The 14 Best Affordable Raw Dog Food Options for Your Canines in 2023

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What diet you feed your pet dog will surely determine how healthy and active your buddy becomes. To make your pet strong and lively, you need to pick up the best diet for him. Raw dog food is one of the best diets that will keep your pet healthy, along with the best toothsome flavors. Feeding your pet raw meat not only helps to build their body but also satisfies their craving and hunger. Raw food encompasses raw ingredients without any preservatives and flavors. All these foods are generally meat-based without any fillers or grains. This helps to keep your pup or an adult dog maintaining the required body stamina. Raw diet meal plans for dogs assist in keeping the pet playful and attentive, keeping away all the laziness from him.

Testing across various bones and raw food diet for dogs, we could figure out that these foods are generally freeze-dried. Thus, it made us worry-free about storing and refrigerating meat for our dog. In addition, many packges are rich in omega fatty acids that help keep the skin and coat shiny and lustrous. Since these raw foods are made from premium quality ingredients, they do not pose any health threats to your pet. You can easily find many bulk raw dog food for sale but always should go for the best quality one for your pet. Getting the premium brand product for your pet will help to ensure your dog’s fitness without compromising.

Top Rated Raw Infused Dog Food for Sale

Going through the easy raw dog food review might serve your purpose to pick the ideal quality product for your dog. But to make it easier and less time consuming, we have come up with some of the top rated products. These raw diets for puppies and adults allow you to develop the apt choice that your furry friend would love to have. These top 14 dog foods will make you aware in detail about top picks, leading you to the fines one.

14 Best Raw Food Diets for Dogs in 2023


Instinct 769949601296 Raw Boost Mixers 5.5 oz Bag Gut Health Flavor Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food image

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers

  • Supports digestive health
  • Meal Topper/ Healthy treat
  • Freeze Dired raw
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Stella _ Chewy_s FDB-15 Beef Flavor 14oz Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties image

Stella & Chewy’s Super Beef

  • All-natural recipe
  • Vibrant Skin & coat
  • Minimally processed
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Stella _ Chewy_s FDSCOM-9 Freeze-Dried Raw 8-ounce Seafood Stella_s Super Beef Meal Mixers Grain Free Dog Food Topper image

Stella & Chewy’s Savory Salmon & COD

  • Ideal for picky eaters
  • Improves appetite
  • Relief from allergies
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Nulo 55FD13 Freeze Dried Duck Flavor 13 oz Bag Raw Dog Food for All Ages _ Breeds image

Nulo FreeStyle Freeze-Dried Raw

  • Protein rich nutrition
  • Lower in Carbs
  • Meal or Side Dish
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Stella _ Chewy_s MDC-7 Freeze-Dried Chicken Flavor 7-ounce Raw Marie_s Magical Dinner Dust for Dogs image

Stella & Chewy’s Marie’s Magical Dinner

  • Grain & Gluten free
  • Aids healthy teeth and Gums
  • Improves appetite
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


ORIJEN Grain Free Dry Dog Food image

ORIJEN Dry Dog Food

  • Provides nourishment
  • Offers a grain-free diet
  • Suitable for life stages
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


CANIDAE 1877 Grain Free Chicken Flavor 10 lb Pure Petite Small Breed Raw Coated Dry Dog Food image

CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Petite

  • Healthy immune system
  • Boost beautiful skin & coat
  • Probiotics support digestion
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


ORIJEN DOR4400-25 Puppy Dog Food Grain Free High Protein Fresh and Raw Animal Ingredients image

ORIJEN Puppy Dog Food

  • 85% High Protein Ingredients
  • Grain Free diet
  • Most Nutrient Dense
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


DreamBone DBC-00259 Dried Chicken And Natural Grains 5-Count No-rawhide DreamSticks(R) chews for dogs image

DreamBone DreamSticks

  • Rawhide-Free
  • Easy to digest
  • Vitamin & Mineral Enriched
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


TruDog TD5202 Feed Me Crunchy Munchy Beef Bonanza 14 oz Omega-3 Grain Free Dog Food image

TruDog Feed Me

  • Easy to digest
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Hypoallergenic
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


ZIWI Peak ZPDDB1000P All Natural Beef Flavor 2.2 lb High Protein Grain Free _ Limited Ingredient Air-Dried Dog Food image

ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Beef Recipe

  • 10% Superfood Boost
  • Grain free & Low Carb
  • Suitable for all life stages
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


Sojos 500100 Complete Natural Freeze-Dried Beef Flavor 4 oz Trial Raw _ Dehydrated Grain-Free Dog Food image

Sojos Complete Raw Made Easy

  • Easy Digestion
  • No fillers & preservatives
  • Healthy weight
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


BIXBI Rawbble 12 Oz Freeze Dried Beef Recipe Dog Food image

BIXBI Freeze Dried Rawbble

  • No Antibotics
  • Kibble convenience
  • Minimally processed
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


Northwest Naturals 087316383058 Raw Rewards Beef Flavor Freeze Dried Nuggets Dinner for Dogs image

Northwest Naturals Beef Recipe

  • Available in palatable flavors
  • 80% Beef recipe
  • Healthy training treats
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2

1. Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

What We Like?

  • Made with pure and real ingredients
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Equipped with relishing flavors
  • Contains cage free chicken
  • Helps in digestion

These Instinct rawboost mixers enhance the health of your pet’s body and are easy to feed. The raw dry dog food can be added to your pet’s bowl, making it suitable for gut health. This raw infused dog food made us completely satisfied when we came across this product. It contains cage-free chicken derived from trustworthy sources with all the natural and functional ingredients. To support the digestive health of your pet, it contains all the whole food ingredients. It comes with a perfect blend of cage-free chicken, pumpkin, sweet potato, chicory root, apple cider vinegar & probiotics.

This raw booster mixers weighing 5.5 ounces is free from grain, potato, wheat, soy, and corn. Being free from all the artificial flavors and preservatives does not pose any health threats. To remove the moisture gently, these raw food ingredients are freeze-dried. Thus, it does not let you compromise with the taste and nutrition of the food. For fussy dogs and puppies, adding these raw food toppers can help them serve better. Made up of raw natural ingredients, it is minimally processed and contains high protein. This raw instinct dog food tasty topper is crafted keeping in mind your dog’s desires. Raw food is made from real meat and whole food ingredients are perfect to use without any side effects.

2. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties

What We Like?

  • Contains minimum processing
  • No added grains or fillers
  • Naturally crafted recipes
  • Contains 95% beef

The Stella and Chewy’s super beef dinner patties are perfect food that your dog will love to have. This top raw dog food for beginners contains 95% beef, organs, and bone plus 100% organic certified fruits and vegetables to fulfill your dog’s meat cravings. While using this diet, we realized that Stella’s dog food contains all-natural recipes providing a high level of protein-rich meat. It also tends to provide high-quality grain-free nutrition for your pet. This made us worry-free about organic raw dog food quality as most people generally prefer to pick up the best quality foods for their pets.

This best rated raw dog food is formulated to keep it close to its natural state to provide better and greater nutrition. Thus, with a 14-ounce packaging, minimal processing and contains added taurine. It is free from all added flavors, grains, or fillers, making it a fully balanced diet for all life stages. Serving real raw meat to your pet becomes easier with this freeze-dried food and can be fed comfortably. Providing an increased appetite and digestion helps to gain better health for your pet. It relieves all kinds of skin allergies, pet coats, and fur, along with healthy teeth and gums.

3. Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers Grain-Free Dog Food

What We Like?

  • All ingredients are in their natural state
  • Made of all real and raw ingredients
  • Contains savory salmon and COD
  • Helps to provide a healthy life
  • No added preservatives

Add flavors to your pet’s bowl with this Stella and Chewy’s super beef meal mixer that gives suitable nutrition. Getting through the Meal mixers in detail, we got to know that this product is easy to feed. It comprises 95% wild-caught fish, bones, and organs, along with organic fruits and veggies. This best raw food for dogs with a weight of 0.56 pounds serves to boost your pet’s nutrition and flavors. Crafted from all the reliable sources, it comes out to be a better one that gives all the desired satisfaction. It serves well to improve the pet’s appetite and digestion, thereby supporting a healthy life.

Since processed one is not good for pets, this raw food for puppies is minimally processed without any added preservatives or flavors. No grains, peas, lentils, or potatoes make it all safe to feed to your pet. Since it is freeze-dried, it becomes convenient to feed the pet without any difficulty. No need for any complexity or any special preparations. Simply mix and serve it without any hassle. Prevents all kinds of allergies and skin diseases and helps to provide your pet with shiny fur and a coat. It also works well to improve the stamina and energy of your pet.

4. Nulo Freestyle Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

What We Like?

  • Quantity can be selected as per your choice
  • Probiotic support for better digestion
  • Contains at least 80% meat
  • It comes in various flavors
  • Fully grain-free

If you are looking for an efficient raw food recipe for your beloved buddy, then this Nulo Freestyle dried dog food is the best to rely on. It is suitable for dogs of all ages and all breeds. Getting familiar with the Nulo Freestyle freeze food, the best thing that took us into confidence was easily choosing a recipe. It made us quite happy to see that the various flavors of tasty beef, duck, lamb, salmon, and turkey can be picked up as per our choice. It gave us the thought that we could feed our dog with the food of his choice and flavor. Undoubtedly this 13 ounces pack comes up to be the best frozen raw dog food liked by many pet owners.

Providing you with the flexibility to choose the quantity, one can pick this prey food in the desired quantity. This raw meat dog food contains 80% meat, organs, and bone mixed with dog’s compatible fruits and veggies. It comes up to be a product that your pup would love to have. Equipped with the patented GanedenBC30 probiotics, it helps in easy digestion, especially for food-sensitive pets. In addition, being free from grains like wheat, rice, and oats helps control dog weight and providess relief from various allergies. Serve it as a complete meal or as kibble toppings.

5. Stella & Chewy’s Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust for Dogs

What We Like?

  • Contains all grain-free ingredients
  • Made from cage-free chicken
  • Easy to feed to your dog
  • Relieves allergies 
  • Healthy for dogs

This Marie’s Magical Dinner Dust from Stella and Chews is the relishing meal topper for dogs. To make the dry food or kibble tastier and appetizing, just sprinkle a little, and it’s done. It provides increased raw nutrition and enhanced taste. Getting acquainted with the product, we figured out that it is made from premium ingredients derived from trusted sources. Made from cage-free chicken, it gave us immense satisfaction with its quality and sources. This best raw meat for dogs makes them happy as pets love to have such flavors and would carve for the same. With a weight of 0.44 pounds, it would also serve well to improve your pet’s immune system.

This efficient dog food contains 95% meat, organs, bones, and all the fruits and vegetables your dog would love to have. Since it is grain-free and gluten-free, safe to provide to your pet. Also, it does not contain any binders and thus, no worries of any side effects on your pet. Not only does it enhance the flavor and taste of your pet’s food, but also helps to improve appetite and digestion. It helps to get relief from allergies and healthy teeth and gums. Keeping your buddy playing and active aids in providing increased stamina.

6. ORIJEN Crunchy Dog Biscuit Treats

What We Like?

  • Made from reliable and trustworthy sources
  • Contains whole animal ingredients
  • Provides nourishment
  • Offers a grain-free diet
  • Suitable for life stages

To provide your dog with an animal-rich diet, this ORIJEN original dog food comes up to fulfill your requirements. Weighing 24.9 pounds, it provides a rich diet with fresh animal ingredients. Evaluating the diet pack, we saw that it contains free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs as its primary constituents. No doubt, it helps to serve the pet better and thus becomes our perfect choice. Furthermore, it helps nourish the dog as per the biological need and requirements with 85% animal ingredients. This best raw diet for dogs is formulated to cater to their needs in the desired way.

The nourishing food with raw animal ingredients, including meat, organs, cartilage, and bone, suits the biologically appropriate diet of your pet. The necessity of the grain-free diet can be served well by feeding this raw puppy food. All the ingredients are from reliable sources that do not let you compromise with the quality. Being suitable for all life stages of dogs provides a premium quality that helps to enhance your pet’s health. Consisting of at least 15 fresh or raw ingredients, it comes up to be the best raw food diets for dogs.

7. Canidae PURE Petite Premium Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

What We Like?

  • Blends 8 essential ingredients
  • Supports immune system
  • Contains omega-3 and 6
  • Small-sized kibble
  • Free from grains

To serve a healthy and beneficial appetite to your small breed dog, this Canidae pure petite grain-free comes with a perfect recipe for your pet. The best thing we liked is that it contains 8 key ingredients that are good for sensitive stomachs. Thus, this raw food dog diet is the most ideal for your small breed dog with stomach issues. It contains a smaller kibble size that comes up to be suitably eaten by your little one. This raw coated food has fresh chicken recipes, and being freeze-dried, gives an appetizing taste to your pet.

To boost up the skin and coat of your pet, this raw diet dog food contains omega-3 and six fatty acids. It also supports a healthy immune system keeping your pet active and full of energy. It comes in packaging weighing 10 pounds that becomes comfortable to use. Combined with probiotics, it aids in providing a healthy digestive system to your dog. Free from all grains without any wheat, corn, or soy, it does not own any health threat to your pet. Thus, completely safe to use gives desirable results to the pet owners, making this raw chicken dog food the most preferred for them.

8. Orijen’s Biologically Appropriate Puppy Dog Food

What We Like?

  • Made up of fresh whole animal ingredients
  • Ingredients are taken from trusted source
  • Provides nourishment to your dog
  • Grain-free recipes

This ORIJEN puppy food comes up with a rich diet laced with fresh and raw whole animal ingredients. Knowing the package in detail, we came across that contains free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs. It helps to provide a nutrition-rich diet to your pet that he would love to have. Contains 85% quality animal ingredients it serves to fulfill your pet’s natural and biological needs. This raw meat diet for dogs weighs 24.9 pounds that serves well. It comprises raw animal sources, including nutrient-rich meat, fish, poultry, and organs that give a lip-smacking taste.

Using the whole prey diet like meat, organs, cartilage, and bone supplements a nutrient-dense diet for your pet. The complete grain-free diet is what your dog would love to eat. All the ingredients are from trusted and reliable sources in their natural and original form. This helps to keep their original flavor intact without manipulating the taste. The whole-prey diet helps to meet up the energy potential required by your pet, making this the best raw dog food recipes grain free.

9. DreamBone DreamSticks Treats

What We Like?

  • Contains real chicken and vegetables
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Provides healthy teeth 
  • Easy to digest
  • Rawhide-free

The DreamBone rawhide-free sticks provide an irresistible taste that your dog can never say no to. While reviewing the dog treats, we are completely satisfied that it is made from real chicken and vegetables that give a perfect taste. It relieved us fully when we realized that this easy-to-digest food would help our pet with a sensitive stomach. As the food won’t create any problems for your pet. This raw frozen dog food becomes the top-rated choice for many pet owners giving desirable results. Adding flavor to these sticks also contains bacon and cheese that enhances its taste, making it more edible.

These dream stick chews weighing 0.15 pounds are free from rawhide but provide the benefits of the same. The 100% delicious chews are rich in vitamins and minerals, leading to a healthy diet for your pet. Being free from rawhide, they serve to be a perfect alternative for it. Additionally, since these sticks are chewable, it helps to promote healthy teeth for your pet. Provided with a flavor that your dog would crave, this is one of the best high protein raw foods for dogs. It not only serves as nutritious food but also becomes a treat for your pet, keeping him happy and enjoying it.

10. TruDog Freeze Dried Dog Food

What We Like?

  • No fillers or preservatives
  • Made from 100% beef
  • Highly nutritious
  • Easy to serve

The TruDog Feed Me beef bonanza is one of the best superfoods to feed your pet. Made up of 100% beef, this top rated raw dog food comes with several benefits you would love to feed your pet with. Coming across the package very closely, we felt that the TruDog food is reliable as it is free from all kinds of grains, fillers, preservatives, or any coloring agent. Being free from all such additives, it becomes completely safe to use for your dog. The major ingredients include beef, beef tripe, beef lung, ground beef bone, beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, beef blood, beef fat, herring oil, and mixed tocopherols.

This easy to feed crunchy beef requires adding water with each serving providing high nutrition. Since it does not contain any fillers, you need not worry about the dog’s health. In addition, it is free from any side effects that might affect your pet’s immune system and is reliable completely without any complaints. Just check the feeding guidelines and serve your pet according to the weight. Available in the packaging of 0.7 pounds, it combines raw and pellets as the item form. It can be easily digested and is workable to feed dogs of all ages and breeds. Serving this raw beef for dogs provides a taste your dog would love to crave and would never refuse to have.

11. ZIWI Peak High-Protein Air-Dried Dog Food

What We Like?

  • It contains 10% healthy superfoods
  • Suitable for all breeds and ages
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Free from grains
  • Rich in protein

ZIWIPEAK air-dried beef recipe will fulfill your dog’s cravings for natural, real meat. It provides high nutrition to your pet without compromising 96% real meat, organs, and New Zealand green mussels. Getting familiar with the Ziwi air dried food, it came to our notice that the nutrition and taste of the raw ingredients remain intact. The slow and gentle air-drying process makes it possible for the taste to remain unaltered. Therefore, you can serve conveniently to your pet without any complexity. The food recipes are formulated keeping in mind the requirements of your pet’s body and avoiding all the unnecessary carbohydrates. This pet food is suitable well for dogs of all ages and breeds. Free from all additives and fillers, these natural ingredients serve well for your pet’s well-being.

The best pre made raw dog food is free from all the impure and cheap fillers delivering you satisfactory and reliable results. It also works well for sensitive stomachs and prevents your dogs from all kinds of allergies and other health concerns. To provide overall nutrition to your pet, this raw pet food for dogs of 2.2-pound weight contains 10% superfoods that help to keep your pet healthy. Equipped with delicious cold-washed green tripe, it contains enzymes and probiotics. Also, it contains chondroitin, glucosamine, and omega-3 for joint health and healthy skin and coat. To improve metabolism and to reduce inflammation, it contains organic kelp.

12. Sojos Complete Grain-Free Dog Food

What We Like?

  • Equipped with USDA inspected meat
  • 100% grain-free and gluten-free
  • No fillers and preservatives
  • Easy to serve

This Sojos beef recipe product is the best you can rely upon to feed your pet with natural freeze-dried raw ingredients. Being 100% free from grains took us into confidence while reviewing this pet food. What we liked the most about this Sojos complete because this natural raw dog food is free from all grains and kinds of gluten. Also, it comprises USDA inspected meat as its major primary ingredient that gave us a sigh of relief. This easy to serve recipe does not call for much effort. Just add a little water, and it’s ready to serve in just 15 mins.

This 0.25 pounds affordable raw dog food is manufactured in a facility that processes grains and is reliable. Since it is free from all kinds of preservatives and flavors, it does not turn up to be harmful in any way. Without fillers or artificial colors, it serves to be healthy and nutritious for your pets. To provide your pet with a healthy coat and skin, it comes with rich ingredients like flaxseeds. Not only is it good for skin and coat, but it also works well to build up a healthy immune system. Besides, easing the digestion process keeps your pet active and plays an important role in keeping your pet’s stomach in good condition.

13. BIXBI Rawbble Freeze Dried Dog Food

What We Like?

  • Provides complete raw nutrition
  • Made with delicious beef recipe
  • No added fillers
  • Easy to eat kibble
  • Fit for adult dogs

The BIXBI Rawbble frozen, dried food is the premium quality product for your pet dog that will give a relishing taste to him. This 12-ounce rawbble dried food has a beef flavor that your dog will surely crave. By keeping a close eye on this freeze dried food, we became completely satisfied to see that it provides complete raw nutrition for our pet. Made up of 98% meat and organs, it brought a smile on our face as our dog would love to have it when we feed him with this. For more convenience, this BIXBI is freeze-dried thus does not require refrigerating raw meat. This organ meat for dogs is easy to serve by simply scoping it out in a bowl.

Made with USDA-certified animal proteins, these small batches of raw food become trustworthy for your pet. This fresh pet food weighing 12 ounces inhabits all the ingredients from reliable sources. Thus, you can give up all your worries about the best quality product. Adding on to this, it comes completely free from all kinds of fillers that might affect your pet’s health. Instead, it blends with a little herring oil, coconut oil, different minerals, and vitamins. This delicious, nutritious treat is perfect for feeding your dog on any occasion without letting your pet bother you.

14. Northwest Naturals Raw Diet for Dogs

What We Like?

  • Serves as a nutritious supplement for dogs
  • Made with delicious beef recipe
  • Contains 80% beef
  • Easy to feed

This complete and balanced Northwest Naturals diet is the best raw food to trust upon. It is formulated with the raw, freeze-dried beef recipe that your dog would love to have. Testing the product closely made us satisfied with the fact that there are no grains or gluten. It contains 80% beef, organs, and bone, and 20% produce and supplements from the trusted sources. Since it is made in the inspected facility, becomes completely reliable for your pet’s health without any adverse effects.

This raw diet food for dogs is easy to feed without any hassle and does not need to freeze. It is all prepared to serve raw comfortably without requiring any specific storage conditions. The small packaging of 363 grams allows to keep the food fresh and provides handy usage. It can turn out to be a nutritious and healthy supplement for sick or injured pets fulfilling their needs. To make things easier, you can crumble and spread it over your dog’s kibble that would serve as a delicious topping for your pet. Being completely free from any antibiotics and hormones, it is safe for your pet.

Top Rated Raw Dog Food Buying Guide

You can feed many healthy products to your pet, but until you are aware of all the necessary ingredients, it’s all in vain. Feeding the best raw diet calls for being familiar with what the raw diet food consists of and how it is helpful for dogs. This buying guide will enlighten you with the same, clearing all your doubts and guiding you to the major requirements for dogs.

What is Raw Dog Food?

A raw diet is exactly what, as the name suggests feeding your dog with raw ingredients, unlike cooked or processed food. Prepackaged raw dog food diet usually contains a mix of raw meat and other uncooked fruits and vegetables. People prefer feeding their pets with a dog raw food diet plan as it is natural and free from adulteration. Pet owners also believe that the raw ingredients help support the pet’s health and are vital for their growth. Raw food can be homemade, store-bought, dehydrated, and freeze-dried. It is free from all grains and contains raw eggs, organ meats, muscle meats, and dairy products such as yogurt.

Benefits of Raw Diets For Dogs

  • The raw food diet for dogs is formulated to provide better digestion to your dog. Equipped with probiotics, it helps in digesting the food easily.
  • The raw diet also tends to provide healthier skin and coats to your pet dog. It also helps to protect your dog from skin allergies.
  • It also serves as an ideal food to provide healthy teeth, gums, and breath to your pet.
  • To keep your dog active and playing, it assists in the increased energy of your pet by developing a better immune system.
  • Sometimes it also supports in preventing diabetes and arthritis in your pet.
  • Raw food also helps your dog to build up stronger muscles providing them with a better physique.

How To Feed Dog Raw Diet?

  • If your pet is new to the raw food diet, then make sure you make the transition smooth and easy. Do not switch the diet suddenly.
  • Add all the required proteins and fats to the diet. Too much or too little fat can harm your pet’s health.
  • Check for the appropriate amount of calcium and minerals in the food. Ensure a sufficient quantity of bones that can be useful for your pet.
  • Look for the organ meat in the raw food diet. This organ meat can be helpful to your dog’s body in several ways.
  • Make a balanced formula containing essential minerals and vitamins for your pet.
  • Keep your dog fasting for a day or half if you start with the raw diet for the first time.

What Raw Food Can I Feed My Dog?

A dehydrated raw dog food diet plan might be different for different pet owners and may depend on your pet. It majorly contains all the raw ingredients that are served without cooking and minimum processing. To feed a healthy raw diet to your pet, you can include the following ingredients:

  • Muscle meat
  • Whole or ground bones
  • Organ meats like liver and kidneys
  • Raw eggs
  • Vegetables like broccoli and spinach
  • Fruits like apples
  • Dairy products such as yogurt

Frozen Vs. Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food – Which is Best?

Frozen raw food is as similar state as youbuye meat for your pet. It is exposed to very cold temperatures by freezing the food, thus keeping it fresh for a longer time. It helps to preserve the food until you are ready to use it. On the other hand, freeze-dried raw food is made by removing the moisture from the food, keeping the nutritional value intact. A high-pressure vacuum system extracts the moisture and keeps the food packaging. Freeze-dried raw food also helps kill any bacteria or mold that may otherwise be harmful to your dog’s health. You can buy food in the frozen form in a larger quantity and store it for a longer time. You can store it in your freezer without worrying about the food getting stale.

Best Selling Raw Dog Foods Brands

Primal Raw Dog Food

Working since the early 2000s, Primal aims to provide superior nutrition to your pet with a portion of high-quality fresh food. They deliver a product that is safe and healthy for your pet. The raw food they manufacture is formulated, adhering to the quality guidelines making it completely safe.

Dr. Marty’s Dog Food

Dr. Marty has been one of the world’s best veterinarians for over 40 years, dedicatedly working towards pet health. Keeping in mind the pet’s health, he has come up with various pet foods that support animal nutrition. Combining the traditional and alternative therapies, this brand formulates some of the best products for your pet.

TruDog Dog Food

TruDog comes up with nourishing freeze dried raw dog food with various ingredients that often serve as a treat. These food supplements and toppers help to improve your pup’s health that makes the pet parents worry-free. Trumpet raw food aims to provide balanced nutrition along with the desirable flavor.

What to Look for in a Raw Dog Food While Buying?

A healthy diet for your pet becomes essential for keeping him fit, active and playful. Feeding your canine with a raw food diet can be helpful in several ways, but only when you pick up the best suitable one for your pet. Since you can find multiple options available for dog food, knowing the best becomes challenging. To make things smoother than the wind, we have come up with a few factors that you need to take note of before choosing raw food for a dog.

Age of the Dog

What is the nutritional requirement of your pet’s body largely depends upon the age of your dog. All foods are formulated keeping in mind the body requirements as per the age. Before picking up any product, make sure that it is meant to serve your pet’s age. You might find different products for adults and puppies that will benefit them in different ways. Feeding adult food to your puppy can lead to some side effects. Thus it needs to be chosen wisely.


Whether you buy the product for your small pup or an adult dog, never forget to check the product’s composition. Check the ingredients list and know well what all recipes it is formulated with. It should not contain any such ingredient that may be harmful to your pet or not suit him. Look well that it contains all the natural, fresh and raw foods.

Breed Size

Certain dog foods serve well only for a specific breed of dogs. It might be possible that a small breed dog food does not tend to work for large breed dogs. Whatever product you choose to pick, it should be compatible to meet the requirements of your breed. Ensure well what product is meant to be given to what breed.


The raw dog food you are picking up should be filled with high nutrition and provide your pet with a healthy diet. A protein-rich diet is what becomes the priority to keep your pet healthy and active. Also, high nutrition aids in improving the immune system of your pet. So the raw food that you plan to take should contain a blend of high-nutrition and a balanced diet.

Preservatives or Fillers

Many packaged raw food contains preservatives, fillers or additives to help the food keep fresh for a longer time. Any such kind of additional flavors or preservatives can be harmful to your pet. While looking for a perfect match for your buddy, ensure that the product is free from all kinds of additives or harmful flavors. Also, the presence of any fillers can be compromising your pet’s health.


It is very important to understand that all brands might offer the same kind of product, but actually, it is not the same. You should make a research study of what all brands are the ones you can rely upon. Go with the best brands as they come up with premium-quality ingredients that are not at all threatening to your pet’s health. A good brand is also likely to contain all the major nutrition and protein vital for your dog.

Frequently Ask Question

Where To Buy Raw Dog Food?

Raw dog food can be bought online from or any other pet store.

Is Raw Beef Good For Dogs?

Yes, most raw dog foods contain beef as a major ingredient that dogs love to have

How Much Raw Food To Feed A Dog?

Raw food should be fed about 2-3% of your dog’s weight daily.

What Is The Best Raw Dog Food?

Instinct Raw boost mixers for dogs is one of the best raw dog food you can rely upon.

Do Vets Recommend Raw Diet For Dogs?

Certain raw foods have been recommended by vets and are to be fed in the required amount.


Various types of commercial raw dog food work well for dogs in multiple ways. Switching to a raw diet for your pet has shown favorable results, as many pet owners say. Feeding a raw diet to your pet is recommended as it helps to enhance overall body growth. It is generally equipped with the ingredients and flavor that your pet would never say no to. Since most raw foods contain meat as their primary ingredient, it is readily eaten by your pet as he craves such food. Fetching for the best suitable product, we have reviewed several raw organic dog food in depth. These top raw puppy foods would help you develop the most appropriate choice for your pet without compromising his health.