Keep Your Pets Hydrated With Best Pet Drinking Fountains of 2023

Best Pet Water Fountain

Every pet owner certainly knows how important it is for their little furry fellows to drink water, especially clean and hygienic water, regularly. Pet water streams are a perfect gift for beloved pets. Having the best pet water fountain is very necessary as it will keep pets hydrated and reduce their chances of getting urinary infections. In addition, pet water dispenser appliances are much more hygienic than any other regular water bowls. Most animals like cats, dogs, even birds love to drink sufficient water and also play in it to refresh themselves.

Speaking of cats, in particular, they are not interested in drinking distilled water. They usually prefer to drink from a flowing water source. Similarly, there are many other animals that prefer to drink water that is fresh and flowing. Fortunately, a lot of pet pool springs offer freshwater, and their constant flowing feature is less likely to form harmful particles in them. Such pools assure us of our pet’s health. These mini water fountains come in various sizes and styles, which will attract little souls to consume water.

Must Read Pet Water Fountain Reviews

We have researched extensively on various online portals and have listed down some of the best automatic water bowl for you. Taking into consideration each model’s durability, attractiveness, powerful filtration system, and effectiveness, we have given them their ranks. Whether you are focused on budget or premium quality, we have every mini auto water feeders to suit your individual needs. So gear up!

14 Best Pet Water Fountains You Can Buy Right Now


Wonder Creature 81oz 2.4L Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain image

Wonder Creature Water Fountain

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable & Hygienic
  • 3-layer filtration
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Veken VK022 84oz 2.5L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Dog Water Dispenser image

Veken Pet Water Fountain

  • 3 different flow designs
  • 2.5L Large Capacity
  • Ultra-quiet Performance
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


NPET WF050 1.5L Super Quiet Automatic Cat Water Fountain image

NPET WF050 Water Fountain

  • Easy to Clean
  • Eco-friendly Material
  • 1.5 L water capacity
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


Pioneer 3075 80oz Water Capacity White Plastic Pet Swan Drinking Fountain image

Pioneer Pet Swan Drinking Fountain

  • Ultra quiet design
  • 80 ounce capacity
  • Dishwasher Safe
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


PETKIT 63oz 1.85L Super Quiet Hygienic Auto Power-Off Pet Water Fountain image

PETKIT Cat Water Fountain

  • Ultra-quiet pump
  • Triple Filtration System
  • Smart LED Light
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


PetSafe D2UK-RE-20 168 Oz Drinkwell Platinum LED Fresh Filtered Pet Fountain image

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain

  • 168 ounce water capacity
  • Easy to Clean
  • Replaceable Carbon Water filter
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


PetSafe PWW00-13705 Stainless Steel Seaside 60 oz or 360 Multi-Pet 128 oz Cat and Dog Drinking Fountain image

PetSafe Drinkwell360 Fountain

  • Continuous flow of fresh water
  • Inbuilt charcoal filter
  • Suitable for all ages
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Catit 43747W Flower LED Water Fountain image

Catit Flower Fountain

  • 3 water flow settings
  • Ergonomic design
  • 3L water capacity
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


NPET WF020 Transparent 3L Automatic Cat Water Fountain image

NPET WF020 Pet Drinking Fountain

  • Upgraded filter alarm system
  • Leaf Shape Mode
  • 3L water capacity
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.4


Pioneer 3005 128 Ounces Pet Big Max Drinking Fountain image

Pioneer Big Max Fountain

  • Easy to Refill
  • 128 oz Capacity
  • 100% Dishwasher safe
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


PetSafe PWW00-16777 Drinkwell 0.5, 1, or 2 Gallon Pet Fountain image

PetSafe 1 Gallon Pet Fountain

  • Adjustable Stream
  • Easy to Clean Design
  • 1 Gallon Capacity
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


PetSafe PWW00-14898 70 oz Capacity Drinkwell Pagoda Cat and Dog Drinking Fountain image

PetSafe Pagoda Ceramic Pet Fountain

  • 70 Oz of Water Capcacity
  • Open Bowl Design
  • 2 free-falling water streams
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.1


PetSafe PFD17-11867 2 Pack Healthy Pet Water Filter image

PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station

  • Durable plastic lock-in reservoir
  • Quiet operation
  • BPA free construction
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


CLEEBOURG 2L Automatic Cat Water Fountain image

CLEEB OURG Pet Cat Water Fountain

  • Ultra-quiet Operation
  • 3 Flow Settings
  • 2 L Capacity
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. Wonder Creature 2.4L Pet Water Fountain with Intelligent Pump

What We Like?

  • Complete package along with replaceable charcoal filters 
  • Quick LED indicator for water shortage alert
  • 360-degree multidirectional streams 
  • Dishwasher safe stainless steel top 
  • Well-built and durable design
  • 3-layer filtration system

This BPA-free petite waterfall is an ideal equipment to get pets into a healthy drinking lifestyle. Wonder Creature’s stainless steel water fountain is specially designed for cats. It is one of the most reliable and automatic operations models on our list. Offering a safe, clean, and freshwater in 3 different modes it becomes a must-buy by everyone. One highlighting feature is that it operates with a whisper-quiet pump that runs with just 40 decibels. This is a cleverly in-built water level window with an LED light indicator that lets customers know about any water shortages.

Wonder Creature’s pet spring has another feature: its stainless steel top with an LED light glowing at night, adding a beauty spark to any room wherever it is installed. Wonder Creature has used high-quality stainless steel material to make itself unbreakable. Thus this quiet pet water fountain can handle playful and restless pets. Its replaceable filtration system comes made up of cotton layers, coconut shell activated carbon, and ion-exchange resins. All of these components constitute pure water production for consumption. Overall, we loved this best pet water dispenser for its outstanding performance, and it takes just a few minutes to clean and maintain it regularly.

2. Veken Automatic Water Fountain for Dog and Cat

What We Like?

  • Silicone feeding mat helps protect floorings from any liquid spills    
  • 3 unique flow designs- waterfall, bubble, gentle
  • Easy controls and high water intake capacity
  • Triple filtration system works at <40dB
  • Small size, perfect for little animals
  • Automatic water bowl is BPA free

If you are looking for an affordable cat and dog water fountain to ensure that your tiny ones always stay hydrated, this Veken pet water fountain will be best. Built with high-quality polypropylene and resin material makes it highly durable. Veken has a capacity of 2.5 liters of aqua, which should be practically enough for a single feline to last a couple of days. In addition, there’s an inbuilt fast-moving circulation system to deliver clean and hygienic contents throughout any day. Speaking of this automatic pet water fountain, we would say that it is completely BPA-free and doesn’t contain harmful elements.

Functioning with a triple layer filtration system ensures that the h2O is always pure and free of contamination. Thus, no worry about fuzz balls consuming unsafe liquids. Going on further, this Veken pet spring dispenser offers a silicone mat along with its main unit to collect any spilled liquids. As we’ve said, flowing water is just very appealing to kittens and pooches, so purchase this Veken water fountain and make it their best friend. Moreover, it arrives engineered to present a long-lasting service. This fully automatic dog water dispenser being dishwasher safe minimizes any manual efforts from putting in it.

3. NPET WF050 Super Quiet Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain

What We Like?

  • Removable faucet to get the water fountain mode
  • Fully transparent tank for knowing water level
  • Lightweight for smooth portability
  • Super whisper-quiet operation
  • 1.5 liters water capacity

NPET being a new player in the market has launched this large pet water fountain. This NPET’s WF050 water fountain surprisingly has 3 water flow modes: tall faucet, short faucet, and modes. And all of these interesting modes are ideally designed to fit every feline’s needs. Its ultra-quiet operations, measured to be below 40db, will not create any frustrating noises while you and your pets are in a deep slumber. H2O capacity of 1.5 liters stores up enough liquid content for an entire day. Amazing right! The integrated pump can be detachable, cleaned, and re-installed back in its place.

We were greatly impressed with its 3-step filtration process. Wherein there is a sponge that collects any fur and debris, the ion resin layer will make the tap water mild, and lastly, the carbon layer will take away any odor and foul taste. All in all, a canine gets disinfected and sweet H2O to quench its thirst. This automatic pet watering fountain completely transparent body will make it simpler to maintain it as one knows when to refill or clean the unit. NPET’s best pet water fountain is very lightweight indeed, with just 1.1 pounds for effortless carrying.

4. Pioneer Pet 3075 Swan Pet Drinking Fountain

What We Like?

  • Replaceable charcoal filter for pure and clean water
  • 80oz capacity reduces the number of daily refills 
  • Swan line fountain has a USB connector
  • Easy assembly and clean up
  • Pump operates with 5V

This cat drinking fountain is the first with a USB cord that directly connects to the pump of 5V. Pioneer Pet Swan h2O stream is a simple and straightforward device with no complicated features or installation. Irrespective of owning a single pet or several, this automatic water bowl will perfectly fit owners with both cats and dogs. Speaking more about its USB cord, it makes the device more flexible to use. If an individual doesn’t want to use its USB cord, they can switch to their standard wall plug. Built-in charcoal filter allows an extensive and thorough filtration process. Rinse up its filter with water and attach it back to the bowl. We recommend you clean up the pet water fountain filters after each time your beloved cat or dog uses it.

Pioneer spring’s producing capacity of 80oz is great for use in houses with many four-legged creatures. Besides, its body appears structured into a swan-like shape and operates at a lower sound level to not cause any disturbance to sleep. This is another model that we have added to our list, which is extremely lightweight, weighing only 1.2 pounds. Not just its weight but its small size design can make it a snug fit into any corner of a house. There’s a special feature that is truly unique, the equipment is ammonia-free. Overall, we highly recommend customers to go get this cat water dispenser.

5. PETKIT Cybertail Pure Drink Pet Water Fountain

What We Like?

  • Effective circulation system offers maximum oxygenation for fresher water
  • 3 layered filtered system with a changeable pump
  • Smart LED indicator light shows water status
  • Ultra-quiet performance works below 30dB
  • Automatic power on/off

From searching over hundreds of pet water bowl fountain, we have picked this model for its smart features. Petkit cat drinking fountain does its operation in a reticent manner below 30db. So, anyone can enjoy a cozy and wonderful night without any loud sounds. Its circulation system is so effective that it provides a higher oxygen level and better taste in aqua. It will automatically switch off when it senses that there is not enough water in its container. Awesome, right?! Available in black, green, white, and orange colors, one can get varied options to choose from.

Petkit’s ultra-purification system removes fur, dust, foul odor, and all other harmful particles which could contaminate the water. There’s a Smart LED light indicator that quickly reminds us of the water level status, supported with smart mode and normal mode functions. Beautifully produced with a translucent upper body, it offers users a good view of the top surface. If you are looking for a new-gen smart technology-driven pet water fountain, just go for it. Also, its look will suit any interior of a remodeled house, earning spectators.

6. PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain for Dogs and Cats

What We Like?

  • A pre-filter system extracts all harmful contaminants before the water reaches its motor
  • Free-falling stream flow attracts pets to drink more water 
  • Spout and receiving ramp reduce splash and noise
  • Strong rubber feet, for preventing sliding
  • Large water capacity of 168 ounces  
  • Replaceable charcoal filter

PetSafe platinum LED water fountain is truly known for its large water capacity, which stores up to 168oz. We noticed it is slightly heavier than most other standard models, weighing 4 pounds. Its free-falling water flow will certainly entice your fuzz buddy to drink up more water than usual. Integrated filtration system is just like any other latest water bowl model, which contains carbon that effectively removes bad tastes, odors and keeps the water fresh and clean. This Drinkwell pet fountain has an adjustable and customizable pump for deciding the pressure of its water flow.

The brand has made this stream with a built-in reservoir to increase its water tank capacity, which automatically does its refill. One common issue while maintaining fountains is they come along with a very short length cord. Such insufficient cord length will give trouble to plug into power outlets. Seems like PetSafe has understood this issue which is why this particular spring comes with a long 5.5 ft cord for easy plugging. Overall, we must conclude that your investment in auto water feeders will be worth every penny.

7. PetSafe Drinkwell360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountains

What We Like?

  • 5 unique stream flows with 3600 drinkable facility
  • Durable metal and stainless steel built
  • Large 128oz water storage capacity
  • Constant water circulation system
  • Tranquil working at every stage

When we first bought this stainless steel cat water fountain for testing, we noticed that its performance is very smooth without letting out a single sound. Continuous h2O flow will be appealing for animals rather than a still water steel bowl. PetSafe’s Drinkwell stainless steel multi-pet bowl has an extra-large-sized storage capacity. Thus no more worries of water running out. Moreover, stainless steel’s sleek design adds beauty to any interior space.

This PetSafe’s best stainless steel cat fountainl is rust-free and scratch-resistant, making it last for years to come. Initially, a cat or dog might take some time getting used to the product but later will be swiftly convenient in drinking from it. Although known to be one of the costliest pet water dispenser in trend, this spring will not give you a slight chance of disappointment. Another exciting feature is that there are 5 different streams that you can customize whenever you need to.

8. Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Cat Drinking Water Fountain

What We Like?

  • Constructed with BPA free elements
  • Small size, good for compact homes
  • Double action water softening filter
  • 3 streams to fit a feline’s preference 
  • Small energy efficient pump 
  • Large 3L water capacity

Catit’s LED flower water fountain has been engineered to fit in compact and small-sized homes. Originating with a unique design including 3 varied flowing styles gets fussy felines to get attracted to drink enough water. You need not have any extra components to attach this unit to operate. It offers a smooth and gentle flow with reduced splashes. Featuring a filter window that is backed by a LED light indicator makes aqua safe for consumption. Another very useful and important feature is its triple action filter which eliminates magnesium and calcium from the water.

Love for pets is very well understood by Catit, which gives great importance to their safe and sound health by an effective filter. Well, speaking of filter functioning, totally safe and pure water will erupt from it. Moreover, this fountain contains a small number of parts, making its cleaning a breeze. We also loved that the spring runs super quiet. The Catit LED flower fountain works with a USB plug that is to be connected to a power outlet. This Catit flower fountain filter is a good pick for your money, and it is simple and easy to detachable when the need for cleaning arises.

9. NPET WF020 3L Automatic Pet Drinking Fountain

What We Like?

  • 200ml backup water storage bowl provides water for pets during a power outage
  • Effective quadruple circulating system
  • Upgraded filter alarm system
  • Automatic power-off design
  • Large 3L water capacity

Moving further into this best pet dinking fountains list, let us get you acquainted with a top-rated unit from NPET. This brand’s 3L water fountain radiates a unique design concept that is not only easy to clean but also quick to install. Super large 3L water capacity is ideal for multiple animals to consume at a time. Equipped with a fully transparent body makes it easier to clean and refill water as and when required. In addition, it has a double floor mat for offering stability and preventing slippings. One can efficiently power this unit through mobile power; thus, it becomes smarter.

We liked how effective NPET quadruple circulating flow is for giving out dogs with pure filtered water throughout any day. Having said that, just like other models, this spring flow has a super quiet operation system which is below 45db. So, no disturbance to the tiny soul’s valuable sleep. NPET’s best cat fountain has updated its filtration system in this model by installing an alarm in it. Whenever the system gets clogged or needs to be replaced, this alarm will indicate. We’ve noticed that customers loved these auto water feeders for its simple cleaning components and transparent body. Several pets like dogs, cats, or birds will enjoy having liquids from it.

10. Pioneer Big Max Ceramic Drinking Fountain

What We Like?

  • Easy water refilling, just pour water directly into its container 
  • Multiple pets can drink simultaneously 
  • Just 2 piece assembling parts 
  • Replaceable charcoal filter
  • 100% dishwasher safe

Pioneer Big Max is very easy to use with just 2 main parts. It has a 128oz water filter capacity that gives pets clean and filtered water throughout the day. This ceramic pet water fountain keeps constantly circulating the water that will not get distilled to develop harmful contaminants in it. As we’ve said before, pets and especially cats are very much fussy about drinking water which later would give them kidney issues. Pioneer Big Max has a quiet functioning pump that keeps water oxygenated and fresh for a long time. We felt that its charcoal filter arrives ergonomically placed so that the water enters its filter system first before getting into its pump. And thus, it provides clean and healthy water for consumption. Integrated cord is of 70.8” length for easy connection. Besides there is a lever present on its front panel that regulates its water flow.

This water fountain for pets has a heavy-duty, fully ceramic coated body which makes it highly durable. Therefore, all users can expect long-lasting performance from it. Also, it’s quite water flow will be very suitable for timid and easily scared cats/dogs. It weighs slightly heavier than those previous models, which are 6.8 pounds, but due to its size, it’s acceptable. However, we highly advise individuals to maintain the water fountain by regularly cleaning it, and it will work great. If you are looking for a quiet operating water fountain with no much hassle in installing, this is a perfect fit.

11. PetSafe Drinkwell 1 Gallon Water Dispenser for Dogs and Cats

What We Like?

  • Rounded corners for effortless cleaning
  • Effective foam filter to catch hair
  • Adjustable water streamflow 
  • BPA-free plastic for safety 
  • Replaceable carbon filters
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe

Here comes another great dog water dispenser for home. PetSafe Drinkwell water fountain is a simple yet very functional home unit. Main reason for any animal to not drink from a standard still cat water bowl is because it tends to get dirty and dusty, so they will prefer moving water flow. What we loved about this product is it constantly strives to offer freshwater, besides being convenient and easy to use. We assure you that its 1-gallon water storage capacity is just perfect for homes with small or medium pets. In addition, drinkwell pet fountain features an adjustable free-falling stream that offers clean and fresh h2O.

Under the model where one can find a spout, there will be a mound that prevents any spilling as well as reducing annoying noise. Besides, all instructions regarding this product’s installation are step by step available on its instruction model. This pet water fountain has an effective carbon filter to remove all odor and foul smells from liquids, whereas there is also a foam filter to catch all pet hair and thick particles. Moreover, any animal can easily drink liquids with this product’s open bowl design. By weighing just 3.49 pounds, anyone can carry PetSafe Drinkwell around wherever they like, even on long trips. Overall, this one will offer people a high-class performance for every dollar spent on it.

12. PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Automatic Ceramic Cat Fountain

What We Like?

  • 2 drinking areas for pets, upper and lower dish
  • Replaceable carbon and coconut shell filter
  • Effortless drinking with open-bowl design 
  • 70oz water capacity for small-sized pets
  • Extremely lightweight with just 1 pound
  • Tough and sleek ceramic material built

Here comes the PetSafe water fountain, which is certainly the most artistic and unique structure on our list. The PetSafe will truly look nice in your kitchen or any other room space. This cat water dispenser “Pagoda” promises to bring cats and dogs clean and fresh water every day. Your pet can drink as much water as its heart desires because of this appliance’s 70oz large water capacity. Furthermore, its low voltage pump continuously circulates water, not leaving it stagnant for a long time. An integrated foam filter is so impactful that it collects every single hair which gets into liquids.

Coming to this ceramic cat water fountain exterior look, one must say that this auto water feeders will fit into any home’s decor due to its luxurious and sleek body. Apart from its esthetical look, its ceramic material prevents scratching and gives safe-to-drink liquids. Best of all is a quiet water flowing stream makes PetSafe drinkwell pet fountain pagoda easy to approach by any animal. This ceramic pet water fountain needs cleaning regularly, or else its aesthetic look will fade off, making it look dull. On that note, this appliance’s cleaning process is just 3 steps away. Take its pump apart, remove a stator, then remove an impeller, and later clean it with soap and water. That’s it!

13. PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Filter

What We Like?

  • Small, medium and large sizes available for different pets
  • Water flow control valve for no spilling
  • Durable plastic lock-in reservoir 
  • Effective activated carbon filter 
  • BPA free plastic construction

One must ensure that their pet drinks safe water at adequate levels. And for that precise purpose, this water fountain, PetSafe 2, arrives, becoming a perfect companion for furry ones. Its main highlight is its filter system that extensively removes chlorine, sediments, and foul odor for cleaner and better-tasting water. Thus, all animals are completely safe from all kinds of infections or diseases regarding water. Moreover, these filters arrive in a set of 2, and each unit has long-lasting durability of about 6 – 8 weeks. By working with a gravity-based system that contains a flow-control valve, this product fills bowls in no time. There are very few models that give a powerful pump system, one of which is this PetSafe 2.

Apart from all that, this appliance’s valve system works a reservoir that is attached at its bottom. Although being durable and made of premium quality plastic, PetSafe 2 is utterly budget-friendly. Meaning anyone with a limited budget can own it. PetSafe has tested this filter several times and assures users that it will offer sound content to all cats and dogs. Having clean and filtered water is essential for all furry things and will keep them away from getting urinary infections.

14. CLEEB OURG2L Automatic Electric Water Dispenser

What We Like?

  • Uses only 1.5 watts of power 
  • Observes gentle water flow 
  • 2L storage water capacity 
  • 360° drinking availability 
  • Changeable filter system
  • < 30 dB operating sound 

Clee Bourg’s quietest pet water fountain boosts its 3 water flow styles that are gentle, mild and high-speed modes. You can just press the -/+ button to switch over those modes. Moreover, this spring fountain comes along with a 1.5dc pump which has quiet operations. 2L drinking capacity presents enough water for all pets. One highlighting feature is its 3600 drinking area that provides an all-around drinking experience for all beloved furry companions.

Backed by a replaceable filter system that effectively cleans tap water and removes all odor and chlorine. We have noticed that all materials used by Clee Bourg in building this water fountain are BPA-free and let out a non-toxic smell. In short, we would describe the outcomes of this Clee Bourg 2L water filter as reliable, functional, and convenient to use its water fountain. This best cat water fountain has an attractive water filter that will entice your pet to drink more water and instill good drinking habits.

Best Pet Water Dispenser Buying Guide

Now ahead appears the most helpful guide that will make your decision to get the perfect pet water fountain for your furry little one. We have pinned out some important factors which you should definitely take into consideration before looking out for the best water fountains for cats and dogs. Whether cheap or expensive, we have covered all the top models in our above list for you. So read further to know how to use and how important buying a pet water fountain is for your pets.

How Does A Pet Water Dispenser Works?

A pet water dispenser comes in very handy for all furry buddies, especially during hot summers. The functioning of a water fountain is simple and not complicated at all. All pet auto water feeders work with a submerged water pump. This pump arrives installed inside the main unit and pushes the water up to its faucet. Total working of a water dispenser solely depends upon how much voltage a pump can carry. A higher voltage pump delivers a stronger force of giving water. Before a faucet releases water, it goes through a filtration process, mainly carbon filters that disinfect. In short, this main unit is first connected to a power outlet. Next, there’s water-filled into the storage, and last, the water gets filtered and is released out of a faucet for our loved animals to drink.

Why Should I Buy A Pet Water Dispenser?

A growing rise in contaminated water can be very harmful to little pets. Also, as you know, animals prefer to drink from running water surfaces rather than still water because they feel that it’s cleaner and safer. Purchasing a pet water dispenser will come with a handful of advantages, including running water production. The main reason to need a pet water dispenser is that it will purify tap water into much cleaner and safer water for pets to consume. 3 layered filtration system uses carbon, coconut shell, and foam to remove harmful contaminants from all liquids. Water fountains are also very appealing to animals, making them drink more often.

Are Cat Fountains Worth It?

Keeping cats hydrated all day long is a primary purpose of auto water feeders. Fountains with a good advanced filtration system are worth every penny we spend on them. Having a constant supply of pure and clean water through a dispenser will keep a cat or dog healthier and safe from dangerous urinary infections. Stable traditional water bowls may offer contaminated water since those bowls will have distilled water which may give shelter to various germs and bacteria.

Who Makes Best Pet Water Fountains?


Catit, known for its latest and cute patterned designed water fountains, is a one-stop shop for all animal owners. This household brand delivers safe and healthy water to all cats and dogs. Cat water fountains from Catit mostly arrive made with stainless steel material making them durable and long-lasting. Their newest model, Catit 3L stainless steel water reservoir has got immense attention from customers.


As the name itself, their models are safe and reliable, keeping a cat or dog healthier. PetSafe makes some premium-quality automatic water bowls that are highly popular among many users. PetSafe uses 3 layered filtration systems in almost all of its water dispensers. This brand takes care in integrating foam filters which remove all hairs of fur buddies that get into liquids. For those looking for an affordable yet durable unit, PetSafe is a perfect brand to suit all their pets’ needs.


Trust us, our first impression of this brand’s water fountains was just amazing. They make beautiful ceramic cat water fountains that are recently in trend. Ipettie usually has all-white models, making them look elegant and modern to fit in any home space. In addition, this company pays detailed attention to every aspect of a pet water bowl. Overall, Ipettie is famous for delivering commodities that are not only reliable but also luxurious.


DrinkWell has been an innovator in water filtration technology for years. From ceramic to plastic and small size to large ones, you name it, and they have it. Not just dispensers, but they also provide various supported accessories to get a smoother water fountain operation. DrinkWell’s pagoda pet fountain has been a hit in many stores, offering 2 liters’ large storage capacity and having 2 side outlets.

Are Water Fountains Safe For Cats And Dogs?

Yes, water fountains are very much safe for cats and dogs for consumption. This is because they use extensive filtration technology systems and remove all harmful particles before a cat or dog gets to drink. In addition, having pulled all chlorine and dirt out of liquids will keep pets safe from catching dangerous urinary diseases.

Do Cats Like Running Water?

Though they are pets, cats still have their natural animal instinct and character as they are not used to drinking water in a still bowl. Cats get highly attracted to moving water flow rather than constant and still water. They feel that moving water source is more natural, like if it’s coming out of a stream. Thus, they like to consume running water more than stilled liquids.

Tips To Get Your Pet Drinking More Water

  • When it comes to drinking water, pets, especially cats, are too fussy. So we have jotted down some helpful tips as to what you can do to get furry companions into drinking more liquids.
  • First off, ensure to get an appealing and interesting water fountain that offers different flowing styles.
  • Experiment with various dispenser models such as ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, or glass. Fill in water in each of these containers and see which model grabs your cats’ attention.
  • Keep changing the water at least once in an entire day. Fur buddies such as hamsters and reptiles also need fresh and clean water.
  • Cat owners should ensure to fill these containers with fresh water at least thrice a day since cats love to drink only running and clean water.
  • Start to give fur mates wet foods to increase their hydration level. To do so, one can consult their vet to know more about wet foods’ quantity and type.

How To Maintain Pet Water Fountain?

  • Wash the container with warm and soapy water making sure all dirt and food particles get washed out.
  • One can even sterilize dishwasher parts over high heat to get a thorough clean-up.
  • Clean these dispensers regularly to get optimum performance.
  • Make sure to change filters every 4 to 5 weeks.

What To Look For In A Pet Watering Fountain?

We have made your research work super easy. Many water filters may have several similar features among them which may be within your requirements or not. You need not go through complicated guides or run over various online portals to pick out an ideal water fountain. Factors listed below will surely make any individual select the best pet drinking fountain to keep their fur buddies hydrated all day long in just minutes.

Ceramic Or Stainless Steel

Always opt-out for a model with stainless steel or ceramic build-up and not plastic which may contaminate contents. Also, plastic materials can get easily scratched, which leads to bacteria and an ugly appearance. Ceramic build-up can look very appealing and also fit in well in a beautifully furnished house. Stainless steel and ceramic materials last longer than plastic ones, which tend to get dents or scratches after some use.

Quiet Pump System

Before selecting any model, make sure to check its level of noise production. We have read many complaints of customers and pets getting frustrated during nights because of vibrating noises a dispenser lets out. So, it is preferable to go for a 40 or fewer decibels pump system. Usually, users will keep these dispensers in bedrooms or a place where their 4-legged animals would sleep. Hence, it is very important to have a super quiet operating stream that will give a good night’s sleep.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining this appliance can be one wholesome ride. There is certainly no point in purchasing a model that needs constant cleaning every hour. You just need a container that is easy to wash in just minutes and no need for frequent cleanup. Thus, lookup for units that are easily detachable for cleanup and are efficiently replaceable. If there are many tiny parts to these containers, make sure to get them properly installed and repaired regularly.

Large Water Capacity

If you own more than one pet, this is a factor you must consider. Having a large 2 or 3 liters’ water storage basin can be very helpful as you need not refill its unit continuously. Just fill it once, and it will feed cats and dogs for a whole day. If you have large pets such as a Labrador, German shepherd, or a Golden Retriever, you might as well get 3 or 4-gallon large containers enough to satisfy these huge belly animals.

Frequently Ask Question

What is the best pet water fountain?

PetSafe Drinkwell 3600 water fountain is the best pet water foundation.

Why does my pet water fountain foam?

If you start noticing your pet water fountain foaming up, it is time that you change the water and clean up the device. Reasons for foam can be mostly because of unclean products.

Is it okay for pets to drink tap water?

Tap water may contain chlorine and harmful particles, which can affect pets’ excretory systems. Thus, it is not okay for animals to drink tap water.

Where should I place a pet fountain in home?

Depending on the size of your water fountain, you can place it anywhere near the corner of your house. Make sure to place it near a power outlet since the device will have a plug-in cord for its operations.


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