7 Long Lasting Solid Stains for Decking 2022 – Provides Great Protection!

Best Choice

Ready Seal 530 Exterior Stain and Sealer for Decks

Ready Seal 530 Mahogany 5-Gallon Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood image
  • It won’t require any primer or any back brushing
  • To spray, there is no need for diluting or thinning the stain before.
  • It can be applied in any temperature range as it can blend itself

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Thompsons WaterSeal Solid Waterproofing Stain

THOMPSONS WATERSEAL TH.043841-16 Acorn Brown Solid Waterproofing Stain image
  • Highly water-resistant, so there will be no water damage
  • Its coating prevents Mildew and UV Damage
  • Advanced Polymers give Fade Resistant Color

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Durable Pick

Deck Wood Deck Paint and Sealer

SaverSystems Advanced Solid Color Simply White Siding 1 Gallon #1 Deck Wood Deck Paint and Sealer image
  • 2-in-1 product; Stain to add color, and Sealer to prevent moisture
  • Applicable on any horizontal and vertical wood surfaces
  • Opaque Finish gives maximum protection from aging

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Most of the things around us in the home are from wood. The natural color of the wood is a bit rusty, and it does not smell or suit the likes of everyone. The product that we have for you is a solid deck stain for wood. Wood stain adds color or paints to the wood. They add color to the wood to give it a personalized touch and a finish. Many types of stains also provide different colors and textures to stain your wooden doors and wardrobes. We have put forth a list of the 7 highest rated deck stain products for you to add color and luster to the wood.

We choose all the products after thorough analysis, personal experience, and going through innumerable reviews on various e-commerce websites all over the internet. Solid deck stains add a certain flair to the wood allowing you to amplify the look and décor of your house and other wooden appliances. In addition, most products on the list have gone through testing and pass the safety parameters that are generally regulated. Read the entire review to know more about the best solid deck stains in the market.

7 Best Solid Color Deck Stain Reviews

  1. Value for Money: Ready Seal 530 5-Gallon Exterior Wood Stain
  2. Best Waterproofing Stain: Thompson’s Water Seal Stain TH.043841
  3. Most Durable Deck Stain: #1 Deck Wood Paint and Sealer
  4. Great Quality: Olympic Maximum Deck Stain and Sealant
  5. Easy to Use: Olympic 52102A/01 Gal Premium Stain Stripper
  6. Best Deck Stain for Weathered Wood: Rust-Oleum RockSolid Deck Resurfacer
  7. Super-premium Stain: Olympic Elite Advanced Stain + Sealant

1. Ready Seal 530 Exterior Oil Based Deck Stain and Sealer

Ready Seal 530 Mahogany 5-Gallon Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood image

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This is the top pick in our list of the best solid deck stains in the market due to its easy application which makes it different from most competitors. Whereas others require a multi-step application process containing lathering stains on the wood and then finishing up with a wood sealer to protect the wood from moisture. Ready seal stain is a thin coat of stain that allows the enhancement of a natural wooden coat and keeps the look of the grain visible. We like that this product is a stain and a sealer in one. It can be easily applied using a sprayer, roller, or brush onto any wooden surface.

It is available in 8 color palettes without any additional primer requirement. We tend to inform you that the Ready Seal stain is at its darkest shade when applied. It takes a couple of weeks for the stain to attain the original color. You can ignore the wet line here. The product blends itself and can be applied at any temperature. It does not require thinning and dilating before spraying onto wooden appliances. We observed that it includes a PaintCare recycling fee in CA, OR, VT, and CT. The process of application is Goof Proof, included in 1 pound and 5-pound boxes.


  • Availability in 8 colors makes room for people to choose a personalized stain
  • It does not require any additional primer. It is easy to apply right away
  • No tedious process of thinning or diluting the stain before spraying
  • Available in a box of 2 sizes, 1 pound box, and a 5-pound box

2. Thompsons WaterSeal Solid Waterproof Stain for Deck

THOMPSONS WATERSEAL TH.043841-16 Acorn Brown Solid Waterproofing Stain image

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Developed in the early 1920s, Thompsons is one of the stalwarts in the market selling the best wood furnishing products, including this WaterSeal Solid Waterproofing stain. We like the color options available in the product. They are the most subtle and sleek-looking stain colors in the list, including Acorn Brown, Harvest Gold, Coastal Gray, Maple Brown, Sequoia Red, and Woodland Cedar. The product’s price varies with the color, but they are very reasonable for a box that weighs 4 pounds. It prevents the wooden surface from any water damage. It passes the standard ASTM-D 4446 for WaterProofing Wood.

Once this stain is applied to the wooden surface, ensure that it is protected from water damage. The coating resists mildew and does not cause any harm to the wood because of the harsh UV rays. It should be applied to freshly cleaned, damp, or dry wood. However, architectural and construction firms used Thompson’s product range for concrete applications in the initial days. We believe that this best outdoor deck stain provides complete exterior wood protection, adding color and showing the least amount of wood grain.


  • Advanced sunblocking technology doesn’t let it harm the wood from UV rays
  • It passes the standard ASTM-D 4446 tests for waterproofing wood
  • Protects the wooden deck from water and moisture seepage
  • Inclusion of subtle and sleek looking colors

3. #1 Deck Wood Water Based Deck Stain and Sealer

SaverSystems Advanced Solid Color Simply White Siding 1 Gallon #1 Deck Wood Deck Paint and Sealer image

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This brand provides some of the most subtle color choices in the entire category. We observed that this product acts like a stain and sealer for your wood. This stain has good adhesion. It can be used for all wooden products, both horizontal and vertical surfaces that include pressure-treated lumber, pine, cedar, fir, redwood, mahogany, and more. Once applied and dried, it provides a flat and natural-looking finish. We like that #1 Deck provides multi-functional use that prevents fading, graying, and peeling. It is long-lasting and made with the latest technology for the best finish and utmost protection for all wooden surfaces.

We observed that the opaque finish completely hides the wood grain, perfect for use on old wooden doors that have certain imperfections built over time and revive decks. It allows application over the top of existing stains because of good adhesion. Less use of VOC content in products less than 60 grams per liter makes it compliant for use in all 50 states. There are two types of models in #Deck, one being semi-transparent and one solid, the former showing a bit of wood grain and one showing nothing. The application process is extremely simple to get the best waterproofing solution.


  • Opaque finish completely hides the grain and shows no imperfections or scratching on the wood
  • It is a 2-in-1 stain and sealer, stain to add color, and sealer to protect the wood from moisture
  • There is less use of VOC content that makes it compliant for use in all 50 states
  • Provides the best waterproofing solution to prevent any damage during rains

4. Olympic Maximum Exterior Solid Deck Stain and Sealant

Olympic Stain 79614 1 Gallon Solid Stain Navajo Red Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer image

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Olympic Maximum is one of the best stains and sealants in one. It has enhanced waterproofing protection that saves wood from cracking due to water. In addition, this stain and sealant are weather-proof and work in every weather condition, even if it’s raining or it’s the scorching heat. Being weather-proof, it allows advanced sunblock to save the wood from the daily harsh UV rays of the sun that can wear the coating down. The application of the product is fairly simple, but it requires a cleaner along with it. Before applying, first, clean the wooden surface and then apply the stain.

We like that this product has multiple resistance coatings from mildew, preventing stains and discoloration. It is available in various variants, from a clear waterproofing sealant, semi-transparent, solid, and transparent. You can get them in nuanced and complex colors in a palette from Cedar, Navajo Red, Redwood Naturaltone, and clear available in various sized boxes of 1 gallon, 1 quart, and 5 gallons. We tend to inform you that a solid color stain for decks needs to be coated twice. Thus doubling the size of the box beforehand is suggested. No visible wood grain and protected from fading, enhancing the natural look of the wood.


  • UV ray blocking technology allows the stain to prevent any damage from the scorching heat during summers
  • It is protected from fading, thereby enriching the look of the stain and the wood
  • Stain and Sealant in one, providing color and also protecting the wooden surface
  • Advanced waterproofing protection saves the cracking of wood due to water

5. Olympic Architectural FIN Deck Stain for Old Wood

Olympic Premium Stain Stripper Image

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This is the second mention of this brand on our list. Their list of products provides remedies for different kinds of wooden works. Some are used for non-commercial domestic purposes and some for heavy-duty commercial purposes. This most popular deck stain color by them is used in architectural projects. Olympic Architectural FIN Stain provides enhanced waterproof solutions. We like that the brand assures wood protection for a minimum of 10 years for decks and 25 years for fences and siding. This kind of warranty reassures the buyer and shows the confidence of the brand in its products. Graying is a common issue on wooden surfaces, but this stain protects them from graying as well.

If you live in a hot region, this product also provides advanced sunblock protection to ensure that the wood does not get harmed by the scorching UV rays of the sun. We like that the product comes with multiple protection features, whether water, sun, or mildew. This stain coating will protect wooden surfaces from everything. It comes with a palette of various solid colors to suit the ambiance of your house and amplify the looks. The product is completely manufactured in the United States.


  • Provides a higher warranty period of 10 years for decks and 25 years for fences and siding
  • Easy to use for extreme heavy-duty and commercial architectural purposes
  • Sunblock protection is a necessary add-on if you live in a hot region
  • It protects the wooden surface from the common issue of graying
  • Completely manufactured in the United States of America

6. Rust-Oleum RockSolid 319363 Solid Wood Stain Deck Resurfacer

Rust-Oleum 319368 RockSolid 1 Gallon Cape Cod Gray 20X Deck Resurfacer image

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The Rust-Oleum RockSolid deck resurfacer has many uses, from restoring the heavily worn-out wooden surfaces to updating the weathered deck and patio surfaces. Most certainly, this resurfacer can be used on wooden decks, and broom swept concrete patios and composite decks. We observed that this stain is 20 times thicker than ordinary paint. You can apply it easily with just a 3-step process, and it can cover 40 sq. feet per gallon. There is no additional requirement of pressure washing, sanding, or stripping the wooden surfaces before applying. Its thick consistency allows the user to lather it on immediately.

Once applied, it only takes a few hours for it to dry off to touch completely. We like that the deck stain is available in 60 color variants that give everyone an abundance of choices to select the best-suited fit for their ambiance. The thickness of the stain also allows the user to hide/cover the cracks and imperfections of old wooden decks and surfaces. For proper application of the stain, the brand suggests using one 20x roller cover for every 8 gallons applied.


  • Available in a whopping 60 color variations to choose the best tint and shade of a color to suit the home and surroundings
  • Multiple uses from wooden decks, broom swept concrete patios, and composite decks
  • 20 times thicker than any other paint to ensure a thick outer layering
  • Helps in restoring worn-out wooden appliances and decks
  • Updates weathering of decks and patio surfaces

7. Olympic Elite 80301 Advanced Solid Color Deck Stain Sealer

Olympic Elite 80301 Advanced Solid Color Stain and Sealant Image

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This is the last pick in the list of the best deck solid stains in the market. Once voted as the #1 Solid deck stain in an independent consumer study, we feel it has been left behind over time. We like the range of wood furnishing products by Olympic, which is why you will find several mentions of this brand in this list. This is a stain and a sealant in one. It adds color but also saves the wood from moisture. In addition, it provides an opaque finish that hides the grains and enhances the wooden surface’s natural look.

The brand recommends it to be used only on exterior wooden surfaces like decks, fences, siding, railings, and outdoor furniture. We like the finish that the stain provides. The nature-inspired color choices with a subtle texture add to the overall look and feel of the wood. It requires at least 24 to 48 hours of drying time before touching or moving it. We tend to inform you that the stain requires a double coat with high-quality equipment, and it is self-priming over most pre-coated wooden surfaces.


  • It takes about 24 to 48 hours for the stain to dry up before touching or moving it completely
  • Exterior use only, used on decks, fences, railings, siding, and outdoor furniture
  • Stain and sealant in one, adding color and protecting the wood from moisture
  • It is self-priming over most of the pre-coated wooden surfaces

Buying Guide for Best Solid Deck Stain

As you know about the top rated deck stains, you may need a fresh perspective to buy one for you. So to make your selection game easy, we here provide a precise buying guide. Go through the guide and familiarize yourself with different types and terminology before choosing a stain for your deck.

Solid Deck Stain Colors

There are thousands of brands with a wide range and variety of products that sell solid deck stains. Every brand has innovated with various colors and textures. There are many tints and shades of earthy colors like brown, white, green, and blue. Many brands in our list have experimented with different permutations and combinations of all the colors, from high-end color shades like cedar, mahogany, coffee, Navajo red, mountain grey, oak, natural oak, terra cotta, fawn, chestnut brown, and so many more. The choices of colors are endless. Their choice is subjective to the surroundings and the ambiance in which the wooden appliances are placed.

Solid Deck Stain vs Semi-Transparent Stain

Solid deck stains lay over the wooden surface, but Semi-transparent stains are penetrable within the surface of wood and bond with the fibers. This solid deck stain does not protect the wood they are applied on, but a semi-transparent stain contains anti-fungal elements to protect the wood from the breach of algae and mold. The former completely covers up the surface and does not show any wooden grain, but the semi-transparent stain shows a little grain giving the finish a more natural look. It is not advised to use solid deck stains near decking areas because of the lack of anti-weathering elements. The semi-transparent stain should be used for wooden items primarily kept outdoors like decks, chairs, and tables.

Solid Deck Stain vs Paint Deck

Normal paint is exponentially different from solid deck stain. A deck stain is generally a layer of thin coating over the wooden surface, whereas paint is a thick coloring agent. Deck paint can easily cover/hide the imperfections and chippings that may have impacted your deck over the years, but stains penetrate the wood adding color while maintaining the natural look of the wood.

Paint also adds a few years of life to your deck as it can amplify the look by covering the entire deck with a thick layer of color. However, removing paint from the deck is extremely tedious after a few years once it starts wearing off. Deck stain does not require any sanding or scraping before application making it an easy process. Weather changes in a region also decide the fate of the paint or stain. Usually, paints peel off more, while Deck stain offers protection from water and scorching sun.

Why Use a Stain?

There are many reasons to use a stain instead of paint or any other wood furnishing product. Wood Stains come with certain advanced features that only color wooden surfaces but also protect them. As mentioned in most of the products on our list, wood stains protect surfaces from extreme weather changes and conditions. Wood expands, puffs up, and deteriorates due to rain, fungal formations, and sun.

Still, wood stains come with advanced waterproofing technology to prevent damage by water and UV block features to avoid any damage to the coat due to the scorching UV rays of the sun. The stain also acts as a guard from moisture. Moisture seepage in the wood allows the growth of mold or mildew. Stains may not be the most effective solution, but they work great. A normal sealant won’t crack, but double-coating or using an oil-based stain will keep the wood away from cracking.

Types of Stains

Oil-based Stain

Oil-based wood stains are some of the most popular ones on the market. Their main features include deep penetration and durability. The oil that these stains contain is linseed oil with varnish. This oil is eco-friendly, natural, and non-toxic. The nature of an oil-based stain allows the exact amount of moisture to seep in and the proper amount to keep away from the wood.

Water-based Stain

This type of stain uses water as a binder. Usually, it’s extremely simple to clean a water-based stain. Environment friendly, and it contains fewer pollutants. In comparison with oil-based stain, it does not penetrate as easily and in the equivalent quantity. In addition, it has a quick-drying duration and resists fungal growth like molds and mildew.

How to Re-Stain a Deck With Solid Stain?

Re-staining a deck could be a consuming task, but it takes some time to stain it well. Here are a few steps that may help you do so.

Step 1: The first step involves cleaning the deck. A pressure washer is the best choice for faster cleaning. As you begin cleaning, make sure you maintain a standard pattern starting from a particular and then spread out, covering the entire deck.

Step 2: Once the cleaning process is finished, it is advised to let the deck get completely dried before moving ahead.

Step 3: Once dried, make sure that you remove all the additional chippings by sanding and stripping, and leveling the entire deck space. Make sure you wear a mask while doing so as residual dust and paint release toxic fumes.

Step 4: After leveling and cleaning up the entire deck, apply the first coat of the solid stain. Apply the solid stain using a roller brush or paintbrush.

Step 5: While using solid stain on decks, it requires a double coat of stain to give it the finishing touches and accentuate the color of the stain.

Types of Deck Stains

Solid Stain

Solid Stains do not seep into the wooden surface. They are just a solid layer of color on the surface and cover the deck’s wooden grains. Most people use solid deck stains as a replacement for paints to cover discoloration. The downside of having a solid deck stain is that chip, peel, or crack.

Clear Stain

Clear deck stains are also known as deck sealers. Sealers work by blocking and preventing the wooden surface from water, fungal formations, and other factors that prove to be detrimental to the wood. However, most of the clear stains are not durable and avidly not preferred by most people.

Semi-transparent Stain

One of the most popular deck stains penetrates the wood, connects to the wooden fibers, and provides optimal protection. It is also called an opaque stain as the color is not very prominent, and it allows a little visibility of wooden grains. The layers are thin and not prone to chipping or peeling.

Semi-solid Stain

Semi-solid wood stains are no different from semi-transparent stains, it just provides a richer color. It hides more of the wooden grains than semi-transparent stains while flaunting the texture. Damaged wood could be covered more with a semi-solid stain.

Best Brands of Stains for Decks


Behr is one of those luxury brands that can confidently brag about their range of wood stains. For years, they have been a market leader and have provided users with the best quality solid deck stains. However, other wood solutions have subtle and over-the-top colors that mesmerize the buyer apart from deck stains.


This brand may be considered a stalwart in the wood furnishing market. It set its roots in the year 1877, marking its territory for more than a century. Cabot still sells some of the best wood stains in the market, but they are often a little old school for the ever-increasing demands. The brand is known to provide innovative and efficient wood deck stains.


Another stalwart in the business, Flood wood finishes, have been in the market since 1841, marking a lineage of over 150 years. They specialize in wood stains and have provided users with the best products available in the market. It has still stayed relevant by upskilling the efficiency and quality of its products.


The Olympic brand has been mentioned several times in our list, truly showing our inclination towards the brand’s high-quality deck stains. We believe that they have a wide range of deck stains that suit the different and specific needs of the users. In addition, they have a sleek range of colors to choose from to achieve the best finish on your wooden deck.


This brand is a fairly recent addition to the market, but it has taken the competitors by storm. They provide a wide range of stains in subtle color categories to suit personalized needs. Their products are affordable and pose a high-end quality finish. They also provide a personalized AI experience for their users to match their surroundings.

How to Remove a Solid Stain from a Wooden Deck?

There are several methods to remove solid stains from a wooden deck. Power washing is one of the most efficient ways to remove a solid stain from your deck. It’s quick and efficient. If you are cleaning on a damaged and old wooden deck, wood stripping is a follow-up to power washing to achieve a smoother and leveled surface. These two methods are the most efficient ways to remove a solid stain from a wooden deck.

What to Consider Before Buying a Solid Deck Stain?

As you have detailed knowledge about deck stains, you may decide on a product to get for yourself. Here are the few main considerations while buying a solid deck stain. Make sure to check these details to buy the perfect paint for your patio.


There are quite a few types of solid deck stains in the market, solid, semi-solid, transparent, semi-transparent, and clear. Each of them has a unique feature and distinction from the other. Also, there are two distinct types of stains, oil-based and water-based. The shine, luster, transparency, and opacity of all the types of stains differ from one another. Depending on the nature of use and personal preference, choose the best deck stain.


Colors are the selling point of most deck stains. Choosing the right color is crucial as it essentially enhances the look and feel of your deck. Most brands offer a wide variety of colors, tints, and shades to choose from. Make sure you choose the one that matches your house and amplifies the look and the texture of the deck’s architecture. For outdoor wooden appliances, choose earthy colors while interiors could be matched with the home décor.


It certainly depends on the type of stain. However, it is important to check the protection that a stain provides. Thoroughly read through their entire description to ensure if their deck stain protects from moisture, water, and sun. Most brands mentioned in the list provide an advanced UV ray block and waterproofing technology while also having antifungal properties, not allowing the growth of mold and mildew on the deck.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the best solid color deck stain?

Ready Seal 530 Exterior Stain mentioned in our list is the best solid color deck stain in the market.

Q. How many coats of solid stain on deck?

All solid deck stains require at least two coats to achieve the best result.

Q. When to use a solid stain on the deck?

There is no specific time to use a solid color stain. It is used to beautify the deck’s texture and prolong its life.

Q. How long does it take for the solid stain to dry?

Usually, most solid stains for decks take 24 to 48 hours to dry off completely.

Q. Are paints and deck stains similar?

No, paints and deck stains are not similar. Paints are a non-penetrable thick layer of color over a wooden surface, and deck stains are penetrable.


As we end the best exterior wood stains reviews, we believe we have added some value for you in this review on the best solid deck stains in the market. We have made sure that we answer all queries that could arise while selecting a particular brand and product. Make sure you choose the best pick after a thorough analysis of your surroundings and deck to check the type of wood to make a calculated buying decision eventually. This is a non-exhaustive list, and we ask you to research multiple channels before making the final purchase.

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