The 15 Best Dog Pooper Scooper to Clean Up After Your Peet

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Wouldn’t it be easy if something is there to clean up that mess that your dog creates every day? So, more of the fun part remains with fewer extra cleaning hours. Everything else is great, the fun and games part, but to clean their poops and residue always seems like a grimy task. You’re their guardians, and it’s totally on you how to take care of them. Wouldn’t it be better to lose a little weight of a wallet that eases the weight of your workload? To reduce that stress in your head and focus on other things, we believe the one thing that will make it all more accessible is a dog poop scooper. Thanks to technology and innovation, there is a solution to clean the poops of your pet and that too without getting your hands dirty,,

These are not some luxurious or fancy items; they are just a cleaning aid for you. So that the next time you are about to complain or scold your pet for the mess it created, you have the means just to clean it up and get on with your day. Say, when you come back home after hectic hours, and the smell and mess is tough to handle manually with your bare hands. Instead, we suggest that you get that scooper, clean the area and hug them close. Then, even you will forget about your worries when the task is easy. Using devices that help you, in the long run, is always the right decision, especially when it comes to keeping your home clean and healthy for both you and your pet.

Top Rated Dog Pooper Scooper Reviews by Experts

To make your work and daily routine life a little easier, we found the best pooper scooper for dogs and everyone in need of one. These are the best ones in the market. Every pet owner is in a frantic search for one such device as they know how important it is to balance your pooch’s happiness and the cleanliness of your home. Are you in the same category? We hope that this might help you in finding the right one for yourself.

Best Pooper Scooper for Dogs in Sale 2023


Petmate 70067 Arm _ Hammer Scented Bags included One Size Black and Penny Swivel Bin _ Rake Pooper Scooper image

Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake

  • Sturdy swivel design
  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic handle
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Pawler Bigger Dog Pooper Scooper Easy to Use Rake and Tray Set for Pets image

Pawler Rake & Tray Pooper Scooper Set

  • 50% Larger Tray
  • Mltipurpose use
  • Simple Storage
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Nature_s Miracle P-6007 Black _ Red Medium Non-Stick Advanced Jaw Scoop image

Nature’s Miracle Jumbo Scoop

  • Non-stick surface
  • 2 in 1 Control
  • Odor control formula
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Dogit D127 Jawz Grass and Gravel Dog Popper Scooper image

Dogit Jawz Dog Waste Scooper

  • Very convenient
  • Ergonomical handle
  • One-handed operation
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


ienjoyed 28-inches Non-Breakable Dog Poop Pick Up Tool Large Pooper Scooper image

ienjoyed Dog Pooper Scooper

  • Clean and Hygienic
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Premium & sturdy
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


PPOGOO Non-Breakable Long Handle High Strength Material and Durable Spring for Easy Grass and Gravel Pick Up Pet Pooper Scooper image

PPOGOO Pooper scooper

  • 2- stainless steel spring
  • Integral rotary connection
  • Cogging design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Balhvit Non-Breakable Long Handle _ High Strength Durable Spring Foldable Dog Pooper Scooper image

Balhvit Portable Dog Pooper Scooper

  • Foldable & portable design
  • Non-stick plastic
  • Double spring design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


MOICO 3 Pack Upgraded Adjustable Long Handle Metal Tray Rake and Spade Dog Pooper Scooper image

MOICO Pooper Scooper

  • Extra-long adjustable design
  • Rustproof
  • Non stick metal
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


DogBuddy s114 Portable Sanitary Heavy Duty Dog Waste Pick Up Pooper Scooper image

DogBuddy Pooper Scooper

  • Hands free pick up
  • Comes dog leash clip
  • Suitable for all breeds
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Living Express LE201605423 28-inches Long Handle Pet Waste Pick Up Jaw Durable Spring Easy to Use Large Pooper Scooper image

Living Express Large Pooper Scooper

  • Heavy duty ABS plastic
  • Comfortable handle
  • Eco Friendly
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


DEGBIT Non-Breakable Long Handle Portable High Strength Materials _ Durable Spring Pet Pooper Scooper image

DEGBIT Pooper Scooper for Pets

  • Comfortable to grab
  • Clean & Hygienic
  • Clogging design
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


BABYLTRL Stainless Metal Pet Poop Tray and Rake with Adjustable Long Handle Dog Pooper Scooper image

BABYLTRL Extra Large Tray& Rake

  • Clip-on interlocking
  • Larger size tray
  • Durable & Lightweight
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


YJLIDJY Pooper Scooper for Large Small Dogs image

YJLIDJY Pooper Scooper

  • Long handle design
  • High tech premium material
  • Foldable portable scoop
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


TNELTUEB 2 Pack 37Inch Metal Pet Poop Tray and Rake with Long Stainless Handle Best Bin with Rake for Large Dog Pooper Scooper image

TNELTUEB Dog Pooper Scooper

  • Unique material
  • Better quality
  • Mutil-surface use
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Pik-a-poo 7 Bending Free Touching Free by Klean One-Handed 15 Inch Pooper Scooper image

PIK-A-POO 7 Scoop

  • Single handed
  • Weather proof
  • Easy to adjust
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Arm & Hammer Swivel Bin & Rake Pooper Scooper

What We Like?

  • Sturdy and compact design
  • 32 inches extended handle
  • Odor control bag included
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Large capacity bin

Without fudging, we will list the very features that make this Petmate Arm & Hammer scooper the very popular Amazon pooper scooper. It has a lightweight handle that extends to 32 inches adjustable length and simplifies the act of picking up all waste. Hence, it reduces odor, maximizes comfort, and eliminates mess at the same time. This will even aid you in cleaning up your yard. Be it grass, concrete, or any other surface, it can clean up those fallen flower waste or pet’s waste very easily. The large-capacity swivel bin with the soft plastic rake is the main feature of this product. And the cherry on the top is the two bin waste bags that are very strong and durable. These bags will provide natural odor control with the help of activated baking soda.

The after scent will make sure that you will not notice any sign of the mess created before. Now supposedly, you are cleaning the yard. It makes sure that the grass and the flower beds are not disturbed, and the waste is removed just the same. The product weighs 1.7 pounds and has a 9 x 7 x 32 inches dimension. We loved the part that helps maintain complete hygiene and the easy tie handle in the waste bags ensures that the bin is clean. The most convenient thing is that the poles snap together and help you to hang them for compact storage. So, it doesn’t take up space, cleans efficiently, comes at a very reasonable price, and is very easy to use. And all we will suggest is buy it right here, right now.

2. Pawler Bigger Dog Pooper Scooper for Large and Small Dogs

What We Like?

  • Durable and long-lasting product
  • The larger capacity of the bin
  • Easy to clean and rust-proof
  • Easy to store and assemble
  • Long, comfortable handles
  • Multipurpose product

Every time you see poop and litter of your pet, don’t get tense and get this Pawler Bigger Dog Pooper Scooper and make your life easy. The long, comfortable handles make for comfortable use; you don’t have to stretch, kneel or bend down to clean. The 36 inches length of the sturdy handle makes it very easy to scoop the waste. And another reason that makes this the best pooper scooper for large dogs is the large capacity of the aluminum bin. So, you don’t have to travel back and forth to get the waste collected. Be it garden debris, leaves, or pet waste. It can collect all of these on any surface.

This large dog pooper scooper is worth your time and money, all because of the durability of the product. It is lightweight and has coated stainless steel, and the bin is non-stick and manufactured as a rust-proof material. The push-pin installed adds another sturdy feature as it is any day better than twist installation that unravels after use. Also, we can say that cleaning this cleaning agent itself is very easy as you can wash without any trouble. A full-package product as storing this item won’t take much of your space, just push and click and then store. You will appreciate how easy it makes your cleaning job as the less time you spend on cleaning, the more time you get to play and have fun with your little ones.

3. Nature’s Miracle Jaw Pick Up Scoop

What We Like?

  • Non-stick surface and easy to clean
  • Antimicrobial product protection
  • Works on any kind of surface
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Cool and simple design
  • Very pocket-friendly

Out of all the waste clean-up products, this metal pooper scooper is the best doggie pooper scooper that you can have at your place. It contains that antimicrobial protection which removes odors caused by bacteria. This odor-blocking technology makes sure that all the waste that you have collected doesn’t leave out any bad smell. And, we are sure that you can pick up waste from any kind of surface without much of a hassle. So, let your pet roam free and let them enjoy it to the fullest. The product’s dimensions are 5.5in L x 5.8in W x 27.5in H.

The most important thing in this pet pooper scooper is the spring-action rubber grip handles. Those are very easy to use and, at the same time, are very durable and strong. And look how innovative the design is. The use of bins in a jaw-like structure reduces your work by three-fold. All you have to do is pick up the trash, and the non-stick bin makes it easier. The whole thing is very lightweight and convenient to store and use when required. All the practical innovation that they used in manufacturing this Nature’s Miracle long handled pooper scooper for dogs makes your job of cleaning the mess less burdensome. In the end, you get more time to enjoy and less time for this dirt clearing work. This is just the best dog pooper scooper, we know you will love it.

4. Dogit Clean Jawz Waste Scooper for Grass & Gravel

What We Like?

  • Smart and creative jaw-shaped bin
  • Practical and easy to use design
  • Eliminates waste effectively
  • Easy to wash and store
  • Very pocket-friendly
  • Ergonomic handle

The responsibility of cleaning up your dog’s extra dirty mess reduces if you get yourself a Dogit Jaw Dog Waste Scooper. This yard pooper scooper works for everything and is specially designed to pick up waste from grass and gravel. It is stamped out as the perfect unit manufactured that picks up the waste of any size and variation of the pet. So be it small, large, or medium, this puppy pooper scoopers can scoop up their waste in no time. Like us, you will find this design to be very user-friendly. We liked how the bin’s designed in the jaw style, and it makes picking up litter an easy task.

And you won’t have to bend down or use much manual effort to clean the mess, which provides excellent reach. This one handed pooper scooper has that ergonomic handle, which makes it a durable and easy product. This has been innovatively designed with those two calibrated springs for safe and reliable operation. Using it the whole thing is just a simple motion. The unit has a length of 25.5 inches and is as per the standard size for scoopers. The overall product dimension is 5.3 in L x 6in W x 25in H. There have hardly been any complaints regarding this model in the reviews. Everyone seems to enjoy the use of this product and the fact that it comes within the budget of the general public. Very easy to store and use. Try it yourself and know the benefits.

5. Ienjoyed Pooper Scooper for Large dogs & Small dogs

What We Like?

  • High-tech, eco-friendly materials used
  • 28-inches long handle for easy reach
  • Large waste holding capacity
  • Works on all kinds of surface
  • Durable and strong design
  • Easy to use and clean

Lenjoyed the 28″ long handle scooper, “which is a great heavy duty pooper scooper because of the sturdy design. The materials used while manufacturing are very environment friendly and consist of high-technology ABS material. With easy one-handed operation, this makes the cleaning of your dog’s mess a very simple and comfortable task. In addition, it makes cleaning poops a very non-tiresome task. Every time there is a mess in the garden area, or there is litter all over the gravel path, take this out and get your job done.

There are no heavy instructed rules to follow to use this lightweight and plastic unit. Just a simple motion, and the waste is collected in the jaw-shaped non-stick bin. The 28-inches long handle is for such types of pet owners, as they don’t have to get their hands dirty or bend down to clean the poop. The overall dimensions of this product are 28in L x 6.1in W x 5.5in H, which has a longer handle than other average-sized scoopers. The handle makes for an easy reach and meets a hygienic standard. The manufacturer claims that the serrated edges on the bin snap tightly and leave very little space for the waste to fall out. And the added point is grass remains unharmed. So, you get a cleaner home and without disturbing the existing items in the garden.

6. PPOGOO Non-Breakable Pet Pooper Scooper

What We Like?

  • Ergonomic and easy to pull handle
  • A very compact and portable unit
  • Foldable design, easy storage
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Attractive looking device
  • Multipurpose usage

Among all the other pooper scoopers, PPOGOO is a foldable and non-breakable scooper. It is more demanded in the current market than all the other models within the same price range. Why wouldn’t it be with all the beneficial features. Scooper is foldable, has a sturdy ergonomic handle that slides down for quick lock and then unlocks. After unlocking it, you can easily grab and fold it and store in any small spaced area. So, we can easily pull the two stainless steel durable stringed handles and do the job. All it takes is a one-handed operated smooth action of scooping the waste. Very effortless and easy!

Do you know that the small pooper scooper helps you pick up the waste and all the things you don’t want to touch with your bare hands? Be it waste collected in the grass, gravel, water, or the dirty fruits and other objects, it can pick up anything. The 24.3 inches long handle helps you to reach long distances and pick up litter without bending down. This helps you avoid going close to the bad-smelling pet’s waste and cleaning the mess without excess effort. This is a very good quality product in your possession. Everything is made of such durable and sturdy material. Even the anti-fall plus the non-sticky bin makes it a worthwhile purchase.

7. Balhvit Non-Breakable Pet Pooper Scooper for Dogs

What We Like?

  • 24 inches long ergonomic handles
  • High strength durable strings
  • Foldable and portable design
  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Jaw claw large spaced bin
  • Easy to clean and store

You will love this pooper scooper, for sure. It has everything we and more. This portable product is the best pooper scooper for grass, concrete, gravel, or any kind of dirty water. So you have a mess to clean, just use this unit and get your work done in no time at all. We call it a claw pooper scooper because of its jaw-claw-shaped bin that can pick up a large quantity of waste and other objects very easily. The additional features are Large capacity, long handle, sturdily built, durable design. The dimensions are 24in L x 6.1in W x 5.1in H. What more do you need in a scooper then?

It’s made of heavy-duty ABS material, a long-lasting, sturdy material yet so lightweight. The springs below the handle make for easy pull and grab action. With smooth, effortless movements, you can clean up all kinds of mess. And the non-stick bin with the clawed edges makes sure that there are no loosening displacements and other issues while picking up litter. It helps for multi-tasking for busy or working-class people, as you just need a single hand to operate it. You will also enjoy how simple and amazing the foldable structure is, with just one click and push. The scooper gets locked and unlocked. One can then easily store it after folding and place in any small cabinet space. And don’t worry about the handle either. It is ergonomically designed and is around 24 inches long. Its perfect for reaching long-distance things without bending or kneeling.

8. MOICO Upgraded Dog Pooper Scooper

What We Like?

  • Three pack tubes with different sizes
  • Long adjustable ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Rake length is 42 inches
  • Easy to clean and store

You will enjoy MOICO Dog Pooper Scooper because it provides so much in such a tiny amount. You should know why the public appreciates this rake pooper scooper. It is just a great cleaning device, with three different items, 42 inches adjustable handle rake, rust-proof dustbin, and flat floor cleaning spade. And it comes along with a spare glove as an accessory too. Each unit has its length tubes adjustable into three different sizes, all suiting to the user’s needs. And they are so sure of their quality and service that you get a full money-back guarantee. You can pick up all kinds of litter with the help of the nine-teeth rake.

From gravels, grass, dirt pavement to stinking poops on the floor, it can pick up anything, anywhere. Just don’t judge by the long thin tubes. They are made of thicker stainless steel and are very durable. Even the clip-on structure makes for reliable locking that makes sure that it never spins or falls apart. All three units of the set are made of sturdy aluminum that is resistant to rust and non-sticky. This helps you clean not only the interiors of your home but also your backyard. You don’t need a constant supply of waste bags to throw the residue. The slick metal surface ensures an easy-to-collect job. And we believe the rake has the longest size of 42 inches, which doesn’t come in any other such models. Storing this unit is another easy task, just get those handles apart and place them in any small storage area.

9. DogBuddy Portable Dog Poop Scooper

What We Like?

  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Small and compact design
  • Convenient to use design
  • Very effective in cleaning
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Extendable unit

DogBuddy portable pooper scooper is brilliantly manufactured in such a way that you get your job done and, at the same time, is very convenient to carry and use. It is so easy to use with a leash clip. You don’t even have to carry if you don’t want to. So, if you are out for a walk, it will work the same, just like any other scooper, when it comes to cleaning your dog’s mess. The next time you see poop lying in your grass, take the scooper out and clean it all. Then, you won’t feel any disgust from cleaning up their litter anymore.

We loved this because this pooper scooper comes with bag attachment compartment, or you can say that it is a self bagging pooper scooper. Keeping bags and using them is so comfortable now. And the backside of the scooper is extendable, so don’t be fooled by its compact size. It can handle more litter than an average dog’s poop. The dimensions of the product are 5.3in L x 3.6in W x 4.1in H. Hence, and it is small and very user-friendly. From now on, your sidewalks and grasses will tend to be clean, and you won’t have to get your hands dirty for the same. Even though we might find this job tiresome, when you have a perfect small solution for it, why not try and enjoy the benefits.

10. Living Express 28″ Long Handle Dog Poop Scooper

What We Like?

  • Comfortable arched hand grip
  • New durable built design
  • Jaw-shaped pickup bin
  • Easy to install and use
  • 28 inches long handle
  • Multipurpose usage

This model may appear just like all the other pooper scoopers for dogs, but it’s more convenient and easier to handle. We think that the one thing that makes it a comfortable use unit is the jaw-shaped design of the non-sticky bin. Scooper grabs the poop just as quickly, and the waste doesn’t get stuck to it either. So just pick up the litter and get the job done. It works in both ways. That is, you can use it directly and wash off after use, or you can put a waste bag around and collect the poop in the bag. A very easy and uncomplicated method, one that makes it a frequently bought dog poop picker upper.

The heavy-duty ABS plastic keeps the device sturdy, long-lasting, and at the same time very lightweight. Now, we won’t have to fear for it to break down after constant use. The arched hand grip helps for a better grip while picking up the litter with this 28 inches long extended handle. This whole thing of long handles prevents you from handling the stinking smell of the litter. The product dimensions are 28in L x 6.1in W x 5.1in H, making for an ideal size in pooper scoopers. Picking up litter is also not bothersome. Rather the smell of it makes the work ten times more difficult. And can pick up from any kind of surface like grass, concrete, dirt, and stuff like pine coves and leaves get easily cleaned up by this. It is well within your budget, honestly.

11. DEGBIT Non-Breakable Pooper Scooper for Large and Small Dogs

What We Like?

  • Premium and sturdy built structure
  • Foldable and portable design
  • Ergonomic 24-inch handle
  • Multipurpose product
  • Easy to use and store
  • Attractive color

The intelligently built design of the DEGBIT professional pooper scooper has caught the eyes of many people. Apart from the fact that this unit is very attractive and eye-catchy, what we found best is that the jaw-shaped bin makes cleaning up the waste very easy. These teeth-like bins can pick up waste from any kind of surface. If you’re cleaning the grass, or concrete, gravel, and even dirt water, it will clean them all up and pick up any kind of litter too. It is made from heavy-duty ABS non-stick plastic; hence, it is sturdy and has a long-lasting feature. You won’t have to replace it anytime soon; it is a well-invested item. This heavy duty metal pooper scooper will make your nasty jobs easy and simple.

You will also find the 24-inch handle for easy reach, and the durable two strings at the bottom make for easy push and click and reduce extra hard work. Even the sliding down, locking, and unlocking with a simple click, make this foldable unit very impressive. And after the fold-up, it is easier to carry and store anywhere. And don’t worry about the shovel being dirty. It is made of non-stick material, so just rinse and use it again. Therefore, we would like to suggest that you be carefree before buying this unit. This way adopting more pets won’t feel like a burden now.

12. BABYLTRL Dog Pooper Scooper

What We Like?

  • 37.4-inches extended rake length tube
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • 3 different size conversion
  • Upgraded extra-large tray
  • Adjustable clip-on handle
  • Easy to install and use

Among all other models, this pooper scooper robot has the highest number of rake teeth. The 11 teeth large rake makes collecting waste an easy task. As you cover a larger area while cleaning, the picking up of waste takes less time. It is large in all over sense; it takes 37.4 inches to handle both the rake and the large dustbin tray. You get a full extended reach, don’t even think about bending. Just walk and collect. If you’re an owner of various or large dogs, this is the best thing that will happen to you. This upgraded large tray picks everything from waste to other litters in one go.

Now, the structural design of the scooper is durable, sturdy, and very lightweight too. The installation part of the whole tool is very easy to understand. We really admired that you can break the whole thing into three different sizes and use it according to your convenience. The whole unique clip-on structure makes for a reliable locking system. The tubes won’t fall or spin in any case. You will also appreciate the strong aluminum and stainless parts. They are super sturdy and have a rust-proof material for long-lasting use. So, it is not concentrated on home use only, be kennels or garden areas. It can clean up everything. Of course, your pet will love how the kennels are clean and hygienic. But honestly, you will really find worth the money you paid for it.

13. YJLIDJY Metal Pet Poop Tray and Rake for Large Small Dogs

What We Like?

  • 23.7 inches long adjustable handle
  • Premium quality materials used
  • Recyclable waste bags included
  • Foldable and compact design
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Very easy to use and store

SCPET has built a very good-looking and practical design for scoopers with strong, lightweight, and high-tech eco-friendly material. We know that you will also love how it folds in half and can be stored easily anywhere after use. Very compact and easy to carry and store unit. In all honesty, we appreciate how convenient it is to use this model. As it works on a one-handed operation, you can do multiple tasks, kind of like a hands free pooper scooper. What we found different about this is the one recyclable waste bag that comes with it. So re-use, re-clean, and make picking poops an easy task. The size of this pooper scooper with bag attachment is perfectly average, not excessively large, nor small.

The adjustable and ergonomic handle is approximately 24-inches long. It helps you pick up the waste and litter without bending, and springs at the end make for a quick swift movement. All we do is swiftly get a hold of the waste and lock it in the non-stick bin to throw. This is a pooper scooper for rocks, grass, gravels, and places where your dog might like to poop. It cleans up the mess from everywhere and can take hold of all kinds of litter too. After all, the bin is large enough to handle big waste, and the serrated edges lock nicely and help you carry them with ease. From the backyard to your garden and home, you can clean everything with just a single swift moment. Let your pet poop anywhere now (preferably outside, though!).

14. TNELTUEB Pet Poop Tray and Rake with Long Stainless Handle

What We Like?

  • Adjustable rake up to 37.4-inches
  • A donation contribution product
  • Sturdy and stainless-steel parts
  • Easy disassembling for storage
  • Rust-proof and durable parts
  • Easy to use and clean

This metal tray scooper is one of those devices that will reduce your workload with easy-to-clean usage. Since TNELTUEB has manufactured this 37.4-inches long rake. It results in an easy collection of waste without requiring you to bend or kneel and clean poop with your bare hands. A more comfortable design is how parts are easily detachable that makes way for easy installation. Hence, sizes can be of three different types and used as per your length requirements. A hanging design helps you to store units easily. The rotating connection is tight and, when in use, leads to no accidents.

This unit can work on many surfaces, like grass, gravel, home floors, without any trouble, and pick all kinds of litter, from leaves to pet’s stool, everything. And don’t worry about design; it is very sturdy and durable. Being made from stainless steel, they are rust-proof without any flimsy plastic handle or claw. It ensures effective cleaning, keeping you away from the smell and touch of all dirty mess. We found a retractable button to secure the rake and rod to be very interesting. And the lightweight tray is non-sticky. Hence, a very smooth rinse with water gets your job done. You will enjoy having it around as it aids and promotes an efficient cleaning process

15. Pik-a-poo 7 One-Handed Pooper Scooper

What We Like?

  • Less maintenance and easy to use
  • A single-handed, bend free design
  • Extremely light-weighted unit
  • Works on all kind of surfaces
  • 15 free waste bags included
  • Weatherproof

We found this unit to be a very practically designed unit, and this upgraded version is amazing. It is just a single-handed operation and bend-free, and the best thing is you don’t have to clean the unit after using it. However dirty and messy litter may be, you don’t have to put in any other effort other than just collecting waste and throwing them away. This pooper scooper with grocery bag doesn’t require any specific waste bag for disposing of waste, and a grocery bag works just fine. And You can use a simple grocery bag at your place for multiple pick-ups. This very lightweight unit brings you all kinds of comfort while cleaning. Because before and after use tasks are zero, so very little maintenance and only cleaning job is yours.

The whole design is of fiber-reinforced nylon and aluminum alloy. As such, it is a very strong, lightweight, and weatherproof unit. You won’t need to replace it for a long while, that’s for sure. grip is strong enough to handle large waste too, and they give you 15 free waste bags included in purchase. What more does one need? Another thing is how easily one can adjust it. The scoop head, in particular, can rotate in any direction. This is ideal for both right and left-handed people. We are in awe as this is a very thoughtful design. And large scoop size, reinforced cable, and durable joint structures just work as cherry on top. It is worth every penny you spend on it.

Buying Guide for Best Pooper Scooper

These are the most likely pooper scoopers available in the current market, and we have listed all the top-rated products to you. You won’t have to look elsewhere to find the right model for your home. Your dog’s litter is a headache, and these will solve that pain. But before making the final decision, get an idea of what exactly you are getting yourself into.

What is a pooper scooper?

Invented by Brooke Miller with just a metal bin and a rake-like edge attached to a long wooden stick, a pooper scooper is an instrument to clean up pet excrements. It is a device used to pick up animal feces from public places or gardens, or even personal homes. And usually, it is for cleaning a dog’s poop. A pooper scooper may or may not come with a waste bag and is meant to ease the task of cleaning a pet’s waste.

Why Should You Buy A Pooper Scooper?

Leaving the dog waste out in the open and letting them get washed in drains may harm the environment around it. So, to keep your living space healthy for you and your family and your neighbors, buy a pooper scooper. It will help you to clean up your pet’s waste without much contact and hard work. It is a very safe and convenient way to get your place cleaned up and also the bad-smelling odor that comes along with it. If you have a pet, you should buy one scooper for sure.

How Do Dog Pooper Scoopers Work?

It takes a single swift moment with help of a pooper scooper to pick up poop of pets. Some scoopers have that one-handed operation handle, where two sides of the bin work together and glide over grass or gravel to pick up waste. You just have to pull the inside liver up, gather waste, and dispose of it in a waste bag. You can put a waste bag around the scooper before picking up litter and make your job easier. One can also use a rake and tray to gather litter in a tray and then dispose of trash. It’s all on you.

Pooper Scooper Law

The first city to enact the “Pooper Scooper Law” was New York City in 1978. According to this law, all pet owners must collect their pet’s waste and dispose of it in the trash so that it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Whosoever fails to do so is charged with a very hefty price. This came as a major step to enhance public health and environmental conditions. Hence, all the owners must follow the same.

Best Rated Poop Scooper Brands

Petsmart Pooper Scooper

PetSmart operates over 1650 pet stores in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. They are among the largest retailers in pet products and cover dog products and other pets. The Canada branch works with several animal welfare organizations to help adoptable pets to achieve a good home. Their products are highly appreciated by the general public and are known for their long-lasting products. One can be assured of the quality and customer services offered by them.

Doody Digger Pooper Scooper

Doody Digger is based out of Brookfield, Wisconsin. It developed around 2004 when Keith Borngesser introduced a highly efficient pooper scooper according to the various online portals. They are highly known for the quality of their product and constantly innovative products that they keep on introducing in the market. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase. Do check their products and know for yourself how versatile they are.

Arm & Hammer Pooper Scooper

This is one of oldest brands for pet products and their healthcare facilities. Arm & Hammer is now a global brand, and Arbor Day Foundation that works for welfare and protection of the environment collaborates with them. They strive to make such products that are safe for the environment and at same time helpful to pets and their owners. Their products have been highly appreciated in the market from long back.

Different Type Of Dog Pooper Scoopers

Single Piece

A one-piece or single-piece scoopers are ones in which tray and rake are not separated. Instead, the bottom is in a jaw-claw-like-shaped bin, which you can open and close with the help of a lever on the handle. They are more portable and comfortable to use. They are great in case of picking up single poops but might be troublesome for extra-large areas. Although, even these come in variant sizes.

Double Piece

These are the most common forms of pooper scooper, used mainly by everyone. It usually contains a dustpan or tray for holding waste material and is usually accompanied by a rake or spade. rake helps to collect litter in the bin. They can be easily used in large or small spaced areas to clean mess but are not that portable to carry everywhere.

Shovel Type

Shovel type pooper scooper can be of two types; either it will be similar to that of a double piece with a shovel and a rake (which is convenient). Another one is a tiresome unit with just a small handled shovel, where you might have to collect waste manually. Even though you don’t touch waste, you cannot pick it up from a long distance. It was usually used in the beginning.

Handiscoop Type

Handiscoop is a type of pooper scooper which usually has a long handle, and as such, you don’t have to bend down to get waste being collected. This long handle device picks up poop for you, and you don’t have to carry multiple bags for cleaning. These are usually light-weighted and portable, depending upon size of scooper.

How to use a pooper scooper?

  1. Firstly, buy the appropriate type of pooper scooper necessary for your home or as per your requirement. 
  2. Use your pooper scooper in the gravel or grass, where the waste is.
  3. If you’re using a jaw-shaped bin, pull the lever to collect the waste inside. You can also put a waste bag on the jaws beforehand and then collect the poop for direct disposal.
  4. If you are using a rake and tray, then gather the waste with the help of the rake into the bin. Fill it in a waste bag and throw the trash. You can put a plastic bag beforehand too.
  5. Clean the pooper scooper after use, make sure that it is rinsed and clean for future use.
  6. Store it in the specified area.

How to Build a Pooper Scooper?

DIY pooper scooper for homes can be built as such:

  1. Take two discarded plastic jugs, no matter the shape and size. Cut them in half and make sure that they should just fit each other. Or say take a plastic bottle and cut it in half to make sure that it can scoop up the waste easily.
  2. Apply sandpaper over the edges to make sure that the scooping edges are smooth.
  3. Attach a handle to the bin that you have created, preferably a long one.
  4. Start collecting your dog’s waste and remake them as you like. You can try many more types using the online platform.

What to look for in a Pooper Scooper?

One should be very careful while buying a pooper scooper keeping the necessary features in mind. A scooper that suits your comfort needs and will help you the most while cleaning should be chosen even though every individual has their requirements, which yields better results in cleaning matters most. Of course, it depends on the environment they live in and their dog’s size.

Overall Design

How a pooper scooper is constructed makes for a major part of the decision buying process. The whole scooper is sturdy and made of durable material. You don’t want to replace it again and again. Examine materials used in construction and that it is easier to handle and maintain. These days good quality ABS plastics are used for both lightweight and sturdy structures. And stainless-steel rakes and tray tubes. Durability is important in design.

Ease of Use

Often, we use a product that appears fancy or, if costly, means the product is worthwhile. But no, use a scooper which is comfortable for you to use. For large and small areas, different types of poop scoopers are available in the market. one which is easy to store and grab, which doesn’t require much maintenance, should be bought. As a user, you should be comfortable using the product.

Residue Resistant

Dustbin at bottom of trash tray should be rust-proof and non-sticky. This is important because if waste gets stuck on parts of the scooper, it becomes a tiresome task and should handle all kinds of trash and not concentrate on just poops. It should be able to gather materials from all kinds of surfaces irrespective of type of residue. It should be easy to collect waste and not just remain as a one-time use unit.

Extended Handle

These days, most people prefer their scooper long and can reach waste without the person having to bend down to get waste themselves. A proper length of handle is a must. Picking up litter is a long process, and one should be comfortable while cleaning. A longer handle, easier reach and better is cleaning experience. For both rakes and tray tubes as well as single-handed handles, the basic size is 24inches. The more length, the better it is.

Size of Bin

The size of bin in which you collect poop also matters. Usually, a large-sized tray or bin is preferred by pet owners. It becomes easier to get all kinds of waste along with your dog’s poop to be collected in a bin. Small bins will increase the labor of people doing cleaning jobs. Jaw bins have recently grown popular among people. A rake with large and medium-sized trays is used commonly even by people with small spaces.


You don’t want a scooper that breaks now and then. Durability is a very important factor while buying any tool. scooper, which is strong enough to last longer than other models, should be bought. High strength and strong handles and bins are advisable to use. Metal trays are better, but certain plastic handles and bins can last longer, depending on quality. One should look for good quality and tools to handle heavy-loaded tasks when required by the user.

Frequently Ask Question

Where To Buy A Pooper Scooper?

One can buy a pooper scooper on various online shopping websites like Amazon and others. You can also look for them in a pet product store for offline shopping.

What Is The Best Pooper Scooper?

Petmate 70067 pooper scooper is the best scooper in the current market. The disposal of the waste is easier and is available at a reasonable price.

How Much Is A Pooper Scooper?

A pooper scooper is not very expensive and usually starts from 20 dollars and above. The price differs upon the different sizes and types of scoopers you buy.

What Is The Best Way To Pick Up Dog Poop?

The best way to pick up dog poop is using a pooper scooper, also using a waste bag is a plus. One can also use plastic bags and manually pick up the poop and then throw it.


We won’t ask how you feel after getting a complete picture of a proper pooper scooper. We hope that these might help you understand the bigger picture. Because if you’re a dog owner, it is stated by law that you should clean your pet’s mess. And to make this job of yours easy and interesting, the market offers you a wide range of poop scoopers to look for. In the end, all you would want is to reduce and simplify your task to make more time for your pet and family. You should now be able to make a proper decision on which scooper is the ideal one for your home before clicking that buy now option. Buy the one that eases your work and leaves your affected areas better than it was before. Do try one for yourself and see the benefits you receive. Have a good day!