The Best Pet Hair Removal Tools for Dog and Cat Owners in 2023

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When your house gets infested with pet hairs all over its corners and on everything, clearing such a mess becomes a challenge. No doubt you love your pet a lot but going out in fur smeared clothes is something none of us would like. To help you with the same, a number of pet hair removers are available. Perfect hair removal tools aid in sweeping away all the dead hair from clothes, furniture, blanket, walls, or even cars. Different types of these arrive designed to fulfil different needs, helping you remove pet hair. Thus, one has to look at various types of carpet pet hair remover products that can eliminate all kinds of lint and fur from houses.

Depending upon the product’s ease of workability, you must know what product is likely to match up your needs. Even some of these lint remover is quite small in size that is easily portable. Also, they give users a quick cleaning ability, reducing all complexities and worries in maintaining them. So, if you are struggling to keep houses free from strangled hairs all over and you own a dog or cat that is shedding, this remover is a must buy. Thus, keeping in mind such essentiality here comes our review packed with all the best pet hair removers.

Top Reviews of Best Pet Hair Removing Products

People who own dogs or cats that are in their shedding seasons may suffer from various pet hair allergies. Well, in such situations, one takes measures to reduce their paw mates’ hair shedding. But apart from that, they should also ensure getting rid of the fallen hair particles. Thus, they have to go for a perfect cat and dog hair remover. However, choosing a highly efficient product from the “n” number of choices is easier said than. At least not without a proper guide. So, today let us be your guide in assisting you to get yourself the best pet hair remover

The 16 Best Pet Hair Remover You Can Buy in 2023


ChomChom Roller 2323445 Pet Hair Remover image

ChomChom Roller

  • No batteries Needed
  • Reusable, Sturdy desin
  • No Adhesive/Sticky tape
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


DELOMO delomo002 Pet Grooming Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove Efficient Pet Hair Remover Mitt image

DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove

  • Skin-friendly
  • LightWeight & Breathable
  • Adustable Wrist Strap
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.9


Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Remover image

Lilly Brush Pet Hair Remover

  • Easy to Clean
  • Ideal Carpet & Upholstery
  • Reusable & Sturdy
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.8


ORDORA Reusable Blue Pet Hair Remover Roller image

ORDORA Pet Hair Remover

  • No Adhesive/Sticky Tape
  • Self-Cleaning Design
  • Durable & Reusable
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Fur-Zoff 00003 Pet Hair Remover image

Fur-Zoff Pet Brush Remover

  • Sweeps fur away
  • Ideal for fabric/Carpet
  • Easily Remove pet hair
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Brellavi Fabric Self-Cleaning Base Double-Sided Standard-Size Travel Blue Pet Hair Removal Brush image

Brellarvi Pet Hair Remover

  • Cleans Up in Seconds
  • Travel Friendly
  • Clear Out Fur Completely
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.7


Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush Reduces Shedding by Up to 95_ Professional Deshedding Tool image

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Detachable Head Design
  • Durable Shedding Tool
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


FURemover SW-250I-AMZ-6 Squeegee _ Telescoping Handle That Extends from 3-5inches Black _ Yellow Pet Hair Removal Tool image

FURemover Broom

  • Telescopic Handle
  • Super Easy CleanUp
  • Built-In Squeegee Edge
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.6


Evercare 617250 Double Sided Lint Pic-Up Brush for Pet Lint _ Dust Magik Brush image

Evercare Magik Brush

  • Durable and reusable
  • Convenient use
  • Ergonomic handle
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.5


Gonzo Natural Magic 1020D Pet Hair Lifter image

Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

  • Reuasble
  • Leaves No Residue
  • Versatile Use
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.3


FURminator 101008 Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Pets image

FURminator deShedding Tool

  • Easily remove loose hair
  • Ergonomic handle
  • No harm usage
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.2


Bounce 120 Count Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets with 3X Pet Hair Fighters image

Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Gives out fresh scent
  • 3x lint fighting ingredients
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Conair CNRCLS2BK Rechargeable Black Fabric Defuzzer Shaver image

Conair Rechargeable Fabric Defuzzer


  • Easy to Operate
  • Versatile Design
  • Great for Travel
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


HandsOn 867988GrBlSM Pet Grooming Hair Remover Gloves image

Handson Pet Grooming Gloves

  • Non-Abrasive
  • Easy To Clean
  • Flexible Rubber Nodules
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


Bissell 33A1 Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum image

Bissell 33A1 Pet Hair Eraser

  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Easy to Empty
  • Multi layer filtration
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0


OXO 12168900 Good Grips Furlifter Pet Hair Remover On-The-Go Brush image

OXO FurLifter On the Go Pet Hair Remover

  • Compact for storage
  • On-the-Go brush
  • Reusable Solution
Pets Stars Image

Average Review 9.0

1. ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover for Cats & Dogs

What We Like?

  • No sticky tape or adhesive
  • Cleans furniture and clothes
  • No battery or electricity
  • 100% reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly

Cleaning dog furs from various surfaces can never be easier than ChomChom’s pet hair remover. It is a sturdy tool that does not require any sticky tapes or adhesive paper. In our analysis, it became easier for us to remove all cat and dog fur cuticles from couches, beds, blankets and comforters. This reusable one offers users a high level of satisfaction with its efficient results. Being a pet hair remover roller, it delivers people a great convenience of using it without any difficulty. Besides, cleaning this product is a breeze by simply removing all fur and lint from its dust receptacle.

Being equipped with advanced and innovative technology, ChomChom’s pet hair brush does not require any battery or power source. One requires only short back and forth strokes to capture all feline locks and lint. In this way, all mess gets into its dust receptacle. Moreover, this one arrives made of BPA plastic to be completely eco-friendly. Thus, it doesn’t pose any threat to the environment. Equipped with a high-quality brush system, it aids to give competent quality results on sofas, too, without any compromise. It is due to this it becomes one of the best pet hair remover for furniture.

2. DELOMO Efficient Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove

What We Like?

  • Best even for left handers
  • Soft and gentle tips
  • Skin-friendly  gloves
  • Helps in pet bath
  • Adjustable strap
  • Easy to clean

These advanced gloves are a smart way to clear all pet hair. Equipped with 255 silicone grooming tips, Delomo gloves offer our hands a soft and relaxing touch. These slip-on brush gloves allow individuals to clear away all dogs’ and cats’ loose fur cuticles. The pair helps us work well even for all long, short, and curly-haired furry animals. With them on hand, people can find grooming their whelps a quick and effective job. Furthermore, a person can quickly remove all fur on these gloves’ tips in no time.

To help pooches or kittens with a gentle bath, individuals can make use of Delomo gloves. It is because they clean all of their pelts smoothly without hurting them. Since the pair is a 5-finger design, it becomes handy and easy to reach all places like tails or faces. Delomo gloves have a soft rubber material that is harmless and skin-friendly. Therefore, there is no doubt in saying that it poses any skin damage to our 4-legged companions. Each pet hair remover glove comes in a single size and thus renders quick adjustability with a strap. And that adjustable strap will never let you face any inconvenience in using it as it easily grips a person’s hand.

3. Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer

What We Like?

  • Cleans cars, couches & comforters
  • Protects your delicate surfaces
  • Removes trapped hair
  • Reusable in nature
  • Easy to clean

Removing pet hair becomes challenging and requires a product that will give you efficient results. Lilly’s brush mini pet hair remover offers convenient removal and clean carpeting. Besides, it removes all worries of scratches on plastic or wooden surfaces. All your delicate surfaces are safe and will not get harmed with this one. Getting acquainted with it, we came to know that it removes even the toughest or hardly trapped dog and cat hair. No user has to apply many efforts in plucking out the stubbornly engaged hairs. This best fur remover effortlessly does its job without any complexities and gives the desired results.

Lilly’s mini pet hair detailer offers reusability and is easy to clean using light soap and water. If you are stressed up with all that hair congestion over cars, carpets, couches, clothes, and comforters, this product helps to serve you greatly. It effectively removes all pelts and reduces your pain in cleaning all fur. This reusable hair remover no doubt serves the required purpose without any compromise giving you efficient and satisfactory results. Cleaning all surfaces could never be simpler than with Lilly’s brush remover.

4. ORDORA Pet Hair Remover Roller for Furniture

What We Like?

  • Best for sofa, bed, furniture & couch
  • Requires no battery or power 
  • No sticky and adhesive tape
  • Efficient hair removing
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Fast performance

Ordora’s hair remover roller works efficiently and quickly for removing all fur and lint. Its workability offers quite satisfactory results as it starts removing all the pet hairs in just a second. All our beds, furniture, and carpets get cleaned from all pelt mess that otherwise gets draped to all clothes and belongings. Though, it does not work well for hard or wet surfaces. However, it gives high-quality, efficient results on furniture. This one works on beds, car seats, chairs, couches, or carpets by eliminating every cat and dog fur.

Easy-to-use Ordora roller does not require adhesive or sticky tape and does not even call for peeling or refilling. Furthermore, since it comes with a self-cleaning design, anyone can clean its waste compartment without any hassle. Therefore, this cat hair removal tool becomes reusable and user-friendly. Moreover, Ordora’s pet hair remover for furniture does not need any battery or power source to give people desired results. It simply requires moving back and forth and clears all dog and cat sheddings by its dust receptacle. No doubt, if you have a dog and cat that is shedding, this can be a great buy.

5. Fur-zoff Sweep Away Pet Hair Remover

What We Like?

  • Perfect for carpets and couches
  • Also good for car seats
  • Sweeps all fur away
  • Elementary usage
  • Budget-friendly

Getting rid of dead hair is not that easy and requires efforts that are challenging. Furthermore, not cleaning or removing such a mess might cover up all your clothes or furniture in no time, causing any allergic reactions. So to help with such situations, Fur-Zoff’s pet hair remover would serve excellent. Our experts who tested it found that it helps to sweep away all fur smoothly and effortlessly. Moreover, cleaning away dog lint never becomes so easy for us as with this sweep away remover. Getting rid of remove dog hair from carpet and couches becomes quite easier and effortless with it.

All people can comfortably use Fur-Zoff’s cat shredded fur eliminator on car seats, furniture, surfaces, or beds. It works smoothly by lightly sweeping away all kinds of dog locks. This works well even for comforters and clothes that are more prone to catching when you hug your paw friends. So giving you all productive and worthy results, this becomes the best sweeper for pet hair which gives absolutely no trouble. Apart from all that, this pet hair resistant comforter looks so appealing yet 100% result-oriented.

6. Brellavi Pet Hair Remover For Furniture and Clothes

What We Like?

  • Self-cleaning base
  • Reasonably priced
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Offers portability
  • Quick results

Brellavi’s hair remover brushes away all our 4-legged companions’ hair and lint from couches, carpets, and clothing in no time. Clearing all such mess with this product was like a trifle as it did not call for any special maintenance. Arrow marking on its handle and directions, if followed, will help a person to brush away all targeted areas swiftly. This pet hair remover brush for clothing or furniture gives a breeze-like performance over a variety of surfaces.

After working with Brellavi’s hair removal, individuals do not need to make efforts in cleaning it manually. Its self-cleaning base allows convenient cleaning by simply dipping the brush into it a few times. That’s it! There needs no unnecessary stress from users. Also, if you wish to keep your clothes and accessories free from fluff and lint while traveling, this could accompany you well. Being small in size, it accompanies users comfortably during journeys as it fits well in bags or purses. Its smart double-sided action allows people to have a clean and safe house.

7. Pet Neat Professional Deshedding Tool for Dogs and Cats

What We Like?

  • Removes up to 95% dead hair
  • 100mm stainless steel blade
  • Efficient de-shedding
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy grip handle

Pet neat grooming brush is a professional de-shedding tool for eliminating furs of dogs and cats. While reviewing it, our experts found that it removes up to 95% of all dead hair from animals’ bodies in just 10 minutes. In addition, it cleanses furniture and floors, making them free from furs without any hassle giving us a satisfactory experience. The product is durable and gives increased workability along with an extended life. Furthermore, it comes with a 100mm stainless steel blade equipped with a cover for rendering greater safety. To provide comfortable usage, its handle gives a smooth grip for working conveniently anytime, anywhere.

This dog hair remover brush helps to provide a healthy and shiny pet coat to all of your 4-legged buddies. Frequent brushing aids in keeping away all allergies of families and makes a dog and cat look neatly kempt. Provided with a detachable head design, it offers convenient usage without much hassle. By removing all kinds of unwanted and extra hairs that might look quite messy, it becomes a must-buy. Therefore, all owners who are willing to keep their pet tidy and aim to keep all of its shedded fluff away can get it right away.

8. FURemover Pet Hair Removal Tool with Squeegee & Telescoping Handle

What We Like?

  • Equipped with 12-inch long squeegee 
  • 3-5ft extendable telescopic wand
  • Efficiently removes pet hair
  • Affordability is at best
  • Convenient handle

If you are looking for a product that will let you clean pet hairs from all kinds of surfaces, FURemover’s cleaning broom tool is at your service. It works great on all surfaces like carpets, rugs, tiles, windows, etc. Since it comes made of 100% rubber, one can experience an efficient cleaning that normal brooms couldn’t. It attracts all lint like a magnet and quickly removes it from carpets, rugs, hardwood, and linoleum. This rubber broom pet hair remover is an effective tool to serve the purpose well without any compromise.

Provided with a built-in squeegee edge, this pet hair remover for carpet offers a great cleansing of windows, showers, and windshields. In no time, it can eliminate any liquid spills or fur on tiles, concrete, hard surfaces, or interior flooring of a house. Provided with a telescopic handle that is easily adjustable to suit any length, reaching any corner is a piece of cake. Handle on it is extendable from 36-inches to 60-inches that makes it fit for all users. Cleaning this best broom for dog hair on hardwood floors does not require much attention, as simple soap water is all it takes.

9. Evercare Double Sided Lint Pic-Up Brush for Pet Lint & Dust

What We Like?

  • Long-lasting & durable product
  • Integrated ergonomic handle
  • Eliminates lint and dust 
  • Good for tough debris
  • Double-side pickup

Those searching for a simple and easy product that would help them remove pet hair quickly can go for this particular one. Evercare Magik brush can be a great tool for eradicating feline’s fallen fur. It allows people to work with twice the capacity, thus saving time and making work smoother. In addition, it gives a unique working performance wherein users do not have to bother looking for the left or right side to work. Thus, no more hassle or wasting of our precious time. This best lint remover gives us desired and satisfactory results in no time.

Evercare’s Magik pet hair brush expertly removes all dust, lint, and canine fluff from clothing, furniture, or upholstery. Its double-sided pickup offers user-friendly performance. Equipped with an easy-to-use handle, it provides comfortable usage without any hassle. Durable and reusable brush is capable enough to remove all tough dust from clothes and furniture. Along with an ergonomic handle, it offers convenient gripping, making its workability easier and comfortable. Therefore, no doubt it becomes one of the best lint removers.

10. Gonzo Natural Magic Pet Hair Lifter

What We Like?

  • Compatible on dry surfaces
  • Instant and safe use
  • Versatile in nature
  • Convenient to use
  • Offers reusability

Gonzo’s pet hair lifter arrives designed to quickly and safely destroy all fur and lint from any kind of surface at home. Individuals do not have to use any water for cleaning or wiping a surface. Just this device comfortably without any water. Since it arrives made with all-natural materials, it becomes safe to use and does not leave any residue while cleaning. Undoubtedly it works more productively than any vacuum cleaner or lint remover brush, making it perfect for people looking to remove animal fluffs.

Gonzo’s smart hair removing pads works well in all areas, without leaving small spaces, utility areas, or living spaces. You need not worry about its reach and ease of use. It would efficiently remove all dust and lint from homes, offices, or auto interiors. You can also employ it on window screens, vents, tiles, walls, or carpets. This will also help serve well for clothing and ceiling, removing all messes without any worries. Gonzo’s reusable pet hair remover works well on dry surfaces only and not on wet floors. Being available for an affordable price, anyone can quickly afford it.

11. FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

What We Like?

  • Efficient de-shedding of extra hair
  • For large dogs (51-90lbs)
  • User-friendly handle
  • Stainless steel edge
  • No harm usage

Here comes another best pet hair remover which many customers along with us highly recommend to others. FURminator undercoat de-shedding tool is a smart and innovative one comprising stainless steel de-shedding edges. It safely and comfortably removes all of a dog’s unwanted hair from its topcoat and undercoat without any difficulty. Equipped with an ergonomic handle, the product offers us convenient and comfortable usage. Thus, individuals can rest assured while working with it. Besides, this de-shedding tool is a perfect fit for large dogs weighing (51-90lbs) and with long hair.

If used as directed, one can swiftly remove all those extra locks from their felines or canines without hurting them in any way. Furthermore, this one’s edges are super smooth towards any pooch’s skin to ensure no cuts. Well, all such things say that this one is a safe product on any animal. Speaking about its cleaning process, let’s just say it is a piece of cake. Just press on its fur ejector button to release all the mess it had collected. Apart from all that, FURminator’s undercoat deshedder reduces fur fall up to 90%, catering to a healthy coat and skin of pets.

12. Bounce Pet hair & lint Guard Mega Sheets Dryer Sheets

What We Like?

  • Twice the size of dryer sheets
  • Triple more repelling powers
  • Gives out fresh scent
  • Reduces wrinkles

Bounce pet hair and lint guard mega dryer sheets help prevent all dogs’ fallen locks from sticking to clothes. There they become great ways for removing such messes of animals. Compared to other drying sheets, we could find these to be 3x more capable with hair and lint fighting ingredients. Bounce’s best pet hair remover for clothes does not demand any extra effort from users in removing fur. Just simply put one of them in a dryer and let it start doing its work. These add softness, reduce wrinkles and static of clothes, thereby keeping their quality intact.

Furnished with a fresh scent, these amazing sheets prove to be more than a necessity to all owners of dogs and cats. Besides, each cover has double the size of most other regular dryer sheets. Furthermore, these efficient and easy-to-use covers require bounces out all furs, lint, wrinkles, and static in no time. Nevertheless, Bounce’s pack consists of 120 sheets designed especially for dog and cat owners who love to hug their felines and/or puppers. Moreover, being made with a formula that features 100% renewable wind power electricity, this pack becomes a worthy buy.

13. Conair Rechargeable Fabric Defuzzer/Shaver

What We Like?

  • Eliminates pills and fibers from clothes
  • Can be used corded or cordless
  • Versatile and advance working
  • Gets recharged immediately
  • Elementary operation
  • Portable in nature

This dog hair remover is easy to use and comes with an ergonomic grip that allows comfortable maintenance. Conair’s rechargeable fabric defuzzer is safe to use and smoothly removes any matted fibers from clothes. The defuzzer offers great comfort in recharging it as and when required. For example, we could use it in a corded or cordless way. Furthermore, all fibers that it removes get deposited in its lint collector in no time. Coming to its cleaning, that said lint collector is detachable, and thus, we can detach it and dispose of all of its contents. Besides, it also features 3 depth settings- shave off fuzz, pilling, and lint from clothing, furniture, or upholstery.

Conair’s rechargeable defuzzer comes in handy for various fabric types making it highly preferable. Thanks to its large 2-inch shaving head, this one offers a versatile function to users. By featuring compact size, it offers easy portability, wherein a person can carry it to any place as desired without any hassle. Such a compact body allows us to store this tool in a cupboard, drawer, or suitcase, which is a great perk. A large front head made of a honeycomb mesh design protects your fingers from getting hurt with in-built blades. Overall, Conair’s advanced and innovative defuzzer aids in removing all dog hairs effortlessly, providing high-quality garment care.

14. HandsOn Pet Grooming Mitts for Gentle Deshedding

What We Like?

  • Non-abrasive and flexible rubber nodules
  • Requires simple rinse off or machine wash
  • Relaxes fur mates by smooth grooming
  • Removes excess hair without harming
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Provides better grip

Handson pet grooming gloves arrive designed to assist a pet owner with a 5-finger design that provides satisfactory usage. We observed and got delighted with their bristle tips on fingers and round tips on the palm. Such a design makes this pair versatile and capable enough to de-shed, groom and massage your paw buddies. We were gently able to remove all excess entangled hair and debris without any difficulty. Individuals can keep their hands clean from dirt and soil with these gloves, which is great. Being made up of non-abrasive and flexible rubber nodules, these help us to massage our dear pooches and kitties without hurting or affecting their skin.

These pet grooming gloves from Handson work well for large and small animals with big or small fur locks. Besides, the pair provide a better, enjoyable experience for canines reaching all places. Since these things arrive equipped with a hook and loop fastener, they do not come off or slip while using. Moreover, cleaning them is an elementary process than one can imagine. Simply put them in a washing machine and let them dry. Ability to keep them smartly in pockets and carry them to places is a cherry on top of everything.

15. Bissell 33A1 Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

What We Like?

  • 0.78lts dirt capacity cup  
  • Provides a greater reach
  • Multi-layered filtration
  • 16-ft power cord
  • 2 special nozzles
  • 4-amp power

To clean large surfaces covered with dog or cat fur, Bissell comes up with an efficient handheld vacuum cleaner. This one gives high-quality results, making itself a deserving product. With a 4-amp power, one can employ it for upholstery, auto, and stairs. Furthermore, its cleaning results are simply satisfactory thanks to a multi-layer filtration system. Such a system works with a cyclonic process, turning the whole suctioning a breeze. With a 16-ft power cord, users can even reach any corners in their houses that have accumulated cat lint. Moreover, this vacuum cleaner has an integrated dirt cup capacity which collects dirt up to 0.78 liters.

Bissell’s handheld vacuum cleaner for getting rid of fur and lint comes with a specialized rubber nozzle. And that nozzle allows attracting all the dust and dirt from areas such as stairs or floors. Apart from all these, it includes 2 specially designed spouts that attract all kinds of fur, dust, mess or other such tiny particles in no time. This best pet hair remover vacuum is light in weight; thus, no user feels burdened to carry or store it anywhere as they wish. Powered by electricity it offers a quick and faster cleaning process that satisfies people with efficient results.

16. OXO Good Grips Furlifter Pet Hair Remover

What We Like?

  • BPA-free plastic construction
  • Soft and comfortable grip
  • Efficient micro bristles
  • Compact to store
  • Self-cleaning base
  • No refills required

Last but not least, this is a high-yielding furniture pet hair remover. Oxo Furlifter features the effectiveness of a lint brush and gives high-quality results. Our experts, while inspecting it, found that this one renders an eased operation with micro-bristles. Well, those micro-bristles grab and hold a cat’s dead fur, hair, and lint. Equipped with a comfortable grip handle, no individual faces any difficulty in holding. Therefore, no more worries of slipping off. Furthermore, it has a self-cleaning base that helps clear away your 4-legged baby’s fur from its brush.

Oxo’s remove pet hair from clothes comes provided with a base that makes it reusable; hence there is absolutely no more need for refills. Furthermore, being compact, people can efficiently store it in their bags, purses, luggage, and even compartments without any fuss. There is a durable and sturdy loop that allows people to hang or clip the product. Hence, storing it becomes even easier. Besides, this one’s bottom has a base with a cover that is openable to dispose of all of the collected mess of pets in no time. Thus, all such smart features make this product from Oxo one of the best lint ball removers currently available.

Best Lint Remover Buying Guide

Best way to get dog hair out of carpet or any other surface is to get a pet hair remover as it helps to clear out all such furs spread around. However, some of these tools have different functions making them specific in their usage. Therefore, it is important to know all about the hair removers in detail before you go to pick one. Our buying guide about the lint removing tool will help you know about various types of these hair removers and what purpose they serve well.

What is a Pet Hair Remover?

If your house is a place for a dog or cat, too, then struggling with their fallen fluff might be part and parcel of your life. Unfortunately, getting rid of such lint and fallen furs is not that easy as they get stuck up minutely in each and every corner of our house. However, a pet hair remover is a product that relieves you of the stress of hair cleaning.

Today, many brands produce various forms of a pet hair remover, such as a brush, roller, gloves, etc. Whatever their form may be, they work with a similar motive: sweeping or sucking away all those fallen or dead fluff of dogs and cats from furniture, clothes, bed, etc. Coming to their power source, they can work either with a battery or electricity. However, there are some that need neither a battery or electricity to eliminate allergy-causing lint or dust particles.

Why do I Need a Pet Hair Remover?

Imagine a place equipped with pet hair all over, and some guests come down to your place. Well, that will not only be an embarrassing moment but also cause a wrong impression on you. Even though pet parents might not feel all those lingering fur is a big issue, guests or neighbors who visit their house may feel uneasy; especially, if they are not animal lovers or neat freaks. Also, people with any asthma, allergies, or sinus will take a big hit with fuzz or dust flowing freely in any living space. Manually eliminating fuzz can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Thus, to avoid such unpleasant scenarios, it is mandatory to own the best pet hair remover. It comfortably catches all fur and dust particles aiding in a neat, safe and sound environment.

How do We Reduce Shedding?

While some species of canines are prone to shed a lot, some are quite normal, shedding a lesser. But that doesn’t mean people can be lenient towards their paw friend’s shedding. Uncontrolled shedding causes great side effects, and one being a space looking unpleasant to live in. Owning a pet hair remover can solve all that cleaning issue. But one should always acknowledge that prevention is better than cure. So before picking all that fallen hair, take measures to reduce pet’s shedding.

  • Brush a dog or cat well evenly and regularly in a well-defined way that helps to keep its coat neat.
  • Making use of a shedding tool assists in removing all that unwanted dead hair that rests on animals’ bodies during seasonal fall. 
  • Individuals have to feed their 4-legged friends with a healthy diet and precise food to provide good nutrition for making their locks stronger.
  • Keep all dogs and cats hydrated by ensuring that they drink a sufficient amount of water so as to benefit skin health.
  • A regular bath helps keep a pooch clean by removing all of its dead and excess hair. 
  • Provide your paw-buddy a suitable allergy and flea control to prevent itching, which might be another reason for hair fall. 
  • Use an exact kind of brush for these cuties that serve them well, keeping their skin and coat healthy, preventing hair fall. 

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car?

  • To keep cars clean and tidy, individuals can adopt a best cat hair remover their dogs well before letting them inside a car.
  • Getting a seat cover might also help in such situations, as some specialist seat covers are available that might help you keep the hair off.
  • Making use of a pair of rubber gloves also serves better by sweeping any fibers or fuzz with hands.
  • Using a balloon for hair removal might seem fun, but it works well. Static electricity power makes it a perfect tool for removing pet hair.
  • Using a fabric softener also assists by loosening hair particles, making it simpler to remove them.
  • Employing duct tape can also help to remove furs swiftly.
  • A vacuum cleaner, when used in a car’s interiors, proves to suck off a lot of lint.
  • Adopting a squeegee is also a quicker way to keep vehicles clean. Rubber blades help to catch pet hair when dragged along a seat surface.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Couch?

  • Using a best reusable lint roller over a couch or furniture helps to pick up dog hair efficiently.
  • Applying a tape over its surface also helps in removing any prevailing fur particles.
  • Wiping a couch or furniture with a damp cloth or a pet hair remover sponge also helps to get rid of such messes.
  • Making use of a vacuum cleaner is another best way to clean all couches from hair strands.
  • If there are a few stuck-up strands at some corners or edges, using a toothbrush might be a great help.

Types of Dog Hair Removers

Rubber Gloves

Using a rubber glove is a simpler and easier way for pet hair removal that does not require much effort. Gloves made of 100% safe rubber are environment-friendly to use and do not pose any threat. When wiped on any surface where furs are present, a slightly damped rubber glove gives better results. Fuzz gets stuck to a glove which is easily peelable. Moreover, these things, which arrive equipped with 5 finger openings, give great convenience.


Pet hair remover brushes are efficient ways of cleaning lint and fuzz from surfaces, especially for cars. These things are competent enough to pick up hair strands from floors and keep them clean. Spraying a little water over any area and wiping it with a brush serves well. Besides, one can clean its bristles with great ease.

Rollers (Brush)

A lint roller or brush comes in handy to wipe away floors or spaces equipped with lighter hairs. It does not require any power or battery to work, which is cherry. Simply rolling it in the back and forth direction helps collect all fur from coverings. Lint or mess gets collected in a roller’s compartment provided, which one can remove later in no time.

Dog Hair Brooms

To help clear away tiles or any hard areas, dog hair brooms aid perfectly in sweeping away all pet fuzz. These brooms are durable and sturdy, rendering a worthy performance. Some brooms arrive with an adjustable length for users’ comfort in cleaning any hard-to-reach areas. As said already, their robust construction provides a long-lasting functioning.

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner can be a handy tool to remove a large number of bristles spread over a house. Certain vacuums arrive designed especially for removing dog strands. By making use of a built-in brush and filters, these are capable of picking up even small hairs. Different types of vacuum cleaners come with different capacities with which one can get a customized operation.

Which Pet Hair Remover is Best for You?


This brand manufactures some of the best pet hair rollers that serve you greatly. S.C Johnson & Son has owned Pledge since 1958. Pledge pet hair remover products aim to clear off all dust and dirt, keeping houses clean. In addition, its products aim to deliver high-quality results keeping in mind every dog’s and cat’s skin.

Chom Chom

They make one of the best hair remover rollers that give people competent results. One simply needs to move one of their rollers back and forth, and it efficiently picks up all fluff and fur of felines and canines. Removing such fallen hair can never be simpler as with Chom Chom pet hair remover that works well for all surfaces.


Furwell has been coming up with top-rated pet hair removers for a long time. Its products are convenient and easy to use and aim at delivering greater customer satisfaction. High-quality materials used in Furwell roller products offer a long extended life, thereby delivering proper customer satisfaction.


With a large variety of products, this brand tends to come up with excellent methods and technologies to fulfill all requirements of pet owners. Scotch pet hair removers are famous for delivering efficient workability and quality. Moreover, this sells its products at an affordable price so as to have more happy customers.

How to Get Dog Hair off Clothes?

  • First thing to do is adopt or ensure various methods that reduce pet hair shedding.
  • Still, if their shedding persists, make use of an anti-static spray on clothes so that it loosens all fur and fluff stuck on fabrics.
  • Put an affected cloth in a clothes dryer with some wet microfiber cloth and tumble till it slightly becomes damp.
  • After tumbling, take out that cloth from its dryer. It appears with less fur stuck on it.
  • Now, make use of a lint roller to remove all that left-over fur or lint.
  • If it is woolen clothes affected with fur, make use of a clothes steamer before using a lint roller for it.

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in House?

  • Using a vacuum cleaner for furniture or house floors or corners might help eliminate all those freely flowing fluff and hair.
  • Damp rubber gloves also help to clean houses off dirt and lint. Damp these gloves mildly and gently wipe them over surfaces with fur.
  • Wash a dog’s or cat’s bedding regularly to avoid infestation of their hair in residential areas.
  • Using a damp duster may assist in serving well over walls or boards or any other place where fluff had stuck.
  • Those who have a furry canine or kitty can avoid using carpets on floors. Carpeting becomes a great shelter for fur, making it hard to clean.

How to Get Dog Hair off Blankets?

  • To remove all dog and cat fur from fleece or blanket, do make use of rubber gloves. Lay a blanket on a table and wipe it with a damp glove to gather all the hairs.
  • A rubber brush also comes in handy to remove fluff from blankets. Rubber bristles on a brush generate a static charge that helps roll locks up and get stuck to the brush.
  • Using static electricity by rubbing a dryer sheet over a blanket also helps eliminate lint.
  • Employing a best lint rollers for pet hair also proves to be helpful. Just loosen all fluff by shaking a blanket and rolling a lint remover till it is full of an adhesive strip. Remove that strip and continue till all fluff particles get ridden.
  • After cleaning a blanket with a lint trap, chances are some locks may persist. In such a situation, wash that blanket in a machine with multiple drying and fluff cycles that hold lint repeatedly.
  • An inflated balloon is another best way to eliminate fluff from a blanket. Scrubbing a blanket with an inflated balloon offers a static charge that helps to gather locks.

Tips to Deal With Pet Hair Remover

  • Rubber gloves help to serve well and clear away all fluff if used a little damp. Slightly moisten those gloves well and then wipe away areas with lint.
  • For removing fur from clothing and blanket, we recommend washing them by running through a dryer a couple of times.
  • A damp duster or mop is useful to remove dust and pet hair along walls and boards.
  • One can gladly go for a roller to remove lint and pet hair off clothes effectively. Considering a roller’s size, anyone can take it with them while traveling.
  • Making use of a brush remover also helps to serve well by treating an undercoat or topcoat properly.

Important Features to Consider While Buying a Pet Hair Remover

Picking up a pet hair remover becomes tricky as different types of hair removal are for different purposes. To get great results, one must pick up an ideal type of product that gives them maximum output and serves better. And thus, it is necessary to focus on few important points, which are as follows:

Type of Remover

What type of pet hair remover you should buy depends on the use you will employ. Some removers are for carpets or flooring, clothing, or furniture. Besides, one has to simply give back and forth strokes to certain rollers to eliminate fur from clothes and blankets. For floors and tiles, tough brush or broom are handy. So make sure for what purpose your tool is generally going to be helpful.


Those who need to carry this remover wherever they go should consider that product’s size. Many removers are large in size that do not offer easy portability. In comparison, some of these devices are smaller in size and are conveniently carryable to any place where you go. Based upon your requirement, pick up the size that fits you well and solves all your purpose.


How much money you are willing to pay for a product decides which product you can pick. For example, if you have a large furry animal that sheds a lot of hair, you might be willing to invest more in a hair remover. Quite contrary to that, if you have a lesser amount of hair in your house, then a smaller pet hair remover with a lower price is best.


If a product is easy to use, it might not necessarily be convenient in cleaning it. Some products require a larger effort to clean after hair removal. On the contrary, certain products do not require much maintenance, and cleaning them is like a breeze. So, look for a product that would fulfill all needs and is easy to clean, thereby requiring less time to maintain it.

Frequently Ask Question

How to get hair out of a brush?

You can remove all the hair from a brush simply by washing it with a soapy liquid.

Do air purifiers remove pet hair?

Yes, air purifiers can remove pet hair, at least to some extent.

How to get dog hair off clothes without lint roller?

Rubber gloves can get rid of dog hair off clothes without a lint roller.

Can cats and dogs use the same types of pet hair removers?

Generally, most pet hair removers arrive designed to work well for both cat and dog hairs. So, yes, one can very well use a pet hair remover even if they have both cats and dogs as their pets.

What is the best pet hair remover?

ChomChom pet hair remover is the best one that is on-trend.


Employing a pet hair remover becomes the need of the hour if you own a dog or cat that sheds furs. Keeping furniture, clothes, and other accessories away from lint and fluff is possible by using one or other pet remover tools. Different tools arrive designed to serve different purposes. Thus, you need to know well about all various types of removers and identify which product would serve you perfectly. Look for a product that features all criteria giving you worthy results. To make things like a piece of a cake, we have developed our top product list that will reduce your stress of checking various products. Also, our buying guide will make a clear picture in your mind about all pet removers. So, checking our product list and product reviews can aid you in buying an ideal product.