15 High-Quality Precision Screwdriver Sets for All Electronic Devices – Review 2022

Premium Pick

EFFICERE 9 Pc Precision Screwdriver Set

EFFICERE 13 Best Choice 9-Piece Precision Phillips, Flat and Torx Star Screwdriver Set image
  • Easy to hold as it comes with precisely magnetized tips
  • Comes with corrosion resistant chrome plating finish for durability
  • Set includes 9 pcs made of high strength chrome vanadium steel

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Runner Up

Kaema 6 PCS Mini Precision Screwdriver Kit

keama 6PCS Different Size Flathead and Phillips Screwdrivers Mini Precision Screwdriver Set with Case image
  • This mini screwdriver set has 6 different size pcs
  • It is made of premium quality and is easy to organize and carry
  • Uses rotary design which makes the rotation flexible and comfortable

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Value for Money

JAKEMY 99 in 1 with 50 Magnetic Precision Driver Bits

Jakemy JM-6111 Home Rotatable Ratchet 69 in 1 Household Repair Toolkit Screwdriver Set image
  • Multipurpose; it is applicable for variety of electronic products
  • Comes with two different roller openers and adjustable non-slip handle
  • Made of CR-V steel to ensure high-quality and durability

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Have you noticed that you require the use of screwdrivers daily to ease out your repair work? These are for both assembling and disassembling parts in a range of objects. A screwdriver is nothing but a simple tool used daily to help you perform your tasks with ease. These come in the form of a set that comes in handy at any point in time. It is considered that one essential home item that comes to your rescue during any situation you experience. People these days have become independent and like to finish work on their own without being dependent on anyone to repair basic faults at home or work. This takes place only when one willingly invests in machines and technology that support installation and maintenance works.

In case you are doubtful, we will tell you about some of our picks under the category of best rated precise screwdriver set to make your work easier. The product will help you perform your household chores with great ease and reduce your dependence on professional people. We have curated a list based on the best precision screwdriver set reviews from Amazon and other popular online shopping portals. These top 15 best rated screwdriver sets are for those who wish to invest in a durable item and can manage all the screw-related tasks with great comfort.

1. EFFICERE 9 Piece Precision Electronics Screwdriver Set

EFFICERE 13 Best Choice 9-Piece Precision Phillips, Flat and Torx Star Screwdriver Set image

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The precision screwdriver set from Efficere is our top pick under this category. Highly versatile set includes a total of 9 mini screwdrivers: 3 good quality Phillips of sizes # 0, # 00, # 000; 3 slots of size 0.059 ‘’, 0.079 ‘’, 0.098 ‘’; and 3 Torx Star T-5, T-6, T-7 . This screwdriver set is easy to hold and is considered to be an excellent investment. The product is composed of high-strength chrome vanadium steel shafts that reduce wear and tear, thereby ensuring a longer tool life. It is resistant to corrosion and rust with its chrome finish. The set has high durability and longevity compared to other micro precision screwdriver sets.

The set has good quality machined and magnetic tips for easy fastening to start the process of screwing and prevent fasteners from falling off after unscrewing removal. A swivel end cap allows constant finger pressure while riding, and the product has non-slip rubber grips for maximum turning power. This set is highly durable and sturdy. These screwdrivers are built to last due to their excellent quality. It is the perfect choice for daily electronic device repairs, including smartphones, laptops, thermostats, etc. The tool is great in terms of usability and performance, and we highly recommend this kit.


  • Non-slip rubber grips, which are beneficial in supporting the procedures of screwing and unscrewing
  • Set consists of 9 mini Screwdrivers in total to cater to the different needs of the user
  • Drips are magnetic, which helps in the easy placement of screws in the right place
  • Extremely easy to use and can be used by non-professionals as well
  • Superior chrome vanadium finish makes it more durable
  • Product is extremely sturdy and offers precise results

2. Kaema Set 6 PCS Mini Precision Screwdriver Set

keama 6PCS Different Size Flathead and Phillips Screwdrivers Mini Precision Screwdriver Set with Case image

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This precision tool kit from Kaema is an extremely great product that consists of 6 different sized mini screwdrivers that are as follows; 2 Phillips sizes (# 0, # 1) and 4 flat head sizes (0.055 inches, 0.079 inches, 0.094 inches, 0.118 inches). This mini set is an excellent choice for jewelry, watch, glasses, and other small screw repairs, and it is an ideal option for everyday use. It is shipped in a plastic storage box to help you keep your screwdrivers organized, making them easier to carry in your bag. The product has great ergonomic factors and is easy to hold due to its grip.

This best precision screwdriver set for electronics comprises high-quality chrome vanadium steel material with hardened carbon steel shafts and a black oxide finish for durability and corrosion resistance. The tools are slim and sleek and have a perfect design for small screws. The end cap of the tool has a swivel design, the rotation is highly flexible, and the gap is closely matched while using. It feels comfortable in hand. The swivel cap design makes it very easy to remove or fix the screws. We loved how well-structured and accurate this product is. The swivel design is great, and the rotating head eased out our work. It was an amazing experience while using the product. It is a great choice for people looking for something precise and easy to store.


  • Set has a chrome vanadium finish which makes it very durable and resistant to rust
  • Comes with a plastic storage box that lets you store all your bits together
  • Easy to use and can be used by non-professionals as well
  • There are 6 bits in total to suit you as per your needs
  • Item is very sturdy and offers superior results
  • Ergonomic and offers a good grip on handles

3. Jakemy 99 in 1 FBA_JM-P12 Magnetic Precision Screwdriver Set

Jakemy JM-6111 Home Rotatable Ratchet 69 in 1 Household Repair Toolkit Screwdriver Set image

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This versatile screwdriver set consists of 50 Chrome Vanadium Steel Magnetic Tips, one flexible handle, stainless steel opening Pliers, 6 Plastic Opening Tools, LCD Suction Cups, 3 Anti-static Tweezers for precision, 1 antistatic wrist strap, 1 utility knife, 5 pick openers, 1 roller screwdriver tool, 1 rubber dust blower, and many more. These make the tool diverse and multi-functional. The product is highly convenient and can be utilized to repair a range of materials like mobile phones, laptops, children’s toys, and home appliances. It is made up of reliable material which has high-quality CR-V steel. We appreciate the quality of the set and its multifunctional abilities. It helped us in numerous ways, and we loved its standard size, which could be used for different machines and objects.

These tools are standard-sized and are strong, durable with a guarantee for long-term use. All things can be stored in a small canvas bag which is extremely easy to carry and can be put on your waist, freeing your hands. The product is highly ergonomic and is easy to use as per convenience. It is sturdy and is very durable. It has a multifunctional roller opener tool. These two different roller openers can be changed. One roller is suitable for disassembling the laptop screen, while the other is suitable for repairing various electronic devices. We liked the dual roller function as well. It reduced our workload and made the product highly multifunctional.


  • 50 high-quality steel magnetic tips for easy completion of tasks as per the requirement
  • Product offers a canvas bag for easy storage of all your bits and pieces
  • Extremely convenient to use due to its quality and finishing
  • Highly ergonomic, which means it offers a good grip
  • Product is very durable due to its excellent quality

4. iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set for Electronics – Computer, Phone, Tablet, Watches

iFixit IF145-307-4 Pro Tech Toolkit with Electronics, Smartphone, Computer _ Tablet Repair Kit image

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The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is a highly versatile product considered the best screwdriver for PC building and mobile repairing. It is developed from thousands of repair manuals, and after careful consideration, all the right tools have been included in this set. The product is manufactured using the highest quality of materials and methods, and these confer its amazing strength and sturdiness. The product is a 64-bit screwdriver kit where each one of these has a great quality in terms of material and is overall a machined CNC set.

This computer screwdriver kit has been designed to offer all the tools you might require in the long run, thereby proving it the best computer screwdriver set in terms of investment. We loved the convenient design of the product and the range of features it offers. It was sturdy and easy to use, and the bits and sorting tray made our work easier. The set is extremely durable and offers a lifetime warranty to its users. All the parts of this set are quality tested and can be easily replaced. It comes inside a sturdy case that has been designed carefully, keeping in mind the easy accessibility. There is no presence of hinges or clasps to break and instead consists of a sorting tray inside the lid which is magnetically attached.


  • 64 bits included in this set, and these make it easy to work on any task as per the needs
  • Offered with a sturdy case which lets you store all your bits to prevent them from losing
  • Product has great quality and gets your work done in very little time
  • Good investment due to the amazing range of features it offers
  • Made up of materials that are durable and impact resistant
  • Absolutely convenient to use and can be used by anyone

5. Klein Tools 32581 4-in-1 Electronic Screwdriver Set

Klein Tools 32581 Precision 4-in-1 Electronics Screwdriver Set image

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The precision screwdriver set for watches and computers by Klein is simply the best in the lot. It is a convenient and versatile product with a great number of features. This electronic screwdriver set is great and consists of four different non-magnetic bits in just one tool. It includes #0 and #00 slotted bits, 1/8” (0.126”) and 3/32” (0.094”) bits in total. All of these add versatility to the item. It consists of a rotating cap that can be used to generate an optimal and precise control.

The product is made up of corrosion-resistant chrome-plated material at its barrel and includes two double-ended tips in total that exceed standards of ANSI. The handles of this precision screwdriver are padded to provide maximum comfort when working on small items. We loved the extraordinarily comfortable design of this item and liked how well its structure will meet the requirements of its users as per their preferences. The tip of this product has been treated with heat to add strength to the item. The structure of the tip is neat as well, and all these features made it a top pick.


  • It has a unique electronic application that helps in getting work completed at a faster pace
  • 4 in 1 bit, which are non-magnetic and can be used to generate superior results
  • Made up of durable materials, which make it a good quality product
  • Extremely convenient to use and can be utilized by anyone
  • Product has padded handles which provide excellent grip

6. Syntus 63 in 1 Precision Tool Kit with 57 Bits

Syntus TO063 Precision 63 in 1 with 57 Bits Screwdriver Set Magnetic Driver Electronics Repair Tool Kit image

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Syntus Precision Screwdriver Kit is a great product in terms of quality and versatility. It is very simple to use and is very ergonomic. This is extremely durable and has a great set of features. It consists of 57 different bits for electronics such as laptops, mobile phones, Xboxes, and tablets. The set consists of a flexible shaft which is perfect for the electronics where the shaft becomes hard to get.

It has the presence of a multi-magnetic driver, which makes it very convenient and easy to fix the bits, and with great ease, it pulls the screws out. The product has a great push and pull design which enables you to take out the bits without much need. It is a high-performance kit with built-in impact-resistant S2 steel that is much stronger than the standard chrome vanadium steel, CR-V, on the market. It is a good product, and its design is commendable too. Also, it was easy to use, and delivered great results too. It functions very well, and this makes it stand out from the rest of the kits.


  • 57 bits in total which can be used in various ways to generate desirable results
  • Product is very easy to use and doesn’t require additional efforts
  • Ergonomic product that ensures handles for a good grip
  • Multi magnetic design for easy placement of screws
  • Durable and is made up of good quality material
  • Very versatile and can be used as per the needs

7. Lifegoo 117 in 1 Professional Precision Screwdriver Set

Lifegoo Precision Screwdriver Set 117 in 1 Magnetic Repair Tool Kit image

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The magnetic tip precision screwdriver set by Lifegoo is a great choice for those looking for something amazing in less amount. You can use it to repair household electronics such as television, air conditioners, fans, and refrigerators. You can also use it to disassemble and maintain electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, digital cameras, watches, glasses, and laptops. It is a multi-magnetic kit with 117 bits all in one, and these are interchangeable and include a wide range of accessories to cater to all types of tasks.

It is a small screwdriver set available in both soft and hard extensions for extremely tight corners. This professional screwdriver set is also equipped with anti-static tweezers, and non-slip silicone handles for all occasions. The head of the screwdriver is magnetic and offers a good guarantee of both quality and operability. Repair kit comes inside a storage box made of polypropylene material, which is high impact resistant. The way this product functions is good too, and it’s an excellent deal for the worth it offers. It offered great storage space for all the bits that came with it, and we could easily use it due to its simple and unique magnetic properties. The space for storage has been reasonably designed. The position and size of the accessories are consistent, and don’t let the parts easily fall off.


  • A multi-magnetic operation that lets you use the product to place screws properly
  • Comes with a storage box that collects all the bits together and keeps them safe
  • Product is extremely easy to use and can be used to get good results
  • Ergonomic design with a non-slip handle for support
  • 117 bits in total which can be used in different ways
  • Durable and has a resistance to all types of impacts

8. Cremax 14 Piece Magnetic Screwdrivers

CREMAX CM-TH009 Professional Magnetic 14 PCS Include Screwdriver Set With Plastic Toolbox Storage Case image

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This brilliantly designed magnetic screwdriver set by cremax is a great and extremely versatile product available in the market. It is very durable and consists of 14 different screwdriver sizes such as 5 slots, 5 Phillips, and 4 Torx. This set is a good choice for both professionals and amateurs. The product is perfect for handling a variety of appliances like furniture, laptops, air conditioners, etc. It is made up of premium quality and has been designed in chrome vanadium steel for greater durability.

The product has ergonomic handles in non-slip quality, made of polypropylene and TPR for added comfort while holding them. It is a magnetic screwdriver set that works as a 2 in 1 magnetizer and demagnetizer. This can both magnetize and demagnetize the tool as you wish just by sliding on the top or center of the tool. It has a blackened magnetic tip for highly effective protection against rust. This toolkit provides increased durability and grip. The sets are extremely portable, and each of these screwdriver sets is equipped with a storage bag to prevent loss of any bit. We loved how well this product functions to give desired results. It was convenient to use, and it made us keep the product in our minds while making this list.


  • It can work as both a magnetizer and demagnetizer, which makes this item more preferable
  • Comes with a storage bag for easy storage of all the bits and pieces
  • 14 bits in total which let you make use of them as per the needs
  • Contains a blackened magnetic tip for easy placement of screws
  • Product was simple in application and can be used by anyone
  • Item is highly durable and is made up of good quality

9. Kaisi 70 in 1 High Quality Precision Screwdrivers

Kaisi 8541533184 KS-2070B 70 in 1 Precision Professional Electronics Repair Tool Kit Screwdriver Set image

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This toolkit by Kaisi is the best precision screwdriver set for computers, laptop, watches, refrigerators, and other electronic appliances. It consists of 57 bits in total, and all of these are made up of good quality material. These are designed in high-graded stainless steel, particularly S2, whose hardness is up to 62HRC. It is a durable set that is convenient to use. Each of these tools is designed in good quality steel and has great capabilities to repair the product. The quality and performance offered by Kaisi make the magnetic precision screwdriver set a highly recognized and well-appreciated product.

It comes inside an easy-to-open locking case. It is a great option for those looking for something convenient and simple with multiple features. The magnetic power of this set is palpable. The product is extremely convenient to use, and it generates excellent results when we use it on our watches. It worked on other objects as well, but it was extremely suitable for watches. We liked the different bit designs of the product as these worked well and were great for all types of applications. The item delivers highly powerful and expected results in no time and is a treat for all those in the professional repairing world.


  • Product has a magnetic application and is suitable for small pieces
  • It has 57 bits in total which can be used in different ways
  • It is multifunctional and generates good results
  • Product is easy to use and is very versatile
  • Durable and has a good quality

10. Apsung 137 in 1 Multi Bit Precision Screwdriver Kit

Apsung Upgrade 137 in 1 Precision Magnetic Electronics Screwdriver Set image

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This multi-magnetic screwdriver set by Apsung consists of 110 bits in total. These are multifunctional, precise, and are interchangeable. It consists of all the necessary tools that are required for professional repairing and fixing jobs. The high-quality precision screwdrivers are lightweight and have a compact design. These are made up of chrome vanadium, which is a mixture of alloys. It is known to improve the resistance from rust as well as endure heavier load. Thus, the product becomes more durable. The watchmaker screw driver set consists of various accessories that add to its features.

It contains a flexible shaft with an extension rod with an adjustable length of up to 60mm. The screwdriver has strong magnetic tips and anti-slip quality, and these allow you to achieve screws that are quite inaccessible. It is a highly ideal tool for stereo work. We loved the exceptional design and quality of the product, and it was extremely easy to use and used as per our needs to generate good results. The quality of the storage box was appreciable as well, and the set was very durable. It could be used over a variety of machines, and it worked well.


  • Contains 110 bits in total, which is a lot, and these can be used in different situations as per the needs
  • Head has a magnetic design which eases out all the work related to the accurate placement of screws
  • Product has an anti-slip quality at the handles, which makes the grip firmer and sturdier
  • Chrome and vanadium finish which confers stability and high performance
  • The item is highly durable and delivers powerful results

11. Wera Kraftform Micro Precision Screwdriver Set

Wera 106247 Kraftform Micro Screwdriver Set image

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This Micro Screwdrivers Sets from Wera is a highly ideal and versatile item in this range. It consists of 12 bits in total and is a great choice for all types of mechanical work. This precision set is sold with a sturdy case for easy storage and makes it more portable. It contains a rotating cap for stabilizing function and for a fast function. The product is extremely lightweight, with a weight of just 0.34 pounds. All these features confer its amazing functioning and make it one of the best products in this range. The blackened tip by Wera provides an exact fit and optimal protection from corrosion.

We loved the design of the product, and it offers great features at such an affordable range. It could be used as per our needs, and the bits were all suitable for use. These were used in a range of objects like air-conditioners and mobile phones that we repaired. It generated a satisfactory result, and we highly appreciate its rotating cap because it made our work easier. The product is great in terms of usage. It can be used to correct and repair various parts ranging from electronic devices to other household equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.


  • Items are extremely simple to use and can be used without any prior background knowledge
  • There is a rotating cap which ensures a fast function of the product
  • It has a blackened tip which protects it from rust and corrosion
  • It has 12 bits in total which can be used in various ways
  • Highly durable and made up of good quality material
  • Lightweight and can be lifted with ease

12. Nanch 22 in 1 Miniature Screwdriver Set

Nanch H8-S2 Small 22 in 1 Precision Professional Repair Toolkit Screwdriver Set image

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This professional screwdriver set by Nanch is a great pick under this category. It consists of extremely high-performance S2 HRC 58 62 alloy steel blades with a great hard treatment finish. There are 22 bits in total and include SP2, philips, security torx, slotted, pentagonal, torx, triangle, triangular, and Tri-Wing. It is a universal screwdriver tool kit for phones, appliances, toys, iPhones, computers, laptops, video game consoles, and most devices. Therefore, it can work on a range of objects with different modes of work and materials.

The tri wing precision screwdriver contains a long and slim metal handle for precision. Its handle is non-slip with a free twist design for precise turns and finger control. The product is convenient and contains a list of great attributes that make it better than other products in this range. It offers a lot of perks to its users in terms of its sleek design and great quality. It can be used to repair a range of items without any issues, and it offers great performance. We highly appreciate the grip of the screwdriver, which makes it convenient to use for a longer duration of time. It helped us to complete our work in exact time and was able to deliver superior results.


  • Offers high performance while working. It is a great machine for those looking for something convenient yet powerful
  • Product is convenient to use and can be used by anyone to get their work completed
  • It has 22 bits in total, and these can be used to generate superior results
  • It has non-slip handles, which ensure a good grip in total
  • High-tech steel finish making it more durable

13. Garoma 6 Pcs Eyeglass Repair Mini Screwdriver Set

Garoma 6Pcs Different Size Flathead and Philips Mini Eyeglass Repair Precision Repair Screwdriver Set image

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The hyper tough precision screwdriver set by Garoma is the best mini set. It offers a range of brilliant features to its users. It is a perfect choice for repairing appliances like watches, jewelry, repair glasses, and fixing anything with tiny screws. The product consists of 6 different bit styles, and it offers a decent grip for easy handling and functioning. It feels comfortable while working. The 6 bits can be used on different types of objects with different types of screw types. These help in a broader application and reduce the workload by finishing the task in less time.

There is the presence of swivel end caps which are known to increase speed and efficiency. The mini screwdriver set is packed into a plastic storage case that lets you place all the parts and bits properly. You can store all the pieces together without the thought of losing them. We liked the versatile range of features that this product offered, ranging from usability to its bits and storage case. It was tough, sturdy, and helped in a proper arrangement of tools, making it a suitable choice. They are a very practical item and offer great ease while working. These are thick and very ergonomic. The set is sturdy and is convenient to use.


  • It comes inside a plastic storage box which lets you store all the bits in a proper place
  • They contain 6-bit styles and offer high quality in terms of bits
  • The product has a decent grip for handling purposes
  • Product has swivel end caps and a sturdy design

14. Cremax Power Precision Screwdriver

CREMAX CM-TH010 Includes 57 PCS Non-Slip Repair Magnetic Screwdriver Set image

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This precision screwdriver kit by CREMAX is a great option under this category and is extremely versatile as a product. It consists of a cushioned grip in the handle, which is both comfortable and durable. The tips of the screwdrivers are blackened and oxidized, and they allow a precise fit and grip on the fasteners. It contains chrome-plated bars which resist corrosion and have a smooth end for fast spinning action. The product delivers an excellent amount of power which is needed while working on a range of objects. The handle of the set has an amazing feature of tip identification which ensures a simple selection.

The handles are made up of two different materials and aim to provide comfort to their users. We liked this feature the most about this product. It has great ergonomic factors and is highly recommended for those who suffer from frequent injuries in the arms or wrists. We appreciate the sturdy yet comfortable grip offered by the screwdriver. It could be easily used to obtain results as per our needs. It could be used on various materials like refrigerators to small objects like watches, and we were stunned by the fabulous results it delivered. The performance of the set is top-notch and is highly commendable.


  • Bi-material handle is present for comfort and control with a smooth-domed end for fast spinning action
  • Bars are chrome plated for corrosion resistance and ensure durability
  • Consists of a cushioned grip for comfort and makes it easy to use
  • Tips are blackened and oxidized for a precise fit into fasteners
  • There is tip identification on handles for an easy selection
  • Product has a precision-machined tip for exact fit

15. XOOL Precision 9 Pcs Screwdrivers

XOOL DE-X16XO-137 Precision Medium Pack of 9 Screwdriver Set image

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This precision star screwdriver set from Xool comprises high-strength S2 steel, which is way stronger than most carbon steel to reduce wear and peeling. This prevents damage and allows good contact with the screws for excellent durability. The set tips are coated with a special anodized coating that helps protect the screwdriver from issues like rust and corrosion, thereby ensuring a long service life. The ergonomic non-slip handle adopts dual material to provide a positive torque. It is comfortable to hold in hand and provides a smooth touch feeling. The 360° rotating cap effectively improves work efficiency, saves time and energy.

It works as both a magnetizer and demagnetizer. It offers a range of good features. The product comes in 9 different sizes of screwdrivers. The precision torque screwdriver by Xool is an excellent choice in terms of its features and adjustability. It is convenient to use and has a unique design. The product can be used by anyone, including the amateurs, and brings a sense of responsibility. We, as users, liked this product because of its affordable price and the range of features it offers at this price range. It is a versatile product with great multifunctional abilities.


  • These are extremely easy to use and can be used by people with no prior knowledge as well
  • Highly non-slip ergonomic handle that ensures that the grip is uniform throughout the task
  • The product has 9 good quality bits in total, which make your work easier
  • Designed in high-quality steels which helps in delivering superior results
  • Set has anodized coated tips which prevent it from rust and corrosion
  • Made up of durable materials, which make it impact resistant

Buying Guide

In the above review segment, we listed the top 15 best precision screwdriver sets. As of the latest reviews, the precision screwdriver set by Efficere regarded as the best screwdriver set. Still, you might find some features missing in it and might go for the next product. Hence, we will guide you through the specifications that require while making the right decision.

What is a Precision Screwdriver?

A precision screwdriver is a type of screwdriver machine designed so that the very top of the handle can rotate easily to support the palm. At the same time, the other two fingers directly control the rotation of the screw. These screwdrivers work best whenever a small amount of pressure is applied, which keeps the driver tips engaged with fastener heads.

Why Do I Need a Precision Screwdriver?

A precision screwdriver is needed to make a precise fit screw. These can be used manually or with the help of power and help in screwing, installing, unscrewing, or removing the screws. It is an extremely modern and versatile tool and works as a power drill, as they are quicker, easier, and can easily drill holes. Purchasing a precision screwdriver set can save you a lot of money and space and highly useful when met with an odd-sized nail or screw.

How to Use Precision Screwdriver?

Precision screwdrivers work similarly to regular screwdrivers. These are available in the market with a number of interchangeable heads that can be switched in and out depending on the type of project at hand. Follow these steps to ensure superior results :

  • Firstly determine what type of screwdriver head you exactly need for your project.
  • Test out various heads in the set by simply holding them by the top of the head and seeing if they fit into the project. This saves you a lot of time and trouble in selecting down the head options.
  • Replace the old screwdriver head from the precision screwdriver handle with the new one sized to fit your current project.
  • Use the precision screwdriver with the correct head to tighten or loosen the item you are working with.
  • If you start to work and realize that the head doesn’t fit right, go back to your set and see if you have anything more appropriate for the project. If not, you may have to improvise.

Who Makes a Decent Precision Screwdriver Set?


Wiha is a German manufacturing brand of hand tools that originated in 1939. The products they produce have a unique range from professional tools which have extensive use in the industry to consumer tools. These are designed in excellent quality steel and are highly precise. The products of this brand are quite popular in the market due to the maximum ease they provide while working.


It is a popular brand that has been involved in making the best quality tools in the country. Craftsman precision screwdrivers are built in a way that provides more comfort while working. They are a household brand that has made its mark by delivering high quality in their product design. They offer a wide range of items and excellently produce all the necessary tools.


Kobalt has been associated with building small appliances for a very long time. The brand actively produces well-designed tools holding numerous patents over the technologies that make their products popular among their loyal customers. It is a popular household or workplace name which never fails to deliver quality products at affordable prices.

Types of Screwdrivers


It is a type of screwdriver in which the blades are at right angles to the shaft for use, usually where a straight screwdriver cannot reach the screwhead. These are unique types of screwdrivers used for professional purposes only, and non-professionals might find it difficult to operate them.

Ratchet Screwdrivers

A ratchet screwdriver is a tool that uses a mechanism that permits this tool to apply to turn force only in one direction while moving freely in the opposite direction. This makes driving or removing screws and other threaded fasteners a quicker and more comfortable process.

Electric Screwdrivers

There are many sorts of electrical screwdrivers available within the market. Each of them has its own set of benefits, but the sole thing all of them have in common is that they create the use of torque without the necessity for any type of manual strength. The names also know these of screw guns, power screwdriver or automatic screwdriver in the market. They are highly useful in reducing workload and work quickly, thereby delivering satisfactory results.

Power Drill Screwdrivers

Power Drill Screwdrivers can be used to drill precise holes apart from screwing or unscrewing if bits. These are multifunctional and make the work an easier and comfortable process.

Precision Screwdriver

A precision Screwdriver is a type of screwdriver machine designed so that the very top of the handle can rotate easily to provide support to the palm. At the same time, the other two fingers directly control the rotation of the screw.

Features to Look for while Buying Precision Screwdriver Set

While looking for the best precision screwdriver set, there may exist various factors you will have to consider and think about. Some of which might be already on your list, and some might have been forgotten. But there’s nothing to worry about as we have researched and found out the key most important features that every person needs to have in their checklist while going out to shop for a screwdriver set.

Number of bits offered

Whenever purchasing a screwdriver set, try to consider the bits present inside that set. The more pieces included in the set, the better it is. It is important to invest your money in a product that offers a range of bits. The screwdriver with more bits is preferable and will prove to be an excellent full proof future investment. Make sure to check all the tools given in the set and choose from the set that suits your needs the fairest.

Material and durability

Try to buy a precision screwdriver set made up of good quality materials. It should be highly durable to withstand different types of stresses. Do check the material of blades and bits. Chrome, vanadium, steel are recommended durable metals in a screwdriver, and their coatings make them rustproof. The handles of the set must be given grave importance. They should be made up of rubberized material to allow a secure and sturdy grip for great comfort.


The product’s price is considered important; however, lower price tags usually mean lower quality, or in this case, the set might include fewer screwdrivers. So, it is crucial to find the right balance between cost, durability, and the number of screwdrivers included in the set. It will be a bad investment if the set is affordable but doesn’t include too many bits that you might require.

Storage Case

A storage case is sometimes offered with the product. These help in the proper organization of these precision screwdrivers by preventing them from mixing or losing. The screwdrivers have a small size and can be lost if not arranged properly. These storage cases are available in different types of materials and designs. Sometimes these are sturdy, and other times these are just in the form of a pouch.


An important factor to consider while purchasing a screwdriver is ergonomics. It means the principles that applied while designing a product. The screwdrivers designed with a comfortable handle help provide a sturdy grip and be used with maximum ease. The handles must be made up of rubber or other materials that have a soft nature to prevent injuries to arms or wrists.

Magnetic properties

Certain precision screwdrivers consist of magnetic properties in their heads. These prove to be incredibly useful in tightening to position the screws in the right place. These magnetic elements, however, may or may not be reliable. Some brands sell fantastic screwdriver sets with magnetic abilities, while others do not. In addition, these do not operate on electrical devices that work on magnetism.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. Where to buy precision screwdriver set?

You can buy the precision screwdriver set from e-commerce sites like Amazon or from any local stores.

Q. What size is the biggest screwdriver in a precision screwdriver set?

The biggest screwdriver in a precision screwdriver set is 4mm, with a working length of 150mm.

Q. What is the best precision screwdriver set?

The best precision screwdriver set is EFFICERE 9-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set.

Q. What to use instead of precision screwdriver?

If you do not have a precision screwdriver, you can take the help of a kitchen knife with a blunt and rounded tip, and it can provide satisfactory results.


In this review, we addressed the need to get oneself the best precision screwdriver set. You should always be particular about the tools you use, whether they’re made up of good quality or not. Screwdriver sets help in providing great comfort and ease while removing or installing bits. We hope that our list of products on precision screwdriver sets with the best features will help you choose the desired product. Make sure to choose the best one per your needs that will last you for a long time and make your life better and easier.

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