15 Durable Screw Extractors of 2022 that Removes Broken Studs with Ease

Best Overall

EasyOut X-Tractor Damaged Screw Extractor

EasyOut Damaged Screw Extractor Kit and Stripped Screw Extractor Set image
  • It works with any drill and perfect to remove all sizes of screw or bolt
  • Easy to use; within just 2 simple steps you can drill and remove the screw
  • Uses higher hardness 63-65HRC material which lasts long

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Werkzeug 20 PCS Stripped Screw Extractor

Werkzeug 20 PCS Stripped All-Purpose HSS Bolt Damaged Screw Extractor Set image
  • Made of Fast Steel 4341 which is tough and effective to extract
  • 20 bits in 10 distinct sizes fulfils all your work needs
  • Suitable for multipurpose and in one step it can eliminate

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Value for Money

IRWIN 53535 Screw Extractor 5-Piece for Spiral Screws

IRWIN Tools 53535 5-Piece Screw Extractor for Spiral Screws image
  • Specially designed to extract broken studs, fittings, bolts & screws
  • For extra gripping power it comes with aggressive left hand spiral design
  • Spiral flutes goes deeper into the metal which makes work faster

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For people who like to build and get stuff done on their own, driving a screw may not seem like a difficult job. And indeed, it isn’t. But all hell breaks loose when a screw breaks or gets stuck. Broken screw is a common problem for even the most experienced people, and it requires a lot of patience and hard work to remove a broken screw. There are many reasons why a bolt breaks. One of the possibilities is that you have used the wrong one for the application. Other than that, it can get stuck or break if you apply too much pressure.

To help you with removing a broken or seized screw, there are different kinds of screw extractors available in the market. They are designed to twist your screw back out without much effort. So, to help you choose between the varieties of bolt extractors available, we have curated a list of the best screw extractors available on Amazon.

1. EasyOut Damaged and Stripped Screw Extractor Set

EasyOut Damaged Screw Extractor Kit and Stripped Screw Extractor Set image

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Topping our list, we have the EasyOut Damaged Screw Extractor Kit. This set contains four screw extractors meant to remove bolts of different sizes. It is the perfect tool for mechanics, carpenters, woodworkers, or anyone dealing with damaged rivets. It is compatible with all types of drills and is used to rotate the screw counterclockwise and release it. We were impressed to see that this product can successfully extract the most difficult and stubborn bolts without any hassle. It does not matter whether it has a square, flat, or round head type. This best screw extractor set can easily remove them.

Screw extractors should be made of hard material. That is why this tool kit contains four stripped extractors made of high-speed steel of hardness 63-65HRC. This makes them strong and durable. The first small extractor can remove a damaged screw of size 3-5mm. Likewise, the rest of them are for 4-8mm, 5-10mm, and 6-12mm screws. All four broken extractors come in a durable storage case. Also, if you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it and get a full refund.


  • The four pieces are compatible with any size screws and work with any drill
  • Powerful enough to remove even the most stubborn and damaged screws
  • Very easy to use, and the job is done within two simple steps
  • Made of high-speed steel of hardness 63-65HRC

2. Werkzeug 20 PCS Bolt Extractor Set

Werkzeug 20 PCS Stripped All-Purpose HSS Bolt Damaged Screw Extractor Set image

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The Werkzeug 20 PCS Stripped Screw Extractor Set contains twenty extractors of ten different sizes. All the damaged screw extractors are made of high-quality, high-speed steel 4341. High-quality steel gives them the required amount of hardness as well as durability. Other than that, this stripped bolt extractor kit includes two extension bit holders. Because of this, we could easily remove sheared bolts without having to convert the extractor or adjust the chuck. Thanks to Werkzeug’s damaged bolt extractor set, we completed the process in one step instead of two.

This set can also be used as a broken bolt extractor as it provides wide versatility in its functionalities. You can use all the twenty rounded bolt removers with any drill. Because of their wide range of sizes, you can use them to remove screws of any size. Be it wooden ones, Allen bolts, hex bolts- the screw extractor can remove any bolts and screws. We recommend using an electric hand drill with them, and they are not compatible with hammer drills. Additionally, the size of #6-#10 are advised to be installed in the socket adapter first and then to the extension bit holder. We think that this tool kit is ideal for anyone who works with screws.


  • Suitable with any screw-like machine screws, Allen bolts, wood screws and sheet metal screws
  • Can be used to extract damaged screws in one step without any adjustments
  • Made of high-quality, High-Speed Steel 4341 with durability and hardness
  • Extremely versatile with twenty pieces of ten different sizes for every need
  • Cannot be used in a hammer drill as it must be maintained at low speed

3. IRWIN 5-Piece Spiral Screw Extractor

IRWIN Tools 53535 5-Piece Screw Extractor for Spiral Screws image

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The IRWIN Screw Extractor for Spiral Screws, these pieces are meant to extract spiral flutes. Spiral flutes are designed so that they dig deeper and deeper into the metal as you turn them. So, removing them is an equally hard job. But with these Extractors, this job becomes ten times easier. This kit contains five pieces of extractors to remove screws and bolts. For better grip, they all have a left-hand spiral design on them. The pieces in this IRWIN kit are meant to extract bolts from soft and thin-walled materials.

The product contains five bolt extractor sockets to remove screws with left as well as right-hand threading. According to us, the best part about these extractors is that they did not expand the material during the procedure. Due to this, the full process became very easy. These are capable of removing broken studs, socket screws and many more. To help you, IRWIN has etched the Extractor size as well as the recommended drill bit size on each tool. To avoid breaking, we recommend not to use this tool on hard materials. In our opinion, this IRWIN Strip Screw Extractor is a must for every handyman.


  • The aggressive left-hand spiral design provides better grip over the extractor
  • Can remove screws from soft materials and sizes are etched on the extractor
  • Contains five extractors to match almost all the types of screws and studs
  • Can remove fittings, socket screws and even the broken studs

4. IRWIN Adjustable 2-Piece Tap Socket Set

IRWIN 3095001 Adjustable 2-Piece Tap Socket Set image

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Next, we have another product from IRWIN – Tap Socket Set. This one here contains two tap sockets that can hold a socket, wrench, or even an extension. Tap sockets are used to hold taps to thread holes. Compared to straight hand tap wrenches, these are more compact. Due to this reason, they can be used to tap in tight spaces. To make this process easier, IRWIN has introduced its adjustable tap socket set. Usually, thread tapping is a tiresome process. But not with this product.

The IRWIN Tap Socket Set, Adjustable, 2-Piece, can be fit any ⅜ inches square drive wrenches. Even though both the pieces are ⅜ inches square drive, one has a minimum capacity of ¼ inches, and the other has a minimum capacity of ½-¼ inches. They have adjustable square jaws on one end to accommodate smaller as well as larger taps. The adapter has a non-rigid connection which allows adjusting the position and angle of the tap. The jaws are capable of holding ½ inch taps tightly. In our opinion, the IRWIN Adjustable Tap Socket Set is a better option than standard sockets and can save some valuable time and effort.


  • The screw extractor is compatible with any ⅜ inches of square drive 
  • Design makes it easy for threading and tapping
  • The jaw can be adjusted to secure taps tightly 
  • Can be used for workspaces which are tight

5. ORIA 22 PCS Damaged Screw Extractor Set

ORIA Damaged Broken Bolt 22 Pcs Stripped Screw Extractor Set image

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The ORIA Damaged Screw Extractor Set is the perfect solution for difficult screws or bolts. This pack contains twenty-two pieces of extractors of different sizes. We must say, we were quite impressed to see that unlike other extractors in the market, ORIA has managed to provide more than twenty bolt removers at a price under $20. And even if you are not satisfied, they have sets of 31,49 and 106 pieces available at an affordable price. Alloys are generally very strong, and that is why all the extractors in this pack are made with high-quality S2 alloy steel. Unlike HSS steel, alloy steel is more hard and durable.

To remove broken bolts more easily, the ORIA screw remover uses the reverse principle. The pack includes ten drills, ten extractors, one piece of bit holder, and one socket holder. The pack comes in a tool kit box so that you can easily carry it anywhere and everywhere without any hassle. To get the best results, it is recommended to use the drill at low speed and in a vertical position. This device can easily remove heavily rusted or stuck screws of any type within seconds.


  • Made of high-quality S2 alloy steel, which makes the extractors durable
  • Uses reverse principle to extract even the broken screws easily
  • It can be used to remove any kind of damaged screw 
  • Comes with a tool kit box that provides portability
  • Easy to use on electric hammer drills

6. Alden 8440P Grabit Pro Broken Bolt Extractor Kit

Alden 8440P Grabit Pro Broken Bolt and Damaged Screw Extractor 4 Piece Kit image

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Alden has introduced the 8440P Grabit Pro Broken Bolt and Damaged Screw Extractor 4 Piece Kit to help you with the frustrating job of removing seized bolts. This kit includes four pieces of strong bolt removers. We were happy to see that all the removers exhibit industrial quality strength and are made of M2HSS steel. They can remove screws ranging from number 10 to ⅚ inches. Other than that, they can drill fasteners up to grade 8 or 10.9. Alden bolt removers can be used with a 1/4 inch hex screwdriver. But if you wish, you can use them in reversible drills too.

The kit can remove various screws, including Tri-Wing, Pozidriv, Torx, Phillips, and many more. To make the extractors more durable and strong, they tamper twice, making Grabit Pro a much better option than Alden’s Grabit model. In our opinion, this product is perfect for extracting screws from any material – wood, metal, or even plastic. Other than this, it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty which is very rare. Every do-it-yourself person should grab this product as soon as they can.


  • Does not require multiple tools as it contains a drill bit and extractor tool in a single device
  • No need for grinding and center punching with the self-centering drill bit
  • Compatible and easy to use with quick-change chucks
  • Double tampering provides better hardness 
  • Made from high-quality M2 HSS steel

7. COMOWARE Broken Screw Extractor & Left Hand Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Broken Bolt Remover HSS M2 10pcs with Metal Index Case Screw Extractor _ Left Hand Drill Bit Set image

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The COMOWARE Screw Extractor & Left Hand Drill Bit Set contains ten broken bolt removers that use a left-hand drill bit to extract the screws more easily. The spiral grooved design makes it easier for the remover to embed deep and improve grip. This way, stripped bolts, and screws can be extracted more conveniently. The extractors have a cutting angle of 118 degrees which reduces resistance. This, in turn, dissipates lesser heat and makes this product durable. This also helps to increase cutting edge length and reduce cutting layer thickness.

This set is made from carbide material (HSS M2). Unlike high-speed steel, HSS M2 reduces wear and tear and makes this product long-lasting. To make this kit portable, COMOWARE has included a metal index case. Because of this, we could easily carry this unit in our bag. This kit includes five alloy steel screw extractors and five left drill bits made of carbide material, each of different sizes. With this device, you can remove the most damaged screws from soft and rigid materials within no time and without much effort.


  • Easy to use with the left-hand drill bit, which removes even the broken or rusted screws
  • Made of high-quality HSS M2, which has longevity and wear and tear resistance
  • Unique design with a cutting angle of 118 degrees and small axial resistance
  • Comes with a metal case which makes it durable and easy to carry

8. DEWILL 1/4″ to 1/2″ Rounded Bolt Removal Tool

DEWILL Stud Extractor Tool Broken Bolt Remover image

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The DEWILL Broken Bolt Remover has secured a promising position in our list because of its tons of features. This stud remover works with various drives, including manual impact wrenches, adjustable wrenches, flat wrenches, and ratchets. You can use this with wrenches of sizes 6mm to 12mm. This tool is made of alloy steel and heated to make it durable. The chrome plating will prevent damage from rust. Additionally, it will add lubricant and reduce damages from heavy-duty work. We felt that its alloy body makes DEWILL broken stud remover very lightweight and easy to handle.

The three internal jaws of the device can be used to adjust and remove seized and damaged bolts effortlessly. Unlike traditional extractors, which are generally limited in size, the extractor is designed so that it auto-adjusts and removes the damaged screw effectively. We were quite impressed with this feature as it saves a lot of time and energy. Using this best screw extractor is very easy. Just attach the extractor with the damaged screw and rotate counter clockwise. Within no time, the screw will be removed successfully. Other than that, this Broken Bolt Remover is very compact and can fit perfectly inside your hand. Therefore, you can easily carry it around in your toolbox.


  • The device is made from heat-treated steel, which is suitable with most of the drive tools
  • This lightweight tool is a versatile and efficient tool that can work with a variety of screws
  • Auto adjustable clamp can easily hold even the damaged studs efficiently
  • Made with heat-treated alloy with a chrome finish

9. Neiko 04204A Hex Head Multi-Spline Stripped Bolt Removal Tool

Neiko 04204A Hex Head 25 Piece Multi-Spline Screw and Bolt Extractor Set image

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Neiko has been in the market for more than twenty years and makes premium-quality tools affordable. That is why the Neiko Bolt Extractor Set has bagged a spot on our list. This set contains twenty-five pieces of strong extractors for removing damaged and seized bolts. Every remover is made of premium quality molybdenum steel to give them an industrial quality. The device is designed in such a way so that it can perform heavy-duty extraction effortlessly. All the screw extractors have a left-hand spiral design to have a better grip which, at the same time, makes the process of threading easier and faster.

Heavily damaged screws can be removed easily if extractors are used with the right amount of torque. Neiko seems to be well aware of this fact, which is why their stripped bolt extractors have hexagonal heads to provide maximum torque. To make the whole process more convenient, each extractor is engraved with size marking with high visibility. We were glad to be able to pick up the extractor of the right size easily. The set comes with a heavy-duty case for better storage and organization.


  • Made of premium quality molybdenum steel, it is ideal even for broken screws
  • Engraved with size marking to avoid any confusion while picking up a size
  • Multiplane teeth with a left-hand spiral design give extra grip
  • Twelve five extractors of size ranging from 3.5 mm to 23 mm
  • Hexagonal heads for maximum torque 

10. Powerbuilt 648639 1/4″ to 3/4″ Stud Extractor

Powerbuilt 648639 Silver Stud Extractor image

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Powerbuilt has developed the Powerbuilt 648639 1/4″ to 3/4″ Stud Extractor for all the mechanics and handymen. This tool is extremely easy to use and can remove any damaged bolt within seconds. It uses knurled roller design to get a better grip but at the same time does not cause any damage. This is due to the cam action which comes into play. Other than that, we used this stud remover to extract bolts of sizes ¼ inches to ¾ inches. In our opinion, the Powerbuilt 648639 1/4″ to 3/4″ Stud Extractor is not ideal for use in tight spaces because of its bulky nature.

The Powerbuilt extractor can be used with a ½ inch drive ratchet or a flex handle. This product is made of high-quality material to make it durable and strong. Powerbuilt is a trusted company known for making good quality products for handymen. Powerbuilt 648639 works great with any kind of damaged screw – rusted, broken, seized, etc. It comes at an affordable price of less than 20$ and is a perfect choice for extracting screws.


  • Can remove studs ranging from ¼ inches to ¾ inches in diameter
  • Knurled roller gives a better grip while removing the studs
  • It can be used with a ½ inches drive ratchet or flex handle
  • Ideal for removing every kind of damaged stud

11. Alden 4507P Grabit Micro Screw Extractor

Alden 4507P Grabit Small Bolt and Screw Remover Micro Broken Bolt Extractor 4 Piece Kit image

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Next, we have another Alden product, the Alden 4507P Grabit Micro Broken Bolt Extractor 4 Piece Kit. It is the previous counterpart of the Grabit Pro model and is as efficient as it is. Using this product, the process of removing a broken screw became ten times easier and faster. Unlike other extractors which need to be punched before starting, the device comes with a self-centering drill tip, and this means we did not have to punch the screw before extracting. Other than this, this product is an extractor and has a two-step drill bit in the same tool.

This best bolt extractor kit contains four extractors designed to remove broken, stripped, stuck, or damaged bolts from uneven and rough surfaces. You can choose from the four extractors ranging from 3mm to 6mm and remove a bolt of any size. This product can be used with a ⅜ inch drive or a power screwdriver. The extractor is made of premium quality M2 HSS STEEL and tempered twice to give extra hardness and durability. The tool has a serrated extracting end which ensures greater torque.


  • Two-step drill bit with self-centering drill tip, No need of grinding or tapering to extract the stud
  • Micropower screw extractor with the drill bit and extractor in a single tool
  • Tempered twice to ensure extra hardness for the device
  • The serrated extracting end for greater torque 
  • Made from premium quality M2 HSS

12. Bosch BSPE6D 12 PCS Steel Spiral Flute Screw Extractor Tool

Bosch BSPE6D 12Piece Steel Spiral Flute Screw Extractor Set image

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Next, we have the Bosch BSPE6D 12Piece Steel Spiral Flute Screw Extractor Set. When it comes to high-quality products, Bosch has been proving itself for years. This set includes twelve pieces of extractors meant for removing the most stubborn bolts and studs. Every extractor is a left-handed flute. Unlike straight flutes, which are used to remove screws from softer materials, the Bosch BSPE6D extractors are spiral flutes that can be used to remove studs from hard surfaces. Their precise design ensures that they maintain a proper grip on the screw and remove it effectively.

The screw extractor set contains extractors made from heat-treated carbon steel. Due to this, they are more rust-free and tarnish-free than other bolt extractors in the market. To make sure that you can pick up the right size of stud remover, Bosch has embedded the size marking on each of them for better identification. Unlike machine threads, rolled threads are more accurate and cleaner. Further, to make this set more portable, it comes with a carrying case. All in all, We believe that This best spiral flute screw extractor set is a good product and is a must for anyone worrying about broken screws.


  • Made of heat-treated carbon steel confirms the durability of the device
  • Rolled threads are more precise than machine threads for accuracy 
  • Rust and tarnish-free maintains more longevity of the product
  • Left-handed flute design will ensure firm and handy grip

13. PANOVOS 8 Pcs Pipe Screw Heavy Duty Bolt Extractor

PANOVOS 8pcs Pipe Damaged Screw Broken Bolt Water Pipe Remover Screw Extractor Set image

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The PANOVOS (8pcs) Pipe Screw Extractor set is specially made for anyone struggling with removing rusted and damaged screws from pipes. It is the only product on our list that pays special attention to pipes. This set contains eight pieces of extractors that are designed to perform heavy-duty extraction. Every piece is capable of removing stripped studs from any kind of surface. It contains two pieces to remove screws from pipes effortlessly. Made of carbon steel, the PANOVOS pipe screw extractors are tampered with twice to give them more durability and hardness.

The extractor set contains screw extractors of different sizes for different purposes. The sizes range from #1 to #8. You can remove a screw as tiny as ⅛ inches and as large as 1 inch. We could easily use this on wood as well as machine screws. Additionally, each remover can extract a screw of any kind like flat, hex, round, etc. The set comes in a compact case which provides better organization and makes it easier to carry around. In our opinion, this device has stood up to its expectations.


  • Made from double-tempered carbon steel to ensure more durability and longevity
  • Can remove damaged, broken, and rusted screws from any surface, including pipes
  • Contains screw extractors ranging from size #1 to #8, meeting all the needs
  • Reverse threading for easy and quick removing of screws, studs, and bolts

14. IRWIN 394001 Rounded Bolt Remover

IRWIN 394001 5-Piece Bolt Extractor Set image

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IRWIN has again managed to make an appearance on our list, but this time with the IRWIN 394001 Bolt Remover. This set features five pieces of bolt extractors to remove stubborn screws. The IRWIN stud extractor set contains removers of the most common sizes of 11mm, 14mm, 16mm, ⅜ inches, 7/16 inches, ½ inches, 9/16 inches, and ⅝ inches. Every bolt remover has a universal lobular design which allows it to fit with every type of screw.

The product has reverse spiral flutes which dig deep into the damaged or corroded screw, which results in a better grip. This way, the bolt was removed much faster and easier. Every remover can be fitted with ⅜ inches square drive and can be used with various ratchets like a hand, air ratchets, and impact wrenches. The stud extractors come with hexagonal flats with pliers, flat wrenches, sockets, adjustable wrenches, and much more. The whole set comes in a compact and strong case which lets you carry them around conveniently.


  • Can be used with ⅜ inch square drive for air ratchets, hand ratchets, and impact wrenches
  • Universal lobular design is compatible with all types of studs and screws
  • Reverse spiral design for better grip and easy extraction of bolts
  • Made of high carbon steel for longer life and durability

15. IRWIN 394002 Bolt Grip Extractor Set 5-Piece

IRWIN 394002 5-Piece Bolt Extractor Set image

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Our list ends with another IRWIN product, the IRWIN Bolt Extractor Set, 5-Piece (394002). This extractor expansion set contains five pieces of damaged stud removers meant to make your job easier. If you are a handyman, carpenter, or any other professional dealing with stuck screws, this product might be the right choice for you. Every bolt extractor features a reverse spiral design which increases the resistance as it is dug into the screw. This way, we could use the extractor to have a proper grip on the broken screw and remove it effortlessly.

Made of high-quality carbon steel, this set, is designed to last long. No matter what type your fastener is, the universal lobular design of the extractors will remove all of them. You can choose from the variety of sizes of extractors that this IRWIN product offers. The sizes range from 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 19mm, 5/16 inches, 11/16 inches, and ¾ inches. Hexagonal flats are included in this set to use the screw removers with flat and adjustable wrenches, and they are compatible with a drive size of ⅜ inches. Furthermore, you can choose from the two styles of set that IRWIN offers.


  • Made of premium quality carbon steel, to make it more durable and long-lasting
  • Universal lobular design that grip and remove even the rusted or broken screws
  • Includes hexagonal flats for use with normal flat wrench or pliers
  • Reverse spiral flutes provide maximum gripping power

Buying Guide

Loosening or extracting the screw is a tough process, so we need this special tool handy to make screw extraction easy. We have already mentioned the top best screw extractors in the market. Now let us dive into the details of the product so that you can choose one for yourself.

What is a Screw Extractor?

A screw extractor is a tool used to remove or extract screws when they get damaged or stuck. If not for screw extractors, the process would have been a headache. There are generally two types of extractors- the spiral flute design and the straight flute design. Damaged bolt extractors usually made of very hard material to prevent them from breaking.

Benefits of Screw Extractors

Screw extractors are considered the ideal tool for removing stripped screws because they have many advantages, as listed below.

Better grip: Screw extractors are designed so that they can have a proper grip on the damaged bolt and do not lose it. Compared to other methods of removing screws, extractors ensure maximum grip.

Different sizes: Screw extractors generally come in sets containing different sizes. This way, no matter what size your screw is, you can choose from the different remover sizes and easily extract any fastener.

Easy to use: It does not matter if you do not have any experience with extractors. These devices are made in such a way that they can be used by anyone very easily. So, this factor naturally makes extractors a better option for removing rusted bolts.

How to Use a Screw Extractor?

  • For extracting a damaged screw, you need to have an extractor made of good quality hardened steel.
  • Also, do not forget to wear safety glasses.
  • With your drill in reverse, punch into your damaged screw head.
  • With the screw extractor attached to your drill, dig into the screw until you have a proper grip.
  • Slowly, keep turning until your screw extracted.

How Does a Screw Extractor Work?

All screw extractors work on the same principle. They are first screwed into a pre-drilled hole in the damaged fastener. This ensures that the extractor has a proper grip on the screw. Then, they are turned clockwise or anticlockwise according to their type. This way, the damaged screw is removed effortlessly.

Types of Screw Extractors

Spiral Fluted Extractors

This type of extractors have a spiral design on their body for better grip. As you dig deeper into the screw, the resistance between the extractor and fastener increases, resulting in a greater grip. Spiral fluted extractors are supposed to be turned counterclockwise to remove the stud.

Straight Fluted Extractors

Straight fluted extractors are recommended to remove damaged studs from softer materials, and they have less locking power than tapered extractors. To remove the screw, the extractor is turned using a wrench with a nut attached to its one end.

Bolt Remover

These extractors are designed specifically to remove damaged bolts. Along with an extractor, they have a banishing end to reshape the damaged bolt head. They can also be used to extract screws.

Screw Removal Pliers

Unlike regular pliers, screw removal pliers have horizontal and vertical teeth to bite into the screw head and remove it easily. It works on most of the screws, regardless of the orientation.

Who makes Best Screw Extractors?


IRWIN has been in the market since 1885 and has been building its empire ever since. They believe in combining innovation with functionality and making budget-friendly products. They understand the needs of their customers and make tools that make their job easier. The IRWIN screw extractors are well known and trusted in the market.

EZ Out

The Ez Out or EasyOut extractors are a well-known brand for screw extractors. They have millions of customers who have used their products and are more than happy with them. Their screw extractors are made of premium quality materials and are long-lasting. Their products can easily be available at any online shopping platform or hardware store near you.

Speed Out

When it comes to screwing extractors, Speed Out has always been one of the most trusted brands. Their damaged bolt removers are popular as well as trusted among professionals. They are liked for making compact as well as durable screw extractor sets for removing stripped studs.


Ryobi tools was first launched in 1943 and has continued to deliver quality tools for over seventy years. They continuously work to make a variety of innovative products for their customers. Besides making screw extractors, they also make plumbing, drilling, metalworking, and many more products.

How to Remove Tamper Proof Screws?

Tamper-proof screws are usually used for security purposes and are made so that they are impossible or very hard to remove. But, they can be easily removed by following these steps.

  1. Buy a one-way screw extractor either from the store or any online platform.
  2. Lock the two pins of the one-way screw extractor on the open slots of the screw.
  3. Pressing the extractor on the screw, twist it counterclockwise.
  4. Keep twisting until the screw is removed.

What to Look for When Buying a Screw Extractor?

As you get detailed knowledge about the product, check these main considerations when buying a screw extractor. These are the minimum features to consider while buying a screw extractor.


Before buying an extractor, make sure that you are well aware of the size of your screw. Screws come in different sizes and for different purposes. If you frequently have to deal with screws, you should buy a screw extractor set that contains extractors of different sizes. This way, you can easily remove any damaged screw without worrying about its size. Other than that, it is also recommended to check that the screw extractors are compatible with the type of your screw.


Screw extractors need to be very strong as they have to dig into the screw without breaking or damaging themselves. So, before buying, make sure you check the material of your damaged screw extractor. The best material for a screw extractor is pure carbon HSS steel. Carbon steel makes the strongest bolt extractors but is a bit expensive. The next best material is cobalt-free of any soft metal like aluminum.


Extractors for removing screws need to dig into the damaged studs and have a good grip. This way, they can easily extract the screws without any hassle. So, before deciding to buy a bolt remover, make sure it is made to provide maximum gripping power. Extractors made of high-quality steel grip better than the ones made of other metals. Additionally, fluted spiral extractors are a better option than straight fluted extractors for gripping power. Their spiral design helps to improve the grip and remove the stuck bolt easily.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How to remove a Stripped Screw?

A stripped screw can easily be removed using a tool like a screw extractor.

Q. How to remove a Broken Bolt?

You can use a screw extractor made especially for removing bolts called a bolt extractor for removing bolts.

Q. How to get a Stripped Screw out of Metal?

There are many ways to remove a stripped screw from metal, and you can do so by using a screwdriver, impact driver, or screw extractor.

Q. How to remove a bolt with no head?

You can remove a bolt with no head by center punching into the bolt and then removing it by an extractor.

Q. How to use a Spiral Screw Extractor?

Spiral Screw extractors follow the same principle as any extractor. The only difference is, they should be twisted counterclockwise while removing the bolt.


Removing a broken or damaged screw can give anyone a headache. But with a screw extractor, this otherwise difficult job becomes a tad bit easier. To help you decide between the numerous bolt removers available in the market, we made a list of the best ones and gave an unbiased review of each. As we went further into the article, we discussed some important things which will give you a better idea about extractors and their working. Our buying guide will help you get the right product for you.

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