14 Comfortable Ratchet Screwdriver Sets for both Home and Professional Use

Best Overall

JAKEMY Home Rotatable 69 in 1 Ratchet Screwdriver Toolkit

Jakemy JM-6111 69 in 1 Household Repair Toolkit Home Rotatable Ratchet Screwdriver Set image
  • Comes with two handles; large and small for different kinds of bits
  • 55 types of bits made of durable chrom-vanadium steel
  • Has sturdy carrying case which makes transportation and storing easy

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CRAFTSMAN 26-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

CRAFTSMAN CMHT68001 26-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set image
  • Has an added grip texture which is great for heavy-torque works
  • Efficient run down with quick rotation control
  • Bits are made with Chrome vanadium steel with extra chrome plating on the surface

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Ergonomic Design

Workpro 12 In 1 Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set

WORKPRO 12-in-1 Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver image
  • Quick-load mechanism automatically securely holds and locks the bit in position
  • Bits are made of steel and Handles are made of ABS plastic making them durable
  • Contains 6 pieces of double-ended standard Philips, Torx, Square, and slotted bits of various sizes

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Nowadays screwdrivers are an essential tool for different applications like fixing devices or creating DIY projects. Compared to a regular screwdriver, ratcheting drivers makes your job simple by minimizing your efforts. For example, you don’t need to engage with a screwdriver ratchet set and disengage the tip from the screw. It helps you remove or fasten stubborn screws easily. All multi-bit ratchet screwdrivers come with different standard and special bits. Ratcheting screwdrivers are not a new technology, and they have been available since the 1890s.

Though the working principle remains the same, more features are getting added to increase convenience and functionality. There are several kinds of ratchet screwdriver sets available in the market from various brands with different specialties. From them, we have hand-picked some of the best ratcheting screwdriver sets for you to choose the right one for your needs. Check out our Ratcheting screwdriver reviews and buying guide to know more about ratchet drivers.

1. JAKEMY 69 in 1 Screwdriver Ratchet Set

Jakemy JM-6111 69 in 1 Household Repair Toolkit Home Rotatable Ratchet Screwdriver Set image

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Jakemy JM-611 is the best multipurpose ratcheting screwdriver kit with all necessary bits and tools in one set. Their sturdy blow-molded carrying case holds the bits and handles securely. Jakemy driver kit has two different-sized screwdriver handles, two extension shafts, precision tweezers, and 55 types of steel bits. All are manufactured with corrosion-resistant material for longevity and precise use. Its high-quality chromium-vanadium steel bits have satisfying strength and corrosion resistance. Jakemy 69 in 1 ratchet handle was adjustable at three different sections, and it was also 180degrees rotatable. You can tilt its angle to work in constrained areas and fix it at preferred angles with the lock.

This ratcheting screwdriver has three settings for screw tightening or screw removal, which you can easily set by turning the golden ring lock left or right. Jakemy angled ratchet screwdriver set has the potential to last longer since it is made of high-quality materials. It includes everything you need for your DIY projects or repairing your appliances. Be aware while opening the box, or all the bits will fall down, making clutter. In our test, this rotatable screwdriver worked very smoothly in both removing and fastening the screws.


  • A good collection of different Philips bits, Torx bits, nut drivers, and other attachments makes it a multipurpose set
  • Good customer service and they assure to reply within 24 hours when contacted for any complaints or queries
  • The blow-molded case is strong and durable, and it is easy to carry and find the necessary bits
  • The shaft of the long handle can be tilted at different angles to use as an offset screwdriver

2. Craftsman 26-piece CMHT68001 Multi Bit Ratchet Screwdriver

CRAFTSMAN CMHT68001 26-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver Set image

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If you are looking for a simple kit with the most common necessary bits and ergonomic handle, Craftsman 26-piece ratcheting driver set is the right choice. Craftsman side ratchet screwdriver kit consisted of 26 pieces of different bits and a bonus pouch for storage. The entire kit weighs around 1.2 pounds, and the quality nylon pouch securely holds all the bits and handles. Craftsman chrome-plated bits extra power ratchet screwdriver set, CMHT68001 has good corrosion resistance. In addition to bits and handles, a telescoping magnetic pick-up tool is also included in the kit that effectively picks up the screws and bits.

The bits were easily accessible with the handle. We were able to adjust the driver between the three different positions for different applications. For rapid rotation, you can use the first position speed zone. The torque position is the second position that is for heavy torque applications where you need added grip. And the third precision tactile zone can be used where you need more rotational control. We liked the option of choosing the required setting in the handle for different applications. The only drawback is that the handle ends projects outside while we stored it in the pouch. Craftsman offers a full lifetime warranty on their product, so you expect it to last longer.


  • Speed zone, torque zone, and precision tactile zones settings for rapid rotation, high-torque, and rotational control
  • Chrome vanadium steel bits with additional chrome plating on the surface for increased working life
  • Telescoping magnetic pick-up tool made of permanent magnet helps in picking up screws and bits
  • 26 pieces of standard bits and nut drivers that can be used in different applications

3. Workpro 12-in-1 Multi-bit Ratchet Screwdriver Set

WORKPRO 12-in-1 Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver image

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Workpro ratcheting bit driver with a patented quick-load mechanism is the one for those who need a compact and simple ratchet screwdriver with multi-bits. Workpro 3-way ratchet screwdriver has a superior ratcheting mechanism with which we were able to rapidly switch between forward, reverse, and normal ratcheting positions. Wear-resistant ABS plastic is used for manufacturing the handle, and the shaft and bits are made of steel. Workpro 12-in-1 screwdriver included a handle, six pieces of ratchet screwdriver bits SL4/5, PH1 / PH3, SQ2 / PH2, SQ3 /SQ1, T10/T15, and T20/T25. This model measures 11X51.6 inches and weighs around 13.4 ounces.

It is well designed for optimal storage in which the six double-ended screwdriver bits or shafts can be stored in the handle head itself. While using a Workpro double speed ratchet screwdriver, its ergonomic handle gave a very comfortable grip and did not slip out of the hands. Its hexagonal-shaped head gives a higher torque output. Attaching and detaching the bits were easy and instant with its patented quick-load mechanism, which automatically locks the bit. We inserted the bit directly, and after using it, we pulled back the blue bit lock on the handle to release. This set is suitable for DIY, home repair, outdoors, and other applications, making it a multipurpose screwdriver.


  • The patented quick-load mechanism automatically locks the bits and securely holds the bit in position
  • Handles are made of ABS plastic, and bits are made of steel, making them wear-resistant and durable
  • Contains six pieces of double-ended standard Philips, Torx, Square, and slotted bits of different sizes
  • In-handle bits storage helps in the convenient stocking of bits and gives easy access to them

4. Megapro Red 211R2C36RD Ratcheting Bit Driver

Megapro Marketing USA NC 211R2C36RD Red Ratcheting Screwdriver image

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Megapro is a multi-bits screwdriver ratchet with a comfortable handle and smooth high-torque ratcheting mechanism. It has a ZAD 8 zinc alloy solid-core ratchet capable of delivering over 225 lbs of torque strength. This Megapro 211R2C36RD has a 28-tooth ratchet design that instantly and easily drives fasteners. The handle is made of quality engineered nylon/ABS resin, Triax 1120, and the chamfered alloy steel shaft provides long life and durability. This ratchet kit included double-ended bits, Phillips 0-3, Phillips 1-2, Flat (slotted) 4-6, Torx 10-15, Torx 20-25, Square (Robertson) 1-2, and ¼” hex shaft.

We were able to store the six double-sided bits into the pull-out bit cartridge in the handle, saving space and time. In addition, Megapro has specially designed a palm saver cap for protecting our hands from getting blisters while continuously using the driver. It has a length of 9 inches, a width of 2 inches, and a height of 2 inches and weighs around 0.32 ounces. Besides the 6 double-sided bits, Megapro’s handle shaft also serves as a ¼” hex driver, and hence it is called a 13 in 1 screwdriver. The manufacturers of Megapro compact screwdrivers offer a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.


  • Unique palm saver cap on the handle for protecting our hands from blisters during continuous usage
  • Storage of bits in-hand offers quick access to them and allows them to manage effectively
  • ZAD 8 zinc alloy solid-core ratchet with 28 teeth delivers up to 18-foot pounds of torque
  • The blade end on the handle where the bits go in serves as a 1/4″ hex driver

5. Milwaukee 48-22-2302 9 in 1 Ratcheting Multi Screwdriver

Milwaukee 48-22-2302 Multi Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver image

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Milwaukee 9 in 1 ratchet screwdriver is the best option if you want a compact screwdriver ratchet with some extra features. This Milwaukee double-speed ratcheting screwdriver is made of metal, and the handle is made of enduring high-quality plastic. The marine-grade bits have chrome plating for rust protection. Compared to other ratchet drivers, Milwaukee 48-22-2302 provided high torque and drove screws or fasteners two times faster. We made wire loops and striped wires with the wire loop maker and wire striper provided in the ratchet screwdriver, which eventually saves time.

The unique revolver style in handle bit storage keeps the bits secure, and you can also store bits on the handle, which helps in easy storage and selection of bits. It weighs around 2.08 ounces and measures 6.25 inches in length, and without a bit, it measures 3.5 inches. Magnetic bit retention of the Milwaukee 48-22-2302 firmly retains the bits. The 3 ½” long bits have power grooves, which can also be used with power tools. The handle without the bit can also be used for driving ¼” nuts. By solely adjusting the collar, we switched the rotating direction of the screwdriver. The black and red color Milwaukee small ratcheting screwdriver is very durable and can last longer.


  • Wire stripper for stripping wires and wire loop maker for making wire loops of required size and angle
  • Bit loading and removal are quite simple, and the magnetic blade tip strongly retains the bits
  • Switching between ratcheting positions is instant with a simple twist of a collar on the handle
  • The bits are marine-grade and have chrome plating for superior rust protection

6. Stanley 69-189 Ratcheting Multi-bit Compact Screwdriver

STANLEY 69-189 Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver image

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If you need a small ratchet screwdriver set for basic applications, Stanley 69-189 ratcheting screwdriver is the best option to consider. This yellow color screwdriver with a ratchet is designed with a bi-material plastic handle for grip and torque. And, its shaft and bits are made of quality corrosion-resistant chrome-vanadium steel. Stanley ratchet screwdriver measures 1.9 X 1.7 X 1.18 inches and weighs about 5 ounces. Like other ratchet screwdrivers, this model also has three positions, which give the option of choosing the rotational direction to be clockwise or counterclockwise or use it in a locked position like a regular screwdriver.

We unscrewed and pulled out the small cap at the handle end, where the bits are stored. Inserting the bit was simple, and this driver required only less effort, thus saving our time and effort. The magnetic holder safely retained the bits in position, and the bits also came out smoothly due to their quick-release function. As all the six bits are stored inside the handle, they are quickly accessible when most needed. Stanley 69-189 multi-bit screwdrivers have a limited warranty that covers the manufacturing defects. The limited number of bits and inefficient working in tight spots are the main drawbacks of this model.


  • Ratcheting position for fastening, reverse ratcheting position for unscrewing, and non-ratcheting position for normal screwdriver-like usage
  • Quality and durable ratchet screwdriver made of corrosion and wear resistance Chrome vanadium and plastic materials
  • Vibrant yellow and black color handle made of dual materials for added torque and grip
  • All six bits are stored in a small-cap on handle head

7. Amartisan 34-Piece Magnetic Ratcheting Driver

Amartisan AM9836 Magnetic 34-Piece Multi-bit Ratchet Screwdriver Set image

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When you have to work in confined areas, a ratchet driver with a flexible head is the right tool. Amartisan orange ratchet screw driver has a flexible drill bit extension that can be tilted up to 90 degrees and rotated in different directions. This flex head ratchet screwdriver kit includes a ratcheting screwdriver handle, 6 nut drivers, 24 bits, an extension rod, a magnetic pick-up tool, and a flexible shaft. The telescoping magnetic pick-up tool has a permanent magnet and effectively picked-up screws and other small pieces. We stored all the bits and the handle in the pouch, which is easy to carry around and keeps them organized. This 34 in 1 multi-bits ratcheting screwdriver has chrome plating on their high-quality S2 alloy tool steel bits.

We pulled down the black collar on the handle for inserting the bit and then inserted the extension rod into the handle. Finally, we attached the bit to the extension rod, and please note that you cannot insert the bits directly into the handle. The industrial-grade S2 alloy steel bits are heat-treated for long-lasting performance. They have magnetic tips and are stored in a plastic storage case. With the three-stage regulations of the screwdriver, you can use the driver in different lengths of the extension rod. This 90-degree ratchet screwdriver can be used in three different positions, namely forward, backward and normal.


  • Ratcheting screwdriver kit with 24 different bits, 6 nut drivers, flexible shaft, magnetic pick-up tool, extension rod, and handle
  • Bits made from industrial-grade S2 alloy steel with high-quality chrome plating are long-lasting and durable
  • The flexible shaft helps in accessing hard-to-reach spots and can be tilted up to 90 degrees
  • The permanent magnet telescoping magnetic pick-up tool helps to grab bits and screws

8. Wera 5073661002 Kraftform Kompakt Small Ratchet Screwdriver

Wera 5073661002 Kraftform Kompakt 27 RA Slotted MULTI 0.25 inches Head Ratcheting Screwdriver image

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If you want a compact and comfortable screwdriver, then Wera multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver is the perfect one. This kit included a handle, slotted 5.5, 5.6 mm bits, Phillips #1, #2 bits, and square #1, #2 bits. We attached a bit to the screwdriver’s blade, which has a magnetic tip it is both sturdy and flexible. Its well-designed handle felt smooth on the hands while working and also gave a good grip. The fine pitching of Wera’s ratcheting mechanism keeps the return angle small and thus reduces fatigue. This ratcheting screwdriver delivers a maximum torque of 50Nm and therefore is best suited for low and medium torque requiring applications. The chrome-vanadium steel bits are rustproof and can long last if stored in dry conditions after usage.

After usage, we stocked the bits into slots provided in the handle to store bits, making it compact. You can store the bits inside the handle, which is easy to store, and instantly access them whenever necessary. Wera small ratcheting screwdriver also has three positions for using it in forward, reverse, or locked positions. It weighs around 7 ounces and also has a limited number of bits.


  • Less fatigue has a small return angle and no need for losing grip as it keeps the shaft stationary during the return stroke
  • The bits are strongly held by the magnetic shaft end with straightforward bit loading and removal
  • The ergonomic handle offers more control and grip, and it also feels smooth on our hands
  • Suitable for high-torque requiring applications as it can supply up to 50 Nm of torque

9. Lutz 15 in 1 Ratchet Screw Driver

Lutz LEPUSPTLSHI8304 15-in-1 Yellow Black Ratchet Screwdriver image

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For those who need a small ratchet screwdriver and are not satisfied with those fewer bits, Lutz 15 in 1 small ratcheting driver is a valuable addition to your toolbox. The kit includes seven double-ended bits comprising S1, S2 square bits, #0, #1, #2, #3 Phillips bits, T15, T20 Torx bits and ¼”, 1/8″, 3/16″ 5/32″ slotted bits. Lutz screwdriver end where we put in the bits also acts as a 1/4″ driver. The double-ended bits are heat-treated, which gives them high strength.

We slightly turned the spring-loaded bit selector knob for opening the bit holding chamber in the handle, and it helps select and change bits in a few seconds. Then we inserted the bits into the handle by pushing a spring-loaded ball inside, and the bit was held in place. While using the Lutz ratchet screwdriver, the bits did not fall like other in-handle storage ratchet screwdrivers. It requires less effort to remove or drive a screw, achieved through its ratcheting mechanism. However, the handle is not very comfortable to use in long-time applications. The Lutz 15 in 1 driver manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.


  • 15 in 1 quality driver with 7 different double-ended bits and handle shaft as a hex driver available at low cost
  • For longevity, the double-ended bits are heat treated and are resistant to wear and corrosion
  • With a swift twist of a collar on the handle, shifting between ratcheting positions is instant
  • The spring-loaded ball in the handle holds the shaft and bits firmly

10. Channellock 131CB 13-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

Channellock 131CB 13-in-1 Multi-Bit Storage 0.25-Inch Nut Driver Ratcheting Screwdriver image

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Channellock is a reputed name in the tool industry, and Channellock’s 13 in 1 ratchet screwdriver is well known for its high quality. This kit includes a handle, 2 straight tips for slotted screws, 4 Phillips sizes, 4 Torx sizes, and 2 square bits plus 1 nut driver. It has a 28 tooth ratchet mechanism, which delivers up to 225lbs of torque. The handle of the Channellock gives a cushion grip that stays smooth on our hands while working for a longer time, and it is made of plastic. We twisted the blue-collar to change the position to rotate it in forward, reverse and lock settings.

The shaft and bits are made of metal, and the entire weight is about 9.3 ounces. In the Channellock 131CB, the bits are stored inside the handle head. To take out a bit, we slightly pulled out the handle cap and took out the bit from the slot in which they are stocked. It measured 10.75 inches in length, 3.75 inches in width, and 1.5 inches in height. Channellock ratcheting screwdrivers have half blue and half red color handles, which makes them easy to find. This model has a lifetime warranty with a guarantee against tool breakage and failure.


  • Collar for switching between ratcheting, non-ratcheting, and reverse ratcheting positions for threading and unthreading applications
  • 13 in 1 ratcheting driver with 4 Philips, 4 Torx, 2 Square 2 Slotted bits, and shaft end as a nut driver
  • Guarantee against tool failure and breakage and has a lifetime warranty on the handle and bits
  • The cushion grip handle gives a comfortable feel while using the driver for longer times

11. Irwin 8 In 1 Tool 1948774 Regular Ratcheting Screwdriver

IRWIN Tools 1948774 8-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver image

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Irwin 8 in 1 ratcheting screwdriver includes Phillips #1 and #2, slotted 1/4″, hex, square #2, and Torx T25 bit and 3 sizes of nut drivers of 1/4″, 3/8″, and 5/16″. Irwin ratchet driver’s compact bit storage of the double-end bits gives instant and convenient access to them. It is also compatible with other standard double-ended bits. So, you have a broad collection of bits for your varying purpose. The low texture, no texture, and high texture zones of the handle gave greater control and torque. Irwin 8 in 1 screwdriver measured 11 X 4 X 1.35 inches and weighed about 8.02 ounces.

This screwdriver set included the most common bits and nut drivers stored in the handle, and switching between different bits was very quick. Irwin ratcheting screwdriver features one tool handle that You can use with various bits for getting jobs done faster. Similar to other models, it also has clockwise, anticlockwise, and locked positions for fastening, removing, or using it as a regular driver. Irwin 8 in 1 precision ratchet screwdriver is durable and is suitable for professional usage but keep in mind that it is not an insulated screwdriver.


  • The handle grip is designed with no texture, low texture, and high texture zones for added torque and control
  • Two-way usage for threading, unthreading with simple switching between the three ratcheting positions
  • Apart from the bits that come along with this kit, you can also use other standard screwdriver bits
  • Instant swapping of bits is possible as all the bits are stored inside the handle

12. Sata 6-piece Stubby ST09348 Magnetic Ratcheting Screwdriver

SATA ST09348 6-Piece Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver Set image

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This set includes a handle, six standard bits, which comprise three slotted 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm, and three Phillips #1, #2, and #3. The blade is made of durable SCVM+ steel, which provides it toughness. The handle is made of bi-material to give a comfortable grip and is resistant to oil or solvents. Its ratcheting mechanism works smoothly in all three positions, and it can be adjusted with the small yellow collar in the handle. In this screwdriver, the bits are conveniently stocked in the cap on the handle head with magnetic force.

The blade is made of a permanent magnet for holding the screw bits in place, but the bits are not magnetized, so you cannot pick up a screw with the bit. This high-quality professional-grade ratchet driver completed the fastening and unscrewing work instantly with less effort requirement. Sata ST09348 goes in handy and does not roll off from workplaces. It measures 3.5 inches in length, 1.5 x 1.5 inches in width and height, and weighs 8.8 ounces. Sata Stubby ratchet screwdriver has a limited 30 days warranty.


  • High-end stubby ratchet screw driver with 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm slotted and #1, #2, #3 Phillips bits
  • Handle made of oil and solvent resistant dual materials, and other parts are made of SCVM+ steel
  • Professional grade quality stubby screwdriver reduces fatigue and gets the job done quicker
  • Bits are held firmly by the magnetic shaft end and are stored inside the handle cap

13. Gearwrench 40-piece 8940 Ratcheting Screwdriver Set

GEARWRENCH 8940 40 Pc Ratcheting Screwdriver Set image

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Gearwrench Geardriver ratcheting screwdriver is a versatile driver set with different handles and bits. This set comes in a sturdy blow molded case that safely stocks and retains the tools from getting lost. The three distinct handles included in the kit are one Standard gear driver handle, stubby gear driver handle, and a Gear driver t-handle. The kit also includes two magnetic bit driver shafts of 3-1/2 and 6 inches, 2 socket driver shafts 3-1/2-Inch and 6-Inch, a 180 degrees 11-Inch cable drive flexible socket driver shaft 1/4-Inch drive, a 180 degrees 10-Inch flexible bit driver shaft, and a Shaft adapter for connecting two gear driver shafts.

Geardriver’s handle is made of dual materials and is ergonomically shaped with oil and solvent resistance. The handle reduced fatigue and provided a high torque in ratcheting, reverse ratcheting, and non-ratcheting positions. In addition, it has a 45 tooth ratcheting mechanism with 8 degrees swing arc, which provides extra strength for ratcheting. We stored 12 bits into the 6″ handle and other bits into the box provided separately in the case. The superior quality S2 alloy steel bits have the potential to last longer. We switched the ratcheting position by adjusting a red collar on this long handle, stubby and 2-position handle ratchet screwdriver. Geardriver interchangeable ratchet screwdriver with its various shafts and handle helps to reach screws inaccessible with a regular screwdriver.


  • Contains useful extra attachments like 180 degrees flexible and solid shaft socket and bit driver shafts
  • Finer 45 ratchet gear tooth technology is very efficient and helps in getting work done quicker
  • Standard long handle, T handle, and stubby handle for comfort and multipurpose applications
  • The bits are made of S2 alloy steel, and the longer handle can accommodate up to 12 bits

14. Klein Tools 32558 Ratcheting Screwdriver

Klein Tools Ratcheting 32558 Multi-Bit Cushion Grip Handle Screwdriver _ Nut Driver image

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Klein multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver kit includes a 3/16-Inch (5 mm) and 1/4-inch (6 mm) slotted, #1 and #2 Phillips, 1/4-Inch (6 mm), 5/16-Inch (8 mm), and 3/8-inch (10 mm) nut drivers, #1 and #2 square-recess, 3/8-Inch hex driver. The overall length of this driver is 8 inches. Cushion grip handle has a binding head style and is made of rubber for a comfortable grip and usage. The tempered bits and nut drivers have excellent strength. This model is best suited for applications requiring high torque and a torque-proof anchor in the handle.

Klein 6 in 1 ratcheting screwdriver has six universal tips. You can also convert into three nut drivers and one hex driver. Klein 32558 ratcheting screwdriver has ratcheting, non-ratcheting, and reverse ratcheting positions. We select it by twisting the collar on the handle. The drawback of the Klein ratcheting screwdriver is that the handle feels heavy, and the bits are stored inside the interchangeable shaft. As the bits are stored inside the shaft, we had to keep the bits in one place while using the Klein handle, so there is a risk of losing your bits. This heavy-duty ratcheting screwdriver is specially made for professionals.


  • Contains 5mm, 6 mm slotted, #1, #2 Philips, 6mm, 8mm, and 10 mm nut drivers, #1, #2 Square, and 3/8″ hex driver bits
  • Choice of selecting the rotational direction to be forward, backward, or locked with a collar twist
  • The rubber handle gives cushion grip, while the tempered bits and shaft offer great strength
  • It has a torque-proof anchor and works well in high-torque applications

Buying Guide

Starting from DIY projects to any other professional works, a ratchet screwdriver aids people to a great extent. Thus, one can term it as a vital tool. And that’s why many individuals take extra care in choosing this one. Above list consists of all the best ratcheting screwdrivers, which are highly efficient in delivering great outcomes. So choose one among those 14 top-rated screwdrivers. Yet, there are some things to know regarding this highly vital tool. That’s why here comes this buying guide. Dive in to increase your knowledge regarding a ratcheting screwdriver.

What is a Ratchet Screwdriver?

Ratchet screwdrivers have removable bits and a ratchet gear mechanism. This ratchet gear mechanism allows the tooltip to turn in one direction only. While you can move the handle in a forward or reverse direction. It helps to maintain constant contact between the tip and the screw without the need for engagement and disengagement.

What is the Difference Between a Ratchet Screwdriver and a Standard Screwdriver?

The main difference between a standard and ratcheting screwdriver is that the bits are already fixed in a standard screwdriver. Whereas bits are detachable in a ratcheting screwdriver. The ratchet gear mechanism allows you to rotate the handle forward and backward, with the tip moving in only one direction. But in a standard one, the tip turns along the handle turning direction. Thus, a ratcheting screwdriver lessens the effort and enhances convenience.

How Does a Ratcheting Screwdriver Work?

The ratcheting bit driver has a gear and pawl mechanism. When you set the driver to rotate in the forward direction, only the forward rotation transmitted from handle to tip as the pawl gears over the ratchet. And when you twist it in the reverse direction, the tip is held stationary as the pawl skips over the teeth. This mechanism works in reverse when you choose the driver to rotate in the reverse direction.

How to Use a Ratchet Screwdriver?

As most ratchet screwdrivers work similarly, here are the general steps for using a ratchet screwdriver. However, ratcheting screwdrivers have different functional ability and the steps for using all the features of your ratchet drivers can vary with the model.

  1. Choose the bit you need to work with from your ratcheting screwdriver set, or you can also buy other bits that your driver can support.
  2. After picking up the bit, insert the bit into the blade of the screwdriver shaft until you feel that the bit is held securely. Some screwdrivers have extension rods or magnetic tips for holding the bits. So after insertion, make sure that the bit is not falling out from the handle.
  3. Most of the ratchet drivers are 3-way ratchet screwdrivers with which you can choose the required working direction. Twist the collar on the handle to the left or right to determine the rotating direction. You can use the middle lock position if you want to use it as a regular screwdriver.
  4. Now, your multibit ratchet screwdriver is ready to use. Put the tip onto the screw head and drive it in the required direction.
  5. After completing your work, remove the bit from the blade. Insert the bit deeper and then pull it out of the blade, and in some models, a collar has to be pulled for bit removal.

Benefits of Ratcheting Screwdrivers

A ratcheting driver has a lot more benefits when compared to a standard screwdriver. They make our work simple and also have other useful features.

Continuous Contact

While fastening or removing a screw with a regular driver, you have to grip and regrip the handle. You also have to re-insert the screwdriver, but a ratcheting screwdriver gives constant contact between the screw and tip.


Ratcheting screwdrivers offer more control over your work as you don’t need to reposition the screwdriver each time.


The handle of ratchet screwdrivers designed for comfort and convenience.


The ratcheting mechanism multiplies the input power and torque given on the handle and helps rotate the tip faster.

Types of Ratcheting Screwdrivers

Before purchasing a ratchet driver set for your needs, it is better to know about its varieties. Ratcheting screwdrivers can be classified by their handle style, bit length, or length.

Offset Ratchet Screwdriver

This type of screwdriver has ends bent 90 degrees. A Ratchet offset screwdriver is primarily used for spots where a normal screwdriver can’t reach due to space constraints. In addition, it can fasten or unscrew a screw without breaking the contact between the blade and the screw.

Multibit Ratcheting Screwdriver

Generally, all ratcheting screwdrivers have multiple bits. These ratcheting screwdriver kits include interchangeable standard bits, Torx bits, Philips bits, and nut drivers in different shapes and sizes. A multibit screwdriver set like a 65 piece ratchet screwdriver set has all kinds of bits you need.

Who Makes the Best Ratcheting Screwdriver?

Many tools and manufacturing companies make and sell quality ratcheting screwdrivers. Out of them, we have listed down the most reputed ratcheting screwdriver manufacturers.

Craftsman Ratchet

Craftsman, a US-based company established by Sears in 1927 that offers a wide range of lawn makers and many other tools. In earlier times, Craftsman mainly manufactured farming tools, and later they extended their manufacturing towards tools. In 2017, Craftsman acquired by Stanley Black and Decker from Sear holdings.

Snap-On Ratchet

In 1920 Snap-On wrench company started in Milwaukee by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann. They specialized in manufacturing professional, automotive, and industrial tools and equipment. Snap-On sells a variety of high-end tools and equipment for various industries. In addition, under the blue-point brand, they also sell different kinds of low-end tools.

Stanley Ratchet

Since 1843, Stanley committed to serve its customer’s varying needs. Stanley started as a small workshop to manufacture bolts, hinges, and other hardware from wrought iron by Frederick Stanley in the USA. Over 170 years, Stanley has gained huge happy customers with its quality power tools, hand tools, and other related accessories.

Kobalt Ratchet

Kobalt manufactures hand tools, power tools, mechanical tools, and tool storage. This brand launched by Lowe’s manufacturing company with J.H. Williams in 1998. With a reputation of over 23 years, they manufacture and sell quality ratcheting screwdrivers with different features.

Black and Decker Ratchet

This American-based company started as a small machine shop in Baltimore in 1910. The Black and Decker manufacturing company founded by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker. At present, Black and Decker merged with Stanley, and they sell a wide range of power tools, hardware, fastening technology, and home improvement products.

How to Magnetize a Screwdriver?

You can magnetize a screwdriver in two ways, by using a magnet or by using a battery. Here are the steps for magnetizing a screwdriver using a magnet.

  • Choose a neodymium or rare-earth magnet with a minimum pull force of ¼ pounds.
  • Clean the screwdriver shaft, and if it is dirtier, use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt. After cleaning with a wet cloth, let it dry completely before magnetizing.
  • Hold the handle of the screwdriver in one hand, and take the magnet in the other hand. Then, slide the magnet from the handle to the tip to form magnetic regions on the screwdriver shaft.
  • Take out the magnet at the tip and repeat the motion several times. Do not reverse the direction of the magnet, as this will demagnetize your screwdriver shaft.
  • Rotate the screwdriver to a quarter turn and then repeat the process.
  • Test the strength of the magnetized screwdriver by trying to pick up a screw magnetically. If the force is not sufficient for your needs, repeat the process.
  • Dropping a magnetized screwdriver will weaken its magnetism, and also, the magnetic strength will reduce over time.

How Do You Remove a Bit from a Ratchet Screwdriver?

It is necessary to know how to insert and remove a bit from the screwdriver for using your interchangeable screwdriver. However, the procedure differs by the type and model of screwdriver you are using.

For Bits Attached By Screwing

You have to unscrew the bits from the blade by turning it in the clockwise direction until the bit is loose and comes out in your hand.

For Bits Attached To Magnetic Tips

Pull out the bit from the blade by applying little force, and the bit comes out.

For Bits Held By Locks

You have to pull a collar towards the handle head and take out the bit.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Ratcheting?

We have listed the points and features you must consider when purchasing a ratcheting screwdriver.

Ratcheting Mechanism

Every ratcheting screwdriver has a gear and pawl mechanism that engages and disengages to transfer the motion from handle to tip. Modern screwdrivers have a collar on their grip that, upon twisting, switches the shaft turning direction. All ratcheting screwdrivers have three positions of rotation, namely forward, backward, and locked. A durable gear and pawl which can run smoothly without slippage is the main requirement of a ratchet screwdriver. The finer the teeth the higher is its performance and the material quality determines the lifetime of the mechanism.

Kit Or Single Screwdriver

For purchasing your best multibit screwdriver, first, you may have to choose whether you need a kit or a single screwdriver. If you need a simple ratcheting driver with some standard bits, then a single screwdriver is the right one. This is because they store all the bits in their handle, which makes accessing your bits easier and quicker. But, also keep in mind that they are heavier and only have a few bits. On the other hand, a kit is suitable if you need various bits and socket attachments for your projects. But you may need to keep the case nearby while working if you need to change bits. So, choose the right one that fits your needs.


It is one more specification that you have to look for while purchasing your ratcheting screwdriver. You cannot use a low-torque screwdriver for high-torque applications. If you use them for high-torque applications, the ratchet teeth will wear or break the teeth. On the other hand, a robust screwdriver can have a higher torque of up to 50Nm or 432 inch-lbs. So, choose the right screwdriver with the appropriate torque required for your needs.


The handle is another principal part whose material, shape, and style determine the grip and torque applied to your ratchet screwdriver. Usually, handles are made out of different materials, and even some models have dual materials for a more comfortable grip. Like the handle material, its shape also has a vital role in providing you a more comfortable grip. For example, in a ball ratchet screwdriver, the handle is ball-shaped, and it fits inside your palms, helping you in higher-torque applications. An ergonomic handle gives you more comfort and supplies more power by reducing fatigue. However, choosing the right grip is based on your personal preference.

Other Considerations

The handle is another principal part whose material, shape, and style determine the grip and torque applied to your ratchet screwdriver. Usually, handles are made of different materials, and some models have dual materials for a more comfortable grip. Like the handle material, its shape also has a vital role in providing you a more comfortable grip. In a ball ratchet screw driver, the handle is ball-shaped, and it fits perfectly in your palms, helping you in higher-torque applications. An ergonomic handle gives you more comfort and supplies more power by reducing fatigue. However, choosing the right grip is based on your personal preference.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How much is a ratchet screwdriver?

Ratchet screwdrivers are available from $10 to $50, and the price varies based on the number of bits and features.

Q. What is the best screwdriver bit?

Dewalt screwdriver bits set and Black and Decker screwdriver bits are the best screwdriver bits sellers.

Q. How long will a screwdriver stay magnetized?

A hard steel screwdriver can stay magnetized for three months or more if a strong magnet is used for magnetizing.

Q. Are ratchet screwdrivers any good?

Ratcheting screwdrivers help to apply torque without losing grip and also have multibits with easy storage.


We hope our list helps narrow down your wishlist. Consider all the points in the buying guide to get the screwdriver appropriate for your needs. Almost everything we use in our day-to-day life, like coffee makers, cars, etc., has screws in them. Having a screwdriver in hand will always be helpful when you have to do some repairs or make improvements to your home. So, if it is not for commercial purposes, even every household needs a perfect screwdriver. Why waste your energy and time using a standard screwdriver? It’s time to buy and enjoy working with your new best multi screwdriver with a ratchet.

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