading feature that allows us to reload the new staples quickly. We also found that it comprises a steel handle with an over-molded and rubberized grip for comfortable and strong handling. Finally, we saw that it is engineered with nickel chrome-plated steel that provides a smooth and harmonious sliding surface for staples. One more thing that makes this product reliable is its 7-year limited warranty.


  • 8 heavy duty power crown tacker breathable antijam magazine for smooth loading of staples
  • An easy squeeze mechanism helps to perform the operations with less force
  • Steel handle with rubber grip for better comfort and relaxation to hands
  • The bottom loading feature helps to load the staples rapidly and steadily
  • Lightweight die-cast aluminum construction for a rigid body

Buying Guide

In the above segment of our review, we elaborated on getting yourself the best staple gun for various purposes. We also listed the top 14 best staple guns for woods with their marvelous features and necessary measures to take when using them. However, if you are looking for a few more features, opt for the second one and so on. Reaching the right decision of choosing the best product, the features alone may prove to be insufficient. Hence, we will guide you more about all the specifications required for you to make the best choice.

Why Do I Need a Staple Gun?

Staple guns work either mechanically or electrically to produce a powerful force. It fixes the staples or nails on hard surfaces like plywood, plastics, leather fabric, etc. These surfaces are extremely difficult to let the penetration on them manually through hand tackers and hammers. Staple guns or stapling machines reduce manual work and let you use them extensively to affix materials such as insulation, carpeting, upholstery, and hobby & craft materials. One can deploy a staple gun for construction purposes too. And of course, you’ll need much more powerful tools for the same. But if you’re making a birdhouse or a small kennel for your pet dog, this tool will indeed prove to be very useful.

How Does a Stapler Work?

Staplers use force to push and penetrate the staple inside the exposed surface. The staples firstly loaded inside the magazine such that the two points of the stapling pin face towards the base. The mechanized spring creates tension that forces the staple pin strip towards the front of the stapler. When pressure applied to the top of the stapler, the in-built magazine pushes down on the surface and a metal plate fixed in the top part of the stapler makes the foremost stapling pin down the magazine, detaching it from the strip. Then, the two points are pushed and pierced into the surface until they contact the anvil. The curved groove of the anvil forces the pin to bend inwards when it comes with the anvil, thus creating a lock around the surface.

Staple Gun Staples Size

Different brands offer different staple sizes and numbers along with the staple gun in the whole kit. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Various shapes include D-type, U-type, and T-type. This classification of shapes is responsible for the wide range of their applications, like U-type can be stapled on the surface to mount the appropriate wires. The staple varies with the brands mentioned earlier, but some standard sizes are 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. Sometimes, apart from availing different sized staples, manufacturers also provide various sizes of brads and nails according to their staple gun accessibility.

How to Load a Staple Gun?

When the magazine empties, you need to reload it with new staple strips. So to put your staples inside, follow the steps below:-

  • Turn the staple gun to the back such that you face the tail of the magazine.
  • Put both fingers at the bottom of the pusher rod and hold tightly.
  • Push the pusher rod that holds the staples in place in and down once to bring out the pusher rod.
  • Take the rod out and load your JT21(say) staple strip inside so that the pointed part of the staple faces the base.
  • Let the staple strip slide smoothly inside the magazine until it touches the bottom. 
  • At last, fix the pusher rod again back in place, and then you’ll start feeling the tension as you are now pushing against the staples.
  • Push the rod in and up and make sure the little match is in place.

How to Use a Staple Gun?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use your staple gun efficiently.

  • Open the kit and assemble the parts properly, especially the different staples.
  • According to your desire, choose the right staple strip-like U-shaped staple for wiring and hooking.
  • Load the appropriate strip inside the magazine after removing the pusher rod.
  • In many cases, you need to tighten the strength adjustment bolt, mounted on the side of the gun.
  • As tightening determines the penetration depth, the bolt may pop out cumbersome and often damage your gun if not done correctly.
  • Use both of your hands as it reduces the chance of improper stapling because a two-handed operation surely assists in better penetration strength.
  • Keep the gun perpendicular to the surface and just press the trigger.
  • One by one, after each staple, move the gun accordingly and enjoy the quick and stable staples.

Types of Staplers


Manual staple guns work without any power source, and they also don’t have cords or batteries and are generally small in size, thus easier to maneuver than other power-required staple guns. These work with the spring impact back principle, and each time it is required to squeeze the trigger to staple on the surface, which may cause fatigue to the hands.


Flooring staple guns mainly used in hardwood flooring in houses. However, it is more likely to be used less as wood expands and contracts, which loosens the grip after time passage and increases the risk of squeaks. Applying too much pressure may cause harm to your floor, while too little pressure results in partial penetration. Due to their ergonomic design, there is no need to stand on their knees and give them fatigue.


Electric staple guns either need a plug-in source or battery to fire the staples by pulling the trigger. They mainly work with the help of a lengthy power cord and the in-built solenoid, a type of electromagnet that powers their great efficiency. When powered, the spring-loaded hammer pulled up into the tube and kept in place by this solenoid. They are very comfortable on arms, so they’re ideal for upholstery jobs that require large stapling numbers.


As their name suggests, heavy-duty staple guns immensely used for heavy and long tasks such as sheet metal work and ceiling tile installation. Because of the increased working load and thickness of the surface, heavy-duty guns load five different sizes of staples. With a half-inch length of legs, the premium staples made for heavy-duty staple guns. They have metal construction designed for durable service.


These staple guns use air pressure to fire different staples, even thicker and heavier, into the photo framing materials or cardboard. Majorly, they are used in the construction industry and to install hardwood and laying of flooring. They use a compressed air mechanism to drive staples into a hard surface like wood. In addition, they deliver more power as compared to other types of staple guns.


Upholstery staple guns used for surfaces made up of thick, soft materials to cover chairs, car seats, tables, etc. Thin cupboard backs can be fastened quickly and safely by these guns. These guns make furniture work simpler and accurate, while hammers and nails may damage the parts. A manual staple gun can work well but requires abundant strength to use for upholsteries.

Hammer Tacker vs Staple Gun – Which is Best?

Both of these two have different uses, and it completely depends on the specific task. A Staple gun works with the trigger, and a hammer tacker works like a hammer. Staple guns are great for smaller jobs where precise, fast placement is required and typically requires two hands. Although the hammer tacker increases the manual work, you can operate with only one hand. They are ideal choices for fast stapling as they don’t have handles to squeeze. Also, note that a staple gun only accepts staples made by the same manufacturer.

Who Makes the Best Staple Guns in the Market?


DeWalt is an American company that manufactures worldwide power tools for construction and woodworking industries. It falls under Stanley Black & Decker company and manufactures terrifically durable and reliable products. With a vision of providing the best products to its customers, it offers a wide range of advanced staple guns with various staples and nails.


Arrow Fastener Co. LLC is always known for its classic American styling. It is a leading manufacturer of manual and electric staple guns and nailers. Founded in 1929, it is a trustworthy producer of reliable and affordable products for building trade professionalism. Its staple guns feature all the significant options and convenient controls. They have been storming the market for more than five decades, being the best choice.


Craftsman is a tool company that produces workwear and garden equipment as well. The brand now owned by Stanley Black & Decker. Proceeding forward with advanced technology, it aims to provide quality and reliable products to its customers since its emergence. Its staple guns deliver the best user experience and are very handy.


Harbor freight tools is a private company founded in 1977 and started as a small family-owned business. Popularly it is known to sell great quality tools at incredibly low prices, and for 40 years, it has done that. Harbor Freight offers more than 7000 grand quality level tools and accessories that leave other competing brands behind. It has produced numerous staple guns, all equipped with excellent features.


Stanley Black & Decker, formerly known as The Stanley Works, is an American manufacturer of industrial tools along with household hardware. They have built a legacy by manufacturing some of the most popular hand tools, a very old brand founded in 1843. Keeping advancing with modern technology, their innovative products have constructed, repaired, and protected the world for more than 175 years.

How to Fix a Staple Gun?

  • Especially for electric staple guns to unplug the power source to ensure safety.
  • With the help of a screwdriver, open each part of your staple gun. Once it’s done, keep the staple clip separate.
  • Now, by needle-nosed pliers, hold the fixed staple and stretch it out by rotating it. You can use the flathead screwdriver, too, if you don’t have a needle-nosed plier.
  • Load the staple gun now but use the classic staple pieces that fit ideally into the magazine.
  • Now easily connect the stick at the staple discharge point. Reconnect it with the power supply (for electric staple guns) and enjoy it.

How to Open a Staple Gun?

The steps required to open your staple gun correctly are:-

  •  Place your staple gun on the flat surface.
  • To prevent any harm to the staple strip, take it out after removing the pusher rod.
  •  Take a flathead screwdriver according to the screw specifications to open your gun and remove every screw one by one.
  • Keep the staple clip aside and detach all the parts individually and make sure you arrange them properly so that none of your staple gun pieces gets missed.

What to Look for in the Best Staple Gun?

While buying the staple gun, there are various factors that you have to consider and think about. This is very important to let yourself choose the finest staple gun. A few of these features might already be present in your list, but there are also few features that you might have considered. We are going to give the complete information regarding the same. These key features are most important and based on our detailed research. Every buyer needs to have these on their checklist while buying the best staple gun. It would help if you looked for the following traits

Weight and Body Material Type

This is the foremost characteristic of a staple gun. You really don’t want to have a heavy gun that makes it difficult to mobilize it and gives your hands discomfort. The ideal staple gun must have low weight and an appropriate design that fits perfectly into your hands. Materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber are low in weight and very rigid, preventing your gun from breaking and making it reliable and durable.

Variety and Sizes Of Staples

Your ideal staple gun must come with various staples and brad nails. Sizes include 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc., and various shapes include D-type, T-type, and U-type. You can use different staples and nails for numerous works like upholstery works require large-sized and thin staples, wiring requires U-type staples, etc. Also, these staples must be large in number.

Comfort and Convenience

While working, you want to accomplish that task quickly and easily. So, your staple gun must be handy such that it saves your time and energy. It must have a proper handle slot and a good quality rubberized grip to provide comfort to your hands with strong handling. Also, it should have a simple squeeze mechanism that does staple with very less force. Quick jam clear option will be a blessing that helps you to remove the stuck staple swiftly.

Power Adjustment Option

This feature allows you to adjust the strength and depth of penetration of your staples. By pulling down the lever, you can easily adjust the power as per the thickness of your working surface. You should keep it low for soft and thin surfaces, whereas, for hard surfaces like wood, a high power mode will work well.

Handle Lock Mechanism

A must feature that determines the security and safety of your staple gun. When not in use, the handle lock will completely shield the gun from accidental firing. Children tend to use it as a toy and are more likely to harm themselves. So, this feature keeps such happenings away by establishing a rigid lock to your gun.

Warranty and Replacement Policies

In case your staple gun malfunctions or any part of it damages, then you’ll look for the replacement. Many brands offer replacement features for a few parts and accessories. Instead of spending money on a new product, if your gun comes with a warranty of a certain period, then this anxiety vanishes. You can use it appropriately as per your requirement but keeping the last date of warranty in mind.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the best manual staple gun?

Besides all the boons and banes, the DeWalt staple gun is currently the best manual staple gun on the market.

Q. How to remove staple gun staples?

Staples can be easily removed by a staple remover tool.

Q. What size staples for upholstery?

20 and 22 gauge staples are the most common staple sizes for upholstery. The most common lengths for upholstery are ¼ ⅜ and ½ inches.

Q. How much is a staple gun?

The price of the staple gun entirely depends on the brand, but typically it ranges from $13 to $50.

Q. Where to buy a staple gun?

Staple guns are readily available at supermarkets, hardware shops, etc. But you can also order it online through AMAZON.

Q. Do all staple guns use the same staples?

No, all staple guns do not use the same staples.


In this review, we addressed the need to purchase the finest staple guns. They are beneficial devices that have a wide range of applications.After having your best staple gun, you’ll be able to perform the fixing and stapling task in very little time and effort. Amazon has brought you the most affordable staple guns with the best features that you always look for. These features in your favorite device make your life better and relaxed than how troubled it used to be before having a staple gun. You can now easily opt for the finest and leading staple guns that we have listed above for you in this review without any hesitations. Besides, we hope that we’ve delivered our best through this review, which may have resolved all your questions.

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