12 Easy-to-Read Speed Squares for Framing & Woodworking, Review 2022

Best Overall

Swanson Tool Co 7″ Speed Square S0101

Swanson Tool Co S0101 7-Inch Speed Square image
  • Features Try Square, Protractor, Miter Square, Line Scriber, and Saw Guide
  • There are multiple gradations for marking hip, common, valley and jack rafters
  • 1/4-in spaced scribing notches makes it easy to use

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Easy to Read

Irwin Tools 1794469 12″ Metal-Body Square

Irwin Tools 1794469 Metal-Body 12-inches Combination Square image
  • Perfect for marking 45° and 90° with its black precision-etched scales
  • Has a long-lasting cast zinc body and rust-proof blade
  • Perfect to use as a gauge for transferring measurements

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Highly Accurate

Johnson Level & Tool 1904-0700 Johnny Square

Johnson Level _ Tool 1904-0700 7-Inch Johnny Square image
  • Its EZ Read laser etched graduations and numbers makes it easy to read
  • Comes with low-glare protective powder coated anodized finish
  • Its aluminium solid body ensures greater durability and accuracy

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Thinking of buying a speed square that is both efficient and affordable? Relax, we have made your process of choosing the best budget-friendly speed square easy. Speed squares are one of the most important tools in mechanics, which enables you to measure accurate angles and serve as a ruler. They combine different squares tools in a single tool and gives you the facility to use them for varied purposes like measuring your fence and doing carpentry work.

Different companies have different speed squares that come in two basic sizes of 7 inches and 12 inches, respectively. The squares are small and portable, making it one of the most demanded products among customers involved in mechanics and carpentry. So after personally testing some popular products, we have come up with a list of top rated speed squares in the world that are available in the market with unique, distinctive features and variable price ranges to suit your interests.

1. Swanson Tool S0101 7 Inch Carpenter Speed Square

Swanson Tool Co S0101 7-Inch Speed Square image

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Swanson is one of the oldest companies manufacturing speed squares, and it is perhaps the first company that made them available to the rest of the world. Swanson Tool S0101 7 Inch Speed Square is an easily portable square due to its small size that can be carried inside a pocket. The dimensions are 7×7×10 inches, and it weighs 1.2 pounds which is very lightweight and easy to carry. The building material of 7-inch speed square is a high-quality aluminum alloy that is microbe-resistant and provides long-term durability to the product.

Swanson Tool S0101 mainly consist of four-speed squares. It contains try square, miter square, framing square, and protractor square. This gives customers the option of performing different work with a single-speed square. speed square also consists of a 62 pages pocket-size booklet, also known as a blue book. This provides all information regarding products that include instructions of use and uses. According to us, the best thing about this product would be that Swanson Company provides a 1-year warranty to its products from day of purchase.


  • Swanson Tool S0101 is a 7-inch pocket-size square that is easy to carry around wherever you go and need that
  • This model comes with the Swanson special blue book, which can be used as a guide and a user manual
  • The product is made up of a high-quality aluminum alloy resistant to microbes and gives durability
  • It consists of the structure of the try square, miter square, framing square, and protractor square
  • It comes with a warranty period of 1 year from the date of purchase

2. Irwin Tool Combination 12 Inch Speed Square Tool

Irwin Tools 1794469 Metal-Body 12-inches Combination Square image

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Irwin Tools Combination Square, Metal Body, 12” is one of the most loved products around the world. Not only because of the brand name but it is also quite efficient in working. With a stainless steel blade that it provides, you can be worry free about rust. This large carpenter square is very precise and easy to use. With interchangeable heads, it can also be used as a ruler for measuring different lengths. It is one of the best 12” rafter squares for woodworking. Don’t stuff with personalization.

The durable cast zinc body of the roofing square tool makes it more durable and long-lasting. scales are very easy to measure, which gives very accurate angle measurements of 45° and 90° angles. Deep black etched scales provide precision to reading, and it enables one to easily read markings without any error. The best part of this precision speed square that we found is that it can also be used to take measurements as a gauge. So it is a multipurpose product that offers not only woodworking, metalworking, or framing but also helps to serve several other purposes, making it one of the topmost quick square tools available in the market.


  • The inside body of the combination square is made up of cast zinc, making it much more durable
  • The square scales are made with etched technology, which is deep black to give higher precision
  • Blade of the combination square is stainless, which protects against rusting
  • This combination square can also be used to serve the purpose of a gauge

3. Johnson Level & Tool 1904-0700 Speed Square with Level

Johnson Level _ Tool 1904-0700 7-Inch Johnny Square image

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Being one of native companies of the United States, Johnson Level & Tool did not disappoint us at all. The finishing is marvelous and with a solid aluminum body, metal speed squares promise to be durable. The fact that it has an aluminum rafter scale makes triangle square tools more accurate and efficient to work with. The thick edge of the aluminum speed square can be effectively used as a saw guide, giving it higher precision. The scale has permanent graduations with numbers that we found very easy to read. These permanent graduations will make the speed square tool more everlasting.

As we said, the finish is splendid as it is made of low glare protective powder coating, which is safe and comfortable for the eyes. laser-etched technology enhances the beauty of rafter angle squares. A protractor present in it can be used with a saw guide against the square for marking or cutting different angles. Scribing notches can also be used to make saw cut lines for rip cuts. The best part about this Johnson Level & Tool product is that it is manufactured by crafted, professional tradesmen for good quality professional use.


  • The finishing is done with a low glare protective powder coating to ensure durability
  • Gradations on the scale are permanent, with easy-to-read scales and marks
  • The layout is simplified, which makes it easy to make a stair layout
  • The speed square is made up of high-quality new laser-etched infused technology
  • It has high accuracy and greater durability in later uses

4. CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Aluminum Speed Square

CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square image

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CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square is one of those classy speed square rafters used for higher building works. We loved the fact that it consists of three vials that can easily be used to determine pitches of a roof, mark gradations, and allow leveling and plumbing. The company is one of the biggest brands to make different adjustable rafter squares of variable ranges with different multifunctional work. A unique part of this carpenter speed square is that it consists of a position lock, and scales are machine-made to combat any error or other technicalities.

position lock is very important because it helps to draw line scribing efficiently. angle measurements are also accurate as scales are machine-made. If you are in search of a repetitive layout then, this CH Hanson 03060 is the best option you can opt for as it makes the whole layout process fast and easy. This tool not only does the work mentioned above but can also precisely measure any angle, pitch, or rise in inches. It is also one of the best speed squares to buy rafters used for higher building works.


  • Any angle within the given range or pitch can be measured accurately along with the rise in inches
  • The pivot square has a position lock to ensure accuracy and machine-made scales
  • Includes 3 vials to determine roof pitches, gradations, leveling, and plumbing
  • The square tool is precisely built to make repetitive layouts fast and easy

5. Mr Pen Carpenter Small Speed Square 12 Inch

Mr. Pen Carpenter 8 x 12 inches Framing L Square Ruler image.psd

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Mr. Pen 12 Inch Carpenter Square is a large roofing square which has imperial units on one side and on the other has 1/6 inch graduation with meter scale. It is a long 12 inch Carpenter Square made of tight and durable high-quality carbon steel that is resistant to rusting and prevents wear and tear. Carbon steel is also a very durable material to use as a building material.

Mr Pen Carpenter Framing Square has pleased us with its graduation marks. The gradation marks are white, and the base is black, enabling us to read marks easily and without any errors. Most of the Carpenter Squares that we reviewed before did not have such easily readable graduation marks, but this one has improved itself for a better view. On the base of Mr Pen FR01, you will find graduations that are of millimeter division. This ensures that small and precise measurements can also be made out of Carpenter Square. Another plus point would be that small edges with higher accuracy can be made out of Mr Pen Carpenter Square.


  • Has an imperial scale on one side and 1/6 Inch graduation and meter scale on another side 
  • The base of the carpenter square has graduations that are of millimeter division
  • Made of high-quality carbon steel, which is durable against rusting
  • White markings on a black base which is easy to read

6. Irwin Tools Combination Metal Speed Square 6 Inch

IRWIN Tools 1794468 Combination Metal-Body 6-Inch Square image

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Like other Irwin Tools combination squares discussed in the above section, this product is also very similar, apart from a few distinctive features. Coming to size, this is a 6-inch variant which is comparatively smaller than the 12 inches combination square of Irwin Tool. But this also has a cast zinc metal body which increases durability and tenure of combination squares. These scales are also black, which is etched, making them precise and accurate. This variant is especially helpful to provide perfect measurements for 45 degrees and 90-degree angles.

Irwin Tools Combination Square, Metal Body, 6” is one of the finest square tools for frame working as it allows precision and sharp rip cuts to edges along with tail cuts. This could also be used as a ruler for different purposes and craftwork. The best part that we found about this combination square while testing, is the fact that you can even attach a protractor in between rulers. So it is helpful to measure complementary angles by using this Irwin Tools Combination Square, Metal Body, 6”.


  • The scales of the combination square are made with the latest etched technology with black color to provide high precision
  • This Irwin Tools Combination Square is perfect for measuring angles between 45° and 90°
  • Body is forged from cast zinc to enhance the product’s durability
  • The length of this combination square is 6 inches

7. Swanson Tool Co T0118 Composite Plastic Speed Square

Swanson Tool Co T0118 Composite Layout Tools image

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Swanson Tool Company is the first company to develop a speed square, and talking about its roots, its legacy should always continue. We were happy to find that this brand has not degraded in quality or features despite being the oldest company. Swanson Tool Co T0118 Composite Speed Light Auto Layout Tool comes in a package of two oranges in color, and you can also buy it in a single package. This tool is very efficient for siding work due to its size of 8 inches.

The building material of this adjustable speed square is very strong, as is high-impact polystyrene. Polystyrene not only provides resistance but also is a strong building material. Speed square has sharp, beveled edges, which provide a comfortable and easy reading facility. notches are spaced 1/8 inches apart from each other, which is ideal for line scribing, and this spacing helps draw accurate lines. Swanson speed square also comes with a Swanson Blue Book, which provides all information regarding products and can also be used as a user manual by customers.


  • The main building material is polystyrene, which provides high resistance and greater durability
  • The notches are spaced 1/8 inches apart from each other to enable line scribing
  • Edges of the Swanson Tool Square are beveled, which provides greater ease of reading the marks
  • The fact that the speed square has 8 inches makes it great for siding purposes

8. Johnson Level & Tool 400 EM-S 12″ Combination Square

Johnson Level _ Tool 400EM-S-2 Combination 12-inches Black Square image

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Johnson Level & Tool 400 EM-S 12 Inch Combination Square used for different purposes such as roof pitching, metalworking, frame working, and measuring angles. This combination square has its graduation marks permanently stamped on the blade. It is made up of high-quality steel, which offers durable resistance to rust and stains. Adjustable or movable heads are of heavy-duty cast material, which is normally zinc. The Johnson Level Combination Square head also comprises an e-coating finish. In other words, the head is machine coated, and it provides high resistance to black chips, which can harm the coating of a combination square.

Another distinctive feature of this combination square is that the head is CNC machined to provide greater accuracy and precision. With the help of that, you can perform calculations and measurements in a hassle-free way. A 12-inch combination square is also unique in the fact that it provides a one-year warranty period. This is what made us happy that even after being a combination square, it has a year of warranty which most products may not have.


  • Graduations are permanently stamped on the high-quality steel blade
  • Heavy-duty cast zinc head with black chip resistance e-coating finish
  • The warranty period of this combination square is of 1 year
  • CNC machined square head for greater accuracy

9. DEWALT DWHT46031 7″ Speed Rafter Angle Square

DEWALT DWHT46031 Aluminum 7-inch Premium Rafter Square image

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DEWALT DWHT46031 Aluminium 7-inch Premium Rafter Square is one of most premium rafter squares available in the market. The base material is high-quality aluminum, like most other speed squares we have used. But the best thing about this DEWALT Rafter Square is that it has several layers of functionality tests before the final package comes out. This means that before packaging, rafter squares are checked thoroughly for any manufacturing defects and then passed on for other processes.

There can be graduation defects or inaccuracy in angle measurement of 45° or 90° angles. So to prevent any casualty, a multi-checking step is involved. This ensures a higher percentage of precision in reading. Another thing which we were amazed to see is the fact that this model comes with different accessories in a box along with the main rafter square. This broadens the prospect of usage of this speed square. Along with multi-step inspection, the product also includes a multi-step cleaning process. The cleansing process is specifically important because while coating scales, dust particles often persist, and gradual piling can cover up gradation marks, making it difficult to read, leading to a high percentage of inaccuracy.


  • Before packaging, this rafter square undergoes multi-functionality testing by professionals
  • Rafter square comes with all the relevant accessories with the actual speed square
  • The building material of this Premium rafter square is high-quality aluminum
  • It has multi step cleaning and inspection after manufacturing

10. CH Hanson 345EK Aluminum Folding Layout Triangular Square Tool

CH Hanson 345EK 3 x 4 x 5 feets 90 degree Aluminum Folding Layout Asquare image

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Palmgren CH Hanson 345EK is a large speed square (3 feet × 4 feet × 5 feet 90-degree) specially made for layout work. What amazed us was the fact that the layout square is foldable. This aluminium folding layout square is very big, so big that it can complete any job or worksite. The best part of this folding layout square is that it makes perfect 90-degree angles. Not to boast about it, but after personally trying to make right angles, we found that angles are perfect.

Surprisingly, you also don’t need to worry much about the procedure of measurements. It is very simple, more like a right triangle ruler, which after being placed against the board, can be used to take necessary measurements or different cuts like tail cuts or rip cuts. You can even use it to measure the stair’s height and rise in inches if you intend to design a staircase. Folding capacity makes the layout square and portable and hence can be used in different places. There is also a user manual provided in the package, which you can refer to for addressing any query related to work or usage of Palmgren CH Hanson 345EK 3 feet × 4 feet × 5 feet 90- degree Aluminium Folding Layout Square.


  • The Palmgren Layout square is easy to use, and the graduation marks have very good visibility
  • Layout square is big enough to fulfill any ite works like framing and designing
  • It is mostly used to give perfect 90-degree angles to different edges
  • The product is also very suitable for big layout jobs due to its size

11. Steelex D3383 4 Inch Precision Speed Square

Steelex D3383 Precision 4-Inch Square image

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Steelex D3383 Precision Square, 4 Inch is the smallest square tool that we have reviewed till now. But what surprised us is the fact that despite being small in size, it is not small when it comes to fulfilling work. With a 4-inch blade and a 3-inch beam, this Steelex D3383 Precision Square is a must-have in your toolbox. This square tool is mainly used for 90 ° layouts that require better and sharp cuts in edges. So if measurement is a bit wrong, then the whole layout will have been tampered with. Steel used in precision squares is stainless as well as polished, tempered, and hardened. This makes sure that the product lasts for longer periods. The price is also very cheap and affordable.

Steelex Precision Square has a notch in the inside section of the stainless steel blade. It provides greater accuracy in measuring angles ranging between 30 degrees to 45 degrees and right angles. We found this small precision square quite useful with our work, and it is also positively accepted by customers worldwide. Also, this Precision Square, 4 Inch, has the lowest price compared to other square tools mentioned above, making it one of most value for money and cost-effective products in the global market.


  • The Steelex Precision Square has notches present in the inside portion of the scales to provide greater accuracy
  • The blade, which is made up of steel, is beautifully polished, hardened, and tempered
  • This square is most precisely used for layouts that are mainly 90 degrees
  • It has a 4-inch blade and a 3-inch beam offering a trouble free service

12. Milescraft 8409 MC-Square 150 Woodworking and Framing Speed Square

Milescraft 8409 MC-Square150 (imperial) Aluminum Framing and Woodworking Square image

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Milescraft Company is known for its innovative products customized and made in the United States of America. Milescraft 8409 MC-Square 150 is a multifunctional MS-Square used for different purposes like laying out a square, woodworking, measuring right angles of other angles. MC-Square comes with a protractor attached between L-shaped rulers to enable customers to measure acute and obtuse angles. It has notches on both sides to mark inside and outside measurements of the workpiece.

MC-Square has easy-to-read angle markings specifically for 30-degree angles and 45-degree angles. The square is 6 inches in length, and notches are spaced at a distance of ¼ from each other. Notches are also elongated to provide precision to the process of line scribing. MC-Square is made up of anodized aluminum which is durable, resistant and has a thickness of 3 mm. The best thing about this product we found while testing is that a movable aluminum fence is attached to the square. If you want to draw a circle or a line, you need to replace the aluminum fence with a nail or a screw and scribe on board.


  • The length of the square is 6 inches, and the space between any two notches is ¼ to provide readable graduation marks
  • There are two quick angle finders in the Milescraft square for 30 degrees and 45 degrees, respectively
  • Notches of the square are extra elongated to provide accuracy and ease to line scribing
  • Building material of the square is anodized aluminum which has a thickness of 3 mm

Buying Guide

Well, are you a new user of the speed square and need some help with it? No worries, because we provide you with a buying guide that will answer all your speed squares questions and aid you for further use. In this section, we are mainly going to talk about the basic information about the speed square, like what it is, its uses and importance, a few tricks and tips of use, attachments, parts, and step by step explanation of how to use it. It also covers the basic difference between a speed square and a combination square.

What is a Speed Square?

A speed square, often known as rafter square or triangular square, is a triangular carpenter’s tool used for marking. It combines the functions of three squares, namely, combination square, tries square, and framing square, into one. It is used to make basic measurements and mark lines on dimensional lumber, and for 45 or 90-degree small cuts, it is used as a saw guide.

Combination Square vs Speed Square

A combination square is a tool used for various purposes like woodworking, stone masonry, and metalworking. It is composed of a ruler, and attached to it is an interchangeable head that can be one or more in number. Whereas a speed square is a triangular-shaped tool that can perform a combination square, try square, and framing square as a single tool.  

Speed Square Uses

  • It can perform the functions of three squares such as the combination square, try square, and framing square.
  • The most simple use of speed squares would be to draw geometrical figures.
  • Next, it can be used as a ruler for measurement, trim edges of surfaces, or as a saw guide.
  • A speed square is also used as a line scriber. It can also mark parallel lines.
  • It can also be used for ripping wood and measuring saw blades.

Speed Square Instructions

  • Don’t use a plastic speed square. Always try to use the squares which are made up of metals or alloys.
  • Keep the metal speed square in a safe place out of moisture to prevent rusting.
  • Before taking the measurements, make sure to keep the speed square on a plain surface.
  • Do check the scale of the graduations before using a speed square.

Speed square Tricks and Tips

  • Before using, make sure that the measurements are correct, and the ruler has proper graduations
  • While seeing the graduations, make sure that you are keeping your eyes at the level of the mark
  • Hold the speed square with a holder to have a firm grip and ensure maximum precision.
  • Make sure to keep the pointed side of the speed square in right angles while measuring the acute angles.
  • While scribing a line, use the sharp lengthier side so that you don’t have to change the up-front again and again.

How to Use a Speed Square?

How to Cut Stair Stringers with a Speed Square?

  • Take the stair measurements by placing a speed square at the edge and start laying out on the first stair.
  • Look for the graduation marks on the outside scale of the square
  • Mark the outline on the square’s outer edge with the framing side of the speed square.
  • Similarly, lay on other stairs and start cutting it carefully.

How to Cut a Birdsmouth using a Speed Square?

  • With the combination side of the speed square, mark the points and make a ridge cut using a roof pitch.
  • Then make the ridge cut which you made, the point of reference for the birdsmouth.
  • With that point of reference, make a tail cut using a saw blade to complete the process.

How to Find an Angle with a Speed Square?

  • Locate and hold the pivot point of the speed square at the edges against the board.
  • Rotate it until the line matches the edge of the square.
  • Keep in mind that you need to measure the complementary angle to the desired angle.
  • For example, if you want to measure 40°, you need to find 20° in the speed square.

How to Use a Speed Square for Rafters?

  • Measure the edges of the wood using a speed square by the ruler present outside the square.
  • Determine the angles by the pivot point which is present on the speed square.
  • According to the angles you have taken, mark and cut the edges with the help of a saw blade.

How to Use a Speed Square for Roof Pitch?

  • Find the pivot point of the speed square.
  • Place the pivot point against the shingles.
  • On the flat base of the speed square, place a torpedo.
  • Adjust the level of the square and read the pitch to find the required measurement for the roof pitch.

Speed Square Attachments and Parts

The speed square is a right triangle with a ruler on one side and a fence on the other side. The hypotenuse of the speed square measures the degree, which shows the angles that lie between 0° and 90°. Midsection shows the markings of hip/Val, which indicates the rise in inches.

Speed Square Holder

A speed square holder holds the square with a firm grip to ensure a fixed and accurate measurement. Speed square holders are either made of plastic or any strong metal. The size also varies from 7 inches to 12 Inch which you can buy considering the size of your speed square.

Speed Square Angles

A typical speed square is mainly equipped to measure 45 degrees and 90-degree angles, and it can also measure angles ranging from 0 to 45 degrees and 45 to 90 degrees. However, to measure obtuse angles, you need to take the complementary of that angle in the speed square and draw opposite lines through it.

What Size Speed Square should you get?

According to their needs, speed Squares are available in two sizes, 7 inches and 12 inches, respectively. The 7 inches one is more portable and can be efficiently used with the miter square, whereas the 12 inches one is used for measuring large lumber or for laying staircases.

What are the Main Types of Speed Squares?

The main types of speed squares are Sliding T-Bevel square, Drywall Square, Try Square, Framing Square, Combination Square, and the original Speed Square. Sliding T-Bevel square is used to copy angles and reciprocate it in other space, drywall square is used to draw lines on sheets of plywood or drywall, try square is used for making the corner and edges, framing square for making wide board or stock sheet, combination square for laying out lines or making notches and speed square combines the function of the try square, miter square, and combination square.

Who Makes the Best Speed Square?


In 1925, Albert Swanson developed the Swanson Speed Square combining five tools such as try square, miter square, saw guide, line scriber, and protractor. This company product is known for its durability and accuracy. All the speed squares are made of heavy gauge aerospace aluminum alloy, which makes all the products of this brand everlasting.


In 2015, Empire was the first brand to innovate their rafter square with laser etching technology which provides high durability and visibility. They later improvised their products with the Scribe Guide scribe top-notch pattern to enhance the fitting. Another unique aspect of this brand is that it had 15 percent wider heels to allow easy holding of the lumber and other job site materials.


Stanley Company is one of the most versatile companies that make various important tools. They offer different types of squares such as speed square, roofing square, carpenter square, and pocket square. So many varieties of squares allow customers to buy squares according to their demand. The company has also become a trusted brand because of its top-notch product and customer service.


Harbour Freight offers speed squares at a very reasonable price without compromising the quality of the tools by cutting out middlemen in the whole process of manufacture. They get their products from the same factories which make speed squares for other top brands so that there are no complaints regarding the product quality. They also have no hassle returns and guarantee their customers a hundred percent satisfaction.


Johnson is one of the most reputed companies globally whose origin is in the USA. Their squares are aluminum die-cast, and CNC machine-washed to increase their durability. They also have deep, cast-in gradations to prevent peeling off, wearing off, tearing, or smudging. The main attraction of their products is that they come with a low glare, protective powder coated finish.

What to Look for in a Speed Square while Purchasing?

While you are buying any speed square, there are certain features that you should always keep in mind. They mainly include the building material of the products, the clear visibility of the graduation marks, perfection in measuring angles, the price of the speed square, and the warranty period that the company from which you are purchasing a speed square offers to you.

Product Material

Well, most speed squares are made of aluminum or aluminum alloy, durable, strong, and rust-free. However, there are also speed squares available in the market which are not made of aluminum but of other materials which look similar. So always make sure that the speed square you are buying is of aluminum or other long-lasting material so that your tool will remain for longer periods.

Clear Graduation Mark

This is one of the most important features you should consider while buying a speed square of any kind. Check firmly whether the gradation scale is correct or not, and most importantly, it is visible. Because if the gradation scale is not proper, then the whole purpose of having it will be useless as it won’t give you appropriate and accurate marks.

Accuracy In Measuring Angles

The main purpose of having a speed square is to give accurate angle measurements for different purposes like stair building, rafting, woodworking, or frameworking. If the angles are inaccurate,n the build-ups will be heavily affected and will be of no further use. Hence, check before buying that the speed square gives precise angle measurements.


Well, this is a factor that everyone keeps in mind while purchasing. The price of the speed squares mainly depends on the brand and the unique features of the customers. If you are in need of a speed square with very recent technology covering all the features, then definitely the pricing will be higher. But if you are looking for a simple one, it’s better to go for a lower range.


Whether you buy a low-budget speed square or high-budget ones, always make sure to check the warranty period that the company is offering you. Being a carpentry tool, there are chances of graduations getting blurred or the edges becoming blunt just after a few days of use. So in these cases, you can go to the company and get the speed square repaired or replaced.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the best combination square?

Irwin per combination Square 12” is the best combination square.

Q. Why is it called a speed square?

A speed square is a trademarked name, but other names such as rafter square and triangle square are also used.

Q. How thick are speed squares?

There are two types of speed squares, the smaller one of 7 inches and the larger one of 12 inches in length.

Q. Where to buy a rafter speed?

You can purchase it from online e-commerce websites or any retail shop.

Q. How is the speed square different from the framing square?

The speed square is smaller than the framing square, and it combines functions of the try square, the combination square, and the framing square.


After testing all the speed squares personally, we have provided a list of the top 12 speed squares, which you can use according to your needs, budget, and preferences. We hope the buying guide and the product list is helpful. Always look for a speed square with all the important features mentioned above and buy those that you will be comfortable using.

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