Give Proficient Cleaning at Workshops with these Best Small Shop Vacs (Top 14)

Best Choice Overall

Armor All AA255 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Shop Vacuum

Armor All AA255 Orange 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet Dry Utility Shop Vacuum image
  • This lightweight vac is capable of both dry and wet pick-ups
  • It is easily convertible to blower which is great for drying
  • Deluxe Car Nozzle which makes it easy to vacuum tight spaces

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High Quality

Stanley SL18115P Wet/Dry Vacuum

Stanley SL18115P 5 Gallon 4 Horsepower 4.0 HP AC Black Wet Dry Vacuum image
  • Has easy mobility with 360 degree rotatable rubber casters
  • Buoy technology guarantees safety while vacuuming wet places
  • It can pickup both wet and dry messes with its 4 HP motor

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Craftsman 6.5 Peak Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum

CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 16 Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Wet Dry Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum image
  • Features DUAL-FLEX technology which ensures easy mobility
  • There is a built-in blower in this vac for quick drying and oversized drain for convenient emptying
  • This 6.5 HP Vac is great for large projects in your shop or garage

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When cleaning shops piled with heavy dust or construction sites that call for a large amount of debris, it requires much effort to clean those places. This is when you need to understand all about smart ‘shop vac’ that will clean the site in no time without creating any mess. A ‘shop vac’ is a small shop vacuum cleaner designed to clean construction or woodworking sites. The first time we saw this shop vacuum cleaner, it looked similar to those of normal vacuum cleaners, but it is actually intended for commercial purposes. This unit comes with a higher suction technology capable of sucking up metal chunks, dirt, debris, nails, or any such materials at construction sites.

Even a little shop vac comes with a larger hose, high power and high-suction capacity that intends to pick up bulky particles from the ground surface. Some advanced technology shop vac can clear up even wet mess and are commonly referred to as wet/dry shop vac. A vac with hose comes in varied sizes that can be conveniently ported. You can go with a larger one if you are buying for bigger areas like workshops or basements. Also, different shop vacs engrossed with different features that let you choose products based upon your utility requirements. To help you figure out best, we have come up with some of the top rated shop vacs you might be looking for.

1. Armor All AA255 2.5 Gallon Dual Utility Small Portable Shop Vac

Armor All AA255 Orange 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet Dry Utility Shop Vacuum image

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Armor All smart vacuum is the best small shop vac for cars. While checking out this product for its details, we figured out that this vacuum is equipped with ideal features for cleaning the car interiors. It can also be easily converted to a blower that helps to dry motorcycles or car grills. With a 10ft. cord and 2.5 gallons polypropylene tank, this electric shop vac is intended to ease your work. Working at 120V with a 2 peak HP motor, it provides perfect satisfactory results. Moreover, with its small dimensions and just 7 pounds weight we could easily lift it. Thus, this small wet dry shop vacuum becomes convenient to use anywhere.

You can give your car interior an all-new look with this quiet shop vac. Armor All vacuum cleaner, with its high reviews, leaves its customers completely satisfied. Its top handle with dust-sealed switch aids in convenient lifting the device. With the built-in noise diffuser, we could have the entire cleaning operation smooth and quiet. To clean the vents and minute openings, its soft detail brush serves the purpose well. This compact and advanced shop vac turns out to be the ultimate fit if you are looking for a product that is easy to carry and gives efficient quality results. With all these versatile features, it has become one of the top picks for us.


  • A soft and smooth brush is provided for cleaning the vents, openings or any electrical components that require to be dealt with delicately
  • It becomes a perfect choice for the user as the in-built air and noise diffuser makes the cleaning quiet and efficient
  • This product comes with a proper in-built space for conveniently storing the hose and the accessories
  • Its dual cleaning mode gives efficient results and provides easy cleaning for wet as well as dry surfaces
  • This vacuum can be easily converted to a blower that helps dry wheels, motorcycles or car grills
  • Its deluxe car nozzle is so designed that it can very conveniently get into compact spaces

2. Stanley SL18115P 4 HP Small Wet Dry Shop Vac

Stanley SL18115P 5 Gallon 4 Horsepower 4.0 HP AC Black Wet Dry Vacuum image

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Stanley wet and dry vacuum cleaner will serve most of your cleaning needs. It has a powerful wet and dry suction, and you can even use it as a blower that works efficiently. The blower port is convertible into a suction vacuum to pull out all debris from every nook and corner of your garage. The product contains a strong handle which makes it robust and easy to handle. It contains an on and off switch large enough to access even on heavy clothing. storage of this vacuum cleaner is very easy as it contains a built-in power cord wrap which makes it more convenient to access.

Stanley SL18115P vacuum contains a 5-gallon container with an in-built tank drain, making drawing out dirty water easy. Its 4.0 HP motor provides a high-level performance in any environment. The vac comes with gulper and crevice nozzles. It has a 1 1/4-inch x 5-foot hose which can easily reach any nook and corner. The product is compatible with different surfaces like carpet, upholstery, and floors. You can even clear fallen leaves off your garden with a power blower. filters in this vacuum cleaner are washable and reusable filters.


  • Design of the stanley vacuum cleaner is water resistant which makes it easy to store and more reliable
  • Vac have a foam filter and a cloth bag with clamp ring, The dust bag is disposable and replaceable
  • Dual mode operation will help you clean out any type of mess on your kitchen or garage floor
  • 4.0 HP motor has a suction power strong enough to remove any type of debris 
  • It contains the powerful blower to air blow the fallen leaves in your garden

3. CRAFTSMAN 6.5 Peak HP Powerful Small Shop Vac

CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 16 Gallon 6.5 Peak HP Wet Dry Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum image

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Craftsman shop vacuum is one of the bestsellers on our product list. It is the most suitable product for garages or renovation places where large power is required to uplift debris. This 16 gallons, 6.5peak HP vacuum works with great power giving uncompromised results. While reviewing this product we could see a large number of customers are satisfied with its high-efficiency performance. This unit gives the most powerful suction one could long for. Its dual working technology makes it compatible with both dry and wet cleaning. The drain port allowed us to easily empty the tank when we were done with the cleaning process. Working with 120V power gives best results on hard floor surface area.

With this Craftsman wet/dry shop vac, you can be confident enough to clean at your garage or construction site. It offers easy mobility with the help of a large handle provided on top. While checking the product, it allowed us to change between wet and dry filters very conveniently with the help of Qwik lock filter fastening system. Its large 20ft power cord adds to the simplicity of the operating process by covering a large area in one go. This is one of the most powerful shop vacuums that gives competent results with its powerful suction capacity. The dual-flex hose also provides a utility, car nozzle, wet nozzle, 2 extension wands, and dust collection bags.


  • Extremely powerful 6.5 HP motor makes it suitable for picking up heavy particles, making it a perfect fit for job sites
  • It is provided with a blowing port on the rear side of the device that makes blowing away of lighter particles easier
  • A 2-1/2 in. dia hose offers dual-flex technology that allows 180-degree mobility that resists kinks and crushing
  • This wet/dry vacuum is equipped with a built-in oversized drain that allows easy emptying of liquids
  • It provides easy storage for the hose and cord that helps to keep it organized, occupying less space

4. Vacmaster Professional 5 Gallon Small Wet Dry Vacuum

Vacmaster Professional VFB511B0201 Black 5 Gallon Beast Series 5.5 HP Wet Dry Vacuum image

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Vacmaster Professional 5 gallon, 5.5HP Beast series wet/dry vacuum is unbeatable for heavy debris. With its high-resulting suction technology, it proves to be one of the best suction shop vacs. Its powerful technology can easily clean up the toughest cleaning areas. With a 7ft. hose pipe and 18ft cord, we could conveniently reach out to the 25ft cleaning area without any hassle of frequently changing the power connection. This is one of the powerful result-yielding products on our list, equipped with smart and advanced features. With its best quality filters, it gives competent results for both dry and wet cleaning.

Vacmaster VFB511B0201 is one of the high power shop vac cleaners we have come across. Checking out for its reviews, we could figure it out to be the top picks for people looking for their garages or job sites. Its rugged polypropylene tank provides corrosion and impact resistance that helps to extend the product’s life. In addition, it comes with multiple included accessories – a kink-resistant hosepipe, utility nozzle, crevice tool, car nozzle extension wand, a fine dust cartridge filter, wet foam filter, and air and noise diffuser. All these convincing features made this product the best fit for our needs.


  • The easy use of the large handle at the top makes lifting the device simpler and easier and can thus be carried without any stress
  • It is provided with integrated storing spaces for mounting the hose and other accessories, making it convenient to store
  • The 18ft long cord with a 7ft hose pipe makes a better cleaning reach without the trouble of unplugging again and again
  • This smart shop vac comes with a blower port that makes it easily convertible to a blower when needed
  • It is a superior quality, an influential suction motor that works well even on wet surfaces

5. Shop-Vac 5989300 Stainless Steel 5 Gallon Shop Vac

Shop-Vac 5989300 5-Gallon 4.5 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum image

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Shop-Vac smart and compact vacuum gives reliable and satisfactory results with its powerful working capacity. With a large capacity of 5-gallons, it becomes the top-rated product on our list. It comes with a stainless steel tank that is durable and offers easy cleaning and maintenance. A 4.5 peak HP gave us a satisfying experience for places where high suction is required to clean out the mess. Thus, people buy it for their basement cleaning, construction sites, or garages. As the name suggests, dry/wet shop vac gives desired results for both dry as well as wet cleaning.

This Shop Vac small vacuum is one of the best quality shop vacuums with efficient filters and bags. With 175 CFM, it becomes one of the highest CFM shop vacs that gives competent results. Weighing just 15 pounds, we could carry it very comfortably to any desired place. It also provides convenient storage for the accessories that make this device easy to keep with all its parts together. With its trustworthy results, it manages to be the best-reviewed product that makes its customers completely satisfied. Easy to clean and use, this is one of the best Shop-Vac Models.


  • It comes with an additional 7ft hose, 3 extension wands, a crevice tool, floor nozzle, gulper nozzle, cartridge filter, foam sleeve, and filter bag
  • The rear of the vacuum is provided with a blower port that aids in easily using the blower feature as and when required
  • It is provided with all-around mobility and side handles that make it quite convenient and comfortable to lift
  • This shop vacuum offers a high suction capacity with a 4.5 HP motor that helps to give high-quality results

6. Craftsman 6 Gallon 3.5 Peak HP Small Quiet Shop Vac

CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17584 6-Gallon 3.5 Peak HP Wet Dry Portable Shop Vacuum image

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Craftsman portable shop vacuum features a 3.5HP motor and 6-gallon capacity, making it perfect for shops, garages, or homes. Being light in weight, it can be easily carried and ported to any place desired. So, if you are looking for a small multi-purpose vac, this is the best mini shop vacuum. Its dry and wet modes make cleaning wet surfaces easy going along with dry surfaces. While checking out this product, the best thing that we came across is that its 360-degree caster feet offer swift mobility, even on rough surfaces. Thus, bother not to lift this device every time on rough or uneven surfaces.

This Craftsman shop offers organized storage for its tools, which helps keep product in a better way, occupying lesser storage space. With smart wheels, it can be easily moved in all directions. rear wheels provide easy mobility on rough surfaces, eliminating stress of lifting every time it encounters any obstruction on an uneven area. A large on/off switch on top makes it user-friendly with ease of operating. We could very smoothly carry out a detailed cleaning process with all accessories included. So, if you are looking for the best compact shop vac, it serves your purpose well.


  • It is provided with 1-7/8 in. x 7 ft. Pos-I-Lock hose, a utility and a car nozzle, 2 locking extension wands, Qwik Lock Filter and a dust collection bag
  • This powerful shop vac with a 6-gallon drum works with a high-power motor that aids in providing competent vacuuming
  • The smart Swivel casters wheel provides easy and convenient mobility even on rough and uneven surfaces
  • The 10ft power cord comes with a cord wrap that makes storing it without creating any inconvenience
  • With the help of the Qwik lock filter system switching between the wet and dry filters takes no time
  • Equipped with a blower port, it offers easy conversion to the blower mode

7. Stanley SL18910P-3 3 HP Portable Small Shop Vac for Car

Stanley SL18910P-3 Wet Dry 3 Gallon 3 Horsepower 3.0 HP AC Black Yellow Portable Car Vacuum image

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This Stanley wet/dry vacuum cleaner is the best-suited product if you are looking to clean your cars. With this 3-gallons high suction vacuum, we could wipe out car interiors much easier and simpler. Moreover, with its trustworthy and competent results, it makes its customers satisfied without any complaints. With various tools for cleaning all types of debris, this product stands out to be the best mini wet dry vac. Furthermore, due to its smaller size, it offers easy portability and requires minimum space to store. Therefore, this product becomes our perfect choice for the best compact vacuums for cars.

Stanley comes up with the best results that give you high satisfaction while using this product. Its powerful wet/dry suction technology makes this Best Rated Small Shop-Vac. Provided with onboard accessory storage, it becomes easy to store all tools together, making it convenient to lift. A 3-in-1 crevice nozzle helps in detailed cleaning of the car for vents, dashboard, or electrical equipment. It becomes easy to use with a large on/off switch that is water-resistant for quick and better results. With its cord wrap storage, we could store the cord safely, eliminating worry of securely storing cord preventing any damage.


  • With a large capacity of 11 L, this vacuum cleaner aids in cleaning without the necessity of emptying the tank frequently
  • A 6ft power cord and 4ft hose pipe offer a 10ft cleaning reach that makes the cleaning process comfortable
  • Since it comes with dual cleaning modes, both the wet and dry filters can be washed and reused effectively
  • A 3HP suction provides efficient cleaning of all the trash and debris that may be lying anywhere in the car
  • This vacuum offers a 2-in-1 cleaning feature with both dry wells and wet cleaning

8. VACMASTER VBV1210 12 Gallon 5 HP Shop Vac

Vacmaster VBV1210 Blue 12-Gallon 5 Peak HP Wet Dry Shop Vacuum with Detachable Blower image

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Vacmaster VBV1210 wet/dry shop vacuum cleaner is an ideal fit for tough cleaning operations. This shop vac provides an easy switch between wet and dry modes, thus leading to a quick clean-up process. In addition, with a 210 MPH blowing speed, it gives higher and better performance with multitasking operations. We tried detaching the blower, and it could be done effortlessly by pressing a single button allowing it to be used as a handheld blower that can be operated single-handedly. This is one of the best-reviewed products that serves well for both households as well as official purposes.

This Vacmaster smart shop vac is perfect for workshop cleaning and household cleaning with the easily convertible hand blower. Its caster wheel offers mobility for easy transport during the vacuuming process or otherwise. It works well for large debris or the spilled liquids, giving you clear space in no time. Its unmatched results stand out high-rated, becoming the best shop vac for home and workshops. So, this is a perfect fit if you are fetching one that can be used for both your worksites and your home.


  • Its polypropylene construction provides greater durability that makes it suitable for tough cleaning jobs
  • With the integrated accessory storage, keeping the device together with all the tools becomes simpler
  • The blower can be easily separated and can be converted into a handheld blowing tool for cleaning
  • Its large cord attached to the hose-pipe together provides a larger cleaning reach of 19ft
  • Equipped with various tools, it provides perfectly suitable cleaning with different tools
  • An extra-large drain port makes draining the liquid faster and easier

9. Stanley 5 Gal 4HP Stainless Steel Small Vacuum with Hose

STANLEY SL18115 Stainless Steel Tank 5 Gallon 4HP Shop Wet Dry Vacuum image

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Stanley 5-Gallons vacuum, is a multi-purpose shop vac that gives high-quality results, becoming a perfect fit for homes as well as workshops or garages. It comes with a stainless steel tank that offers better durability of the product. This smart 3-in-1 device can work well with wet, dry and blow features making it the best shop vac for home or garage use. The 4 peak horsepower helps in providing efficient suction technology that solves the cleaning purpose well, leaving you relaxed and worry-free. With several accessories included, it gave us a comfortable cleaning experience for all types using different tools.

Stanley SL18115 is a perfect fit that offers multi-purpose cleaning with various accompanied tools. It comes with a dust installation bag that can be used conveniently inside the storage tank for better results. This 5 Gallon shop vacuum makes cleaning funnier and relaxed, which would have been exhausting otherwise. With a large handle provided at the top, it can be comfortably lifted and carried wherever desired. The strong caster wheels are capable enough to aid swift mobility of the device on uneven surfaces also.


  • The shop vac is equipped with in-built storage for all the tools that make keeping the device convenient
  • Working with a 4 peak Horse Power, it is capable enough for large and tough debris to be cleaned
  • It can be comfortably used on bare floors or carpets, offering a wider functionality range
  • It gives smart results with all three wet, dry and blows modes that are desired
  • The filters used for wet and dry modes can be washed easily and reused

10. DeWALT 6-Gallon Wet/Dry Quietest Shop Vacuum

DeWALT DXV06P Yellow 6 gallon Poly Wet Dry Vacuum image

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DeWalt 6-gallon vacuum is a small powerful shop vac with a 4 peak horsepower to clean the small messed areas. The powerful suction force enables tough cleaning that needs heavy-duty suction force. With efficient cleaning results, it becomes one of the best shop vacs. Checking for its convenient lifting, we could determine that the easy-to-use handle on the top makes it comfortable to carry. Its 10′ power cord with a cord wrap makes it a user-friendly and easy-to-store device. Also, it allows us to reach a larger area for cleaning, thereby reducing the stress of frequently changing the power ports.

This small shop vac with wheels, provides easy and convenient results with its highly satisfactory performance. The large on/off switch makes it easy and quick to access. This becomes one of the perfect choices for customers looking for the best wet vacuum cleaner with its high suction capability. Equipped with a built-in tank drain, emptying the drainage tank is easier and smoother, thus reducing time and efforts for emptying separately. With 360 degree mobility and versatile features, this shop vacuum gave us a wonderful cleaning experience.


  • The built-in blower port makes it convenient to use the blowing feature to blow out sawdust or any such debris
  • Durable caster wheels offer easy mobility with a 360-degree rotation making them comfortable to work with
  • The crevice nozzle aids in making the dusting and cleaning of the cars quicker and easier
  • This smart shop vac offers a 3-in-1 feature with wet, dry and blows mode

11. Vacmaster 4 Gallon 2 Stage Small Shop Vac with Wheels

Vacmaster VF408 Blue 4 Gallon 5 Peak HP with 2-Stage Industrial Motor Wet Dry Floor Vacuum image

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Vacmaster 4-gallon shop vac comes up with some of the best features you would love to have in your vacuum cleaner. It comes with a 2-stage powerful motor and HEPA filters that offer cleaner air preventing any dust particles. These advanced features make it one of strongest shop vac that delivers high performance. dual wet/dry operation makes it perfectly compatible for household as well as workshop purposes. Worried about its storage, we saw that it is equipped with an integrated space for storing tools that solved our purpose of easily keeping tools together with devices.

This shop vacuum cleaner comes with a 2-stage motor that provides powerful suction and offers completely quiet operation. Due to this, it becomes the quietest vacuum that offers comfortable usage. The 18ft large cord makes the cleaning process easier with a larger reach. This best value vacs works comfortably with easy-to-move caster wheels that provide mobility to the product. With multiple accessories included, it can be used for all types of in-depth cleaning operations. We figured out that the cord could be wrapped back by pressing a button to offer more feasibility and relaxation.


  • With a well-organized tool storing capacity, it becomes easy to store with all the equipment attached
  • The 2-stage motor offers powerful suction and a completely noiseless cleaning operation
  • The high technology HEPA filter provides cleaner and better air while it is in use
  • Just with a touch of a button, the cord can be rewinded back automatically
  • A large top handle makes it easy to carry the device comfortably

12. Shop-Vac 2036000 Shop Vac 2.5 Gallon

Shop-Vac 2036000 Red Black Small 2.5-Gallon 2.5 Peak HP Wet Dry Vacuum image

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Shop-Vac 2.5-Gallon small wet/dry vacuum is a product that works with 2.5 peak horsepower. This vacuum with a dimension of 12 x 11 x 12.5 inches is quite small compared to another large-sized shop vac. Therefore, this mini wet vac is ideal for lighter household cleaning or near garages or job sites. It’s 6ft. The large power cord comes with a cord wrap that makes storing it easier. With a weight of 8pounds, we could easily carry this vacuum. Also, the top carry handle offered us more comfort to lift this product. Thus, we could easily lift and carry it to any desired place.

This Shop-Vac 2.5 Gallon is equipped with multiple accessories and filters to provide high-quality cleaning. This vacuum is provided with onboard storage to avoid damage to the tools, making storing the tools easier. While reviewing this product for its performance, we figured it out to be completely quiet. We could hardly notice any noise during its work. Being a wall mount, it saves more storing space, thus becoming a perfect portable shop vac. We could easily convert this vacuum into a blower with the in-built rear blower port, thus giving satisfactory results.


  • It saves storage space as it can be mounted on the wall without any difficulty
  • The top handle provided makes it easier to port from one place to another
  • The rear blower port provided makes it easier to convert it into a blower
  • A large on/off switch is provided that makes its operation quicker
  • It gives efficient results with tough cleaning jobs in no time
  • Works well for both dry and wet types of cleaning

13. Vacmaster Professional 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum Cleaner

Vacmaster Professional VJH1211PF0201 12 Gallon Beast Series 5.5 HP Wet Dry Vacuum image

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Vacmaster 12-Gallon Beast Series wet/dry shop vacuum gives ultimate performance results with a 5.5peak HP motor. This powerful working motor makes it a best-suited product for construction sites or garages requiring tough cleaning. With its onboard storage for tools, it occupies less space for keeping devices. It is also provided with a flat head on top, making keeping tools during the cleaning process simpler. One of the best parts that we came across while reviewing this product is its larger reach. A 20′ power cord and 7′ hose gave us a cleaning reach of 27′, making it possible for us to cover a larger area without changing the power port. Thus, it became our flawless choice for professional or large tedious cleaning jobs.

This Vac Master shop vacuum is the perfect one for professional use. Checking the product for its mobility, we figured out that it had caster wheels that made it possible to move it smoothly, even on rough surfaces. These wheels offered convenient 360-degrees of vacuum. The large number of accessories that come with the product makes it feasible for almost all cleaning processes. With all these smart features and high-efficiency outputs, this product gave us all desired results and took us in confidence.


  • Top head being flat makes the work more accessible by keeping the tools on top during work
  • Large polypropylene tank gives extended life to the product by preventing it from corrosion
  • Its high-power motor offers a great suction force powerful enough to pick up large debris
  • It is provided with a large drain port at the bottom that helps in easily emptying the tank
  • On-board accessory storage helps in keeping the tools together and occupies less space
  • Large power cord with hose enables 27’ reach that aids in the quicker cleaning process

14. Vacmaster 2.5-Gallon 2 Peak HP High Suction Shop Vac

Vacmaster Red Edition VOM205P 1101 Portable 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet Dry Shop Vacuum image

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This product from Vacmaster belongs to its Red Edition that is suitable for small and quick clean-ups. It can be well-suited for household cleaning or lighter cleaning in garages. This is one of smallest shop vacs that offers easy portability due to its lightweight of 7.5 pounds. We could very easily lift the product and carry it as convenient storage for tools did not create any mess while carrying. We also checked it for blower function, and to our surprise, it worked well with a powerful airflow of 65 cfm. Thus, it gives desired results with all three modes, wet cleaning, dry cleaning and blower feature.

Vacmaster Red Edition shop vacuum provided us with additional tools that helped us in detailed cleaning of the area. These tools are well designed to reach corners or small vents. Thus, this vacuum can be used for car cleaning as well. Moreover, if you are storing in a confined area where you are running short of space, this can be mounted on a wall that helps to save storage space. While reviewing this product, we could easily operate it with a large on/off switch on top. A large handle added to the convenience of lifting. Thus, with this ease to offer, it became quite easy for us to use.


  • Being small in size and light in weight, it offers easy portability wherever required
  • The 2 peak horsepower provides efficient suction for household or light cleaning
  • It offers an appropriate cleaning reach of 14ft that helps in quick cleaning
  • 2.5- Gallon polypropylene tanks offer greater durability to the product
  • It can be easily mounted on the wall that helps in saving storage space

Buying Guide

With various options available in the market laced with versatile features, it is very challenging to decide on the best small wet/dry shop vac that fulfills all the requirements. A perfect product is the one that leaves you completely satisfied with its performance. So, to make things sorted out, we have brought this buying guide to help you know all about Shop Vac.

What is a Small Shop Vac Small?

A normal vacuum cleaner doesn’t serve well to provide your offices, garages, or construction sites with a next-level cleaning. For all heavy cleaning on bare floors, a small shop vac is equipped that is multi-functional and offers a wide range of features for better satisfactory results. This Small, Powerful Shop Vac works well for both wet and dry surfaces without getting clogged or choked. Its high-power motor and efficient suction lift the heavy debris, small metallic pieces, nails, or screws. Since they are not bulky, they can be easily carried from one place to another without inconvenience. These shop vacs are much more powerful than the regular vacuums used for home.

What are the Main Small Shop Vac Uses?

Flooded Basement

A wet-dry vacuum can be used for draining off a large amount of collected water which otherwise may be a bigger hassle. A shop vac can easily pump out the water collected in a storing tank that many vacuums come with.

Kitchen Vacuuming

It becomes tedious to wipe it perfectly when your kitchen goes messed up with spilled sauces or beverages on the floor. These smart portable wet dry vacs help to clear the all-over spilled floor in just no time.

Helps Clogged Drains

This shop vac used to get rid of your clogged kitchen drains. It has always been struggling to open a choked drain. In such a situation, this wet dry shop vac becomes your savior.

Cleaning a Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your house, a wet/dry vacuum can be used to sweep the ashes efficiently, while sucking up all the trash without creating a mess in the entire house.

Removes Snowy Mess

Scraping out snow from the floors and stairs during the chilling winters has always been a hard nut to crack. The shop vac, with its utility nozzle, helps to suck up bulk ice.

How to Use a Shop Vac?

  • Before starting on with a wet or dry operation, you must ensure that the drum is empty. It should not contain any wet or dry scrap.
  • A shop vac uses separate filters for dry and wet mode. Before proceeding on with the operation, you must check that you are using it correctly. For dry surfaces, the filter prevents any dust that may blow out on top. When used for liquids, this filter might get damaged hence it is required to be removed.
  • A wet/dry shop vac is accompanied by several attachments that employ different usage. To obtain the best results, you must know which tool to use for what purpose.
  • When the device is set up with proper attachment, it is now ready for use. Start power on, and the vacuuming process starts.
  • For extended life of storage bin, when you are done with the cleaning process, all debris collected in the tank needs to be disposed of immediately. It prevents any damage that may occur, if trash stored for a longer time in a bin.

How to Use Shop Vac for Water?

  • While using shop vac for wet operation, firstly, the collection bag needs to be separated.
  • Most dry/wet shop vacuums are provided with different filters for both modes. It is necessary to once check the type of filter before using it for any mode. The dry mode filter cannot be used for wet pumping and has to be replaced or removed.
  • The product is accompanied by several accessories, which include a variety of nozzles. For pumping water, a wet nozzle designated to use that serves purpose well. A nozzle with a flat head gives the best result with water.
  • After attaching the wet nozzle to the device, it is all set to use, and power is turned on.
  • Place the nozzle over spilled water and start the vacuuming process. The process continued till all water dries up.
  • When water vacuuming done, turn power off and take out all debris or any other large pieces of trash.
  • All water collected can now be poured easily into the disposal area.
  • After completion, just clean the canister with fresh water to avoid stink with any foul smell of liquid.

How to Make a Dust Collector from a Shop Vac?

A shop vac can be employed for several purposes. To make your shop vac well suited for a dust collector following steps need to be adopted.

  • The first thing to note for making a dust collector is what brand your shop vac is and model number.
  • Every shop vac equipped with multiple additional accessories. Make sure you know about all tools and their usage well.
  • Select a tool that best suits dusting operation and is comfortable to use for the process. Attach it to the device.
  • When attachment done properly, switch power on for the dusting process. 

How to Clean a Shop Vac and Filter?

  • Empty vacuum tank by carefully dumping all trash in a garbage bag. Make sure that, no debris left inside.
  • To clean the tank, fill it with a mixture of lukewarm water, soap and one cup of bleach. Keep the tank aside for one hour with this mixture filled in.
  • Clean filters with warm water.
  • Start cleaning the top part of the shop vac using cleaning wipes.
  • Now detach attachments and clean the hose by spraying water. Leave it aside for drying.

Cleaning Dry Filters

  • Make sure the power cord is unplugged before you start on with the filter cleaning process.
  • Take the filter to a properly ventilated area to prevent problems due to dust particles.
  • If the filter equipped with light dust particles, you can simply tap the filter with a hand or soft brush to remove the dust.
  • If the filter contains heavier dust particles, with a slight hand, take the filter out and then tap with the brush to remove all the particles completely.
  • For more accurate results, simply wash the filters in lukewarm water and leave them to dry. Just make sure the filters are washable.

Cleaning Wet Filters

  • Unplug the power cord before starting with the cleaning process.
  • Gently take the filter out by slightly pressing it against the filter walls.
  • Spray the filter with water through the hose. Make sure the water pressure is not strong, that it might damage the filters.
  • After washing, keep the filter aside for drying.

Shop-Vac Parts/ Small Shop Vac Attachments

Shop-Vac Filter

A wet/dry vacuum makes use of separate filters for both modes. These filters offer efficiency by preventing dust particles from escaping or any liquid from spilling out while vacuuming. You need to use the dry filter for dry cleaning and switch to a wet filter during wet cleaning. The shop vac filters need to be handled delicately else they might get damaged.

Small Shop Vac Hose

A vacuum hose is a tube or pipe-like structure that allows vacuum flow to various components. For quality results, different types of cleaning tools can be attached for superior cleaning results. The hosepipe has a particular length and diameter. The length of the hose pipe, the more the area it can cover for dusting.

Shop Vac Wheels

Making the product user-friendly, the shop vac is provided with strong caster wheels on the bottom side. These wheels help in easy maneuverability during the cleaning process. It reduces the stress of lifting the device again and again for carrying it. It offers smooth mobility even on rough and uneven surfaces.

What are the Main Types of Small Shop Vacuum Cleaners?


This type of vacuum is a perfect fit for hard surfaces or carpeted areas. They are provided with a hosepipe and retractable cord that offers easy mobility.


For cleaning larger carpeted areas in the house, these vacuums are best suited. They use a powerful heavy-duty brush that helps to remove the dust efficiently.


Such types of vacuums are usually employed for smaller areas that are not fit for upright vacuums. They are generally light in weight and portable.

Pet Vacuum

This type of vacuum is specially designed with a beater brush capable of removing all pet hairs.

Who Makes the Best Small Shop Vacuum Cleaners?


Craftsman is a name that stands out confidently with its large number of tools and electronic products. Progressing with the advancing technology, it aims to provide quality products to its customers from ancient times. This brand offers a wide range of shop vacuum cleaners with advanced features and technology.


Since 1843, Stanley has led hand tools, power tools, and other related accessories. Ever since its origin, it has been providing professional excellence with its intelligent and tough products. Talking about vacuum cleaners, Stanley comes up with dry/wet shop vacuums that range from 1-gallon to 12-gallon capacity. It is one of the top-rated brands for shop vacuum cleaners.


With its innovative designs to provide mastery in the cleaning process, Vacmaster delivers the best shop vacuums. The tough cleaning tasks in garages or construction sites can be done in no time with these easy to tackle, high-quality shop vacuums. Vacmaster manufactures some of the top-rated products that are an ultimate fit for heavy cleaning projects.

What to Look for in a Small Shop Vac While Purchasing?

With a varied option available for small shop vacuums, it is hard to determine the best suitable one for yourself. However, a few features are a must to consider when you buy a shop vac. Then, based on these criteria, you can easily judge a perfect model that you need to have.

Tank Size and Capacity

This is the first thing you should look for when buying a shop vac. Depending upon your cleaning project, you should consider what tank capacity will fit your use. If you need it to clear the tiny mess, then a smaller tank capacity is ok. But, if you need to clean large debris or wooden workshop area, then a larger tank capacity suits you the best. If you unknowingly buy a smaller capacity tank for large clean-ups, it would require frequent emptying.

Material of the Tank

The material with which the tank is made plays a vital role in selecting a suitable product. The tank may be made of plastic, or it can be metallic. A plastic tank is light in weight and can be carried easily to the desired place. The metallic tanks can be a little heavier, but they are quite durable. You must know what type of usage your vacuum will be employed for based on which you can infer to get a heavy or a lighter vacuum.


A larger amount of work requires a large power to put in. So, if you need it for cleaning heavy debris or construction sites, a high-power motor is considered the best. Based on the type of purpose you are employing the vacuum for, you need to select the device’s horsepower. A vacuum with greater horsepower will offer a powerful suction force for clearing the large trash.


With many shop vacuum models available, you will find them in various sizes. Ranging from small and portable to large bulky models, the shop vacuums are available to fit according to your dimension. Based on the space available for storing the device, you can select the appropriate model. For you, There are compact models available for storing in small spaces or rooms. If you are storing in large areas or a basement, a larger model will work.

Length of Hose

For covering a larger area in one go, a longer length hose-pipe is required to serve the purpose well. The larger the length of the hose, the quicker your cleaning operation. You must be aware of the area you are likely to cover so that the vacuum with the appropriate hose length can opt. A smaller length for a large area would lead to the trouble of frequently changing the power ports.

Tank Drainage

Draining the liquid after wet cleaning is another thing that needs to be done effectively. If you have a large amount of cleaning, then a vacuum with an extra tank drain at the bottom suits you the best. This drainage allows you to drain off all the stored liquid making things easier easily. It will help you save time, eliminating the need to open the tank every time for draining it.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the Best Small Portable Shop Vac?

The Vacmaster 12-gallon, 5HP shop vacuum is a perfect fit if you are looking for small portable models.

Q. How can I make My Small Shop Vac Stronger?

For your product’s stronger and longer life, it is important to maintain it properly by following all the maintenance guidelines.

Q. How much is a Shop Vac?

A shop vac price varies from $40 to $200 based on the model and its features.

Q. Are Small Shop Vacs Quiet?

It all depends on the product and the brand you are using. The noise level varies from product to product.

Q. Where to Buy Shop Vac?

Shop Vac is readily available in the market. Also, you can very conveniently get it from online portals like amazon.


Knowing all the detailed features and uses of a shop vac, why struggle with the stressed cleaning process? Get a shop vac that makes your garage, workshop, or construction site dirt-free by cleaning all the trash in just a fraction of seconds. The top ten product list will aid in selecting a best compact wet dry vacuum that meets all your requirements. You need to know well for what purpose your vacuum needs to be employed. These top rated shop vacs help you clear all the nails, screws, or wood chunks that may be hazardous if skipped out during cleaning. You can even get competent results while working on wet surfaces. Thus, this wet/dry shop vac is a must-buy if you are worried about the tiresome cleaning that engages a longer time.

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