14 Top Rated Single Stage Snow Blowers for Snow-Free Pathways (Reviews 2022)

Best Overall

Snow Joe SJ625E 21″ Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ625E Electric 21-Inch 15 Amp Motor Single Stage Snow Thrower image
  • Powerful 15 amp motor which can throw snow up to 800 lbs in a minute
  • Maintenance free as it requires no oil or gas to start up
  • Its 3 W LED light allows to pick ice even during the nights

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Powerful Motor

Snow Joe SJ623E 15 Amp 18 Inch Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric 18-Inch 15 Amp Motor Single Stage Snow Thrower image
  • Perfect to clean the snow from medium to large sized driveways, walkways
  • Blows off up to 720 pounds of snow per minute
  • Its Easy-glide wheels makes cleaning super easy

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Value for Money

Snow Joe SJ615E 15 Inch Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ615E Electric 15-Inch 11 Amp Motor Single Stage Snow Thrower image
  • Features 2-blade plastic auger which can clean up to 8″ depth & 15″ width
  • With 11 amp motor it can clean up to 440 lbs of snow per minute
  • Perfect for mid-sized driveways and walkways

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Snowfall is a beautiful phenomenon. Looking over the windows during holiday seasons and seeing our driveways covered with snow can be heart-warming and exciting. The same snow can be irritating when we are trying to move our vehicles out of the garage. Clearing snow has added to our list of already long jobs! To aid in a clearing, we are going to get the help of a device. As technically termed, one stage snow blower or single stage snow blower is the gadget that helps clear snow in our households. We have used it for a long time and can say it is best for places where snowfall is in light to moderate levels.

The name suggests the mechanism involved in this tool. A rubber auger with the engine’s power takes up the snow and discharges it in a single motion. As already mentioned, this type of device is suitable for only lesser snowfall locations. The places with very heavy snowfall might have to consider using a stronger snow blower. For home purposes, this type is the best. We have collected a list of snow blower machines that will give features that excite us. Our experience while using each brand has been added to the description. Use it to make a good decision and get the best one that suits your taste!

1. Snow Joe SJ625E Electric 1 Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe SJ625E Electric 21-Inch 15 Amp Motor Single Stage Snow Thrower image

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Snow, Joe SJ625E Electric Single stage snow thrower, has been voted first in our list due to the varied features that we understood after usage. When single-stage snow blowers could handle only moderate snowfall to the maximum, this one handled heavy rainfall but in mid-sized driveways or pathways. We got an electric option with this snow thrower. This was one of the best single stage snow throwers that we had tried. This blower came with a motor of 15 amps. We saw that our driveways were cleaned for snow up to 800 lbs per minute. The auger on this snow thrower had 2 rubber blades to pick and discharge snow in a single motion.

We did not have to maintain the thrower since it was electrically powered. No more tuning with oil or gas refilling for another type of snow blowers. We even got a built-in LED light on the handle of the snow thrower. With this, emergency clearing during the nighttime was a breeze. The directional chute on the thrower could be adjusted up to 180° and threw snow to a length of 20ft at one go. We could start and stop the machine effortlessly and did not have to use any levers or anything to get them fired up.


  • Good amps motor for working smoothly, with the power given, the thrower clears snow up to 20 ft in one go
  • The amount of snow cleaned in a mid-sized driveway is about 800 lbs per minute. Cleaning time is saved well
  • Electric powered, no tension of refilling gas or oil tuning while operating this blower, money and time saved 
  • Built-in LED light on the handle gives a clear night vision minimizing the possibility of any missing spots
  • The directional chute is adjustable up to 180° for effective snow throwing without mistakes

2. Snow Joe SJ623E 15″ Single-Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric 18-Inch 15 Amp Motor Single Stage Snow Thrower image

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Snow, Joe SJ623E Electric Single stage snow thrower, is almost similar to the first one with few differences. This can be termed the best residential snow blower wherein it could clean around 720 pounds of snow in one minute. With the 15 amps motor given, we could clear snow from our decent-sized driveway that was at least 10 inches deep. There are good wheels beneath the thrower that help us move around our lawns and driveways easily, and no need to put our body weight to move it and remove snow.

We did have doubts about the efficiency as it was an electric one rather than a gas-powered thrower. However, we were satisfied by avoiding the mess of oiling and refilling. We could snow in an instant with the same performance. On the handle of the snow blower, we got a light fixed that could be used at night time for emergency cleaning. If the snowfall was too high, we could clear it to make our driveways ready to receive the next batch of snow at night. With the help of lights, a single spot also was never missed, and our driveways sparkled new. No more worries about our platforms becoming dented with blades. If electric snow throwers were chosen, no maintenance was required.


  • Clears up to 720 pounds of snow per minute; this saves a lot of time as a small driveway will take only minutes for cleaning
  • Maintenance-free design with an electric motor, no fuss of oiling or gas refilling, or cleaning the mess during maintenance
  • Lights on thrower handle for superior view during night time, we can clear driveways for emergency purposes at night
  • Instant start to quickly start the motor. Good efficient cleaning all through without much effort from our side
  • Using the 15 amps motor, this thrower could clear a pathway sized 18 inches by 10 inches deep easily

3. Snow Joe SJ615E 11 AMP Single Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

Snow Joe SJ615E Electric 15-Inch 11 Amp Motor Single Stage Snow Thrower image

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Snow Joe SJ615E Electric Single stage snow thrower came with many similar features compared to other products from the same brand. This thrower came with an 11 amps motor and could clear 440 lbs of snow per minute. Compared to others, this is perfect for homes with a small driveway and limited snowfall happening during the season. Our driveways suited well with this thrower. We used this best single stage snow blower as it was electric and kept us away from gas-powered ones. The main disadvantage of using gas throwers is the maintenance part. Our thrower from Snow Joe could be instantaneously started without oil or gas and did not create any mess while working like oil spilling.

Our thrower came with only two blades with which we could clear small driveways measuring 15 inches wide and 8 inches deep. These blades did not scratch the surface or create any marks on the floor. An adjustable chute was provided on the blower on purchase. Like all products from Snow Joe, the chute could clear and throw snow up to 20 ft during each pass. All the wheels on the thrower were compact and correctly fitted. With these wheels, you could easily maneuver the thrower around our homes without hindrance. The ergonomic handle on the blower helped us hold it firmly, and we did not observe any tension building up in our palms or hold it tightly for even small movements.


  • 2 bladed augers on this machine did the job perfectly without scratching or creating marks on the surface it was working on
  • We got a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer that meant they could be contacted at any point without hesitation
  • 11 amps motor with which we could clear snow out of driveways measuring 15 inches wide and 8 inches deep
  • Adjustable chute up to 180°, this throws snow off the surface up to a distance of 20 ft without mistakes
  • Effortless to start, no gar, oil or tune-ups required, easy to maintain as the thrower is electric 

4. Briggs & Stratton 1022E Gas Snow Thrower

Briggs _ Stratton 1022E Electric Start 22-Inch Single-Stage 208cc Snow Blower with Push Button image

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Briggs & Stratton 1022E single stage snow blower is an electric type of blower. There is a start button to start the blower without any effort. No more oiling or gas refilling tensions. The maintenance part was also limited. There is no mess in your garages while starting or turning this blower. We got this blower for its sturdy build and did not have to replace it due to its performance. Our blower was compact and hence aided in moving around easily without much effort from our side. Even the elderly can easily handle it without any pressure to work on.

This best compact snow blower had the best electric start out of all and worked wonders even during a temperature of -20°F. Extreme weather controls are this brand’s main motto, and there are big-sized buttons to work with. This needs to be highlighted because we were wearing heavy winter clothing all over and needed a device to work through our mittens. It did work perfectly. The auger on this blower was made of rubber and helped to take the snow forward. A chute should be available on all snow blowers to change direction when required. In this case, the chute was on the handle itself and could be turned left to right without any effort. A 3-years limited warranty was given along with the purchase to increase our ease of usage.


  • 22 inches wide with 12.5 inches height pavement can be cleared in one pass effectively. This reduced number of times the blower had to run
  • Larger controls on the control panel. This helped in working with them even when you are wearing the winter wear
  • Auger assisted driving system with blades. These helped in moving the snow blower forward while working
  • 3 years limited warranty with purchase, could contact the manufacturer for seamless customer service
  • Electric starts with the push of a button. This worked even during temperatures of -20°F effectively

5. Snow Joe SJ618E Electric Snow Blower Machine

Snow Joe SJ618E Electric 18-Inch 13 Amp Motor Single Stage Snow Thrower image

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Snow Joe SJ618E Electric Single stage snow blower has taken place on our list just like other products from the same brand. We used it for our mid-sized driveways and pathways effectively. The 13 amps motor, as per specs, gave a good amount of snow removal. Close to 550 lbs of snow are removed per minute in our lawns. There is a 2-bladed auger that could remove snow off 18 inches wide and 8 inches deep pathways. This is to be noted while purchasing as the measurements will play a huge role in deciding which snow blower will be perfect for your home.

There is no need for any extra maintenance after purchasing, and it came for years together. No problems with oiling or tuning the motor and blower for effective functioning. The blades swept off the snow without damaging the surface it was working on. This was huge as our driveways remained clean look and texture-wise after clearing the pile of snow. This product certainly qualifies to be the best 1 stage snow blower. Getting a snow blower at this price will be beneficial for all to clear out their moderate driveways at home. Starting of the blower was instant and did not require any external methods. The mower is very easy to move around, no need to add any extra effort while pushing it. The handle was designed so that holding on to it and giving the required effort was sufficient.


  • Electric start button given for instant starting of the blower, no more external methods required to get it started
  • No maintenance required during tenure of operation, mess-free working with no oil or tune-ups required
  • 2 blade auger for cutting across an 18 inches wide and 8 inches deep pavement without difficulty
  • 13 amps motor for effective functioning, suitable to clear snow off medium-sized pathways easily
  • 550 lbs of snow could be cleared per minute, saves time and money on the usage of this blower

6. YARDMAX YB4628 4 Cycle Snow Blower

YARDMAX YB4628 87cc 18 inches Single Stage Snow Thrower image

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YARDMAX YB4628 Single stage snow blower was put to considerable use before endorsing it for review in our list. This thrower came with a 4-cycle engine to give efficient functioning. We could clear driveways with about 18 inches deep of snow, and this meant heavy snowfall could also be cleared without having to resort to another snow blower. Our driveways were shining and ready to receive the next batch of snow in no time. We found that the entire blower was lightweight and compact. 4 cycle snow blowers from YARDMAX came with maximum performance with limited effort.

Due to its dimensions, it is easy to move around our yards without extra effort. This is best for elderly people at home and can also be a good gift for parents, grandparents, etc. The handle on the blower was foldable and gave us worry-free storage. So no need to stress out about its storage in an already full garage. Foldable stuff was always helpful for our crowded homes. The chute on the blower could be rotated to 180° for easy turning, and you can adjust it to the desired angle in no time to remove snow in the direction we required. We could clear the snow with a rubber-edged auger that removed snow alone and did not dent the surface it was working on. 2 years warranty was given, and it did serve helpful when you are facing any troubles with the device.


  • 4-cycle engine with 87 ccs. Powerful operation noticed throughout, no need of redoing again, the task was done perfectly
  • 2-years warranty from the brand manufacturer, customer service could be reached easily without hesitation
  • 18 inches width snow can be cleared off the driveways, saving time and money with this feature
  • Compact and lightweight with no hassle to move around, easy to store with foldable handle
  • Good powerful motor to clear at least 11 inches deep snow off the surface at one go

7. Toro 38381 18-inches Power Curve One Stage Snow Blower

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Black Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower image

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Toro 38381 18 inches electric power curve snow blower gave us an impressionable working with blowing around 700lbs per minute. It runs with a 15 amps motor, and we used it to clear snow off driveways, pathways, patios, decks, and other residential places. Our snow blower worked with 18-inch width and 12-inches deep on any surface. Since it came in electric, it has a plugin that is easy to use and good to go. We didn’t suffer from a mess of oil cleaning, tuning, or gas filling. This snow blower had a deflector that could be moved up to 160° to give snow clearance between high, low, and between. We were able to hold onto the handle without much pressure. It was ergonomically designed, keeping the user’s mind in place.

The engine was equipped with power curve technology that prevented the clogging of snow while blowing. All the wheels were 6 inches as observed, and we could move around easily without any difficulty. It is considered one of the most powerful units as it has a chute lever that can be moved from left to right to give efficient cleaning. A unique feature of this blower was its cord lock system, and you didn’t have to stop working with the blower due to interrupted power.


  • Can clear about 700 pounds of snow per minute and can clear driveways of about 18 inches width and 12 inches wide
  • Ergonomically designed handle for easy handling, no excessive pressure to keep moving the snow blower all around
  • Power curve technology in the motor to get more snow removed and also prevent clogging of snow between blades
  • Useful for places like patios, decks, walkways, pathways and other places with medium-sized dimensions
  • Wheels under the blower were perfect in size and helped in going around places easily

8. Briggs & Stratton 1022 Walk Behind Snowblower

Briggs _ Stratton 1022 22-Inch 208cc Single-Stage Snow Blower with Quick Adjust Chute Deflector image

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Briggs and Stratton Single Stage snow blower takes a position in our list due to the features and experience from our side. The engine with this snow blower was 208 cc that had manual start function enabled. One of the compact snow blowers we had seen, it was easy to maneuver without much effort. The handle itself was in good design and easy to hold with all winter wear too. Due to the chute system being on the handle only, it becomes one of the recommended snow blowers.

Using the chute, you can change the direction of the snow blower movement from left to right. A deflector was in place to change the height by which snow, once collected, is thrown. All the controls present on the control panel were big enough to work with our winter wear hands. This might be a small feature but a really important one. We used this in walkways and pathways that had a moderate level of snow-covered. Also, according to the blower’s specifications, it can take care of medium spaces. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty during purchase. In case of troubles while setting up or usage, we contacted customer service and got excellent support.


  • 3 years warranty with the limited value given by the manufacturer, we could contact them in case of any assistance
  • It can be used for pathways and walkways with medium dimensions, and moderate snowfall can be cleared easily
  • Chute gave on the handle to change the direction of snow clearance made with plastic for easy handling
  • Good handle design for comfortable use. The only limited force was required to push the blower around
  • Manual start with good 208cc engine gave a good clearing width of 22 inches and 12.5 inches deep

9. Greenworks 20 Inches Corded Snow Mover

Greenworks 2600502 Corded-Electric 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower Without Light image

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Greenworks 20 inches corded snow thrower had all the necessary features of the best snow blowers on the market for sale today. It had dual LED lights on the handle for a better view during night clearing. We did have to do emergency cleaning while taking our cars out, which helped give a good view for us that could not be given with our lighting system. It has a 13 amps motor with this blower, and it was the best alternative to gas-powered blowers. Electric start was given for tension-free operation.

We had never seen such big wheels in any other blowers. Both the wheels on this blower were 7 inches and gave the necessary stability a blower should give during movement around the place to be cleared. A directional chute was given on the handle, and you can change direction from left to right to get the desired direction in which snow has to be thrown. The chute can throw the snow up to 20 feet at one go. Our blower worked with 20-inch width and 10 inches depth. This enabled clearing pavements and driveways of medium size easily.


  • Clearance width of 20 inches and depth of 10 inches obtained while operation, medium-sized driveways compatible
  • 7 inches big wheels were given beneath the blower, good to use of simple and clean movement around
  • Noiseless operation, the motor was powerful with no noise and gave peace of mind to others at home
  • Plug and use type, no batteries or charging required, no problem of changing batteries regularly
  • Color was attractive and gave a good stylish addition to our garage

10. PowerSmart DB2401 Battery Snow Blower

PowerSmart DB2401 18-INCH Cordless Electric 40V 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Snow Blower image

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A cordless snow blower is always handy because roaming around with a wire is dangerous. This may have posed a threat when we were not cautious enough. To mitigate this, we chose the PowerSmart snow blower that worked with a 40 V and 4 Ah lithium-ion battery. This is the best-in-class snow thrower that could throw snow up to 30 feet at least in one go. A chute was given on the handle to change direction when needed, and you can do it up to an angle of 180°. We could get a clearing dimension of 11 inches deep and 18 inches wide. This blower was suitable for medium-sized driveways, patios, decks, etc.

It was cordless and battery-oriented; charge the batteries beforehand if you are going out for a long clearance. With all the features lined up, it was one of the best home snow blowers. There is a 3-year warranty after-sale from the manufacturer. Safety features were kept in mind while designing, and they had given a good handle to prevent any accidents from happening. Once we released the grips of the handlebar, the auger stopped working and saved us from getting hurt. Beautifully designed, keeping our well-being in mind.


  • No maintenance, hence no oil tune-ups, mess-free operation without much effort. No gas filling in this type of blower
  • Battery powered snow blower, 4Ah lithium-ion battery that can be charged when going for a long clearing session
  • We got a clearing width of 18 inches and a depth of 11 inches on our walkways that were medium-sized
  • Safety ensured with good features on the ergonomic handle, prevents accidents from happening
  • Snow could be thrown up to 30 feet and direction can be changed using the chute up to 180°

11. Craftsman 31AS2M5E793 Gasoline Powered Snow Blower

Craftsman 31AS2M5E793 Liberty Red 21 inchesGas Snow Thrower image

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Craftsman 31AS2M5E793 Gas snow thrower has taken place in our list as it is the first gas-powered snow blower that we used among the electric ones. It has a powerful 123cc snow blower engine that does not require any mixing of gas and oil. No need to pull any levers to start. A push-button is there to get the snow blower going, and it was corded, and you just had to plug it in and switch it on. Deep snow removal was guaranteed with this blower, and medium-sized pathways could be cleared effectively. The chute on the handle can be adjusted to an angle of 190° and easily turned in the direction to remove snow.

This gas powered snow thrower has a good drill that you can use to clean snow from the surface. The auger blades noticed no scratching surface. This snow blower was perfect for locations that received 6 inches of snow fall. The wheels on the machine were well designed to get good movement, and we did not notice any difficulty moving them around. This snow blower came in an attractive color, and we added this to our collection of stylish machines in the garage. We used this snow blower to remove snow from patios, decks, pathways, and driveways during the winter season, and we could also control the panel on the blower with winter wear.


  • Blower clears 13 inches deep snow in one pass and can be covered to clear medium-sized driveways and pathways
  • The chute on the blower can be directed to remove snow in the desired direction, can be rotated up to 190°
  • No oil and gas mixing, plug it in, and it is good to go, mess-free working and maintenance also limited
  • Gas-powered engine, simple push start method to get the snow blower working, 123 cc engine

12. Greenworks Pro 20 Inches 80V Battery Powered Snow Thrower

Greenworks Pro 2600402 80V 20 inch Snow Thrower with 2Ah Battery and Charger image

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Greenworks Pro 20 inches snow thrower is another type of cordless snow blower that works on a battery. There is a 2Ah battery and, when charged, runs up to 45 minutes at one go. With the best features in place, we can clear off the snow in our medium-sized pathways and driveways within the time mentioned easily. As it is battery-powered, the noise was reduced, and our family members did not notice any disturbances while working with this snow thrower. There were no brushes present, and this led to more effective operation. With our best value snow blower, 20 inches width and 10 inches depth, snow can be easily removed using the powerful engine this blower is equipped with. A rotatable chute is adjustable up to 180° to the desired angle to throw snow off the ground for a good length.

After charging, we were advised to keep it at room temperature. We noticed that if you keep the battery out in extreme temperatures, the button for pushing might not start. If this mistake happens, remove the battery and try keeping it indoors for warming up for at least 10 minutes, then try again. There are built-in LED lights on the handle itself, with which we could clear away our places at home even during nighttime. This feature will be helpful when the external light is low.


  • LED lights on the handle for good view during nighttime can also be useful to remove snow from even tiniest spots
  • Quick clearance with 20 inches width and 10 inches deep snow on driveways, pathways, decks, patios, etc
  • Battery-operated snow blower. 45 minutes working after charging, can be used directly without any cords
  • No noise was noticed during the operation, so no disturbance for neighbors and family members 
  • Chute for rotation up to 180° for getting the desired angle to remove snow from all spaces

13. WEN 5662 Blaster 13.5 Amps Lightweight Snow Blower

WEN 5662 Blaster 13.5-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower image

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WEN 5662 Blaster 13.54 amps electric snow thrower was handy to us during the winter season, and we relied on this machine to clear snow off our driveways and pathways. The clearance level is about 490 pounds per minute. This was suitable for many medium-sized places in our homes. Smaller areas can be cleared effectively, and the snow throwing distance was around 20 feet. Compact homes with small driveways can always be kept snow-free during winter seasons, and our homes were fresh and clean most of the time. We could clear the snow places with a width of 18 inches and a depth of 7.8 inches. This is coming under the list of best single stage snow blower for wet snow with a powerful motor of 13.5 amps.

In addition to a good performance, we were happy with the lightweight structure, and this could be used by the elderly as well with comfort. 6 inches wheels were given, which added an easy movement without giving added pressure. As always, this snow blower had a chute that could be rotated to the point of 180° to give the correct direction to throw snow away from the surface. The auger on the snow blower was constructed with good edges on blades, and this helped in scooping snow off the surface without affecting the ground.


  • A chute that is adjustable to an angle of 180° to give the direction in which snow has to be thrown from the surface
  • Mobility was easy, and we could move around with sturdy wheels and handle without extra pressure from our hands
  • Can clear snow with at least 18 inches wide and 7.8 inches, best for medium-sized places at home
  • 13.5 amps powerful motor, and we can use this to throw at least 20 feet off the ground

14. Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Residential Snow Blower

Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric 40-Volt 4Ah Brushless Motor 18-Inch Snow Thrower image

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Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric Snow thrower came with good battery specs by which we can use the snow blower cordless. We were looking forward to a cordless one due to the dangers involved in wired blowers. While working, if we don’t pay close attention, there are many chances of tripping over the wires and getting hurt. Cordless was the solution to this problem, but we needed a blower with good battery life. Our blower, in this case, consists of a 4Ah battery with a 40V motor.

There is also a charger included, so no need to go out to buy external ones. All accessories required to work with this blower were given in the pack during purchase. The blower came in green color and was attractive to use. Two LEDs on either side of the handle at a correct angle were placed for our use. With this, a good view obtained during night time clearing. For emergency purposes, this LED helped a lot. With the dual blade on the drill, our single stage electric-start snow blowers, along with 6 inches of wheels, cleared snow up to 18 inches wide. 12 inches depth of snow can be cleared at one go with this machine. Unlike other models, the motor on this one was powerful enough to throw the snow up to a distance of 30 feet.


  • LEDs on both sides of the handle to light up the way during night time clearing, helpful in situations where no external light
  • Battery operated snow blower, 4Ah lithium-ion battery on this blower for efficient performance without cords
  • 2 bladed auger for good snow throwing distance of 30 feet and sturdy wheels for easy movement 
  • 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep performance guaranteed for snow clearance at one go

Buying Guide

We saw the best brands in the market that produce single stage snow blowers for effective operation. This type is best used for small to moderate rainfall places. We also looked at the best single stage gas snow blower, corded electric, and cordless types. The above section gave information on features that excited us during usage. There is further a buying guide that will cover the main information about snow blowers in general. This will help decide why a snow blower is essential and favorite equipment among homeowners in snowfall locations.

What is a Single-stage Snow Blower?

Snow blower models are between single stage, double stage, and triple stage commonly. A single stage, in our case, will work with a single operation of removing the snow and discharging it through auger blades under the blower. A chute is given on the blower to take out the snow in the direction we want.

What is the Difference Between a Single Stage and Two Stage Snow Blower?

The basic difference between single-stage and two-stage blowers is that snow is sucked and discharged through chutes in single-stage types. Whereas in two-stage snow blowers, it can pick up snow but does not come in contact with the surface. The superior functionality of this involves using a 2 stage blower in gravels and crushed stone driveways.

Electric Vs Gas Snow Blower

The best lightweight snow blower is mostly electric. In this type, we can push start the machine with the help of a button. They power a motor that is electric and can be used by plugging into an electric source. In the case of snow blowers that are gas powered, we have to use oil or gas, and starting the machine is by pulling a lever usually.

How Does a Snowblower Work?

  • We have to start the engine of a snow mover by either pushing a button or pulling a lever.
  • Once on, it starts by removing the snow using the blades on the auger.
  • Next, there is an impeller that spins to throw the collected snow out of the chute.
  • This is the basic working of a snow blower.

How to Install Snowblower on Cub Cadets?

  • Assembling a snow blower consists of two major steps. Attaching the handle and chute.
  • While attaching the chute, the main point is that snow blowers gas powered or electric ones have their wires on the left side for easy direction alignment.
  • Assemble to handle first with tightening of knobs on both sides of the handle.
  • Next, keep the chute properly so that direction can be selected correctly.

How to Start a Snowblower?

Electric snow blowers can be started by pushing a single button. The button should be clicked in short cycles of 5 seconds until the engine is up and running. Unfortunately, few small gas snow blowers or gasoline powered snow blowers will have a starter rope, and this rope has to be pulled till we find resistance and can pull it upward to get the engine running.

Types of Snowblowers


Cheap gas-powered snow blowers come in various stages like 1,2 or 3. This type requires access to oil and more maintenance, and the mess will be created while refueling. In addition, they are heavier and not that compact when compared to electric, and however, they have better performance when compared to the rest of the types.


They are preferred at homes to clean patios, decks, pavements, pathways, etc. They are corded and can be connected to a power source to work, and you do not have to use oil or tuning of a motor to get them working. Maintenance-free is the main advantage, and you can choose electric ones as the best budget snow blower.


Cordless work just like the electric ones. The only major difference between electric and cordless is the absence of wires. It involves a lithium-ion battery for operation, and the battery has to be charged for hours to ensure at least 45 minutes of operation once started. They are far more compact and lightweight compared to other types.

How to Fix a Snowblower that Won’t Start?

These troubleshooting tips will help while starting a snowblower:

  • Switches and valves are in the correct position.
  • If gas-powered, you can replace old gas.
  • You can add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank.
  • Spark plugs should be maintained.
  • Fuel lines should be seen for any existing damages.

Who Makes the Best Single Stage Snow Blower?


Innovation has been their edge against their competitors. Apart from creating the best snow blowers in the market, they have given a complete guide on choosing a snow blower tool. A unique feature is the power curve technology that was not found in other brands. Using the power curve technology, clogging of snow in the chute was prevented.


Honda has been offering snow blowers and throwers for a long, increasing ease of use and movement. It can be used for general places like patios, decks, pathways, driveways, etc. They have created a range of snow blowers with wide features and innovative designs to cater to all users.

Snow Joe

Snow Joe has created their range of electric snow blowers wherein a good capacity engine and motor were given. Their snow blowers could be started easily without any problem and did not require maintenance like oil or gas tune-ups. Good motor strength was given in all snow thrower sales.

How to Keep From Snow Sticking to Snowblower?

  • A non-stick spray can be used on the chute and auger just before clearing.
  • It is best to work with a snow thrower or blower that will clear snow faster. Slow ones tend to make snow stick to blades due to the temperature of the motor blades.
  • A snow blower clean-out tool can be used on the blades.

How to Adjust Snow Blower Carburetor?

  • Remove the screw that holds the air filter.
  • An Idle-speed screw on the side of the carburetor should be located.
  • The main jet screw on the carburetor should be adjusted with a screwdriver,
  • The screw should not be moved past its position to avoid damages.
  • Put back the screws and filter.

How to Drain Gas from Snowblower?

  • Use a siphon pump to remove gas from the snow blower
  • Hand pumps with two tubes going out of the pump can be taken for easy use
  • After setting up, we can start pumping. The siphon will start sucking up gas from tank
  • This will drain the required gas from the tank
  • Once drained, we can refill with new gas to get a better working snow blower
  • Try using the snow blower after draining and refilling to check its effectiveness

Snow Blower Dimensions

Snow blowers come in various sizes for clearing snow in the given sizes.

  • 4 inches of snow – usage of the shovel is the best in these cases
  • 12 inches of snow – Single-stage blowers
  • 18 inches of snow – Two-stage blowers work best in this case
  • 24 inches of snow – Two-stage and three-stage blowers can be used for 24 inches and more

How to Choose a Snowblower?

Single stage snow blower is the preferable option if you have to work with a moderate amount of snow. The top-rated products and the buying guide with product information already mentioned above. This section will give you the last guidance to buy a snow blower. The following are the important and minimum considerations to look into before finalizing a single-stage snow blower.


The type of snow blower is the main feature to decide while buying. Get a gas-powered one for best performance. Maintenance is huge in gas blowers. In the case of electric ones, you can choose between corded and battery snow blowers. The battery will eliminate long wires and focus on safe cleaning. Electric has to be plugged into a power source during operation. Both electric types are lightweight and compact compared to gas ones.

Amount of Snow Removed in a Minute

As per the snow blower chosen, you should clear a good amount of snow per minute. All the electric ones can clear snow from 400 lbs to 800 lbs with a differing motor amp. This will determine how many passes required while taking away snow from pathways and driveways. Also, the dimensions of the places will play a huge role in selecting the snow blower.

Easy Handling

The handle and wheels on the blower should play a huge role in snow removal. The handle should be designed so that it becomes one of the best snow blowers for women. The wheels on the blower should be sturdy and big to give easier movement along our snow-filled driveways. For the cost of snow blowers we spend, the product should be compact and lightweight.

LEDs on Handle

Emergency snow cleaning bound to happen at many homes during the night when we have to remove our cars out of the garage. Light is a big drawback during the winter seasons. When blowers equipped with LEDs on their handles at the correct angle and height, the required view obtains to remove snow even from the trickiest places. If we get two LEDs, the range of view will increase, and snow blowers will not be kept only for daytime.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What is the best single stage snow blower for money?

The best single stage snow blower for money is the Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower. This is an electric corded style thrower.

Q. Where to buy a snowblower?

Snowblowers can be bought with either electric or gas-powered engines from Amazon with different shipping charges involved.

Q. How much snow to use snowblower?

The depth of most snow blowers can clear up to 12 inches in general, and Single-stage blowers can handle this depth only.

Q. How do I make my snowblower throw further?

Make sure to keep the chute isn’t clogged with snow. A good auger system with correct belts and blades can help in throwing snow farther away.

Q. What oil for Snowblower?

Fully synthetic 5W-30 oil is the best oil for snowblowers to work efficiently. Oil should be given with good viscosity to prevent freezing up of oil.


We have looked at various brands that have produced the best single stage snow blowers on the market. All the features given in detail to decide the particular brand that will be suitable for usage. Also, the buying guide gave much-needed information on picking a snow blower. We hope this review helped get snow-free pathways and driveways during the winter season. So get on the winter wear and clear out the snow to have an enjoyable view from home.

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