10 Powerful Radon Detectors of 2022 – Quick and Easy to Use Test Kits

Best Overall

First RD1 Alert Radon Gas Test Kit

FIRST ALERT RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit image
  • Gives the accurate and quick information of radon gas
  • You can get the results within 5 to 7 days without any lab fee
  • Ideal for disaster preparedness at home or work

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Best for Long-term

Corentium 223 Home Radon Detector

Airthing 223 Portable Lightweight Corentium Home Radon Detector image
  • Ensures long term monitoring of radon gas as it fluctuates daily
  • Display shows both short-term and long-term readings
  • You can find the radon levels whenever you need with no lab fees

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Value for Money

Airthings 2950 Wave Radon Detector

Airthings 2950 Wave (2nd Gen) Humidity _ Temperature Sensor Easy-to-Use Accurate Smart Radon Detector image
  • Get color-coded visual indication on monitor or detailed info on App
  • Great for any home to detect radon, humidity and temperature
  • Comes with Smartlink functionality which brings data online 24/7

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Radon is an odorless and colorless gas that is invisible to the eyes. This poisonous gas takes the lives of around 20,000 people each year across the USA. This dangerous gas causes serious lung-related health issues. It is a naturally occurring chemical released from the ground, and on inhalation, it destroys mankind. Since it is invisible, it is nearly impossible to detect the Radon level at your homes or offices. But with the Radon detection devices, safety is assured in terms of health.

To let you be updated more with these kits, we have made a list of the best Radon Test Kit. Our list contains the products that are analyzed honestly, and the best piece is placed at the top. With the help of these Continuous Radon monitor reviews, we are sure that you will receive the best product from so many already available in the market. Let our team analyze the details of the Radon gas detector from the record we have made up for you.

1. First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit

FIRST ALERT RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit image

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Based on our research, First Alert Radon Test Kit has topped the list of best Radon test kits. This brand owns a specialty in certification, which surely amazed us, and we cannot resist putting it at the top. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) have certified the First Alert brand, which also gives us assurance in its effectiveness. This Radon test meter makes sure to offer a simpler and safer method to detect the level of Radon at your homes and workplaces.

You will receive the benefit of two packs of the testing kit under this brand. The test kit is bound to give results for only the room which is closed. For detecting Radon on different floors, you will need a kit for each floor. It is recommended to use the kit on the lowest levels of the house, as it is seen that at the lowest floor, the presence of Radon is the highest. The package, along with the kits, also includes test materials and laboratory fees. The most astonishing part is obviously the duration needed for producing the result. We want to tell you that you can get the result of your e-mailed sample within 72 hours, which is quite a great factor that increases the demand for this First Alert Radon Test Kit.


  • The user can easily assess it without any issues in installing part and in collecting the result
  • Certified by NRPP and EPA, guaranteeing security and safe use of this Radon detection kit
  • Get benefits of a pack of two testing kits in one package. Cost of this Radon Test Kit is very less for what it offers.
  • Results are emailed within 72 hours of emailing the sample by the customer to the lab

2. Corentium Short Term / Long Term Radon Test Kit

Airthing 223 Portable Lightweight Corentium Home Radon Detector image

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Corentium Radon Test Kit is the first battery-operated digital Radon test kit. With continuous monitoring, this kit will warn whenever the level of Radon goes up. This best home or office Radon test kit monitors the quality of air around you which is yet another best thing we noticed. You will get a number of benefits from the Corentium Radon Test Kit. The prime thing is that you don’t have to send the sample to the lab.

The system uses three standard AAA batteries with LCD digital display to know daily, weekly, and long-term concentrations. Another satisfying feature obtained by the testing kits of this brand is the ability to adapt according to the environment quickly by preventing any amount of inaccuracies from offering the best result. Radon monitors will not disappoint you in reporting accurate results for short as well as long-term testing. You receive a warranty for one year while the annual calibrations are not at all required. With so many benefits installed in just one kit, we have to come up with this product on our list.


  • Provides benefits to customers in terms of offering a warranty period of one year with no annual calibrations required
  • The accurate result is displayed as the readings on the system within 24 hours of installing
  • Indication for Radon level is displayed on the screen, and thus no money is required at the lab
  • It is the first battery-operated Radon detector on the market

3. Airthings 2950 Wave Smart Home Radon Test Kit

Airthings 2950 Wave (2nd Gen) Humidity _ Temperature Sensor Easy-to-Use Accurate Smart Radon Detector image

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Because of being very convenient, Airthings Radon Test Kit has fixed its position in our ongoing list of Top Radon Test Meters. This system uses advanced and smart technology to detect the level of Radon at your workspaces and homes. Weighing around 7.36 ounces, this Radon meter has been proved very efficient in putting an end to the deaths caused by Radon in the US. The most eye-catchy part we analyzed using this kit is the colored visual display. This system gets even more interesting as the wave display indicates the quality of air. According to the result detected, the green wave will indicate the air being healthy. The yellow light may give you a warning sign, while the flashing of the red wave alerts you to give a dangerous sign.

Talking more about the convenience of this detector, it is beneficial in offering you quick and accurate results on your smartphones. The warning alerts are generated to your smartphone through bluetooth. The installed mobile application of Airthings keeps track of Radon levels at your places, giving you comfort during night sleep. Make sure that the levels remain low. In case of warnings, be an enthusiast to call for professional mitigation. Another quality is that you can place it anywhere in the area as no outlet is required for installation. This electronic Radon tester uses second-generation sensors while the monitor can work with Alexa and Google Assistant too.


  • 2 AA batteries, an instruction manual, a year warranty, and customer support through e-mail or direct chat is included
  • Very easy to understand the result; green for safe, yellow for warning, and red gives a dangerous sign in waveform
  • Uses smart technology and produces the result on the app by remaining connected with Airthings Hub 24/7
  • Makes sure to detect the levels of Radon continuously giving you short as well as long term testing results

4. Radon Eye RD200 Ecosense Radon Gas Detector

Radon Eye RD200 Ecosense Fastest _ Most Reliable Detector image

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The Radon Eye Radon Test Kit has leaved us impressed with its high advance technology. This has been the fastest home Radon detector in the world. It is efficient in coming up with the results in the shortest span of time. Unlike most of the other detectors of Radon, this home inspection Radon test is ten times more sensitive. Holding the ability to give the result quickly, it is very powerful, accurate and reliable. We got to know that this kit is the first Radon reading equipment which tests the gas level 30 times per hour with the highest accuracy. After installation, the first result has been made out in just an hour beating all the other Radon testing kits available in the market.

For easy use, this Radon Eye RD200 has been connected with a mobile application via Bluetooth. Next best thing we noticed is that the device keeps updating the result after every ten minutes which is again an interesting quality. For the best analysis, the Radon test device holds the data for one year. Long term Radon testing is essential as the level of Radon can fluctuate ten times more because of several weather and environmental conditions.


  • Just need to plug in the system and use it whenever and wherever needed; best to know if the level exceeds the limit
  • Applicable in storing data for one year for the best analysis and updating the levels after every ten minutes
  • World’s fastest Radon detector, which holds the quality to produce the result within 1 hour of installation
  • Makes use of smart technology by connecting itself to an application to give the continuous result

5. Safety Siren Pro Series3 Continuous Radon Monitor

Safety Siren HS71512 8910010 Pro Series3 Radon Gas Detector image

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Continuing with our Top Ranker Radon Test Kit list, Safety Siren Pro Series3 is included with exceptional performance. It is effective both for short-term and long-term testing results. By default, the device works for long-term reading. On pressing the button, the system is set for short-term testing. Meeting the criteria of EPA, it gives unbeatable performance by detecting the level of Radon at various places. It is a well-equipped system that gives continuous readings of the Radon level. Acquiring the capability to give results in a short time gives the reading after 48 hours.

This continuous tester is very efficient in areas where the Radon level can be high. Depending on the weather conditions, the result alters. So the level of Radon keeps changing according to the environment. The average result on short-term testing can be obtained in seven days, while the long-term reading is analyzed based on the last reset. If the level of Radon crosses the level of danger, an alarm rings to make you alert. There is also a button to mute or reactivate the alarm. In case of failure of the test, the display shows an error.


  • Usage of the LED display to show the Radon level, error on the failure of the test, and updated result after every hour
  • The button is available to mute or reactivate the sounding alarm and LED flashes beside short and long term display
  • Capable of conducting short term tests by taking an average of 7 days and long term testing too
  • Failsafe test to get back into the safe condition is performed once every 24 hours

6. SafetySiren Pro4 Series Digital Radon Detector

SafetySiren P4SU1 Pro4 Series (4th Gen) Leader in Home Radon Detector image

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SafetySiren Pro4 Series Radon Test Kit has been designed, manufactured, and produced in the USA and has proven itself the leader in home Radon testing since 1993. It is the fourth generation of electronic detectors. This machine is very efficient for the user to detect the accurate level of Radon. Being so convenient, it offers the benefit for long and short-term testing levels. With all these, we noticed that the LCD digital display used for showing the result and other instructions is very easy to read and understand. It uses options of the backlight, which displays the result on illuminating.

In case the level of Radon during the test has exceeded the limit, the display shows a warning. The alarm starts ringing, alerting from the dangerous situation. The next best feature you get out of this product is the options to choose from for the alarm modes. You can select the visual alarm mode in case of hearing impairment. The sound of the alarm can go up to 85 dB. The SafetySiren Pro4 uses an LED bulb and is only for indoor use. Talking about the weight, 0.634 ounces, and the device is available in cream color.


  • Fourth-generation system of electronic Radon monitors which is designed in the USA by SafetySiren manufacturers
  • Alarm rings whenever the Radon level gets high; visual display of the warning for the hearing impaired
  • The result is displayed in easy, digital, and human-readable form for both short and long term tests
  • Ensuring safety to the users by performing a failsafe self-testing once after every 24 hours

7. RADEX MR107+ Advanced Radon Testing Kit

RADEX MR107+ Advanced Radon Gas Detector image

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Radex MR107 Radon Test Kit has attracted our attention because of its convenience, and it has been designed to measure the activity of Radon. This Radon test device is highly reliable by providing an accurate display of results. If there is a huge change in the gas concentration, the system detects it and displays Radon levels accordingly. The radon monitors for home also accounts for the relative humidity and the air temperature of the atmosphere. It is capable of calculating the minimum, medium and maximum values of the Radon level.

We recommend you to do the long-term testing if the level is less than 4 pCi/L3 or equal to this level. If the level of the Radon is increased, the sounding alarm does the work. You can easily adjust the sound level of the alarm system. There is Windows software that can be downloaded. This software is needed for the settings and data analysis. Collected data of the result is stored in the internal memory of the software. If you wish to change the settings information and units of the system, you can do it while using the windows software. Lithium-ion battery cell type is required for using this Radon check kit, while the average life of a battery is around 140 hours.


  • Windows software is used to reset the settings, collect, store and transfer data from the internal memory of the software
  • Volume of the alarm sound can be adjusted easily; alarm produces sound indicating warning of high Radon level
  • Very effective kit to provide a valuable and accurate result within a short period
  • Usage of lithium-ion battery cell type with an average lifetime of 140 hours

8. Health Metric Quick Radon Test Kit

Health Metric 48-96h Short Term EPA Approved Radon Test Kit image

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On reviewing so many kits, we cannot ignore the Health Metric Radon Test Kit. This system is produced in the USA with so many benefits installed. NRPP has certified this testing kit as it has been so successful in its efficiency since 1983. Radon has caused so many problems which require the need for their detection. Health Metric Radon detection kits offer safety and security. With the given instruction manual, you can easily perform the test within 48 hours. It is very easy to install and set up the system.

The most interesting thing we recorded in this kit is that the company provides the laboratory testing free of cost with the shipping included. The customer doesn’t have to pay extra cash for the testing. After receiving the sample, the accurate result was sent back to the user within three to five working days. Talking about the very special feature, you are given customer support from the expert anytime. You can rely on the team to know any type of query related to the product. The expertise team with 30 years of quality experience makes sure to solve the query.


  • Provides the full advantage of complete safety and security by detecting the Radon so that your family can be safe
  • Offers highly experienced team members to resolve the customer’s queries and issues at any hour
  • Does not include any extra cost for testing the sample at the lab and during the shipping
  • After receiving the sample, technicians send back the result within 2 to 3 working days

9. ProLab Home Charcoal Radon Test Kit

ProLab RA100 48-96 hour Short Term Charcoal Radon Test Kit image

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ProLab Radon Test Kit indeed makes sure to detect the odorless, poisonous gas with so much ease. This Radon alarm kit includes two Radon gas detecting kits for short-term testing. ProLab has flourished in the market for around 20 years, which promises to provide the best testing kit for professional and consumer levels. They assure to analyze the sample and provide an accurate result with a detailed report.

Along with all these, the ProLab Test Kits app can be used to view and print the detailed result within 7 business days. On receiving the sample, you will get a notification indicating the message. Matching all the required qualities of EPA, the kit makes sure to deliver the accurate result of the Radon in your offices and homes. You will receive a two short-term Radon detectors kit, pre-paid return shipping envelope, and a complete guide manual for instructions in the package included. If we tell you about the weight of this Radon test device, it weighs around 3.2 ounces and acquires a length of 1 inch, a width of 5 inches, and 7 inches of height.


  • Effective in giving short term Radon testing and producing test results within five working days
  • Package contents include two Radon testing kits, a return shipping envelope, and a user guide
  • Very convenient to install the kit which the instruction manual guide provided in the package
  • Assures to test the level of the invisible and odorless gas, Radon, producing effective results

Buying Guide for Best Radon Detector

Buying a single product will cost so much of your time to research. We did all your part and mentioned the topmost brands and products of Radon detector. Before shortlisting one from our list, make sure to attain a minimum knowledge about the product. Here in our buying guide, we explain every detail and main feature to consider before buying a Radon gas testing kit.

What is a Radon Test Kit?

Radon is a radioactive gas of Group 1 that is very harmful to people. It usually formed from the decayed uranium, which can cause serious health conditions to humans on inhalation. Radon is a kit that detects a dangerous gas at homes, offices or any other places for Radon.

Why Do I Need a Radon Test Kit?

A Radon Test Kit is an important test required for testing the Radon at your buildings or offices. It is very much essential to test the presence of Radon as it is a very poisonous gas, and this gas is responsible for causing lung cancers and allows a way for leukemia and lymphoma. So it is recommended to make use of this kit to detect dangerous gas.

How Does a Radon Test Kit Work?

A Radon Test Kit is the best thing to test the radon gas. It is done either through the passive or active test. The passive test does not require electric power, while the active test done in the presence of electricity. The radon ion’s striking on the disc reduces the electrical charge. The sample checked in the lab during the passive test. In the case of an active test, there is a device that keeps monitoring the radon while testing.

How to Use Radon Test Kit?

  • Pick the room where you want to perform the test.
  • Open the test kit.
  • Select the date and the start time and fill in all the necessary options.
  • Fit the kit above two or six feet from the floor.
  • Keep the doors and windows closed.
  • Seal the kit after the test.
  • Record the date and stop time and send the mail for detection.

How to Install a Radon Detector Kit?

  • Select an area where you want to test the Radon.
  • Before installing, make sure that the testing room’s doors and windows closed for about 12 hours.
  • Choose a humid-free place where you want to install the kit.
  • Open the kit and fill in the required information.
  • Hung the kit from two to six feet above the ground.

What can Affect a Radon Test?

There are various factors that can affect the result of a Radon test. If there is a thunderstorm or rainfall, it can alter with the result of the test. The rooms and windows should be closed to eliminate any amount of wind or sunlight from the outside. A kit should be away from pets and children.

Radon Monitor Kit Types

Short Term

Short-term Radon test kits used to get the test results sooner. If you suspect the Radon gas at your home or workplace, you can get the result within a few days while using short-term Radon test kits. For at least two days, the kit should be hung at the place for the measurement. After recording the information, you can mail the test to the lab.

Long Term

This test takes a longer time to get the result than the short term. This is the main difference we find between the two. Moreover, long-term Radon test kits will provide a more accurate result. It allows you to know the condition of the air. These kits make use of alpha particles. When these hit on the plastic of the kit, pockmarks created. To determine the level of Radon, testers count these marks.

Digital Radon Monitor

Digital Radon tester is very convenient as they check the level of Radon at any time. They are efficient in giving you early warnings and creating awareness. Analyzing and preparing the report of Radon level by this digital monitor is very easy, and the values are easier to read and understand. Also, this digital kit can be reset again to detect the Radon level for different rooms.

Who Made the Best Radon Test Kits?

Rtca 4 Pass Charcoal Canister

This test kit is best for use, while short-term testing usually takes around two to seven days. When the sample mailed to the lab for testing, the technicians analyze and produce the result on the same day. The results are available by fax or mail. Radon gas is absorbed in the surface of the activated charcoal, and the measurement is done by counting with a detector of sodium iodide.

First Alert

The Radon test kits made of the brand, First Alert, suggested within the United States only. These kits offer an easy and convenient way to test the level of Radon in different buildings or offices. First Alert Radon test kits’ most amazing and important advantage is the result-producing time, usually within 72 hours.

Pro Lab

Pro Lab Radon test kit is another testing set which the company, Pro Lab, produces. The manufacturers have owned the quality of supplying the benefits of these kits to the public across 40,000 home centers, pharmacy chains, and supermarkets. This kit will make sure to produce accurate results in less time.


Accustar Radon test kits made in America and effectively produce short-term Radon tests and long-term Radon testing. The manufacturers of Accustar promise to offer the best service to its customers by producing user-friendly and convenient kits for testing. They are eligible to give accurate results at affordable prices after accepting the test reports.


Kidde’s produced the testing kit for detecting the level of Radon. This brand registered via the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As Radon has been responsible for causing lung cancer deaths across the US, this company’s Radon test kit will solve this issue. The kit is to be placed at the testing space for about three days, and the report is to be mailed to the laboratories, subsequently giving the result back to you.

Radon Test Levels

There are three levels that are produced in the resulting test. These are safe Radon levels, healthy Radon levels, and high Radon levels. Safe Radon levels will give the result as zero. However, it cannot be made. It will be a safe case if the Radon levels are low. If the Radon level is less than 2.7 pCi/L of 100 Bq/m3, the Radon level is safe, and no action is required. On the other hand, if the Radon level is between 2.7 to 4 pCi/L or 100 to 150 Bq/m3, it is recommended to measure the level for three months, and if the level is the same, a professional needs to be contacted. Talking about the highest level, which is above 4 pCi/L of 150 Bq/m3, it is suggested to measure it for one month and then contact the professional for Radon mitigation.

Where to Place your Radon Detector?

Place a Radon Detector at the locations where they are not in direct contact with the outside air. As the outside wind can alter the readings of the kit, it should be away from the doors and windows. Select a space where the kit cannot get affected by the humidity.

What to Look for in Radon Detectors while Buying?

Here are the main considerations of Radon monitors to look into before buying for home or work. It is important to maintain a radar detector in your house if you reside in areas like Alaska, Dakota, etc. Find a perfect Detector and maintain the safety of the family.

Know Radon

First of all, the most important thing to be looked at while buying a Radon test kit is to have all the information about the Radon. It is a naturally occurring gas and does not evolve because of the issue in the room. This gas is so poisonous that it is responsible for lung cancer deaths across the US by taking 20,000 lives every year. Because of being so dangerous, it is important to detect it within the home, and the kit serves this purpose.

Information about the test results

Another essential knowledge you need to have is about the test result. Outside wind and sunlight can alter with the result of the Radon test. You should also know about short-term and long-term Radon tests. While the short term gives you results in less time, the long-term test, usually about more than 90 days, will evaluate the accurate Radon level during the test. The next thing is that during winters, the resulting level can go up. Make sure to keep testing the result if it comes low to keep yourself aware that it remains low.


Maintenance is the most important factor that has to be maintained in almost every product you buy, and so does this Radon test kit. For some brands, the company provides this service, while the people themselves maintain it in some cases. Maintenance required in case of repainting and re-sealing of the system parts and the cracks, respectively.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. Where to buy a Radon test kit?

Several companies in the market produce an efficient kit for testing Radon. You can get either from the shops and also from various online portals.

Q. How much is a Radon test kit?

A Radon test kit can generally cost between $125 to $350. The installed monitor is about $200, while the professional Radon testing can go up to $400.

Q. How to test for Radon?

You can do Radon testing by installing a test kit at the testing area and then emailing the sample to the laboratory after recording the starting and ending date and time.

Q. What happens if you open a window during a Radon test?

If you open the windows and doors while Radon testing, it can alter the Radon test kit’s result and give you an inaccurate result.

Q. Are Radon test kits reliable?

With increased deaths caused by Radon, the testing kits can prove very efficient and reliable in detecting the presence of this dangerous gas, Radon.


We have tried to give all the valuable information about the Radon kits in this review. From our research of various brands, we have talked about top ranker Radon test kits. It indeed gives a useful operation by detecting the level of Radon at various places. We have also covered the details of the Radon by telling you about its types, various brands offering the safety kit and many more. We hope that you get the utmost benefit out of this Radon test kit review. The included buying guide and other information will give you an overview before choosing the best piece for you. Happy purchasing.

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